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KONKHRA Frontman: 'We Have Never Sounded This Brutal Before'

Guitarist/vocalist Anders Lundemark of the Danish extreme metallers KONKHRA has issued the following update:

"We have recorded two new songs and we will be starting three more next week. We should be halfway [done with the material for the band's sixth album] around Christmas; we're in no hurry because we want to make sure it comes out the best way it possibly can.

"The songs are typical KONKHRA — they're metal. They're uncompromising. And by the way: [new drummer] Mads [Lauridsen] kicks humongous ass. Can't wait to let you all know what we sound like now. We have never sounded this brutal before."

A new KONKHRA instrumental demo track, which has the working title "Killswitch One", has been posted online at the band's MySpace page' .

KONKHRA released their latest CD, "Reality Check", in May 2003 through Code666 Records. The album was recorded at guitarist/vocalist Anders Lundemark's own Starstruck Studio and was the group's first since their split with longtime label Diehard Records.


McAllen (28-11-2006)

SWALLOW THE SUN Films 'Don't Fall Asleep' Video

Finnish melodic death/doom metallers SWALLOW THE SUN shot a video for the song "Don't Fall Asleep" last weekend. It was produced by Medialouhos and directed by Antti Hyyrynen. The track comes off the group's forthcoming third album, "Hope", due on February 7, 2007 release via Spinefarm Records. Audio samples of three songs from the CD — "Hope", "These Hours of Despair" and "Too Cold for Tears" — are available at this location' .


New releases from IROND 27.11.06

PAIN OF SALVATION: New Album Coer Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

Sweden's PAIN OF SALVATION has posted the following update on its official web site:

"The long-awaited 'Scarsick' album is now done, and is expected to hit the stores late January 2007, just a few weeks before the European tour that will start mid-February. The album is (of course) a concept album, and clocks in at 67 minutes, consisting of the following tracks:

01. Scarsick
02. Spitfall
03. Cribcaged
04. America
05. Disco Queen
06. Kingdom of Loss
07. Mrs Modern Mother Mary
08. Idiocracy
09. Flame to the Moth
10. Enter Rain

"The cover artwork and track titles have already spawned a lot of discussions in forums and lists around the net regarding the possibility that 'Scarsick' might actually be 'The Perfect Element' part II in disguise. Interviews with the band will undoubtedly start to pop up in magazines and online the following months, so keep your eyes and ears open...

"Now that 'Scarsick' is finished, the band will focus on finding a new bass player. The first auditions are already scheduled for December, but the quest will be 'as long as it takes to find the right guy.' Applications have been pouring in from all around the world, despite the band's request for a bassist living in Sweden. Thus, focus will be on the 'domestic' applications. But this also means that the field is still open, in case you are hesitating.

"The 'Scarsick' tour is taking shape. The European tour will be taking place in February/March 2007. The band says that more shows are planned for 2007 in other parts of the world, but nothing is 100% confirmed yet."

Feb. 17 - Oslo, Norway @ John Dee
Feb. 18 - Gothenburg, Sweden @ Musikens Hus
Feb. 20 - Warsaw, Poland @ Progresja
Feb. 21 - Krakow, Poland @ Klub Studio
Feb. 22 - Budapest, Hungary @ Schiff A38
Feb. 23 - Wien, Austria @ Planet Music
Feb. 25 - Treviso, Italy @ New Age
Feb. 26 - Rome, Italy @ Alpheus
Feb. 27 - Milan, Italy @ Rolling Stone
Mar. 01 - Pratteln, Switzerland @ Z7
Mar. 02 - Amsterdam, Holland @ Paradiso
Mar. 03 - Paris, France @ Elysee Monmartre
Mar. 04 - Vosselaar, Belgium @ Biebob
Mar. 06 - Augsburg, Germany @ Spectrum
Mar. 07 - Aschaffenburg, Germany @ ColosSaal
Mar. 08 - Bochum, Germany @ Zeche
Mar. 10 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ The Rock


