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DISIPLIN have revealed the details of their new lineup

Norwegian extreme metal act DISIPLIN have revealed the details of their new lineup, which will make its live debut at the Inferno Festival on Saturday, April 15 in Oslo, Norway. Joining mainman Haakon Forwald (a.k.a. General K; ex-MYRKSKOG, DISSECTION; guitar) are returning vocalist Jonas Raskolnikov Christiansen, drummer Massimo Altomare (BLACK FLAME, DAEMUSINEM, MORTUARY DRAPE) and session bassist Adolf Ramirez.

DISIPLIN released their sophomore album, "Anti-Life", in early 2005 via Moonfog Productions. The follow-up to the group's 2003 self-titled debut was recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio and features a guest appearance by CARPATHIAN FOREST's Nattefrost.


Fawkes (26-2-2006)

EDENBRIDGE will release their their fifth album

Austrian "angelic bombast metal" act EDENBRIDGE will release their their fifth album, "The Grand Design", on May 19 via Massacre Records. A single, featuring the band's cover version of the James Bond classic "For Your Eyes Only" (originally sung by Sheena Easton), will precede the album on April 21.

The follow-up to 2004's "Shine", "The Grand Design" was recorded at The Farpoint Station studio in Austria and the Thin Ice facility in England with THRESHOLD mastermind Karl Groom. Guest musicians on the album include Dennis Ward and Robby Valentine, both of whom were responsible for backing vocals and choirs on the new CD.

"The Grand Design" track listing:

01. Terra Nova
02. Flame Of Passion
03. Evermore
04. The Most Beautiful Place
05. See You Fading Afar
06. On Top Of The World
07. Taken Away
08. The Grand Design
09. Empire Of The Sun (bonus track)

"For Your Eyes Only" track listing:

01. For Your Eyes Only
02. Evermore
03. The Grand Design (edit)
04. For Your Eyes Only (acoustic version)


ZYKLON have completed work on their third album

According to a posting on ZYKLON's official web site, the band have completed work on their much-anticipated third album, entitled "Disintegrate". The CD was recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio in Norway and was mixed at b>Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. A May 15 release via Candlelight Records is expected.

So far, the following ten track titles are confirmed to appear on the CD: "Wrenched", "Cold Grave", "Disintegrate", "In Hindsight", "Skinned and Endangered", "Vulture", "Subversive Faith", "Underdog", "Ways of the World", and "Vile Ritual".


KORPIKLAANI - samples out of a new album are available online

A medley of audio clips from Finnish folk metallers KORPIKLAANI's upcoming third album, entitled "Tales along this Road", has been made available at this location' .

As previously reported, Napalm Records has set an April 21 European release date for "Tales along this Road" (view cover at this location' ). A new-album listening session and a "meet-and-greet party" will be held before every gig on the band's upcoming "Tales along This Tour", which is set to kick off March 23 in Tampere, Finland. A complete list of currently confirmed tour dates can be found at this location' .

KORPIKLAANI's second album under their current moniker (the group released two albums as SHAMAN), "Voice of Wilderness", was released in January 2005 via Napalm Records.


DEICIDE have revealed the street date for a new album

Satan's favourite band Deicide have declared 6.6.06 the release date for their upcoming album on Earache records. The album, titled The Stench Of Redemption , is tentatively set for release on the date that coincides with the mark of the beast.

The album is currently in the preliminary stages as the band are gearing up to enter the studios with Jim Morris of Morris Sound. The band have demoed 10 songs which Glen Benton is locked away preparing his signature twisted lyrics to coincide with the brutally heavy tracks.

This album marks the bands first recorded album with an all-new line-up who has been igniting audiences so far. The two-guitar attack of DEICIDE now comprises of Jack Owen of CANNIBAL CORPSE fame and Ralph Santolla of ICED EARTH and DEATH fame.

The band are very excited to release this album, as Glen Benton has reported that this is one of the best death metal albums in years. Initially, Benton reported that the album had Earache head Digby Pearson banging his head and jumping up and down like a young metalhead. Get those metalhorns ready kiddies!

