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Metal Heads Mission 5 (day 1) (7-8-2004)

   Agressor: It was something, it really was something. Looking back, I can’t remember a single event that made such an impression on me. Even my first gig fades in comparison to this 2-day apocalypse. So, here we go. I came to “Solnyshko” (“Sunny” – Ar.) in the morning of August 7th. Strange as it may seem but on the bus station in Yevpatoriya I meet only a single hairy person, a guy from Kherson. All the others must have either come earlier or came the day after… Having noticed a helluva long queue in the booking office, a decision to go straight to the shuttle-bus has been made. We made it to the shuttle-bus and let the others stay in queue. ? Later somebody told us that coming to Solnyshko was real hard for them: not only you had to spend a couple of hours in the booking-office, you also had to wait even more time for the shuttle-bus to come. Same with the suburban trains, only the delay was much longer. A trip to “Solnyshko” takes 10 minutes as it is only 7km far from Yevpatoriya. We met Scorpio near the entrance and he lead us to the tents. The tents were put right on the beach under a shed and some civilians thoughtlessly laid themselves right in front of the entrance. Well, so much the worse for ‘em. :) “Solnyshko” is a nice place in general: lots of cafes and bars (the prices are “southern” (“not cheap” – Ar.) but it’s ok), 2 not-in-the-best-state WC’s (free) and a couple of booths with beer and mineral water (an advice: bring the drinks yourself (except beer)). The complex was full of hairy music lovers from all over CIS. Strangely, the residents were not shocked, only a couple of times you could see wide round eyes :). The time until 14:00, the start of the festival, passed quickly as we were accommodating, greeting friends and getting acquainted with everyone else. The festival began without much delay. The stage was situated in a covered hangar with balconies and a bar. Hell, the best place for a gig I ever saw. There was a group schedule near the entrance. How convenient! Unfortunately, only one entrance was opened in the beginning and it took us about half an hour to enter the hangar. The presenter (lol – what a word for a guy like that – Ar. :) ) was a guy from Rovno (it was unusual to see somebody different from MC Crocodile from Kyiv :) ) whom I didn’t know. He decided to use Ukrainian on the festival. I’m really for it, but too many people didn’t understand a single word.
   The sound got a B+ from me. Many bands were tuned up real good and sounded perfectly, but, unfortunately, there was a lack of professionalism from the sound producers. Well the worst is that the sound was somewhat unclear and blurry and I didn’t hear the 30 kilowatts (hell, maybe I’m getting deaf you know ?). I’ve seen much worse on a coupla gigs, the sound was very good this time, but it damn sure could have been better.
   I wanna meet the light producer, bow to him and present him a bottle of best beer! I’ve never seen such light before. It was absolutely perfect. Nothing to say, absolutely incredible. Never been to Europe so can’t actually compare out lights with any others but I don’t think we lost any points.
   We’re now moving on to the list of bands, who performed in the first day:
   2. HOMOFERUS (Belarus)
   3. ??????? (Ukraine)
   4. EPICRISE (Ukraine)
   5. DISENTOMB (Moldova)
   6. BARRACUDA (Belarus)
   7. RESNULLIUS (Ukraine)
   8. ZV!K (Belarus)
   9. FETAL DECAY (Russia)
   10. ABYSAL (Poland)
   11. BARBARA (Israel)
   12. EPITOME (Poland)
   13. UNERASE (Ukraine)
   14. TOXIC BONKERS (Poland)
   15. CASTRUM (Ukraine)
   16. PERUN? (Russia)
   17. DEAD INFECTION (Poland)
   Together with Scorpio we listened to the first band - PERIALNIE KANDILOMY – outside the hangar, waiting for our accreditation. It was pure porn-grind. The guitarist and the vocalist both had giant aquanaut spectacles on and the vocalist had only his underwear on. Well, grinders would have liked it, but I didn’t. They produced a real hit during their appearance: a song named “Spazm pizdi” (“C**t spasm” – Ar.), which had only the two words mentioned above in it, and which were constantly repeated during a coupla minutes. They also played a cover on Ivanushki International – a forever young native pop-group :).
   Next was HOMOFERUS, a black metal band from Belarus. The group plays good black-metal, well performed and somewhat original. They tuned up pretty good and we heard everything: the vocals, three guitars and the synthesizer. A coupla special words about the synthesizer. The person who played on it created a great, obscure atmosphere. Well, the synthesizer fit in perfectly. The band’s great, I think I’ll get myself an album of theirs. Funny how did the corpse-paint stay on them in such a hot weather, they were sweating profoundly.
   Right after HOMOFERUS, a Ukrainian hardcore group Surogat appeared on the stage. Despite the fact I don’t like hardcore, I liked the band. The audience warmed up a bit too: people with not much hair on their heads like the music a lot…others shook their heads from time to time only. They played merry hardcore and their lyrics were somewhat political. One of the songs was distinguishable:
   “???????, ?? ??????? - ??? ????? ????????… - ? ???? ???: ???????! ;)” (A song about the voting system: you may vote or you may stop – either way you get f**ed up :) - something like that. (©opyrighted lyrics by me =) - Ar.))
   By the way, we saw two old ladies with apparently a granddaughter of theirs who came to see what was going on in here. The second time they heard the chorus they swept away in a moment :). I wonder whom they will choose on the next election. The group stood out for two vocalists in it.
   Next came EPICRISE. I never listened to death-core in general before so I didn’t know what it was supposed to sound like. Their performance was not bad, though they floundered a bit in the beginning. Well, a coupla more bands on the festival (whether out of emotion or out of bad team-work) floundered and had to start their songs one more time. I even shook my own head a bit during EPICRISE’s last song :).
