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HEREGE composing new album

The traditional heavy metal band HEREGE is composing the last songs for their new album, which lyrics will be about marking historical facts of 20th and 21st Century, following a chronological order, from the end of Second World War, passing through Cold War, Latin America dictatorships, untill the present, with themes about globalization and terrorism.

About the lyrics Rodrigo Dantas comments: "This concern with the level of the thematic is decurrent of some lamentable things that we have seen lately in the Heavy Metal scene, many people having ridiculous attitudes, racists and homofobics, amongst other forms of intolerance and alienation that are reproducing there. To not be with the arms crossed ahead of this situation we decided to revive the Heavy Metal subversive spirit, which seems to be forgotten by most bands of the current scene."

Some of the new songs were recently played live in II Bang Your Heads Festival, which featured the bands Herege, Whisper Divine and Dark Shadows.


Scorpio (31-3-2007)

SALIVA - new video and contest

SALIVA have unleashed the new video for their hit single “Ladies and Gentlemen.” The video features two models from Godsgirls.com, squaring off in a boxing ring in only bikinis and boxing gloves.

To celebrate the success of “Ladies and Gentlemen” and the release of the new video, SALIVA is giving you a chance to win the clothes off the girls back. SALIVA is giving away the autographed robes worn by the God’s Girls in the video and copies of their new album.

CLICK HERE' to check out the new video for “Ladies and Gentlemen” now and enter to win a piece of the video.


MEDIEVIL "Atruta" – released by Griffin Music

The black-art band Medievil (http://medievil.net) and the recording label from Kyiv Griffin Music (http://griffinmusic.org) are about to present the full-length album “Atruta”

This album represents a conceptually new stage of Medievil’s development.

The theme of poison (“atruta” in Belarusian) is binding all the tracks on this album. The music is more heavy, hypnotic and black; it is soaked with swamp atmosphere of stagnation and downfall. Technically it is black metal with additions of old-school death/trash, poisonous vocals and ragged riffs along with classic BM tremolo. Ideologically Medievil is remaining distanced from wilting near-black trends, presenting itself as “res in se". Spreading around as bile, “Atruta” is meant to be an embodiment of evolutionary black art.

The album was in process of creation for quite a long time (2003-2006), due to various reasons. Among those are the re-thinking of creative principles, work on the conceptual side of the record and physical remoteness of Medievil’s members, who resided in different countries.

In November 2003 the video for the song “Blood Comes Black” was shot. Time and location were the most suitable for reproducing the atmosphere of the forthcoming album – cold humid fall, dusk and impassable rotting forest.

In spring 2004 during one of the gigs the video for “In Gloom and Spikes” was shot – a live video with studio sound.

The recording of vocals and all the instruments except for drums was done in Pyre Rex during 2004-2005. the drums were recorded in Zaglada studio in Kyiv in August 2005.

By the end of 2005 the album was mixed, in January 2006 the mastering was complete (Pyre Rex).

Total playing time is 59 minutes.


1.Everything Poisoned
2.Blood Comes Black
3.In Mist We Stand
4.Now I Fly
5.Atruta (I Dissolve In Poisoned Rain)
6.To Nihil
7.Cycle of Rot
8.In Gloom and Spikes
9.Veil of Poison
10.The Roots Are Torn

The CD-release is supposed to appear by april 2007. except for the tracks themselves the CD will contain a bonus – two videos: "Blood comes black" and "In gloom and spikes".

In Minsk the album will be presented with a live show of Medievil on the festival Shiseido Fest-3 on April 28th, 2007.


Win STATIC-X signed guitar!

Static-X is breaking out of Hell’s sub-basement to release their fifth studio album, Cannibal, on April 3rd. Comprising 12 of the harshest, most stripped-down tracks Static-X have ever recorded, Cannibal also finds frontman Wayne Static & Co. sounding leaner and meaner than they have in years—a change the vertical-haired guitarist, vocalist and chief songwriter attributes to the back-to-basics approach they took to recording the album. “I think it’s the most metal record we’ve ever made, and it’s arguably the heaviest record we’ve ever made,” Static explains.

To celebrate the release of Cannibal on April 3rd, the band is giving you the chance to win an ESP LTD EX-50 Metallic Silver Guitar autographed by the band. So don’t miss out on your chance to get your own Static-X ESP guitar.


MORTAL SIN To Support SLAYER In Sydney;

Reactivated Australian thrashers MORTAL SIN will support SLAYER and MASTODON on April 17 at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. "If you ain't inside the venue early to catch our show I will personally whip your ass!" vocalist Mat Maurer joked in an online posting. "We wanna show some Aussie metal pride! We'll be on early, and we only get 20 minutes, but I guarantee you those 20 minutes will be the most intense MORTAL SIN will ever play. DON'T MISS OUT!"

