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Metal Heads Mission 5 (day 2) (8-8-2004)

   Scorpio: In spite of the night affairs I woke up around 8, maybe 8:30. We had a snack and right after that were approached by our forum friends Cannibal (Black Minds zine) and Lars (OFFERTORIUM) and we talked for some time. Agressor was busying Cannibal with nationalistic topics. :) The beginning of the second day was planned on 11:00 but was postponed for an hour or so. Comrade Agressor, will you please name the list of the performers!
   Agressor: Here you go, on the second day we listened to these bands:
   1. ?????? (Ukraine)
   2. CHORDEWA (Moldova)
   3. GROMBEY (Russia)
   4. DIVERSIA (Russia)
   5. SUFFERER (Belarus)
   6. BUTCHERS (Moldova)
   7. DRAMA (Russia)
   8. SACRAMENT (Ukraine)
   9. APOKEFALE (Russia)
   10. AMBIVALENCE (Ukraine)
   11. I CUM BLOOD (Russia)
   12. MENTAL DEMISE (Ukraine)
   13. MORTEM (Russia)
   14. TARTHARIA (Russia)
   15. NEOLITH (Poland)
   16. FESTERGUTS (Russia)
   17. DARZAMAT (Poland)
   18. RASTA (Belarus)
   19. PUNGENT STENCH (Austria)
   Scorpio: The second day started with ?????? (“BEZDNA” – Ar.) from Sevastopol. There were very little people in the hangar. We watched the band together with Agressor on one of the side balconies. Four guys played hardcoredeathcore with clear vocals and growling. Monotonous stuff was diluted by a composition right before which the vocalist said: “Ladies invite gentlemen, gentlemen invite ladies”. So everybody expected a slow song. It was almost so. The song started slowly and melodically, followed by rough hardcore, and ended just as calm as it started.
   The second were CHORDEWA – a black metal band from Moldova. I was really looking forward to their performance (Lars awoke my interest). The composition was one of the biggest on the festival: 2 guitars, bass, keyboards, percussions, violin, male grim and female opera vocals. However, the women (the violin and the vocals) didn’t take part in all songs. The bad sound spoiled the impression. In the beginning the guitars were jammed and the violin, screaming and the keyboards were dropping in turns. Only in the end the sound engineer finally made it sound close to normal. But even in spite of all the problems, the group was welcomed really hot; they were the second, remember.
   After the Kishinev band’s performance I left to look for PUNGENT STENCH to take the interview. So the next two teams are presented by Agressor.
   Agressor: The following two bands (GROMBEY, DIVERSIA) didn’t make a lasting impression, hell, you can’t remember that much! Maybe just that DIVERSIA played good thrash.
   But I really remembered SUFFERER. They just tore me apart. SUFFERER don’t play ordinary death – they play miracle-death. Pure frenzy multiplied by perfect playing and composing skills created a brutal explosion in the auditorium. The whole crowd was at the stage in seconds. :) The group became one of the few discoveries for me. In the end the musicians from Minsk played a cover on CANNIBAL CORPSE - “Sick”.
   Scorpio: Having taken an interview with PUNGENT STENCH (who were all together (Martin, Alex and Fabian) sitting in the same bar) I came back to see another band from Moldova – the BUTCHERS. While the musicians tuned up the vocalist was playing with a chop hammer. The people were thinking if he wanted to throw it. And then the MEAT began! What else could you wait from the butchers? I really doubt one could tell words from what the vocalist uttered. You could only hear a low growl mixed with screaming. I was amazed! How was it possible to switch a squeal of a pig who knew he would be just a big pile of meat soon with such low growling?! Well, he jeered at his voice and at the crowd of metalheads who went wild under the sound of the brutal grind quaddro from Kishinev. They also produced a PRODIGY cover – “Breath”. In one of the songs I recognized some familiar folk elements – our folk is closely related to Moldovan.
   I left after such heat and the next to tell the story is Agressor.
   Agressor: I couldn’t help it anymore and went to fill up with…mineral water :).
