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FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - live DVD to Surface in April/May

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM are scheduled to release their long-awaited live DVD in late April/early May through the Cleopatra label. The as-yet-untitled disc is expected to include footage of the band performing at the Bash On Ash in Tempe, Arizona last July. In other news, the METALLICA tribute DVD featuring FLOTSAM's rendition of "Damage Inc." "should be scheduled for release very soon," according to FLOTSAM drummer Craig Nielsen. "A couple of different bigger labels are looking at picking it up."

Scorpio (10-2-2004)

THANATOSCHIZO - name new album

Portuguese avantgarde metallers THANATOSCHIZO have set "Turbulence" as the title of their forthcoming third album, tentatively due this summer through Rage Of Achilles Records (Portugal will receive the album this spring through Misdeed Records).
The follow-up to 2002's "InsomniousNightLift" was recorded at Porto's Rec N' Roll Studios with producer Luis Barros (drummer for AFM Records recording artists TARANTULA) and will be mastered at Germany's Area 51 studios by the legendary producer Tommy Newton (HELLOWEEN, CONCEPTION, VICTORY, ELEGY, ARK, TEN).

"Turbulence" track listing:

01. Sweet Suicidal Serenade
02. Traces
03. Soured Memory
04. inExistence
05. Untiring Harbour
06. Freedom Subways
07. Void


ELVENKING - "Wyrd" cover artwork posted online

Italian "pagan metal" act ELVENKING have posted the cover art (painted by Duncan Storr) for their new album, "Wyrd", at this location' .
"Wyrd" was mixed in December at the House Of Music facility in Stuttgart, Germany with producer Achim Kohler (PRIMAL FEAR, BRAINSTORM) and is tentatively due on March 15 through AFM Records.

The follow-up to 2001's "Heathenreel" will contain the following cuts:

01. A Poem for the Firmament
02. Another Haven
03. Disappearing Sands
04. A Fiery Stride
05. Jigsaw Puzzle
06. The Losers' Ball
07. Moonchariot
08. Midnight Circus
09. Pathfinders
10. The Perpetual Knot
11. The Silk Dilemma
12. Waves of Infinite Skies


ACT OF GOD - debut album finally released!

The debut album of Russian unholy sympho death metal band ACT OF GOD - For Demon.
Code: OUP-11 MC
Release date: 5 February 2004
Edition: Limited 1000
Style: Symphonic Death Metal with female back vocals, as if NIGHTWISH play death metal
Retail / Wholesale prices (incl. Postage): 5 USD / 2 USD
Total time: 2906
Cover: Pro-printed glossy with blasphemous lyrics and band photos
Label: OUPIRIC Productions
Label contact: Michael Nickolayev, PO Box 340, Kaluga-02, 248002 RUSSIA
E-mail: oupiric@kaluga.ru'


HOSTILE BREED - details about new album

Steev Esquivel (SKINLAB) and sound engineer Chris Hanson (MACHIENE HEAD, TECHNOCRACY, VIO-LENCE), finished the recordings of vocal parties for the song with working title "Show Me The Road", which you will hear on the second album of Moscow-based group HOSTILE BREED -"The Second Cut". The material was sent to Denmark for final mix.
Jacob Hansen don't only mix the stuff, but also will do some guitar parties and will do the programming of the album. There will be also guest back vocalist for Color Of Freedom song - singer of Danish band SACRIFICIAL.
Art studio Traum from Moscow continues to work on the cover artwork and layout. Russian edition will feature additional surprises.


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