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CoreFest (9-10-2003)

   Hi to all fans and simply all those ,who is not indifferent to the Metal Music. From 9-th till 10 Octobers in club" Utygi"(Irons) was carried out the twelvehours program under the name CoreFest. Within the limits of this program to all the listener was submitted the opportunity to enjoy the sound of domestic Bands, Bands from Russia, Byelorussia and one of world grand of Metal- Legendary austrians Pungent Stench. The new about arrival of the austrians Pungent Stench in Kiev still long before its Real incarnation, was distributed among a small circle of interested persons, I was certainly one of them (as to small Circle that it certainly relativ to capital with almost three-million By the population). But to wait remained still very very long. (it was quite enough to save some money). The time as if has stiffened on way to this celebration.The atmosphere was heated up to a limit, but it's time to all the things and the hour has come.Has woken up and understood that today is the 9-th of October,looked in a window and at first has not understood Whether this expectation has so affected my recognition of the environmental world, whether Seriously something has changed. It is not necessary to think that it is dark power have hung above Kiev, Simply the weather has changed in the moment, Maybe it was not simply concurrence. But the fact remains by the fact: the heaven was all the day grey and it has rained and it was cold like not in autumn only 4C. From the cold rescueed only idea that in the evening it would be so cool and you'll receive such Doze of energy such that will be not up to colds (Running beforehand I shall tell that after the first pair of hours spent in a hall the people wished as soon as possible to cool down and to inhale on the whole breasts fresh air. It's only four o'clock but you are putting on yourselves all necessary Ammunition and with a bottle of beer in a hand are going the concert to the club "Irons". You are not one such impatient. People drinking their beer to the end begins to come into club. the festival is beginning and Victor Ozolin - the conductor of it, standing on the stage tells the order of appearing of the bands.Pungent Stench only eighth on turn, but it does not afflict anybody, because we could hear also some grand bans. The first on a stage has played the domestic band TRUTNI they propose us some songs on Eglish Russian and even in the Ukrainian languages. Let's tell: for the beginning not bad, but who has missed tham have lost not so much. All wishing have already entered tha hall, i've get used and understood what where and how. Instantly having adjusted their instrument on a stage appear well known Kiever melodic-death band Submind (our metal still havn't rasted ). The band have played so professionally, that has impeled to the though that our bands are not worse than other world famous bands. It was true melodic death in its best traditions.On farewell we have heard in their performance In Flames " Ordinary story ", believe it was difficult to distinguish from the original. By the following was announced INFERNO, by virtue of technical problems Victor Ozolin have to distract public,It waited for music but he did it quit well. Here totally unexpected Infernos melanholic sound makes the public cease. It was Sympho-Black Intro.Impurity of Doom in Their compositions caused unusual sensation, you seemed that are not more in the Hall but in bottoms of an empire of Chronos.Has thought again and has come in itself only when On a stage sounded Power metal in performance of Conquest. Nice keyboard, rapid sound of guitars and strong vocal made them in own way unique. Ukrainian "Борщ" was the following who have to show their mastership on a stage of "Irons".Already beforehand knowing, that the following is " Te Deum " I burned up from impatience in expectation of Their performance. They have not afflicted, but maked me be proud of domestic Metal-scene.. As if phantoms of death ( this was the name by one From the played by them compositions) they towered on a stage. They have played faultlessly. and have presented to public some New compositions. Mental Demise haven't make us waiting to long. And Brutal attack As a whirlwind,destructed everything on the way. Honour and praise To the visitors from Russia. All fans of this style were in delight. It was nearly Twelf o'clock and if you have not got off from the account on turn were Austrian - Headliners of Corefest. The public yelled their name " PUNGENT STENCH ". They need alot of time for adjustment of the Instruments.But in 12 they have given a signal: READY! And the they begun. It was not dry performance it was show, and we waited for a surprise from them and there it is: having played the first song they have decided to get rid from their metal-image they taked off their dark coats, and played till the end in only shorts. But seemed to few for them and on the stage appeared two fast naked girls. they danced under a high-speed rhythm of guitars and fight of drums and certainly under joyful shouts of Public. But they didn't forget about professional obligation of playing metal. We have heard some songs from their first album and some More melodious late things. Last that has sounded in their performance was the metal version of one of modern pop songs (but I don't know that it was). In general everything was great. (Don't fofget us Pungent Stench come again!) ... The hour already was late, there were in the hall the most proof their patience was renumerated: petersburg Black in performance of Serpent has pleased everyone. Further it seemed, that I am sleeping, But not- the member of Lvivian techno-Death group Ambivalence was a girl You wouldn't believe if don't know, but she played on guitar I shall tell you it was even very nice. Kharkover Doom metallists- Endymion have surprised with the great vocal. The Next were BURIAL CRAPE, Victor Ozolin has called them Сradle-Dorgir. Yeah, their music could rise even from the tomb It was not a time for Sleeping- It was Black darker then night, which reigned at that moment. But unfortunately Byelorussian visitors from Soligorsk - Vestibulum were the last,Their Death-Black sounded in my mind, while I overcame not short Way to home.
   But Why everything good is so short-lived, nobody will explain the reason of severe Reality, everything what happened at that evening Emerged in my memory, giving no rest, It was a condition of superfluous Pleasure and I have any desire to come back to ordinary life, It is a pity that this moment cannot be prolonged in eternity - still a moment and the end-Last spark of consciousness dies away and you enter the world of dream, and silent night bring all over the world ashes, which has remained from a colourful fire of feelings of that evening.....
   Special thanks to Mihail Druchenko for accreditation.


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