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Metal Mega fest (31-1-2004)

   Mega Metal Fest, a concert with a pretentious name took place in Kiev on January 31, 2004. Seven announced bands promised to be something. The event took place in "Sputnik" cinema hall noted for "Chosen 1 Birthday" gig when some tipsy guys fractured down several arm-chairs. This time they broke the whole row of arm-chairs which means a veto for any future metal gigs at "Sputnik".
   Let me start with absence of beer in the nearest grocery. The last time beer was too fast to disappear as well. We had to visit supermarket and bought that valuable beverage there. The entrance front door was narrow of course and security personnel let us pass in one by one, it took about twenty minutes to get it. When we entered the hall HARON were finishing there program. I guess it was a nice debut for the band playing good heavy metal, so they might become big heavy metal stars someday.
   GRIMFAITH came next, they claim they play gothic/doom. It was another big stage debut and one could say they looked much better, revealing skills. The guitar player was wearing a dark suit, a white shirt and a tie, because we had climbed the stage right after re-examination. I don't know if he was a diligent student, his face looked to sad to be a successful one. The band started playing without primary sound check because they were short of time, I think they would have been better in case they had any.
   WILD GARDEN kept on the same line, I can but thank them for my tolerance towards gothic/doom. I was fascinated by bass patterns and two vocals - male and female. Their performance was theatrical alright with some pantomime guys on stage. If I'm not mistaken the couple got married that day and jumped into crowd in the end of the song to be caught by kind fans. Then they came back wearing outre dress and accompanying the song about Vampire. There wasn't much space on stage for them. I liked the band but without these extra company.
   Then came AMBIVALENCE from Lvov. Psycho death bands are rare in our land, I don't remember clearly anyone. The band was highly appreciated but I don't really enjoyed too many keyboards, maybe I'm not fond of psycho death.
   I disliked WITCHHUNTER and INFERNO. The first band (playing power) had been better recently and I am not fond of INFERNO yet it is a good band. So my music tastes failed me, well I can say it an appropriate music for making love.
   Then there was a 15 minutes break which initiated beer outing and finally we beheld FLESHGORE starting a sound check. FLESHGORE introduced a new growler - Sid from HUNGER DISPATCH. The audience was critical towards him but didn't lose an opportunity of headbanging. The sound was quite because the band possesses an engineer. They closed their set with CANNIBAL CORPSE cover.
   Next fest is expected in March, they promise Polish metal and our local stars. Let's wait then.

Translation from Russian by Ind

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