RAGE: New DVD Details Revealed

German power metallers RAGE filmed their show in St. Petersburg, Russia earlier in the year in front of 15,000 fans for an upcoming live DVD, tentatively due on February 23, 2007 via Nuclear Blast. Entitled "Full Moon in St. Petersburg" (cover), the double DVD will consist of the following: DVD 1 will contain the complete concert in St. Petersburg, Russia, including highlights from the group's last album, "Speak of the Dead", along with several oldies and other fan favorites. The audio will be available in 5.1 Surround Sound or in normal stereo sound. According to a posting on the group's web site, "The concert is a unique adventure with an exceptional light show, marking a great contrast to the last DVD, which was recorded in an intimate atmosphere at the Zeche Bochum." Additionally, DVD1 will include the band's last two promotional videos, Brazilian TV footage, and RAGE perfoming live at the "Masters of Rock" festival 2006 in Tschechien.

Meanwhile, DVD2 will consist out of comprehensive bonus material, including a full-length documentary shot on the band's last Russian tour, a detailed documentary recorded on the last European tour, featuring insight into the band's life "on the road" and backstage. In addition, each member of the band has contributed personal footage, such as guitarist Victor Smolski's involvement in car racing and his solo appearances; frontman Peavy Wagner discussing his ice age bone collection and his newest hobby, the casting of skulls; and drummer Mike Terrana conducting a short drum workshop and playing his latest drum solo.

The first edition will be available in a special steelbook with two DVDs and an audio CD, but will also be available as a separate DVD or audio CD. The artwork was once again designed by Anthony Clarkson, who was responsible for the cover of the "Speak of the Dead" album.


SCARTOWN uploaded one more trek from new album

New realeses of IROND Records

THERION: 'Gothic Kabbalah' Details Revealed

Nuclear Blast Records has set a February 6, 2007 North American release date for the new THERION album, entitled "Gothic Kabbalah". The CD was recorded and mixed in Stockholm by Stefan Glaumann (RAMMSTEIN, EVERGREY, EUROPE) and features Swedish multi-instrumentalist Snowy Shaw (MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND, DREAM EVIL) sharing the vocal duties with Mats Levén (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, KRUX, AT VANCE) and two female singers — Katarina Lilja on solo and choral vocals; and Hannah Holgersson on solo, choral, and soprano vocals.

"Gothic Kabbalah" track listing:

CD 1:
01. Der Mitternachtlöwe
02. The Gothic Kabbalah
03. The Perrennial Sophia
04. Wisdom And The Cage
05. Son Of The Staves Of Time
06. Tuna 1613
07. Trul
08. Close Up The Streams

CD 2:
01. Wand Of Abaris
02. Three Treasures
03. The Path To Arcady
04. TOF - The Trinity
05. Chain Of Minerva
06. The Falling Stone
07. Adulruna Rediviva



Metal-Temple.com / Rock Hard writer Orpheus Spiliotopoulos recently conducted an in-depth interview with SAVATAGE mastermind Jon Oliva. An excerpt from the chat follows:

Q: I'd like to ask you why you left SPV Records and how [much] better do you feel it is with AFM Records now?

Jon Oliva: "The SPV people are very nice people but I think what happened there is the top people there who are people whose acts we're not really associated with... You know, we're kind of pissy about the whole SAVATAGE thing. When I did my record, they just took it and dropped it out, they didn't do anything to promote it or anything at all. A lot of kids were complaining that they couldn't find it. So I was like instead of doing this, I'll take it to a smaller label, the guys from AFM and I like those people; I got to hang out with them already when I was writing songs for Zach's [Stevens; CIRCLE II CIRCLE singer] record. I got to meet them back then, I got to talk to them and we had a relationship with them for a year before we made a deal. They actually paid me on time [laughs]! I like their attitude. The people there are all young and hungry to make a name for themselves and they treat the bands with respect! I wasn't feeling that with SPV. I was feeling like a little fish in a big ocean. They have so many bands and I was just getting ignored because it wasn't SAVATAGE and all they cared about was SAVATAGE. I was like, 'Well, I can't give you SAVATAGE but here I'll give you this which would have been the next SAVATAGE album.' The first JON OLIVA'S PAIN record was the next SAVATAGE record. The only difference is that it's a different name and different people playing the material but the material would have been the next SAVATAGE record so... They just didn't get that, they just didn't understand."

