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RAGE with Orchestra in Moscow (27-4-2007)

Setlist:1.	Overture 2.	From The Cradle To The Grave 3.	Alive But Dead 4.	French Bourree 5.	Medley     a.	Don't Fear The Winter (Instrumental)      b.	Black In Mind      c.	Firestorm (Instrumental)      d.	Sent By The Devil      e.	Lost In The Ice (Instrumental)6.	Turn The Page 7.	Suite Lingua Mortis      a.	Morituri Te Salutant      b.	Prelude Of Souls      c.	Innocent      d.	Depression      e.	No Regrets      f.	Confusion     g.	Black      h.	Beauty8.	Fuga9.	Higher Than The Sky10.	Refuge


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