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SIX FEET UNDER - to release new album

Florida-based death metallers SIX FEET UNDER have set "13" as the title of their new CD, tentatively due in March via Metal Blade Records. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Decomposition of the Human Race", "Somewhere in the Darkness" and "The Poison Hand".
Singer Chris Barnes promises really heavy stuff!


Scorpio (24-11-2004)

GUNS’N’ROSES - Chinese Democracy

Acclaimed orchestral arranger and Grammy-award winner Paul Buckmaster has apparently worked on arrangements for four songs that are slated to appear on the long-awaited GUNS N' ROSES album, "Chinese Democracy". According to Buckmaster's official discography/list of credits, he has served as the arranger and conductor on the tracks "Blues", "Twat", "Madagascar" and "Prostitute", all of which are expected to surface on the much-anticipated CD, due next year via Interscope.

As previously reported, legendary Italian film composer Marco Beltrami ("Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines", "Resident Evil", "Scream", "Blade 2") has also provided orchestral arrangements for four tracks that are tentatively set to appear on "Chinese Democracy". According to Beltrami's official web site, MarcoBeltrami.com, the four cuts the composer was asked to work on have the working titles of "Seven", "Leave Me Alone", "General" and "Thyme".

"Chinese Democracy" will feature the band's first new music since "Oh My God", the group's contribution to the soundtrack to the 1999 movie "End of Days".

GUNS N' ROSES' last studio album was a covers CD, "The Spaghetti Incident?", which was released in 1993.


ZARAZA have come on writing a new album

Canadian industrial doom/death metal mongrels ZARAZA have posted the following update at their official web site:

"It may seem quiet in the ZARAZA camp, but things are slowly happening. First of all, we've nearly finished recording a cover of 'Half-Life' by the almighty SWANS that will come out next year on a tribute compilation from various doom bands eager to show their respect to these legendary masters. It's by far one of the most brutal, abrasive and heaviest pieces we've ever laid down to tape (or hard drive in our case), so we look forward to you hearing it at some time in the future.

"Second, the concept for the third album is slowly gelling together. Jacek [The Doomhammer; vocals, keyboards, samples] and Grzegorz [Haus Ov Doom; vocals, keyboards] have been working out ideas for two new songs, so we expect to take up most of 2005 for the songwriting process. If all goes well the next album, 'Abyss of the Primitive' should be out somewhere in 2006. Expect a slower, doomier style, with more progressive analog sounds, rounded off by piercing drums and crushing guitars... another ZARAZA epic. There will be no (or hardly any) orchestral/symphonic elements present on the album...we're utterly tired of that sound after 12 years and besides, every single BM band in a garage is doing it these days. Time to move on and discard that element of our style, it's time to evolve.

"Third, look out for all of ZARAZA's current albums appearing shortly on various major music download sites (e.g. iTunes, eMusic.com, etc.). Hopefully it will help us spread the word. As usual, many thanks to all the people who support the band, buy our CDs, send us words of encouragement, you make it all worthwhile...forwards to doom!"


IRON MAIDEN top the rock’n’roll fashion stakes chart

Anthony Barnes of the Belfast Telegraph is reporting that IRON MAIDEN's iconic mascot Eddie the ghoulish figure which has appeared on their album sleeves for a quarter of a century has helped them to the top of the charts in the rock 'n' roll fashion stakes.

Russel Coultart, chief executive of TeeShirtStore.com, which organised the poll, said he was initially surprised by the winning shirt. "You would think it would be someone more current. But IRON MAIDEN have got such a huge fan-base and they have built that up over 20-plus years."

The Top 10 Music T-Shirts:

01. IRON MAIDEN - Eddie logo
02. JOY DIVISION - Unknown Pleasures
03. NIRVANA - Nevermind smiley face
04. THE RAMONES - eagle logo
05. ROLLING STONES - lips logo
06. KRAFTWERK - Autobahn
07. PRIMAL SCREAM - Screamadelica
08. METALLICA - Master of Puppets
09. PUBLIC ENEMY - target logo
10. INSPIRAL CARPETS - Cool as fuck


IRON MAIDEN - drummer performs with tribute act

IRON MAIDEN drummer Nicko McBrain performed with the Italian MAIDEN tribute band ATHENORA in Athens, Greece on Friday, November 19 as part of a few "special" appearances by McBrain and his Italian friends. Nicko and ATHENORA played an all-IRON MAIDEN set, which included such selections as "Murders in the Rue Morgue", "Wrathchild", "Heaven Can Wait", "2 Minutes to Midnight", "Blood Brothers", "The Number of the Beast", "Hallowed Be Thy Name", "Fear of the Dark", "Brave New World" and "Iron Maiden".


