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FREEDOM CALL are due to issue a live album

German power metallers FREEDOM CALL have announced that a completely new live album "Live Invasion" will be available next month. Double CD taken during the band's show along with BLIND GUARDIAN last year will be released through SPV Gmbh and licensed for CIS states by Soyuz Music. The first of two CD's will contain live performance itself, while the second will carry EP 'Taragon', previously available only in France and Japan.

This information is provided by Soyuz Music.


Fawkes (30-4-2004)

SAMAEL are back!!!

SAMAEL have signed with Regain Records. The band is currently writing new material for the next studio album. Besides that the band has finally returned on stage, and the USA tour with STRAPPING YOUNG LAD last year makes it a clear evidence. Now SAMAEL are going to participate Rotonde Festival on May 22.


ST. LUCIFER – ABIGOR’s mainman starts a new project

ST.LUCIFER, this is the name of Peter K.’s new band started after ABIGOR had split up. Having recruited Silenius himself (ex-ABIGOR, SUMMONING) behind a mic stand, the band is instantly working on a debut promo scheduled to be released this May. Musically ST.LUCIFER is promised to be very hard and intent black-death metal with offensive, blasphemous lyrics.


New releases from CD-Maximum

Russian label CD-Maximum have recently published following titles:

DIONYSUS – ‘Anima Mundi’ (Heavy Power)
COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN – ‘Deciphering The Soul’ (Death)
HANDFUL OF HATE – ‘ViceCrown’ (Black Death)
VERTIGO – ‘Vertigo’ (AOR / Hard Rock)
DIO – ‘Killing The Dragon’ (Heavy Metal)
HEADLINE – ‘Duality’ ( Prog / Heavy)
STYGMA IV – ‘Hell Within’ (Heavy Power)
JOHNNY LIMA – ‘Made In California’ (AOR / Hard Rock)

Watch for the coming reviews at The Metal List!!!


CREMATORY – back from the dead!!!

CREMATORY, one of the most honoured bands on gothic metal stage, have finally been back from the dead with a completely new ‘Revolution’ album. The full-length, as it follows from the official statement, will contain 12 songs and a video on a title track as well. Release date is 03.05.2004.


DEVILS WHOREHOUSE – death-rock investigators

DEVILS WHOREHOUSE, death-rock investigators with such infamous persons currently in line-up as B. War and Morgan of MARDUK, have recently issued a new longplay ‘Revelation Unorthodox’ for No Fashion Records. The band has the greatest inspirations evolving from the old platters by MISFITS and SAMHAIN, and this is what their own music like.


IMPIOUS – new album this Fall…

The upcoming album by Swedish death/thrashers IMPIOUS will be called "Hellucinations". The recordings will kick off in Studio Mega on the 30th of April. Release date is set to 4th of October and Thomas Ewerhard (covers for HYPOCRISY, CATAMENIA) has been hired for the artwork. Furthermore, the band will tour Europe in October as support for label mates AMON AMARTH.


PUNGENT STENCH – have split ways with a guitarist

Mario Klausner has announced his departure, due to time constraints, from PUNGENT STENCH, in order to fully concentrate on his own band, COLLAPSE 7. The split was amicable and Mario will continue to perform live with the band until a suitable replacement is found. COLLAPSE 7's debut album, "In Deep Silence" will be released on 3 May 2004. The band describes their sound as "Apocalyptic Death Metal". The album was produced by Martin Schirenc (HOLLENTHON, PUNGENT STENCH) in the Vato Loco Studio, Vienna.


ATROCITY – In search of Atlantis...

ATROCITY’s new LP is sheduled to be released April 26. Having “Atlantis” as a title, the album is promised contain a lot of intent and dynamic material and an impressive multimedia section as well. Both a regular jewel box and a digibook edition are expected. For more details, see the Album-of-the-Month section at Napalm Records official website www.napalm-records.com.


TEXTURES – have found a new voiceman

Dutch progressive metal band TEXTURES has decided to part ways with vocalist Pieter Verpaalen. Due to musical differences both parties decided it would be best to continue without each other. A new vocalist has been found already; Eric Kalsbeek (formerly of BRAINSHAKE) has joined TEXTURES and has performed with them from March 6th. By the way, the band’s video for the song 'Ostensibly impregnable' entered Dutch charts at number one, beating the other classic bands such as METALLICA , SLIPKNOT etc.

THE GREAT DECEIVER – new album is out!!!