Q: Wow! But by saying that, Jon, you do know that there's a lot of your fans, a lot of SAVATAGE fans who wonder what's going on with SAVATAGE...

Jon Oliva: "You know, I'm glad you asked that because I can put that whole thing to rest. There's nothing going on. The situation is very simple. You've got the TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA which is a multi-platinum, selling 30,000 tickets a night, band that is actually SAVATAGE with a different name and different singers, that has become successful. And you've got SAVATAGE which has a loyal core audience that is a lot smaller. You're talking worldwide about maybe a couple hundred thousand people where you know, I'm sitting here, talking to you on the phone, looking at my wall and I've got five platinum albums and not one of them says SAVATAGE. And that's not saying anything bad about SAVATAGE. We all loved SAVATAGE but we gave SAVATAGE its chance to get to the level where it was supposed to get to and it never did, for whatever reasons, you know — we had tragedies, everything like that. But to me SAVATAGE was never SAVATAGE after Criss died. All these other lineups of the band that people heard from 'Edge Of Thorns' (1993, Atlantic Records) on, to me was more like TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA actually than SAVATAGE. 'Dead Winter Dead' (1995, Atlantic Records), 'Handful Of Rain' (1994, Atlantic Records), 'The Wake Of Magellan' (1998, Atlantic Records)... those were the albums that spawned the TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA. Because we knew we had that sound, especially with 'Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12-24' and going in SAVATAGE we were getting no sales and no interest! People don't understand that whether they want to accept it or not, it is a business. I have mouths to feed, I have a family, I have bills just like everybody else and it's kind of asinine for people to sit there and argue with me about why I'm not doing SAVATAGE when SAVATAGE never made us any money. I mean we spent far more money of our own, keeping the band together and putting the band on the road than we ever earned. And we did that for a long time! A lot of bands would have cashed it in after 3-4 years of not making any money. We kept the band together for 15-20 years without making any money! And it just got to the point where it was like well, what do you do? Do you go play a club in Greece for 2,000 people or do you play Madison Square Garden in New York for 25,000 people?"


MALEVOLENT CREATION Completes Songwriting Process For New Album

Veteran Florida-based extreme metallers MALEVOLENT CREATION have issued the following update:

"The band has completed the writing and pre-production demos for 13 songs and will begin the recording of their tenth full-length album, 'Doomsday X', in the coming weeks of November. We're very happy with the direction the music has taken for this new album with songwriting credits by each of the bandmembers, and each song having its own identity but retaining the classic MALEVOLENT CREATION sound. It is truly amazing to have everyone writing for this album and brings a lot of new ideas to the songs. Fear not, each song is extremely brutal and covers a lot of territory as far as extreme metal is concerned.

"The album's recording and touring lineup is:
Jon Rubin - Guitars
Phil Fasciana - Guitars
Dave Culross - Drums
Jason Blachowicz - Bass
Brett Hoffmann - Vocals


ELIS: Audio Samples Of Entire New Album Available

German metal webzine www.sounds2move.de is currently premiering audio samples from the upcoming ELIS album, "Griefshire", at this location' . Also available at the same location is an exclusive interview (in German) with ELIS bassist Tom Saxer.

"Griefshire" is scheduled for release in Europe on November 24 via Napalm Records (January 16 in the U.S.).

The recordings for "Griefshire" were completed prior to the death of ELIS' lead singer, Sabine Dünser, who suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on July 7 during rehearsal and passed away the following day in hospital. The Liechtenstein-based gothic metal group has since announced that it will continue with a new vocalist and is currently accepting submissions from female singers. The requirements are: "Versatile and dynamic voice. It doesn't matter if it's trained or not; you only have to carry a tune. Good English and German articulation. A professional attitude, self-confidence, charisma, good looking and an awesome stage performance are also an advantage as much as experience in songwriting."