HANKER - seek bassist replacement

Quebec City-based power/thrash metallers HANKER have parted ways with bassist Denis Cossette. "There are no hard feelings about his leaving and the band is still very motivated and optimistic about the future," the group write on their web site. "We wish the best of luck to Denis with his future projects."
HANKER are currently seeking a replacement bassist. All interested parties, send your name and other information by e-mail to webmaster@hankermetal.com' (with "Hanker's bassist" in the subject box).
HANKER's latest CD, "Web of Faith", was released in August via Skycraper Music.


AURA NOIR - new music available for download

Norwegian metallers AURA NOIR have posted two full-length MP3s from their recently released album, "Merciless", at their official web site. Download the tracks "Hell's Fire" and "Black Deluge Night" here' .
"Merciless" was issued via Tyrant Syndicate Records (a division of Peaceville/Snapper Records), a new label started by Nocturno Culto of DARKTHRONE. The AURA NOIR album is the first of several albums to be released under the Tyrant Syndicate Records banner, which will also handle all upcoming DARKTHRONE releases. Fenriz of DARKTHRONE and Nattefrost of CARPATHIAN FOREST make guest appearances on the CD.


SIX FEET UNDER’s video premiere

SIX FEET UNDER's video for the track "Dead and Buried (Living Life in the Grave)" has been posted online at Mental Suplex Productions (www.mentalsuplex.com/media). Directed by Jerry Clubb, the "Dead and Buried (Living Life in the Grave)" clip will premiere on MTV2's "Headbanger's Ball" on Saturday, November 20. The video will also debut on Fuse's "Uranium" on Sunday, November 21.

A new studio track recorded in March 2004, "Dead and Buried (Living Life in the Grave)" appears on the SIX FEET UNDER "Live With Full Force" DVD/CD release.


BOLT THROWER - the return of Jedi

British extreme metal pioneers BOLT THROWER have announced the return of original vocalist Karl Willetts as a full-time member.

Willetts rejoins the group as the replacement for Dave Ingram, who left the band in August due to long-standing "health and personal problems."

Commented Karl: "It's fantastic to be a part of the mighty BOLT THROWER again. It feels great to be back with the guys, I can't wait to get my teeth into the new songs and get back on the road again. I've got some unfinished business to tend to...!"

The now complete line-up of BOLT THROWER Willetts, Gavin Ward, Barry Thomson, Jo Bench and Martin Kearns will spend the next few weeks finishing off the new material before going into the studio to record their eighth album.


DISBELIEF - "66 Sick"

German death metallers DISBELIEF have completed work on their sixth album, "66 Sick", at Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark with producer Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, HATESPHERE, MNEMIC). Songtitles set to appear on the 11-track effort include "Crawl", "For God?", "Edges" and "Lost In Time". A March 14, 2005 release via Nuclear Blast Records is expected.


PARADISE LOST - 10th album in February

PARADISE LOST are tentatively scheduled to release the first single from their new album in late January, with the full-length CD to follow in February. The group's world tour in support of the album is expected to kick off in April.

"Paradise Lost" named in celebration of the group's 10th studio album since their full-length debut, "Lost Paradise", was released in 1990 was recorded primarily at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire, England under the guidance of producer Rhys Fulber (FEAR FACTORY, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY). The follow-up to 2002's "Symbol of Life" is the group's first to feature drummer Jeff Singer (ex-BLAZE).

Singer joined the group in May as the replacement for Lee Morris, who left the band in March due to "personal and musical differences."

The upcoming CD is being described by singer Nick Holmes as "definitely the heaviest album we have done in the last ten years."


MAYHEM - sometimes they come back again

Norwegian black metallers MAYHEM have parted ways with singer Maniac (real name Sven Erik Kristiansen) and replaced him with Attila Csihar (TORMENTOR, ABORYM). Csihar had previously worked with the group on their 1993 release, "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas".

"Although many rumors flourished over the past months, nothing was decided until now," reads a statement from the group's record label, Season of Mist. "The reason for this change in line-up lies in more private matters, but has also to do with Maniac's inability to tour."

The band commented in a statement: "Maniac was, and will always be a part of our legacy, and it has been an honour to work with him for the last 10 years. Respect!"



CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, the Grammy-nominated heavy rockers from North Carolina, will release an aggressive new studio album through Sanctuary's Mayan Records label in early 2005, to be followed by a worldwide tour.

Tentatively titled En los Brazos del Dios (In the Arms of God), the upcoming album is among the band's heaviest in years. "We all have a certain affinity for real music, including truly heavy stuff," says founding guitarist Woody Weatherman.

The band's current direction reflects their long tradition of evolution. "We started writing songs, and they somewhat had the vibe of Blind, Deliverance and our earlier material," says vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan. "We started thinking from that perspective, and it evolved into a heavy, classic sound but with a modern wisdom to it. We really got back to our roots with this one, listening to old records that we all grew up on and headbanging at Woody's farmhouse. It was a good time putting it together."

The result, Keenan says, is "bombastic, epic record, staying clear of the 3-minute formula. It's not a nostalgic record by any means; it's big and ugly and heavy. Thematically, there's a lot of disgust on the record, directed inwardly and towards society in general, reflecting these times we all live in. A lot of people will be able to relate."

Tentative song titles include "En los Brazos del Dios," "Never Turns to More," "Stone Breaker" and "World on Fire." Producing the album is COC's longtime collaborator and knob-twisting, speaker-blowing genius, John Custer. Besides working on four of the band's previous albums, Custer also produced COC bassist Mike Dean's track on Dave Grohl's Probot project and COC's contribution to Nativity In Black, the Sabbath tribute compilation.

Playing drums is New Orleans' Stanton Moore, skinsman for the renowned jazz-funk combo Galactic. Over the past year, COC found themselves writing intense material and needed a drummer who could not only handle it but take it to another level. Keenan, who had since moved back to his hometown of New Orleans, called his old friend Moore to ask him if he knew any drummers up for the task. Moore laughed. "Yeah, me," he said.

Within four days, COC was in New Orleans undertaking a musical adventure without a map. This is the type of creative situation in which the band thrives and distinguishes itself as an original force in heavy music. Though COC's onslaught represented a departure for Stanton, he was more than up for the challenge. "His performance was totally original and category-crushing," Weatherman says. "He stepped right into it full-throttle."

"He's one of the most progressive drummers I know," Keenan says of Moore. "In the heavy metal world nobody really knows who he is, but after they hear this they will. He's an accomplished jazz drummer playing manic heavy music - I've never heard anything like it."

The result of the collaboration is a dozen or so pieces that continue COC's history of refusing to spoon-feed the masses a bunch of formulaic, commercial f*&#ing horse$#!%.


Tony Iommy & Glenn Huges - Deep Black Purple Sabbath

Launch Radio Networks is reporting that BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi and occasional collaborator Glenn Hughes are recording a new album, which they hope to release in 2005.


LACUNA COIL will start recording of a new album

According to a posting on the group's official web site, Italy's LACUNA COIL recently spent time in Milan in pre-production with producer Waldemar Sorychta (TIAMAT, GRIP INC., SAMAEL). The band will soon enter the studio to record the first three songs for their much-anticipated follow-up to 2002's "Comalies". A late 2005 release via Century Media Records is expected.


HATESPHERE will kill with EP!!!

Danish thrashers HATESPHERE have now officially signed a new record deal with the SPV label. The band recently spent time at Jailhouse Studios with producer Tommy Hansen (HELLOWEEN, PRETTY MAIDS) recording a new mini-CD, entitled "The Killing EP". A spring 2005 release is expected.


THY MAJESTIE - new singer is aboard

Italy's THY MAJESTIE have announced the addition of singer Giulio Di Gregorio (IRENCROS) to the group's ranks.

THY MAJESTIE's previous vocalist, Gabriele Grilli (ex-FURY 'N GRACE/DOOMSWORD), left the group during the recording sessions for their follow-up to 2002's "Hastings 1066", tentatively due in early 2005 via Scarlet Records.

THY MAJESTIE's forthcoming CD, provisionally titled "Jean D'Arc", will contain the following track listing:

01. Maiden of Steel
02. The Chosen
03. Ride to Chinon
04. ...for Orleans
05. Up to the Battle!
06. The Rise of a King
07. Siege of Paris
08. Time to Die
09. The Trial


BLOOD DUSTER - a DVD teaser is available

Australian grindcore band BLOOD DUSTER have posted a 15-second preview of their upcoming DVD at their official web site. Check it out at this location' (Quicktime, 5.13 MB).