   Scorpio: I see. We missed the following: DRAMA and SACRAMENT. And as we heard, we didn’t miss much.
   The two Russian teams were followed by their compatriots APOKEFALE. These blackers produced the rawest sound on the festival. The hairy guitarists and the bald vocalist were complete with corpse-paint as it should be. It was flowing because of the heat. In the memory of the late Kuorton they played a BATHORY cover - “Woman Of Dark Desires”.
   Next came a group from Lvov – AMBIVALENCE. When a girl appeared on the stage I presumed she was going to play the keyboards. Nope, the girl was a guitarist. Ukrainian death metalists masterfully balanced between melodic and heaviness. One of the songs was lyrical and beautiful. The previous group played in the memory of a famous Swedish musician, AMBIVALENCE in turn remember Chuck Shuldiner and played a DEATH cover. The presenter who had a DEATH T-shirt took it off and put it on one of the monitors. A small break followed their performance and we went to have a snack.
   After the break we placed ourselves on a balcony in the rear. We were watching the Yaroslavl surgeons, I CUM BLOOD who performed in green robes. The guitarist was the main to sing but the bassist was not far behind. A coincidence – these guys played a cover on PRODIGY too. And they produced a brand grind-composition which lasted 3 to 4 seconds. They also carried out an operation “Antisound”. They connected smth to their bass-guitar and the guitarist started jammin’ it while the bassist became vocalist. Then they switched roles and continued with their noisegrind. During the second such song the bassist gave his instrument to a partner and jumped into the crowd where he hanged around for some time. The Yaroslavl band cheered everybody up!
   Next came MENTAL DEMISE – the organizers of the festival. It took them a rather long time to tune up but they did it thoroughly. The presenter even managed to tell an anecdote.
   “A little girl comes back home from school:
   - Mom, I got a 5 on algebra!
   - So what? You still have blood cancer.”
   The five from Lisichansk (though almost all of them live in Kyiv now) have torn the “Solnyshko” apart. A lot of people came up to the stage, the smoke appeared, the light was absolutely great. They played some covers: DEAD INFECTION, SUFFOCATION adn BLOOD. Now I give my word to Agressor.
   Agressor: I thought they ought have given us time to catch our breath but NO! Moscow brutal veterans MORTEM appeared on the stage. They are 15 years old and I remember this band from the “Full-metal jacket” radio program, which unfortunately does not exist anymore. Well, they made a good impression then and today they freshened it up pretty good. Great brutal with remembering growling. I just can’t describe it – you have to listen to it. Well, I’m off looking for their albums – there are only two of them.
   Scorpio: The Russian death veterans were followed by black’n’roll TARTHARIA from St. Petersburg. The musicians created a unique show! The vocalist with a Finnish pseudonym Tahvo was one of the most mobile and active on the festival and constantly shook his head, played with the microphone, put his legs on the monitor and never stopped moving. The merry music touched everybody. Many people climbed to the stage and were generally wild! The light and smoke was great too.
   Agressor: The Polish band NEOLITH came to present their new album, recorded on The Flaming Arts rec. I met them near a kiosk where they were buying beer but unfortunately didn’t talk to them for a long time. I wish I did. And their music was good. :) Not ideal, you can feel the Polish level at once and it’s sad. During the performance the vocalist announced a new album “Immortal” and threw it to the fans. Shit, I wasn’t expecting it and missed it – it flew so close to me :(.
   Scorpio: Next came FESTERGUTS from Kaluga. They played death/death’n’roll. The frontman Oupire made unbelievable faces and galloped the stage. We filmed two songs of theirs and you will soon be able to watch them.