"Griefshire" (view cover here) track listing:
01. Tales from Heaven or Hell
02. Die Stadt
03. Show Me the Way
04. Brothers
05. Seit Dem Anbeginn Der Zeit
06. Remember the Promise
07. Phoenix from the Ashes
08. How Long
09. Innocent Hearts
10. Forgotten Love
11. The Burning
12. A New Decade
13. Heaven and Hell (bonus track on digipack)


DREAM THEATER Keyboardist To Judge Italian 'Battle Of The Bands'

DREAM THEATER keyboardist Jordan Rudess will appear as a special guest at a battle of the Italian DREAM THEATER cover bands PROGENY (Milan) and YTSEJAMKR (Crotone). Organized by Italian Dreamers, the official Italian DREAM THEATER Fan Club, the event will be held at Teatro in Rimini on November 25, and Jordan will act as "president of the deciding jury for the contest."

Check out a poster for the event at this location' .


ARCH ENEMY Frontwoman Guests On WORLD DOWNFALL CD: Audio Available

ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Angela Gossow has laid down guest vocals in the track "Your Shadow Moves Faster Than Mine" on the new CD from Cologne, Germany-based old-school grind band WORLD DOWNFALL, entitled "Beyond Salvation". Check it out тут' . Gossow and WORLD DOWNFALL also teamed up to record a TERRORIZER cover, "Corporation Pull In".


New album of moscow core'n'roll band EVERLOST in shops

ENTWINE: 'Chameleon Halo' Single Enters Finnish Chart At No. 15

Finnish gothic rock sensation ENTWINE's second single, "Chameleon Halo", from the band's fifth studio album, "Fatal Design", has entered the national chart in the group's home country at position No. 15. View the whole chart at this location' . The single contains the title cut backed with an unreleased song called "In Delight", an outtake from the "Fatal Design" sessions.

As previously reported, ENTWINE has posted the video for its song "Surrender" at this location' . The clip was shot with director Markus Nieminen of Routafilmi AB.


NOVEMBERS DOOM: European Tour Dates Finalized

Chicago dark metal act NOVEMBERS DOOM have finalized the dates for their upcoming tour of Europe with labelmates AGALLOCH that begins on November 17 in The Netherlands. They are as follows:

Nov. 17 - Plato - Helmond, Netherlands (w/ AGALLOCH, SATURNUS AND THURISAZ)
Nov. 18 - Biebob - Vosselaar, Belgium (w/ AGALLOCH, SATURNUS & THURISAZ)
Nov. 19 - Metropool - Netherlands (w/ AGALLOCH, SATURNUS & THURISAZ)
Nov. 20 - Loppen - Copenhagen, Denmark (w/ AGALLOCH, SATURNUS & THURISAZ)
Nov. 21 - K17 - Berlin, Germany (w/ AGALLOCH & THURISAZ)
Nov. 23 - Black Pes - Prague, Czech Republic (w/ AGALLOCH)
Nov. 24 - Backstage - Munich, Germany (w/ AGALLOCH)
Nov. 25 - Gildenhof - Belgium (w/ THURISAZ)
Nov. 27 - Satan's Hollow - Manchester, England (w/ THE PROPHECY)

In other news, the band has set a February 20, 2007 release date of their forthcoming album, "The Novella Reservoir", for The End Records. The artwork and an mp3 of the song "Drown the Inland Mere" can be found at www.thenovellareservoir.com.

"The Novella Reservoir" was recorded with Chris Djuricic, mixed by Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH) and mastered by James Murphy (TESTAMENT, DEATH) and is the follow-up to 2005's "The Pale Haunt Departure".

About the album, singer Paul Kuhr says, "The only way to describe 'The Novella Reservoir' is natural progression. With each CD we release, we evolve in style. This time, we took a step forward in speed and aggression, while maintaining the same sound we've had over all six CDs. 'The Pale Haunt Departure' was so well received, we knew writing the follow up would be a challenge, and I feel we've successfully created a worthy release."