In other news, MORTAL SIN has finished tracking its long-awaited new album, "An Absence of Faith", due later in the year. The track listing is as follows:

01. Out of the Darkness
02. Before the Bough Breaks
03. Tears of Redemption
04. Deadman Walking
05. Lost Within
06. Say Your Prayers
07. Eye in the Sky
08. Rise or Fall
09. My Nightmare
10. Broken Promises


MELIAH RAGE: In Writing Mode

Guitarist Anthony Nichols of Boston metallers MELIAH RAGE has been busy writing music for the band's next record, tentatively due before the end of the year. According to the group, "the music thus far is heavier and more riff-oriented than the last two releases, but has all the elements of classic MELIAH RAGE." A remastered release of the 1996 classic "Death Valley Dream" is also in the works for this spring.

MELIAH RAGE's latest CD, "The Deep and Dreamless Sleep" (2006), is the band's seventh release overall, and third for Screaming Ferret Wreckords. The CD was recorded at Danger Multitrack Studios in Providence, RI, and Sherwood Forest Studios in Bedford, MA.


ORANGE GOBLIN Completes Work On New Album; Track Listing Revealed

British doomsters ORANGE GOBLIN have completed work on their new album, "Healing Through Fire" (artwork), at Fortress Studios in London with producer Mark Daghorn. The final track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. The Ballad Of Solomon Eagle
02. Vagrant Stomp
03. The Ale House Braves
04. Cities Of Frost
05. Hot Knives and Open Sores
06. Hounds Ditch
07. Mortlake (Dead Water)
08. They Come Back (Harvest Of Skulls)
09. Beginners Guide To Suicide


SAMAEL: "Solar Soul" Track Listing Revealed

Swiss metal experimentalists SAMAEL have moved forward the release date of their eighth album, "Solar Soul" (Nuclear Blast), to June 1 from the previously announced June 15. The CD will contain the following track listing:

01. Solar Soul
02. Promised Land
03. Slavocracy
04. Western Ground
05. On the Rise
06. Alliance
07. Suspended Time
08. Valkyries' New Ride
09. Ave!
10. Quasar Waves
11. Architect (bonus track)
12. Olympus

To check out the new SAMAEL song "Slavocracy", taken from the upcoming CD, go to this location' .


NIGHTWISH: New Singer's Identity Revealed?

Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat is reporting that NIGHTWISH has already chosen a replacement for singer Tarja Turunen, but the band is carefully guarding her identity. However, according to Ilta-Sanomat, the new vocalist is none other than former TRISTANIA frontwoman Vibeke Stene (Photo#1, Photo#2).

There are a number of signs pointing to the fact that Vibeke is Tarja's replacement in NIGHTWISH. For example, influential European music business person Frank Stroebele (manager for WITHIN TEMPTATION and ANASTACIA) recently asked an Ilta-Sanomat reporter, "Have you heard who the new singer of NIGHTWISH is? I understand that it is Vibeke."

Vibeke quit TRISTANIA last month "due to personal reasons," making the timing of her departure perfect if she were to join NIGHTWISH.

However, the only public information about the new vocalist that has come out of the NIGHTWISH camp so far has been offered by the group's manager, Ewo Pohjola (a.k.a. Ewo Rytkönen) of King Foo Entertainment. "She is getting along very well with the guys," he said. "She is very talented, clever and sweet."


ARCH ENEMY: "Black Earth" To Be Reissued

ARCH ENEMY's "Black Earth" album, originally released in 1996 on Wrong Again Records, will be reissued on April 24 via Regain Records. In addition to the original nine songs, the reissue will contain three bonus tracks — "Losing Faith" and the IRON MAIDEN covers "The Ides of March" and "Aces High" — as well as a video for "Bury Me An Angel".

ARCH ENEMY is scheduled to enter the studio this spring to begin recording the follow-up to 2005's "Doomsday Machine", tentatively due before the end of the year.


ICED EARTH Completes Work On New Single; More Album Details Revealed

ICED EARTH mainman Jon Schaffer has sent the following update to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"I just wanted to give you an update of what's happening in ICED EARTH world.

"We just finished mixing and mastering the [new] single, which will be titled 'Overture of the Wicked' and should be released in late May or early June. The four songs that will be featured on this are as follows:

01. Ten Thousand Strong
02. Prophecy
03. Birth of the Wicked
04. The Coming Curse

"'Ten Thousand Strong' will be the song that we will be filming a video for in the following months, most likely in June right around the Sweden Rock festival.

