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CANNIBAL CORPSE in Moscow, Russia (18-9-2004)

   Mmm, fellas, if you don't know who CANNIBAL CORPSE are then you should go read some theoretical history more. Cause if you don't know the Cannibals, shame on your hairy heads. Especially for dummies: Cannibal Corpse was created in 1990 and having changed its composition a lot of times still continues to play mighty death-metal. In 2004 they released a new album "The Wretched Spawn" and started a tour. On September 18 they came to Moscow and it's what this is all about.
   To my great disappointment, Cannibals have forbidden to take photographs on the gig. You could bring the camera in your underwear of course but I was too drunk to break the rules.
   So I came to the gig. It started an hour later than the promised 7 o'clock. So for an hour the public was scanning "Cannibal, Cannibal, We Had Enough!!!". Half an hour before the Fathers appeared, some strange guy with a fan came out on the stage and was at once greeted with savage yelling. He got scared and swept away.
   And finally the Cannibals alighted. At first they played a couple of odd sounding songs, among which to my great disappointment was my favorite - "Shredded Humans". The responsible one for the oddness was the sound-engineer - everything mixed up and you couldn't tell the guitars from the vocals. After that the sound engineer came back to sense and everything went ok. Ok is: meat, meat, more meat, and meat with blood, please. In spite of the fact that the tour was started to support the new album, Cannibals played half the old well-known things. In some places the crowd sang along with Fisher - it was really funny.And I wish you heard the squealing in accompaniment to the bass solos - well, you understand what you missed.
   It was a great pleasure to watch the security. They reminded me of fishermen - well, they sat in the stage and caught everything within handgripping range. Anyway they were civilised and didn't make pressure upon anyone without a reason. Those who managed to climb to the stage and were behaving themselves were calmly accompanied to the ladder. And those who were wild and trying to hug the musicians were carried in hands J and thrown into the crowd without mercy J. In the end Fisher threw his bottle to the audience and they almost made sacrifice to it. Well, if you weren't there and you are a death-fan, you may consider yourself a looser. And to end it up: put a truck of shit into the mouth of every person who didn't like the show.
   Thanks to the organizers "Phili Management" and to Klonova Elizabeth for the accreditation.

Translated from Russian by ArceON

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