   Nebel: For what I’m about to say most of the butchers, brutalers and other Agressors of the kind would be happy to spit into my face. Well, they have a right to do that but that won’t change my mind. The thing is that it’s necessary to point out somebody, to acclaim somebody. No doubt, PUNGENT STENCH were great, they produced a real show. When they alighted you knew what to expect (this is not their first performance in Ukraine), you knew their class, their music. But when the Polish DARZAMAT appeared on the stage and the first accords flew through the air we had to reconceive what you already heard. This unknown band amazed us with their professionalism – it was a true melody which broke the brutal atmosphere in pieces with their mixed vocals (female (a nice one) + male without screaming and growling), peculiar keyboards and skillfully played guitars. Their music was great and different and had a much higher quality than many others’. Unfortunately their spectacular performance was interrupted by a stop-signal (hey, your time is up! – hell, they had time for even one more composition). Without hesitation the bassist came to the guitarist, said a couple of words (I assume it was smth like: “To hell with the organizers – let the people enjoy the music”) and continued playing. To our great disappointment in 20 seconds the sound was rudely cut out. (They will not have great memory about Evpatoriya, unlike the people who enjoyed their performance so much.) I have nothing left but to remember their show and enjoy the great fragments of their beautiful melodies and hope to get their CD once.
   Scorpio: I took the amazed Nebel and went to the rear balcony where we met a sad Agressor sitting on the staircase. Next came RASTA.
   Agressor: I really liked the special effects during RASTA’s performance. I already said the light was great on the festival but during RASTA the light engineers (or should I say “artists”) were on top. The music was the same – somebody cheered up – but I didn’t. So sad. :(
   Scorpio & Nebel: Well, we did!!! :) We shook our heads pretty good.
   Scorpio: And about 3 in the morning the time has come for the stars of MHM 5 – the Austrian guests – PUNGENT STENCH. The percussions for Alex were changed in a way. The bass and the guitar of Fabian and Martin were tuned up pretty good. We went to the stage with many others. But a great number of people were already asleep. No wonder – two days of musicalypse. (©ArceON) By the way, yesterday only I and Agressor saw the last two bands. Everything’s ready and off we go! Many of us remember the autumn CIS tour of PS and their performance in the underwear and the Kyiv girls in bikinis. This time they wore something else over the underwear. And there was only one female on the stage and only during the first song. She took off her T-shirt – walked around for some time and left.
   Agressor: So sad! ( :)-Ar.) Well, the musicians had to make a show of themselves. A talk about their orientation may appear now, you know. :)
   Scorpio: Having played their merry death composition familiar to many of us they left the stage without even properly saying goodbye. At that moment I was awoken by a strike with an elbow. When I opened my eyes I saw Nebel (I fell asleep on the last two songs). He was about to leave. And suddenly I say a detached phrase: “Hell no, there must be an encore!”. I was right :). But PS played an encore only because the people called them for a long time. Fabian already smoked a cigarette by that time. The first bonus was a cover on “Ladies In The House” by Aaaliyah who died in a car crash a couple of years ago. A familiar merry melody produced and explosion of emotions and smiles on the faces! They played a couple of their songs and finally the 5-minute total jam farewell during which Martin was laying on the stage. Those who were not close to the stage (me, Nebel and Tahvo from TARTHARIA) had to climb the chairs to observe the events. Martin was practically @@ing his guitar in the floor. :) WoW!
   So, that’s it. Another MHM has ended. The crowd left the hangar real fast and started drinking. I managed to take an interview with TARTHARIA who were sitting in the hangar all together 15 minutes after PS left. We bid farewell and I went to the tents. We had a couple of drinks there – we decided it was too late to sleep now. At dawn we gathered our belongings, disassembled the tents and spent the last couple of hour on the beach close to the water. At about 10:50 Monday morning we went to take a suburban train to Simferopol. Having said goodbye to us Agressor came back to “Solnyshko”, wandered there for some more time and followed us. Write a bottom line, colleague!
   Agressor: What to say – the biggest festival in CIS was great. Bite your nails, those who didn’t come here and start planning to come next year. They promise to make a 3-day musicalypse in 2005! Who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll have a Ukrainian Waken here. We’re waiting. See you on MHM 6 next year.

Day 1

Translated from Russian by ArceON

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