THE GREAT DECEIVER have just released their second full album for Peaceville - "Terra Incognito". Recording have taken place in Dug Out Studios with Daniel Bergstrand (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, MESHUGGAH) as producer. There is also a promo video for the track Lake Of Sulphur directed by Patric Ullaeus which will be an enhanced feature on the album.

DARK FUNERAL - living dead

In the nearest future DARK FUNERAL fans will be granted a full-length live album, the first such coming from the band for over than ten years of black metal worship. Song material for the platter, vaguely titled «De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine», has been taken during the band’s South America tour in September 2003. Track list is expected to be as following: Intro - The Arrival Of Satan’s Empire - An Apprentice Of Satan - The Dawn No More Rises - Thy Legions Come - Hail Murder - Goddess Of Sodomy - The Secrets Of The Black Arts - Vobiscum Satanas - Shadows Over Transylvania - Open The Gates - Ineffable Kings Of Darkness - Thus I Have Spoken - My Dark Desires - Armageddon Finally Comes.


MISANTHROPIC ART - "Possessed by Bestiality"

OUPIRIC Productions (Russia) have made a new issue - MISANTHROPIC ART cassette "Possessed by Bestiality". 50 min of fast
and fierce misanthropic Black Metal - the slaughter of humanity has begun! Tape comes with obligatory black/white cover.

STEEL PROPHET – have signed with Massacre!..

US metal pioneers STEEL PROPHET have signed with Massacre Records! The new album with their new singer Nadir D'Priest will be called "Beware" and will be in stores on June 28th!


MYSTIC CIRCLE – opening the hell-gates again...

The new album by German black/death metal band MYSTIC CIRCLE "Open the gates of hell" has been recorded and will be in stores on September 22nd. The satanic trio has recorded a real smasher in the Cream Studios, Frankfurt with producer Gerhard Magin.

FOREFATHER – Ours is the kingdom...

England's Anglo Saxon Epic Metallers FOREFATHER recently finished the recordings for their upcoming and meanwhile 4th album titled «Our Is The Kingdom». Forefather-member Wulftstan comments on the new album: " With "Ours is the Kingdom" we've taken Anglo-Saxon Metal to new heights of intensity and power. This time round we consciously focused on shorter, faster songs whilst still retaining the epic elements we're known for. The result is the most varied and compelling album we've produced to date and the best representation of the unique FOREFATHER style. It's been a long time in the making but we think most will agree that it's definitely been worth the wait!"
«Ours Is The Kingdom» is scheduled to be released on May 31st, through Karmageddon Media.


DRAGONLAND – have signed a new deal

DRAGONLAND have signed a worldwide multialbum deal with CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS!!! The next album is almost ready for studio recording, which most likely will take place in Studio Fredman before summer. Might as well reveal some new songtitles: To The End of The World - The Returning - Calling My Name - The Dreamseeker - In Perfect Harmony - Starfall - As Madness Took Me


KUWALDA – delicious again...

KUWALDA’s new album, named “Spasi i Sohrani”(“Save & Keep Safe”), is to hit the stores early in April. The album is promised to be heavier and more varied than its predecessor, and lyrically concerned with emergency events. That follows directly from the songtitles: 9-11 – Elektricheskaya Smert’ (Death From Electricity) – D.T.P. (Car Crash) – Alkogol’nyi Demon (Alcohol Demon) etc. Among the ones who have participated in recording there is a children choir, and the Lorelyai song is based on a poem by Geighne.
KUWALDA’s debut, “Delicatessen”, will be re-issued simultaneously. It will contain 19 previously published songs and will also include videos on Betonomeshalka (Concrete Mixer) and Pesnya Pro Svarnogo as special multimedia tracks for PC.

RHAPSODY – now play the Film Score Metal

With the forthcoming release of the mini album "The Dark Secret”, the Italian epic metal band RHAPSODY provides a taste of their long play album that is due in September of this year. It is the debut of a new style of Heavy Metal music created by RHAPSODY known as Film Score Metal.