The live footage on the DVD is believed to have been recorded at the band's April 23, 2004 performance in Melbourne, Australia. A February 2005 release is expected.


POISON - singer’s guitar stolen

POISON frontman Bret Michaels' red Fender Strat guitar (photo' ) was stolen during the last song of Bret's set at McCools in Valparaiso, Indiana on Friday November 12, 2004.
Bret, his band and road crew are asking anyone and everyone who may know where the guitar is to please return it to them. This instrument has a lot of sentimental value to Bret and they just want to get it back. "There is no way you can sell it, because you will get caught," Bret and the crew said in a statement. "Bring it back to the next show or a show coming up and there will be no questions asked, no charges pressed."
If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this guitar, please e-mail bmelist@yahoo.com' with your contact information.


AGENT STEEL - prepare to enter studio

Reunited California speed metallers AGENT STEEL have finished writing nine new songs for the follow-up to last year's "Order of the Illuminati", tentatively due in 2005. Songtitles set to appear on the as-yet-untitled CD are "Curse Reborn", "Hail to the Chief" and "Wash This Planet Clean" (sample mp3' ).
The group plan on writing another four songs before commencing the recording process.


SOILWORK - new album details

Sweden's SOILWORK have confirmed via their official web site that the limited-edition European/U.S. version of their upcoming album, "Stabbing the Drama", will include a bonus track, entitled "Wherever Thorns May Grow". The Japanese edition will feature "Wherever Thorns May Grow" and an additional bonus cut by the name of "Killed by Ignition".
The follow-up to 2003's "Figure Number Five" was recorded at Fascination Street studios in Orebro and Dug-Out Productions in Uppsala, Sweden with producer Daniel Bergstrand (MESHUGGAH, IN FLAMES, STUCK MOJO). A February 28, 2005 release through Nuclear Blast Records is expected.
With regards to the new material, SOILWORK vocalist Bjorn "Speed" Strid recently said, "In my ears it sounds like a mixture between 'Natural Born Chaos' (2002) and our latest effort, 'Figure Number Five' with a slight and interesting development."

"Stabbing the Drama" final track listing:

01. Stabbing The Drama
02. One With The Flies
03. Weapon Of Vanity
04. The Crestfallen
05. Nerve
06. Stalemate
07. Distance
08. Observation Slave
09. Fate In Motion
10. Blind Eye Halo
11. If Possible
12. Wherever Thorns May Grow (ltd. edition U.S/Europe + bonus for Japan)
13. Killed by Ignition (bonus for Japan only)

Regarding the artwork for the new CD, the band write on their web site, "We have selected the cover for the album and it looks pretty different from what we've had in the past but really looks killer!!"


GRENOUER/TARTHARIA - mixing of new promos

GRENOUER and TARTHARIA one after another completed mixing new promos at Astia Studios, Finland with Anssi Kippo as sound producer (CHILDREN OF BODOM, ENTWINE, TWILIGHTNING, etc.).
The picture of musicians in the studio you can check here' .


Refutation from FIREBIRD

Despite Internet reports to the contrary, FIREBIRD, the British band led by former
CARCASS/NAPALM DEATH guitarist Bill Steer, have not split up. An SPV Records representative who spoke to Steer on Wednesday (Nov. 10) told BLABBERMOUTH.NET that the band are still very much alive and are planning on hitting the road soon.

FIREBIRD, whose latest album, "No. 3", came out in the U.S. in August, will apparently undergo at least one member change prior to the recording of their next CD, which is not expected before early 2005. Songtitles set to appear on the album include "Needle In The Groove", "Flying Blind", "Play The Fool" and "Bread, Butter & Champagne".


BLEED THE SKY have inked a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast

Orange County, California-based sextet BLEED THE SKY have inked a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The group are currently recording their full-length debut at Spyder Studios in Strongsville, OH with producer Ben Schigel (CHIMAIRA, SWITCHED). An early 2005 release is expected.

Formed in early 2003, BLEED THE SKY, whose average age is 22, are said to specialize in "mixing
groovy metal riffs with distinctive melodies and profound lyrics." The band have previously
shared the stage with such acts as MURDERDOLLS, MY RUIN, SKINLAB and DEICIDE. More information
is available at www.bleedthesky.com'


In memoriam... NOTRE DAME

Drummer Snowy Shaw (KING DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE, MEMENTO MORI, DREAM EVIL) has announced that NOTRE DAME's Halloween show in Gothenburg, Sweden on November 6, 2004 was the band's final gig. The show, which coincided with the group's six-year anniversary, was recorded and filmed, and parts of it will be included on the band's posthumous DVD and live CD release, "Creepshow Freakshow Peepshow".

