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Ruskolun' (10-6-2004)

   There is no likely such place where actionsof a similar sort would pass enough frequently. For example, in Kiev it only the second this year though the interval between them has made less than one and a half month (is present in view of a concert with participation of group TEMNOZOR which was on April, 30). The place of carrying out of a concert had been chose all the same cinema "Sputnik", it is obvious sessions, at last, that have received the constant registration.
   Well all right, having arrived on a place of action in one hour prior to the beginning of a concert, for some reason, I expected to see already rather impressive crowd as it usually happens. The crowd was, but not such and big, besides consisted mainly from skinheads. By the way, running forward I shall tell, that (~ 150-180 person) made the basic part of not numerous audience skins, that has imposed the print as constants scaned: "Zig Heil!", etc.
   At the beginning of session as have usually postponed, this time practically on one hour. So, on a stage the leader - the fragile girl by name Olga has appeared, and after pair patriotic slogans has declared the first group - NATURAL SPIRIT from Chernigov, the group which has gathered after a two-year-old break. Well, that here it is possible to tell, the group obviously should be put not the first, too they are well looked on a background of the same SVARGA. Still I was struck with a sound, I yet did not see in the beginning of performance of such sound, censures, anyway, at me were not absolutely any claims to quality. The first chords have forced people to be pulled under a stage, but the space under it has already been occupied skinheads which as it is usual procrowds "Zig Heil!", have arranged not weak scuffle:) . In general, the group plays good sound pagan folk-metal, all over again caused associations with PAGAN REIGN, and toward the end has a little reminded CHILDREN OF BODOM. By statements around the group has liked people. Small poetic lines which were read by the vocalist between songs were very interestingly looked.
   The following have declared "new name of 2003 - 2004" the Kiev group SVARGA playing Slavonic heathen metal. First it has seemed to me much more preferably: very good and aggressive guitar section, and as a whole is enough qualified and fast music. Whether however originality that has been brought to all this in a victim, too monotonously they sounded, though, certainly, in it too something is. Besides in some songs, IMHO, too long solo. During one of them the vocalist for some minutes has fallen down from a stage and when has returned has asked all to leave a hall as what that stupid have called in militia and have told, that at a cinema the bomb is incorporated. As consequence there has arrived a squad of militia and public a solid hour sticked out in the street, refueling liquids of a various fortress:) . When us at last have started, on a stage white-power rock group "SOKIRA PERUNA" already played. IMHO, group was looked a little strange, too easy sound at them for metal session, but by itself skins were d
   elighted. From advantages of group it is necessary to note the vocalist. His vocal with huskiness can be compared to Egor Letov by expression:). Bright white-power texts came off many people, and under a stage it was hot. Soon on a stage the whole group of support has appeared, and all a mansion two last have executed songs.
   Whereas time drew in (a hall has been rented only till 23:00) following Kharkov band ASTROFAES has won back only three songs. And it is a pity, this group, playing true-black, it was looked very well: cornspainted, all in thorns, such Ukrainian variant IMMORTAL, only in my opinion does not suffice them of one more guitar. With music too all would be quite good if not a sound. In the beginning of performance he was awful, any strangers rustle, squeak, hissing. Hm, can so it and should be, or it were intrigues of competitors? I do not know, but as on me it has impaired a little all impression from performance of this group. Public under a stage at this time was replaced, instead of raised the right hands "goats" have appeared already, however, most likely, to some especially zealous supporters total shaveling it it seemed a little. During performance someone has thrown in ASTROFAES a bottle, skinheads have started to whistle and stamp foots, under a stage fine fights have begun, it is good though all has ended only with the broken noses. In general, on mine from the skinheads side elementary beastliness has been shown, up to this case I to them concerned much better.
   To stop beginning fights could in time left on stage WARGOT and NOCTURNAL MORTUM. Corspainted and in marvellous, black-yellow color, the suits stylized under old russian orders. The group has played only four songs, two of them from a new album "Outlook" which soon should appear on counters of shops. To tell the truth, new songs have not liked me. One of them has been written in the co-authorship with the vocalist of "SOKIRA PERUNA", and sounded absolutely not typically for NOCTURNAL MORTUM, whether not so black. The sound of group was very good, headliners, and sound producer has obviously tried. This time public under a stage all has mixed up. WARGOT has struck me with the vocal, he sounded not so screams as on record, but is much deeper, guitar sets too were rather good. Having executed "On Fire Of Wooden Churches" at the end, NOCTURNAL MORTUM have once again proved, that by the right are considered as one of the famous black-metal groups of the former CIS.

Translation from Russian by Lexx

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