"I'm very happy with the results of our efforts. We've been really working hard on delivering something special to you guys and this single is just a hint of things to come, and it's freakin' awesome.

"We will be finishing the rest of production for Part 1 over the course of the next few weeks, with plans to mix in the early part of May. The title of the full release is 'Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Part 1)' and should be out in the late August/September time frame. The 'Framing Armageddon' tracklist will appear as follows:

01. Overture
02. Something Wicked (Part 1)
03. Invasion
04. Man's Motivation
05. The Setian Massacre
06. A Charge to Keep
07. Reflections
08. Ten Thousand Strong
09. Execution
10. Order of the Rose
11. The Clouding
12. Infiltrate and Assimilate
13. Retribution Through the Ages
14. Something Wicked (Part 2)
15. The Domino Decree
16. Framing Armageddon
17. When Stars Collide (Born is He)
18. The Awakening

"The working title of Part 2 is 'Revelation Abomination Something Wicked (Part 2)' and the tracklist is as follows:

01. The Sacred Flames
02. Behold the Wicked Child
03. Minions of the Watch
04. A Gift or a Curse
05. I Walk Among You
06. Harbinger of Fate
07. Ancient Rage of the High Priest
08. A Gathering Threat / Time Marches On
09. Sacrificial Kingdoms
10. Something Wicked (Part 3)
11. Divide Devour
12. Conspiracy / Pilgrimage In Guile
13. Come What May

"The final tracking and mixing for Part 2 will take place between the festivals and world tour and will have a targeted release in February/March of 2008.

"Due to family health issues, Bo Wallace will not be able to be involved with ICED EARTH. I played the bass guitar parts on the single and we will be bringing Dennis Hayes, who worked with Tim [Owens, vocals] on his BEYOND FEAR side project, in to play on parts of the remainder of the recording. He will be doing the live shows as well."


PARADISE LOST To Release "The Enemy" Single In April

On April 13th, 2007 long-running British gothic metal leaders PARADISE LOST will release the first single taken off their much anticipated upcoming Century Media Records debut "In Requiem", which sees the band combine the classic heaviness of "Draconian Times" with the melodic feel of their more recent studio albums. The new single "The Enemy" will only be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

The album "In Requiem" will be released on May 21st, 2007 in Europe.

The single "The Enemy" includes a trailer of the upcoming PARADISE LOST documentary "Over The Madness" (directed by Diran Noubar and debuting at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2007) as video enhancement and the exclusive non-album track "Godless".

Here the full track-listing for PARADISE LOST's new single "The Enemy":
1. The Enemy
2. Beneath Black Skies
3. Godless (exclusive single bonus track)


MÅNEGARM: New Song Available For Streaming

A brand new MÅNEGARM track, entitled "Genom världar nio", has been made available for streaming at this location' (click on "Play"). The song comes off the Swedish "Viking metal" act's new album, "Vargstenen" (The Wolfstone), due on May 4 via Black Lodge Records. The CD was recorded at Studio Underground with producer Pelle Saether.

"Vargstenen" projected track listing:
01. Uppvaknande-Ur själslig död
02. Minnen-En fallen fader
03. Den gamle talar (acoustic)
04. Genom världar nio
05. Visioner på isen
06. Vargbrodern talar (acoustic)
07. I underjorden
08. Nio dagar, nio nätter
09. Vargstenen
10. Vedergällningens tid
11. TBA (acoustic)


DETONATION: New Song Posted Online

Dutch melodic death/thrash metal outfit DETONATION has made a new song, entitled "Invoking the Impact", available for streaming via the band's MySpace page' .

Due in Europe on April 30 via Osmose Productions, "Emission Phase", was recorded with Split Second Sound's Jochem Jacobs (also guitar player for TEXTURES) and Bouke Visser. The cover artwork was created by Eliran Kantor.

"Emission Phase" track listing:
01. Invoking the Impact
02. When Stone turns to Ash
03. Craven Ablaze
04. Into the Emission Phase
05. Chokedamp
06. Defects of the Isolated Mind
07. Modulate
08. Infected
09. Soul Severance
10. Reborn inside the Radiance
11. Fallout (instrumental)


Release date of upcoming CD W.A.S.P. "Dominator"

W.A.S.P. will release its new studio CD, "Dominator", in the U.K. on April 16, Scandinavia on April 20, and the rest of mainland Europe on April 27 via Demolition Records. The CD will arrive in South America and Russia in early May.