The band are currently preparing for a South American stint that will send the band through 6 countries at a light-speed rate. Deicide is excited to reach their South American fans that have always gone crazy for the bands performances in the past. Speaking of that South American tour, some slight adjustments to the tour dates have been made which can be seen on the Earache tour dates page.

Following the release of "The Stench Of Redemption" a full European tour is planned, continue to check Earache.com for details as they become available.

Check out the band's all new Myspace site for their new upcoming album at -

TWELFTH GATE:'Threshold Of Revelation' Artwork, New Release Date Revealed

The cover art for the new TWELFTH GATE album, "Threshold of Revelation", has been posted online at this location' . "Also, as much as we tried to keep our original February release date, it just didn't work out," the band write in a statement. "Our label, Season of Mist, decided that it would be best to wait until March 21st to help insure more of a priority focus on their part...and how could we argue with that...hehe."

The follow-up to 2003's "Summoning", "Threshold of Revelation" was co-produced by Chris Djuricic (NOVEMBERS DOOM, MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO, ENFORSAKEN) at Studio One in Racine, WI.

"Threshold of Revelation" track listing:
01. Loyal
02. Critical Elements
03. Inner Core
04. Delving Too Deep
05. Human Swine
06. Black Robe
07. Branded
08. Together Divided
09. Face Within A Face
10. Come Alive


VENOM: North American Release Date Set For 'Metal Black'

Sanctuary Records has set an April 4 North American release date for the new VENOM album, entitled "Metal Black".

"Metal Black" was mixed at the Townhouse Studios in London and contains 14 new songs, including "Antechrist", the demo for which can be heard at this location' .

"Metal Black" track listing:
01. Antechrist
02. Burn In Hell
03. House of Pain
04. Death & Dying
05. Rege Satanas
06. Darkest Realm
07. A Good Day to Die
08. Assassin
09. Lucifer Rising
10. Blessed Dead
11. Hours of Darkness
12. Sleep When I'm Dead
13. Maleficarvm
14. Metal Black


SHERINIAN Produces His 5th Solo Album.

Famed keyboardist, Derek Sherinian, is in the studio producing yet another masterpiece. The new untitled work is currently underway in Sherinian’s own Beachwood Manor Studios in Burbank, CA. This new album is slated to be released June 2006 worldwide on InsideOut Music in the US & Europe, and Marquee/Avalon in Japan.

After a nine month World Tour with Billy Idol, Sherinian went immediately into the studio. With the immense reception to last year’s album Mythology, he decided to bring back several of the available players that made it happen. "This is the 4th solo record of mine that Zakk has played on,” explains Sherinian. Zakk is the real deal and I am very fortunate to be able to work with him."

The 2006 all-star line-up is comprised of Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society/Ozzy), John Petrucci (ex-Dream Theater band-mate), Steve Lukather (Toto), Simon Phillips (Toto, The Who, Judas Priest), Tony Franklin (The Firm/Blue Murder), and Brian Tichy (Billy Idol, Ozzy) and other surprise special guests.

Sherinian gained worldwide recognition as a member of Dream Theater from 1994-1999. He has also toured and recorded with Alice Cooper, KISS, and BILLY IDOL among many others.

SODOM are back with a brand new album!

It’s been a long wait for the fans, but now Sodom are ready to present their latest recording at last: the German thrash metal legends are scheduled to release their new album with the plain but unequivocal title "Sodom" in Germany on April 21st 2006, in Europe April 24th 2006 and in the USA May 9th 2006 . “Every band needs a self-titled album at least once in their career,” band mastermind Tom Angelripper points out, adding that the twelve new tracks will contain pure thrash metal in its most dynamic incarnation. “We have to apologize to our fans that the album didn’t come out sooner, but the work on our DVD, Lords Of Depravity Part I, was so time-consuming that things took a little longer than expected.”

However, the band featuring singer/bass player Tom Angelripper, guitarist Bernemann and drummer Bobby Schottkowski will make the long wait worthwhile for their fan community with an offering that could hardly be more straightforward or determined. “We wanted to prove to the world what we can do, that’s why we decided to roll up our sleeves and pool our strengths.”