THORNS – Art fiends

Black metal legends, THORNS' mastermind, Snorre Ruch has been keeping busy with a variety of extra musical activities involving interesting exponents of the art world since the band's long awaited and much acclaimed self-titled debut in 2002. In the past few months alone, Snorre has created THORNS LTD, a separate outlet from THORNS, dedicated to making experimental music tailored specifically for art exhibitions. Contemporary Norwegian artist, Bjarne Melgaard's exhibition at the Palais De Tokyo museum in Paris earlier this year was Thorns Ltd's debut. A new composition will premier at New York artist, Banks Violet's show in London in September this year.
THORNS’ new album will not be out before next year


STRATOVARIUS – future is under a question

STRATOVARIUS’ future is under a question! There should be reminded that an unknown person armed with a knife has commited a thugging against Timo Tolkki, the main man of honoured Finnish metallers. That has taken place just after STRATOVARIUS’ show at fest in Granada (Spain) in late February and from that accident Timo’s got his arm and head stabbingly wounded. After a week since that criminal deed Timo Tolkki have published a press release where he says that right by now he’s much worried about his wife’s and daughter’s lives and hence, freezes up any STRATOVARIUS’ activity. In fact, he adds that the band is going to be back to life little after but with a shared line-up only... As we know, since the departure of Timo Kotipelto (the group’s former singer) late last year, weather inside the band has been about to thunder crack...


PARADISE LOST – have parted company with their drummer

Regrettably PARADISE LOST have come to the decision to part company with drummer Lee Morris (who’s been around since 1995). The band state personal and musical differences as their reason for taking this action. No replacement has been named as yet, although the new album will continue to be recorded as previously planned.


BLOODHEAD RECORDS – will issue the new coming from VINTERRIKET

BLOODHEAD RECORDS are due to issue following titles: VINTERRIKET "Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit" and ANGEL’S DECAY "Odiumspace". Both albums will be available in MC format and will hit the stores, respectively, in May and early summer. The autumn release of DATURA’s new CD is expected as well.

DARKTHRONE – «We are not changing anything…»

DARKTHRONE are getting themselves ready to enter the studio and start on their new album, 'Sardonic Wrath'. "I'm currently under a lot of stress with all my DJing jobs, including Inferno next week," blurts out Fenriz during a quick telephone conversation. "But that's our 12th album, you know. It's another breakfast. We are not changing anything drastically music-wise but we are changing the studio this time. We are changing the studio like people change underwear." 'Sardonic Wrath' is out in September. Through Moonfog, as ever...


CRADLE OF FILTH - quench lack of ’nymphetamine’

Dani & Co are currently working on their Roadrunner debut authentically named “Nymphetamine”. The album is set to release during this summer and right by now infamous musicians occupy Parkgate studios (Battle, England) along with Rob Caggiano (ANTHRAX’s guitarist) in the producer’s seat. About 15-16 absolutely new songs are expected to be shot during record session. Some part of them will make the forthcoming longplay, and the other, as Dave Pybus (bass) says, “will all be released in some shape or form over the next year”.


VINTERRIKET – a postcard from the kingdom of frost

VINTERRIKET are due to issue their completely new masterpiece next month. The album title is «Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit». About an hour of grim and starky music is expected...


BESEECH – animation problems

BESEECH - The half animated video for the titletrack "DRAMA" have been delayed because of techical reasons but will probably be finished in May! Meanwhile, download a fullength liveversion of the song "Bitch" from the new album, recorded at the release party at Sjunde Himlen the 27th February. You can download it from the webpage at http://www.beseech.net in the download/video section.


CD-Maximum’s most recent issues

CD-Maximum have recently released following titles:

AXXIS – «Time Machine» (Hard’n’Heavy)
WIZ -«Shattered-Mind-Therapy»(Heavy Power)
ABOMINATOR – «Nuctemeron Descent» (Death)
DARE – «Belief» (AOR/Hard Rock)
ASPERITY - «Inner Wastelands»(Heavy Power)
LOST SOUL – «Ubermensch (Death Of God)» (Death)
UNMOORED – «Indefinite Soul-Extension» (Melodic Death)
ABORYM – «Kali Yuga Bizarre»(Black Industrial)
U.D.O. – «THUNDERBALL» (Heavy):
1) standard plastic box edition
2) digipack edition
3) Thunderball-Thundervision
double digipack edition: CD+DVD!!!

Watch for reviews at The Metal List Webzine!


SKYCLAD - “A Semblance Of Normality”

SKYCLAD have announced the official release date for their next issue “A Semblance Of Normality”. It is Monday 24th of May.


NEUROSIS - upcoming album details

NEUROSIS has just returned from Chicago where they completed the latest record with Steve Albini behind the controls. On January 2nd they played a show: BLOOD & TIME, STEVE VON TILL, and TRIBES OF NEUROT, followed by a listening event where the band played the newly-minted Neurosis album in its entirety. The yet-untitled album will be released in early summer 2004 on Relapse Europe and on Neurot Recordings worldwide. There will be an advance track on the upcoming Neurot Recordings compilation, which will be released with a bonus DVD.


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