"The Novella Reservoir" track listing:
01. Rain
02. The Novella Reservoir
03. Drown the Inland Mere
04. Twilight Innocence
05. The Voice of Failure
06. They Were Left to Die
07. Dominate the Human Strain
08. Leaving This



TESTAMENT singer Chuck Billy, former EXODUS vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza have joined forces in a brand new project called DUBLIN DEATH PATROL (DDP). The band, which also features such other San Francisco Bay Area notables as Phil Demmel (guitar; MACHINE HEAD, ex-VIO-LENCE) and Willy Langenhuizen (bass; RAMPAGE, LAAZ ROCKIT), is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on its debut album, due in 2007. The group's complete lineup is as follows:

Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT, RAMPAGE, GUILT) - Vocals
Steve "Zetro" Souza (LEGACY, EXODUS) - Vocals
Andy Billy (SACRED DOG, RAMPAGE, GUILT) - Guitar
Greg Bustamante (RAMPAGE) - Guitar
Steve Robello (OUT OF CONTROL) - Guitar
Willy Langenhuizen (RAMPAGE, LAAZ ROCKIT) - Bass
John Souza - Bass
Danny Cunningham - Drums

Standing (left to right): Langenhuizen, Andy Billy, Bustamante, Robello, Cunningham; Kneeling (left to right): Steve Souza, Chuck Billy


MECHANICAL POET and the autumn wind of change

TYPE O NEGATIVE: New Album Title Announced

TYPE O NEGATIVE has set "Dead Again" as the title of its new album, tentatively due in early 2007 via SPV Records. The follow-up to 2003's "Life Is Killing Me", which will include an appearance by LYCIA vocalist Tara VanFlower (MySpace page), is currently being mixed.


Bulgaria's DEMENZIA Releases Full-Length Debut

Bulgarian doom/death metal band DEMENZIA has just released its debut album, "Different Seasons", via IMSB/Nox Studio. "Different Seasons" follows two self-released demos — "A.D. 542" and "Demenzia" — and continues the band's penchant for "combining extreme death metal riffs with slower atmospheric passages," according to a press release. The concept of "Different Seasons" is based upon Stephen King's famous novel of the same name. The CD was recorded at V.I.B. Depression Studio between September 2005 and June 2006 and was produced by the band's guitarist/vocalist Valdemar.

"Different Seasons" track listing:
01. Hollow
02. Road to the Sin
03. Death Expectatin
04. My Goddess
05. Mystical Windmill
06. Pain
07. Candles in the Wind
08. Ephemeral Failure
09. Monuments of a Dead Past
10. For my Empty Soul
11. Hope... for Eternal Spring (instrumental)
12. My Goddess (Dark Dub Remix)


SONATA ARCTICA: 'The Collection 1999-2006' To Be Streamed Online This Friday

SONATA ARCTICA's "best of" collection, entitled "The Collection 1999-2006", will be streamed online in its entirety this Friday, November 10 at www.heavylaw.com. In addition to material from the band's studio albums, the CD includes new versions of the songs "My Land" and "Replica", both of which originally appeared on the group's 1999 debut, "Ecliptica".

"The Collection 1999-2006" (view cover here) track listing:
01. The Ruins of My Life
02. 8th Commandment
03. Don't Say A Word
04. Victoria's Secret
05. Tallulah
06. Wolf & Raven
07. Black Sheep
08. Broken
09. Kingdom for a Heart
10. FullMoon
11. My Land (2006 re-make)
12. The Cage
13. Last Drop Falls
14. UnOpened
15. San Sebastian (Revisited)
16. Ain't Your Fairytale
17. Replica (2006 re-make)
18. Wolf & Raven (promotional video)
19. The Cage (live at Tavastia)
20. Kingdom for a Heart (live at Tavastia)

"The Collection 1999-2006" is scheduled for release on November 15 via Spinefarm.


TANKARD Reissues To Include Bonus Tracks

AFM Records has announced plans to re-release remastered versions of the TANKARD albums "Disco Destroyer" and "Kings of Beer". Each album will contain a bonus track — a cover version of a very well-known metal act. More information will be made available soon.


SIRENIA: 'Nine Destinies And A Downfall' Track Listing Revealed

SIRENIA , the Norwegian gothic metal band featuring former TRISTANIA guitarist/vocalist Morten Veland, has finalized the track listing for its new album, "Nine Destinies and a Downfall", due in early 2007 via Nuclear Blast Records. It is as follows:

01. The Last Call
02. My Mind's Eye
03. One By One
04. Sundown
05. Absent Without Leave
06. The Other Side
07. Seven Keys And Nine Doors
08. Downfall
09. Glades Of Summer

SIRENIA travelled to Serbia and Montenegro last month to film music videos for the tracks "My Mind's Eye" and "The Other Side".