The current Sodom line-up has proved to be the most consistent in the band’s history. “The team Angelripper/Bernemann/Schottkowski will celebrate its anniversary this year: We’ve been together for ten years,” explains Tom, who is determined to continue to sail into the wind with his band in an increasingly short-lived world, not deviating from his present course when it comes to Sodom’s lyrics. “I’ve always written about things that go on in the world, the injustice and mistakes that happen everywhere. I know that you can’t change anything politically, but I would at least like to make clear where I stand and raise people’s awareness of those deplorable states of affair.” Sodom was recorded and mixed at the premises of an old friend: Andy Brings. The former Sodom guitarist produced the new album at his Midas Twins studios in Hagen, Germany, together with sound engineer Haan Hartmann, bringing out the best in the musicians. “Andy did a great job and really lured the optimum performance out of me. Our new album proves that you don’t necessarily have to go to an American studio to get a good sound.” Sodom" was mastered by Eroc, drummer with German rock cult band, Grobschnitt.


1. Blood On Your Lips
2. Wanted Dead
3. Buried In The Justice Ground
4. City Of God
5. Bibles And Guns
6. Axis Of Evil
7. Lords Of Depravity
8. No Captures
9. Lay Down The Law
10. Nothing To Regret
11. The Enemy Inside
Bonus Track for Japan:
12. Kamikaze Terrorizer


Reactivated Finnish melodic extreme metal band ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW have begun mixing their fifth album, "Before the Bleeding Sun", with Mikko Karmila at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland. "So far, the mixed songs sound exactly what they should sound like," the band write on their web site. "The mixing sessions are going to be finished by the end of next week, after which it's time to master the whole album. . . Travis Smith has been working on the graphics side for some time now. So far so good!"
"Before the Bleeding Sun" is tentatively scheduled for release April 26 via Spinefarm Records. The CD was recorded at Tico-Tico Studios in Kemi and at Note-On Studios in Kuopio and marks the group's first release to feature lead guitarist Risto Ruuth (also in SCYRON) and keyboardist Janne Tolsa (also in TAROT).
Commented the band: "The album is damn heavy but still more diverse and more melodic than any of our previous albums. The whole process has rarely been so easy and rewarding for us before, all the pieces really clicked together this time."
"Before the Bleeding Sun" track listing:
01. Sweet Lilith of My Dreams
02. Another Me
03. Red Dawn Rising
04. Upon the Moors
05. Sakura No Rei
06. Sinister Rain
07. Lost Rune of Thunder
08. Tar Still Flows
09. Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act I: Before the Bleeding Sun)

Guest vocalists: Lead vocals by Jarmo Kylmänen (SCYRON) and Miriam "Sfinx" Renvåg (RAM-ZET). Backing vocals by Jarmo Kylmänen, Miriam Renvåg, Tony Kakko (SONATA ARCTICA) and Marco Hietala (NIGHTWISH, TAROT).
Altti Veteläinen (vocals, bass)
Jarmo Puolakanaho (guitar)
Risto Ruuth (lead guitar)
Janne Tolsa (keyboards)
Petri Sankala (drums)


BLOODTHORN: New Song Available For Download

A brand-new BLOODTHORN, track, entitled "Blood and Iron", has been made available for download at this location' . The song comes off the Norwegian death metal band's new album, "Genocide", due in Europe on February 20 (February 13 in U.K. and Norway) via Morningstar Records.

"Genocide" track listing:
01. ...For Those Whose Time Has Come (intro)
02. Blood and Iron
03. Invoking the Apocalypse
04. Nightmare of Violence
05. They Will Arise
06. Forced Selfmutilation
07. Sacrifical Slaughter
08. Hell on the Eastern Front
09. Monolith of the Dead


MOONSPELL: Release Date Set For

SPV Records has set an April 21 German release date for the new MOONSPELL album, entitled "Memorial". The CD was recorded at Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany with producer Waldemar Sorychta (LACUNA COIL, TIAMAT, GRIP INC.) and will contain around 8 to 10 new songs, including "Once It Was Ours!", "Blood Tells", "Sanguine", "Finisterra", "Upon the Blood of Men" and "At the Image of Pain". The material is being described by the group as "the best music we ever wrote together" and "an homage to the Nineties scene and bands," of which they became a strong symbol of. A DVD, entitled "Lunar Still/13 Years of Doom", is expected to surface via Century Media later in the year.

