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Grimfest (12-6-2004)

   It seems to me very difficult to visit two concerts a day. Moreover and to write from each of them the report. But having collected one's thought, I shall try to you nevertheless to tell, that occured at a cinema "Zagreb", on June, 12 :). So, session organized enough known Kiev office Black Nephrite has been appointed at 18:00 was as is usually slightly postponed. And it began somehow silently, anybody especially did not hasten to go inside, all were around and drank beer. Nearby shops by the way were well prepared for storm, refrigerators have been up to the top hammered by vodka and beer.
   And at this time group REVOLT (put on replacement Chernigov NOCTURNAL DOMINIUM, not arrived because of problems with stuff (at them now new drummer)) tried to get public in a hall. REVOLT - the group playing death/grind for the first time acted on the big stage. They have not especially liked me, it is possible because of problems with a sound which left much to be desired. As a whole it is possible to tell, that the group plays usual heavy death. At the end of performance somebody has left Dima Cannibal, according to the Crocodile (МС Crocodile as usually was the leader) for the first time on the big stage, and has taken a place of the vocalist. He has executed last song … hmm … I can not understand, that the vocalist with scream (anyway it was most of all similar to scream) happened in death group. Instead of roar any not clear squeal was heard.
   Further us to the price group FIRELAKE has appeared melodic-death. Well, that here it is possible to tell group as group, metal as metal. Anything new, anything original, all is standard. Good guitar solos, and all same poor sound :(.
   After them on a stage the first representatives Gothic parts of a concert, group GRIMFAITH have appeared. The group known enough, and had time to be lighted already on set of actions. Well it is felt, that them has experience of performances, but besides not enough something. Possible, gothic-metal and should be such? Though it is necessary to tell, that their music has reminded me unforgettable MOONSPELL, I even would tell classical MOONSPELL. It's middling, especially experiments proceeding behind the board with a sound good have not added anything.
   But in a hall Gotha were pulled - on a stage special visitors from Moscow, gothic-industrial group BUMBLEBEES have appeared. Special attention of a man's part of a hall has involved the vocalist - red latex, a make-up, well all as proper ;). It was for me, new name of the whole season:). Originally I thought any muck in style RAMMSTEIN, but it was simple something. Industrial rhythm-section, quite good keys, and marvellous sneer texts. Especialy songs "Fuck The Sky", and "Pathologist" - a class, cheerful music:). It is very a pity, that they have not executed "Skinhead Moscow Girls":) in general for me it was new name, I have already run them to download, and there I shall look the disk can also shall buy.
   With sneer gothic styles we shall pass to a gothic style gloomy ;). On stage INFERNO - probably one of the most known (or untwisted, decide yourself) groups of Ukraine. It was especial appreciablly how the small hall was filled, besides in him became very stuffy and it is hot. It was made an impression, that you are in a sweating room. And it can infernal flame has heated up air;). Here the sound of censures any more did not cause, not differently INFERNO have brought with itself sound producer, eventually they can allow themselves it. So people came off fully. We have very much pleased with performance of a cover on PINK FLOYD.
   Further, after a small pause on a stage have appeared headliners of fest, group TE DEUM. After short tuning they have begun the performance during which have presented on court to public the new program and have executed some old hits. Only I have prepared to listen, as problems with a sound have again begun: first all went normally, but somewhere the vocal then started to vanish. And so all performance, as a result of new songs practically was not audible, well and old many remember for memory. In particular "The Decaying World" sang likely all hall. Summed up their performances it is necessary to tell, that all a new album is necessary listen anew, we shall wait, when it released. Having won back, TE DEUM have closed session and people has tumbled down on street. That's all, the stop was driven off with last trolleybus under an outset filled hairy - conductors and inhabitants were in an easy shock ;).

Translation from Russian by Lexx

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