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Ukrainian Incursion Tour (18-3-2004)

   We have been waiting for it like hell since January, well, perseverance wins as they say it. In the long run Polish brutalists PARRICIDE supported by MENTAL DEMISE appeared in KIEV. Both bands have toured around the Ukraine before.
   Six bands were to appear on stage of "Batyuk" Hall:
   No one really know what "Batyuk" means, MC Crocodile suggested it was The Lord of darkness and destruction. If it were so he was blind then, because the hall was owned by the blind society which is not keen in black masses I'm sure. The Hall was also too stuffy and rather modest from the acoustic point. Besides as usual fans were frustrated: no beer - no cheer.
   WILD GARDEN, local gothic doom metal band opened the ceremony. Nothing extraordinary but alright. I beheld two girls, aha, a kind of theatrical show within restricted stage of "Batyuk".
   Satanic black death SIMARGL played skillfully in vein of BEHEMOTH with many keyboards which resulted in boredom, bald vocalist wearing chain armor and changing growling to screaming couldn't save the situation.
   PAGAN LAND, pagan guys from Lviv proved to be new pagan hope with heavy riffs and majestic lyrics. The frontman was also chained, but it didn't affect his guitar playing and singing. Their set was highly appreciated by audience willing to start stage diving, senseless because of seats in the hall.
   MENTAL DEMISE has already become a legendary act, no wonder fans easily got mad at once. The band was marvelous, quite professional and brutal enough to imagine bloody flesh. I was too tired when they finished and went out for a gulp of fresh air.
   When I came back I beheld TESSARACT with a … growling maid. Wow, we've got Ukrainian ARCH ENEMY finally! The band is awesome and deserve becoming famous in Europe.
   Headliner PARRICIDE looked strange with a short-haired singer but the first chords left no hope, everyone was destined to die in bloody massacre. The music was perfectly arranged and magnificently performed. Some songs were in Polish, that was also interesting enough. It is obvious that Polish scene is well developed. I hope our bands will make their best someday. PARRICIDE finished with Hammer Smashed Face so popular with many brutal bands and the fest was over.
   To summarize it all I dare say that in spite of absence of light, stupid security and modest hall organization was good enough to call it memorable. Let's wait for VADER soon!
   Thanks to Edward Yeremenko for accreditation.

Translation from Russian by Ind

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