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THERION: New Album Title, Artwork Revealed

Sweden's THERION has set "Gothic Kabbalah" as the title of its new album, due on January 16, 2007 via Nuclear Blast Records. Check out the cover artwork at this location.

THERION will play with a full symphonic orchestra, choir and international opera stars on December 9, 2006 at the Palace Hall in Bucharest, Romania


McAllen (20-10-2006)

WHITE SKULL To Release 'The Ring Of The Ancients' Next Week

Long-running Italian metallers WHITE SKULL will release their new album, "The Ring of the Ancients", on October 20 via Dragonheart Records. The follow-up to 2004's "The XIII Skull" was recorded at Remaster Studio in Vicenza and is said to be a concept album about Celtic history and culture.

"The Ring of the Ancients" track listing:
01. Ninth Night
02. Guardians
03. Head Hunters
04. The Ring of the Ancients
05. Half Moon Path
06. From The Mist
07. Ogam (Mystic writings on the Stone)
08. After the Battle (...Bottle)
09. King with the Silver Hand
10. Valhalla
11. Marching to Alesia
12. Tuatha De Danaan
Bonus track:
13. Ninth Night (video clip)

"The Ring of the Ancients" is WHITE SKULL's first album for Dragonheart following the group's split with Frontiers Records


AMOK: Debut Album Samples Available

AMOK, the Norwegian death metal quartet featuring Lava (TAAKE, ex-AETERNUS) on guitar, Necrocum (MYSTICUM, ABORYM) on vocals, Iscariah (NECROPHAGIA, ex-IMMORTAL, WURDULAK) on bass and Stanley on drums, has made two songs from its debut album, "Necrospiritual Deathcore", available for streaming via the media player at its official web site, www.nekro.info. The CD, which features guest appearences by Taipan (ORCUSTUS), U. Hoest (TAAKE) and Fabban Malfeitor (ABORYM), was issued via the newly formed label Planet Satan Revolution.

"Necrospiritual Deathcore" track-listing:
1.Necropsy Cunt
3.Channelling Black Horns
4.Effective Mass-Torture
5.Organ Ejaculator
7.Postapokalyptisk Korstog
8.Goatflesh Removal (Corpus Christi)
9.Goatflesh Removal (Memento Mori)
10.Goatflesh Removal (Gloria In Excelsis Deo)


MOONSORROW: New Album Title, Release Date Revealed

Finnish epic/pagan metallers MOONSORROW have set "Viides Luku - Hävitetty" as the title of their new album, due on January 10, 2007 via Spikefarm Records.



Norwegian melodic metal band ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY has had a change of heart and will carry on despite a previous announcement that the group was about to split. ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY's new album will be titled "Mere Contemplations" and will contain 10 tracks of the band's unique melodic metal. The CD will be released via the Norwegian independent label INRI Unlimited. Three songs are now available for streaming at the group's official MySpace page' .



CRADLE OF FILTH's video for the new song "Temptation" can be viewed at this location' . The track comes off "Thornography", which is scheduled for release on October 17 through Roadrunner Records. An e-card for the CD can be accessed here.

BEYOND FEAR's video for the song "And... You Will Die" has been posted online at this location' (Real Media). The track comes off the group's self-titled debut album, which came out in May via SPV Records.

A "sneak peek" at the video for IRON MAIDEN's "Different World", the new single from the band's "A Matter of Life and Death" album, has been posted online at this location' (Windows Media). The "stunning" promotional clip full of animated action-packed adventure was directed by Howard Greenhalgh.

DRAGONLAND: 'Astronomy' Artwork Revealed

The cover artwork for DRAGONLAND's fourth album, "Astronomy", has been posted online at this location. Created by art wizard Niklas Sundin (who has previously worked with ARCH ENEMY, IN FLAMES, and DARK TRANQUILLITY, among others), it "reflects the astronomical theme of the album, with Copernicus surrounded by astronomical instruments and symbols which represent mankinds delving into the utterly dark vistas and the Cyclopean stars, which has been the focal point of awe for millenia and has not only lead to scientific endavours but also baffling myths and foreboading astrology," according to the band.

"Astronomy" is scheduled for release on November 13 via Century Media Records. The follow-up to 2004's "Starfall" was recorded at Studio Fredman (IN FLAMES, HAMMERFALL, DIMMU BORGIR) in Gothenburg with producer Fredrik Nordström.

"Astronomy" final track listing:
01. Supernova (5:09)
02. Cassiopeia (4:06)
03. Contact (4:25)
04. Astronomy (3:20)
05. Antimatter (3:00)
06. The Book of Shadows part IV: The Scrolls of Geometria Divina (4:04)
07. Beethoven's Nightmare (6:11)
08. Too Late for Sorrow (3:36)
09. Direction: Perfection (4:29)
10. The Old House on the Hill Chapter I: A Death in the Family (4:30)
11. The Old House on the Hill Chapter II: The Thing in the Cellar (3:07)
12. The Old House on the Hill Chapter III: The Ring of Edward Waldon (6:17)


TRAIL OF TEARS: 'Existentia' Cover Unveiled

Norway's TRAIL OF TEARS has unveiled the cover artwork (created by Jan Yrlund) for its fifth album, "Existentia", tentatively due in January 2007 via Napalm Records. The CD was recorded at Soundsuite Studio in Marseille, France with producer Terje Refsnes and includes contributions from French female singer Emmanuelle Zoldan and Norwegian keyboard master Bernt Moen.

"Existentia" track listing:
01. Deceptive Mirrors
02. My Comfort
03. Venom Inside My Veins
04. Decadence Becomes Me
05. She Weaves Shadows
06. The Closing Walls
07. Empty Room
08. Poisonous Tongues
09. As It Penetrates
10. Shades Of Yesterday


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