"Dominator" track listing:
01. Mercy
02. Long, Long Way To Go
03. Take Me Up
04. The Burning Man
05. Heaven’s Hung In Black
06. Heaven’s Blessed
07. Teacher
08. Heaven’s Hung In Black (Reprise)
09. Deal With The Devil


New videoclips from Nuclear Blast Records

AFTER FOREVER – "Energize Me"
taken from the album "After Forever"

The magnificent clip for AFTER FOREVER's brand new single "Energize Me", featuring a thrilling concept around the four elements fire, water, air and earth, can be found here:


* * *

THRESHOLD – "Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams"
taken from the album "Dead Reckoning"

Take the time and enjoy THRESHOLD's brand new video for the single "Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams"! The atmospheric clip, produced by German company film-m (which has already worked with DISILLUSION, AMON AMARTH, DEADSOUL TRIBE and DEW-SCENTED) can be found at the following platforms:

YouTube.com' и www.myvideo.de'

* * *

THUNDERSTONE – "Face In The Mirror"
taken from the album "Evolution 4.0"

Dark & futuristic – THUNDERSTONE, who recently received a superb 2nd position at the Finnish Eurovision finals, take you on a thrilling trip with "Face In The Mirror":

YouTube.com' и www.myvideo.de'

* * *

CHIMAIRA – "Resurrection"
taken from the album "Resurrection"

Brutal as a punch in the face – here comes "Resurrection"! The clip was directed by Todd Bell and features an appearance by Mixed Martial Arts fighter Mavrick:

YouTube.com' и www.myvideo.de'

* * *

SIRENIA – "The Other Side"
taken from the album "Nine Destinies And A Downfall"

Get ecstasized by the second video off SIRENIA's new album "Nine Destinies And A Downfall". The renowed Serbian production company I-Code created another mystic masterpiece with "The Other Side":

YouTube.com' и www.myvideo.de'


Details of new single CATHARSIS

1. ВОЗЬМИ МЕНЯ К ВОРОТАМ ВАВИЛОНА (музыка - Mission, текст - Пушкина)
2. БАЛЛАДА ЗЕМЛИ (музыка - Mission, текст - Пушкина)
3. МЫ ПОБЕДИМ! (музыка - Mission, текст - Jeff)
4. БАЛЛАДА ЗЕМЛИ (piano version) (музыка - Mission, текст - Пушкина, аранжировка и партия фортепиано -
5. КРЫЛЬЯ ([AMATORY] version)


ABIGOR: "Fractal Possesion" Release Dates Announced - Mar. 13, 2007

Reunited Austrian black metallers ABIGOR have announced the following release dates for their new album, "Fractal Possesion":

Europe: May 2, 2007
USA: June 5, 2007

"Fractal Possession" track listing:
01. Warning
02. Project: Shadow
03. Cold Void Choir
04. Lairf Of Infinite Deparation
05. 3D Blasphemy
06. The Fire Syndrom
07. Injection Satan
08. Libery Rises A Diagonal Flame
09. Vapourzied Tears
10. Heaven Unveiled

Check out a few audio samples at the band's MySpace page' .


AFTER FOREVER: "Energize Me" Video Posted Online - Mar. 12, 2007

Dutch female-fronted symphonic metal outfit AFTER FOREVER's video for its new single, "Energize Me", has been posted online at YouTube.com' . The clip was shot last month in Amsterdam, Holland.

The "Energize Me" single is due on March 23, featuring the songs "Energize Me" (radio edit), "Energize Me" (album version), "Sweet Enclosure" (non-album track).


CAGE: "Hell Destroyer" Track Listing Revealed - Mar. 12, 2007

San Diego, California-based heavy metal band CAGE has finalized the track listing for its upcoming fourth album, entitled "Hell Destroyer", due in May via Destroy All Records Entertainment (distributed by BCD Music Group). The cover artwork was created, once again, by Marc Sasso, who worked on CAGE's third CD, "Darker Than Black", and who has also collaborated with HALFORD, DIO, MORBID ANGEL and ROB ROCK, among many others.

"Hell Destroyer" was recorded, engineered, produced and mixed at Richard Carr Studios in San Diego, California by Richard "The Guru" Carr and executive producers, CAGE vocalist Sean Peck and guitarist Dave Garcia. The CD was mastered by two-time Grammy-award winner Gavin Lurssen (GUNS N' ROSES, ALICE COOPER, MÖTLEY CRÜE, MOTÖRHEAD, ROB ZOMBIE) at Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood, California.

"Hell Destroyer" track listing:
01. Hell Destroyer
02. I Am The King
03. Christ Hammer
04. Born in Blood
05. Rise of The Beast
06. Bohemian Grove
07. From Death to Legend
08. Legion of Demons
09. Fall of The Angels
10. Fire and Metal
11. Beyond The Apocalypse
12. Metal Devil
13. King Diamond

Check out the title track at the band's official web site.



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