"Nine Destinies and a Downfall" was recorded at Jailhouse studios in Norway with engineer Hans Eidsgard and Soundsuite studios in France with Terje Refsnes. The CD was mixed and mastered at Antfarm studios in Aarhus, Denmark with Tue Madsen. The cover artwork will be designed by Anthony Clarkson.


BESEECH Announces 'Farewell' Gig, Plans To Release DVD

Swedish "gothic metallers" BESEECH, who recently announced their decision to split up after over 15 years in the business, will play their final gig on December 15 at Trägårn in their hometown of Borås, Sweden. The band has also revealed plans to release a DVD in early 2007 containing a remixed live show (with 5.1 Surround Sound) and "tons of material" from various concerts, studio sessions, backstage footage and "other crazy things that happen on tour."


Punk Bands Cover Heavy Metal Classics: Audio Available

Punk bands NICOTINE (Japan) and SUN EATS HOURS (Italy) have teamed up to record a split album, "Metal Addiction", featuring covers of heavy metal classics.

Due on November 15, "Metal Addiction" (cover) will contain the following track listing:
01. It's My Life (BON JOVI) - NICOTINE
02. I Was Made For Loving You (KISS) - NICOTINE
03. Future World (HELLOWEEN) - NICOTINE
04. I Remember You (SKID ROW) - NICOTINE
06. The Final Countdown (EUROPE) - NICOTINE
08. Enter Sandman (METALLICA) - SUN EATS HOURS
09. Kickstart My Heart (MÖTLEY CRÜE) - SUN EATS HOURS
10. Digging The Grave (FAITH NO MORE) - SUN EATS HOURS
12. You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC) - SUN EATS HOURS

Audio samples of all 12 tracks are available at this location' .

In other news, SUN EATS HOURS has just filmed a video for its cover of THE CULT's "Rain".


LAKE OF TEARS Prepares To Enter Studio

Sweden's LAKE OF TEARS will soon enter the studio to record its new album, "Moons and Mushrooms". Singer/guitar player Daniel Brennare states: "We have started the pre-production of the recording. Though we still have 2-3 more songs to get in order. And in a couple of weeks we will start the final recordings."

"Moons and Mushrooms" is scheduled for release in the spring of 2007.


THE HAUNTED Launches YouTube Video Channel

Swedish thrashers THE HAUNTED have launched their own YouTube video channel at this location.

THE HAUNTED's video for the song "The Flood" has been posted online at this location. The clip was directed by Roger Johansson (ARCH ENEMY, HAMMERFALL, SOILWORK) in Sweden. The track comes off the new THE HAUNTED album, "The Dead Eye", which came out on Oct. 31 via Century Media Records. A "making of" feature for the "The Flood" video can be viewed here.



Edenbridge have signed a world wide deal with Napalm Records and are proud to announce to be part of the Napalm Records family from now on.
"Napalm Records have been doing a brilliant job for their bands. Since last year they have been making a great effort to sign us and therefore we are extremely happy to work together with them for the next years to bring Edenbridge to the next level together. It´s nice to see again, that a label has one hundred percent trust and therefore invests into a band."

Thank you also to all the other labels who were making offers to the band and showed their big interest, and to Massacre Records for the cooperation in the past years.
The first studio album on Napalm records will be released in Spring 2008, production will approximately start in Autumn 2007. 4 songs are already written and Edenbridge will work with a renowned Czech orchstra for the first time in their career.

On January 30, 2007 Napalm Records will release the actual album "The Grand Design" in the USA and Canada


BATTLELORE: New Album Title Revealed

Guitarist Jyri Vahvanen of the Finnish "fantasy metal" band BATTLELORE has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"BATTLELORE's fourth album, titled 'Evernight', is almost mixed and ready for mastering at Finnvox Studios. The new album includes ten tracks of pure Tolkien metal with more bombastic and epic songs than before. And, as usual, there's going to be a limited edition digipack CD with bonus material. If everything goes well, we can expect the album in February/March 2007."


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