Upcoming MOONSPELL shows:

Mar. 02 - Budapest, HUN @ Petofi Hall (Metalmania)
Mar. 04 - Katowice, POL @ Spodek 4 (Metalmania)
Mar. 10 - St. Petersburg, RUS @ Port Club
Mar. 11 - Moscow, RUS @ Tochka Club
Jun. 03 - Casablanca, MOR @ COC Stadium
Jun. 23 - Dessel, BEL @ Graspop Metal Meeting
Aug. 17-19 - Abtsgmünd, GER @ Summer Breeze Festival



Шведские металлеры SATARIEL подписали контракт с Pulverized Records на выпуск mini-CD, состоящего из четырех совершенно новых трэков. Запись альбома начнется 16-го февраля. Новая информация относительно релиза появится вскоре.


THE GATHERING: 'Home' Final Track Listing, Artwork Revealed

Dutch rock act THE GATHERING will release their new album, "Home" (view cover at this location) on April 18 via The End Records in North America.

"Home" track listing:
01. Shortest Day
02. In Between
03. Alone
04. Waking Hour
05. Fatigue
06. A Noise Severe
07. Forgotten
08. Solace
09. Your Troubles Are Over
10. Box
11. The Quiet One
12. Home
13. Forgotten Reprise

THE GATHERING will make their debut at this year's South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas on March 16, 2006 at Lava Lounge. Also participating are fellow lablemates GREEN CARNATION, UNEXPECT and GIANT SQUID.


TEXTURES: New Song Available For Download

A brand-new TEXTURES song, entitled "Regenesis", has been made available for download at VS-Webzine.com. The track comes off the Dutch progressive metallers' upcoming album, "Drawing Circles", due on April 17 via Listenable Records.

"Drawing Circles" (view cover here) track listing:

01. Drive
02. Regenesis
03. Denying Gravity
04. Illumination
05. Stream of Consciousness
06. Upwards
07. Circular
08. Millstone
09. Touching the Absolute
10. Surreal State of Enlightenment


Chris Caffery

"Chris Caffery is entering the studio in New York City on February 8th to begin the recording of his next CD "Pins and Needles". The CD is going to be released world-wide in October 2006. Some of the song titles are "The Temple", "S.A.D", "WORMS", "Mettle Eastern", "The Sign of The Crossed" and the title track "Pins and Needles".

Musicians will feature once again Jeff Plate on Drums, Paul Morris on keyboards, Nick Douglas from Doro on bass and some very special guests!



German industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN have revealed the complete track listing for the third single from their "Rosenrot" album. "Mann Gegen Mann" will be released in a limited digipack version and will contain the original version of the title cut, a live video of "Ich Will" recorded on the "Reise, Reise - Tour" 2005 as well as remixes by Vince Clarke (DEPECHE MODE, ERASURE) and Sven Helbig (Dresdner Sinfoniker). An exact release date for the single will be announced soon.

"Mann Gegen Mann" (view cover here) track listing:
01. Mann Gegen Mann (3:51)
02. Mann Gegen Mann - Popular Music Mix by Vince Clarke (4:06)
03. Mann Gegen Mann - Musensohn Remix by Sven Helbig (3:12)
04. Ich Will - Live (Video) at Festival de Nimes (4:02)

A video for "Mann Gegen Mann" by famed Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund (METALLICA, SATYRICON, MADONNA, THE PRODIGY) was recently shot and received its premiere on MTV Germany on Wednesday (Feb. 1).


WARHEAD: New Songtitles Revealed

German metallers WARHEAD, whose original lineup included current REBELLION frontman Björn Eilen, have revealed several songtitles from their upcoming fourth album, tentatively due later in the year. The follow-up to 2000's "Beyond Recall" will contain the following tracks, among others: "Into The Abyss", "Thanx Killing", "Battle Royale", "Deatheater", "Phantoms", "Lies!", "Captured" and "City Of God".

WARHEAD recently parted ways with guitarist Stefan due to musical differences. A replacement axeman has not yet been announced.



Swedish black/death metallers THE LEGION, featuring current MARDUK drummer Emil Dragutinovic, will release their sophomore album, "Revocation", on February 27 via Listenable Records. The artwork was once again designed by Kris Verwimp (MARDUK, ABSU, IMMORTAL), who had previously worked with the group on their debut album, "Unseen to Creation".