NOTRE DAME's latest CD, "Demi Monde Bizarros"' , was released earlier in the year through Osmose Productions.



Legendary Swedish doomsters CANDLEMASS have reconsidered their decision to split up and are headed into the studio to record a new album, tentatively due next summer. The band vocalist Messiah Marcolin, bassist/founder Leif Edling, guitarist Mats "Mappe" Bjrkman, lead guitarist Lars Johansson and drummer Jan Lindh are scheduled to begin recording the album at Stockholm's Polar studios on November 26 and mix the effort in January just in time for their 20-year anniversary.

Commented Leif: "I had a bunch of pretty cool songs, talked to Mappe quite a lot during the summer and we both agreed it would be stupid not to do anything with it. At Mappe's wedding in August we all went up on a small stage and performed 'Samarithan' and 'Solitude' with pink guitars plus a really shitty sound. We were all absolutely drunk and we had suits and everything on us, but it was great fun!! I think it was that occasion that made us reconsider.

"Shortly after, I started to roughly demo some new tracks. I think I like did five tracks in a couple of weeks with a friend helping out. Then we had a meeting and decided to resurrect CANDLEMASS, book the studio, and send out a three-song demo to the record companies a.s.a.p. So we recorded 'Black Dwarf' and 'Spellbreaker' and put 'Witches' from the previous demo on it and I think the demo is on the way to the labels right now actually.

"Yes, we have two weeks in Polar booked without a deal, ha-ha!! But I'm not worried. I'm sure some smart label guy realize that a new CANDLEMASS album can outsell most of the usual crap that is released today. We are a unique band with a unique sound and next summer will belong to CANDLEMASS!!"

As previously reported, GMR Music has set a November 22 release date for CANDLEMASS' "Essential Doom" CD, a collection of the group's best material plus their newly recorded and previously unreleased song "Witches". The album will come with a bonus DVD featuring video footage of the band's performance at the Rock Hard Festival in Germany in 2003.


BATTLELORE - to enter studio in March

Finnish "fantasy metal" band BATTLELORE will enter SoundSuite Studio in Marseille, France on March 15, 2005 with producer Terje Refsnes (TRISTANIA, MORGUL, TURISAS) to begin recording their third album, tentatively due next summer via Napalm Records. The group's bassist, Miika Kokkola, won't be able to participate in the recordings because of "personal reasons," but he has not left the band, according to a posting on the group's web site.


IN BATTLE - working title of new album

Sundsvall, Sweden-based death metallers IN BATTLE have set "Terrorkings" as the tentative title of their next album, tentatively due in 2005 via Cold/Metal Blade Records. The follow-up to this year's "Welcome to the Battlefield" will be produced and mixed by Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL/ex-MORBID ANGEL guitarist.


FRAGMENTS OF BECOMING - a new man aboard

German death metallers FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING have expanded their lineup to include new singer Sam Anetzberger (LEGACY). "For a long time we thought of using a separate singer/frontman only doing the vocals in order to be more variable on the stage and to have a mixture of two different lung soundings," the band said in a statement.

FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING released their full-length debut, "Skywards A Sylphe's Ascension", last January through Metal Blade Records. The band consist of Anetzberger, guitarist/vocalist Stefan Weimar (ex-VENEREAL DISEASE), guitarist Sascha Ehrich (ex-MORTIFIED), drummer Ingo Maier (ex-VENEREAL DISEASE), and bassist Wolfram Schellenberg (ex-DISEMBOWLED). The group had previously issued a self-financed EP, titled "Bloodred Tales".


MACHINE HEAD drummer goes "full-on metal"

Chris Kontos (drums, ex-MACHINE HEAD, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT), Sean Smithson (guitar, ex-SACRILEGE B.C., GRINCH) and Sean McGrath (guitar, IMPALED) are in the process of forming a "full-on metal" band in the vein of EXODUS, THE HAUNTED, PANTERA, SHADOWS FALL and MEGADETH, according to a recent online posting by Smithson. The as-yet-unnamed group, who already have a vocalist in mind, are currently seeking a bassist to complete the band's lineup. "McGrath and I tend to be somewhat 'intricate' players, so a lot of twin attack guitaring will be happening," Smithson writes. "We hope to find a bassist that can lock in with Kontos' style and really bring the rhythm section to life." More details as they become available.


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