   Some moments later we were watching DISENTOMB, a brutal grind-core band from Moldova. They were wearing white smocks with respirators on their faces and promised an immediate therapy to the patients in Yevpatoriya. The sound was tuned up perfectly and they played skilfully. They made the audience wild. The vocalist was performing in frenzy: running, jumping, shaking his head, rolling on the floor and tackling his fellow vocalist. People watched the mess on the stage and went wild. I just couldn’t help myself and run to the stage to join the crowd ?.
   I thought I would get some rest after DISENTOMB but I was wrong. BARRACUDA from Rechica made all of us proud of their native city again. No rest for me during that band definitely :) though they were “calm” in comparison to the previous group.
   Then I gave up and left to have a beer and to wander around with my friends.
   Scorpio: “Having wandered around with his friends” Agressor came back to the hangar (or better to say to conscience ? ) to see the last three groups. All the time I was in the hangar watching the performing bands carefully, though it was my job to do that tomorrow…
   Right after BARRACUDA RESNULLIUS appeared on the stage, a Ukrainian hardcore formation. This band cheered up the crowd pretty good. The flashy figure of the vocalist who had fair hair plaited into dreads was especially remarkable. It was one of the few bands to sing in Ukrainian.
   Next came another group with a dreaded vocalist and new-metal, ZV!K from Belarus. They left a good impression.
   They were followed by FETAL DECAY – brutal guests from Russia, who didn’t show anything unusual: they just played their brutal deathcore songs and the people shook their heads. Right after them the time came for the first Polish band to perform. I missed it cause I left the hangar then but still I heard something outside the place. ABYSAL played brutal death with no skipping to the close-related grind.
   I also missed the starting performance of an Israeli band BARBARA but when I came back to the hangar I was stumbled. There was only a bald bassist and a small guy on the percussions on the stage. And somebody was growling. I bet you thought: “It must be the bassist”. Nope, it’s the drummer who was growling. The music was equally interesting. A mix of grindcore, death and thrash. As they later told me himself during the night beer feast with PUNGENT STENCH and some Polish musicians, one magazine characterized them as psycho grinders. Anyway, I don’t give a damn about their style, the group was noticed and remembered, it’s the main thing, isn’t it?
   I missed the oncoming Polish brutalers too. It was grind-death from EPITOME. Next came the trash-core UNERASE from Kyiv. They weren’t strangers for most of people so they didn’t get a REAL HOT welcome. As for me, I liked their music. It was like everybody caught their breath after the EPITOME listening to the melodic compositions of UNERASE.
   I went to my tent right after UNERASE to miss the Polish TOXIC BONKERS (Apparently, I wasn’t lucky with Poland that day). They characterize themselves as toxic punk/grindcore. This and a couple of more songs of theirs I heard sitting on the beach with my legs in the sea. Than I had a snack, wished good night to my friends (actually to everyone who was in the two of our tents except for Agressor, whom I met close to the stage) and wandered back to the hangar.
   Agressor: The next team I observed was CASTRUM. Nothing special, a rather famous team, they didn’t play anything extraordinary. They played good, they played skillfully, the fans of classic (true! :) ) death would have liked their style.
   Next came a Rostov band with an original name PERUN (A name of a pagan Slavic god – Ar.), who are famous for their scandal in Black Minds rather than for their music. It would be just to say that they produce ordinary black metal and you could find pagan only in the texts. I can’t say they played bad. Just played and that’s it. :) The fans apparently new about the conflict with our Russian colleagues and that’s why produced whistling and no applause.
   And then the time came for the headliners of the day, a Polish team DEAD INFECTION. Frankly speaking I was expecting something more that just mighty sound. We’ve been waiting for them for a rather long time and it looked like they were drunk when they appeared on the stage but I must say that we felt their professionalism. Even in such condition the Polish band played great and cheered up the whole auditorium. In spite of the fact that it was already around 3 o’clock in the morning, the crowd were shaking their heads and mad in general. I wasn’t as delighted, it’s ordinary death for me, nothing unusual, though I think it’s worth listening a couple of more times. I feel that my opinion can change :).
   This is how the first day ended. People started leaving. Some went to spend a night in a rented apartment in Evpatoriya and we sat in front of our tents and were watching the beautiful stars handing each other bottles. After that we went to sleep ;).
   Scorpio: On my way to the tent I met Alex and Fabian from PUNGENT STENCH in one of the bars. Since I made an agreement yesterday to take an interview in the morning (which I didn’t manage to do) I thought that it was a good time for it. I took my recorder and some money for beer and came back. Alex was so tired we decided to postpone the interview. And then we just sat drinking beer and talking. Sometime later came the DEAD INFECTION bassist and Eugene Beresnevich, the manager of Moral Insanity. We went to look for Martin Shirenk who had the keys from the PUNGENT STENCH room. Having not found the man we stayed in a bar with a group of Polish musicians. Later we found Martin, who was walking past us with the drummer/vocalist of BARBARA. They both joined us and drank beer, talked and often clinked bottles with each other :). I left at dawn together with Fabian and a musician from BARBARA. Having sat near the tent for another half an hour, I went to sleep. It was 5 or 6 in the morning.

Day 2

Translated from Russian by ArceON

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