"Revocation" (view cover here) track listing:

01. Grotesque Savior
02. Virtue of Sin
03. Annihilation Chaos
04. Horror Vacui
05. Impious Gathering
06. Bloodgate
07. Deadlight Afterglow
08. Carnal Harvest
09. Nocturnal Apparition

Download the song "Horror Vacui", at this location' (MP3, 8.5 MB).


STEEL ATTACK: New Album Track Listing Revealed

Swedish metallers STEEL ATTACK have finalized the track listing for their fifth full-length album, "Diabolic Symphony", due on April 21 via Massacre Records. The follow-up to 2004's "Enslaved" was recorded at Black Lounge Studio in Sweden with engineer Jonas Kjellgren and features "hard riffs combined with rich melodies and brilliant metal," according to guitarist Johan Jalonen Penn.

"Diabolic Symphony" track listing:

01. Diabolic Symphony
02. Dead Forever
03. Shallow Seas Of Hatred
04. Dreaming
05. Embraced By Fear
06. Invisible God
07. Sanctimonious
08. Haunting
09. Show Me The Way
10. Winter Hell
11. I Bow My Head In Shame
12. The Other Side

STEEL ATTACK's fourth album, "Enslaved" was issued in October 2004 via Arise Records. The album was supported by a 12-day European tour with Germany BLACK ABYSS and Canada's EXCITER.


Anden Andersson - Bass
John Allan - Guitar
Ronny Hemlin – Vocals
Johan Jalonen Penn - Guitar
Tony Elfving – Drums


Bad news from MANOWAR

Karl Logan, lead guitarist of heavy metal powerhouse MANOWAR, was injured
on Tuesday, January 24th 2006 in a motorcycle accident. Logan sustained
severe injuries to his left arm, which will prevent him from performing for
an as-yet-unknown period of time. MANOWAR will have to reconsider all of
our plans, but the good news is that Karl is ok and he'll be back stronger
than ever," says MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio.

Logan was preparing to record his lead guitar parts for the upcoming, yet
to be named, MANOWAR album, the release of which will now be delayed.
Touring plans are also expected to change as a result of this unfortunate
turn of events. However, MANOWAR will soldier on. We don't have any more
information at this time," says DeMaio. But nothing ever has, or ever
will, stop MANOWAR." More information will be released as it becomes


STREAM OF PASSION will do an European tour at the end of January

STREAM OF PASSION, Ayreon mastermind Arjen Anthony Lucassen's band around Mexican singer Marcela Bovio will do an European tour at the end of January. They will perform material of their debut album "Embrace The Storm" which came out in October as well as selected Ayreon songs. And special guest is: Damian Wilson (formerly with Threshold).

On February 10th the single "Out In The Real World" is released. Apart from an edit of the album's title track the single also includes two re-arranged Ayreon songs as well as the Led Zeppelin cover version "When The Levee Breaks".


VANDEN PLAS new album had to be postponed

Due to time problems with the final mix, the release of the new VANDEN PLAS album had to be postponed. "Christ 0" ("Christ Zero") comes out at the end of April. The album's concept is based on Alexandre Dumas' novel classic "The Count of Monte Christo". The first edition is released in a worthy slipcase with bonus track.

1. Christ 0 (music: G. Werno/lyrics: A. Kuntz)
2. Postcard To God (music: S. Lill/lyrics: A. Kuntz)
3. Wish You Were Here (music: G. Werno/lyrics: A. Kuntz)
4. Silently (music: S. Lill/lyrics: A. Kuntz)
5. Shadow I Am (music: S. Lill/lyrics: A. Kuntz)
6. Fireroses Dance (music: G. Werno/lyrics: A. Kuntz)
7. Somewhere Alone In The Dark (music: S. Lill/lyrics: A. Kuntz)
8. January Sun (music: A. Kuntz, G. Werno/lyrics: A. Kuntz)
9. Lost In Silence (music: A. Kuntz /lyrics: A. Kuntz)

Bonus track on initial pressing: Gethsemane (lyrics: Tim Rice/music: Andrew Lloyd Webber)


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