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MORE HATE Productions - label releases

New releases just out through the label:

MHP 04-034 CD SEMARGL "Attack on God" - crushing black/death metal. The debut album was recorded and mastered in famous Polish studio Herz (HELLBORN, DECAPITATED, DIES IRAE)!

MHP 04-037 CD BLACK SHADOW "ZOv Smerti" - satanick ultra-speed black metal. In vein of DARK FUNEAL and ASHEN LIGHT. In the ranks of the band - ASHEN LIGHT vocalist, Lord Demogorgon. Presentation was on April, 9th in R-Club.

In next two monthes More Hate will release:
MHP 05-033 NORD'N'COMMANDER "Hermeneutics" progressive black dark metal
MHP 05-035 EMBERS OF LIFE "Dark Conspiracy" symphonic black/death metal
MHP 05-036 NATURAL SPIRIT "Русколунь" pagan Slavonic black metal

On final stage are the preparations to release the second part of CD grind core compilation by MORE HATE. This time compilation will feature Belarussians POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER with brand new 4 tracks, and 3 bands from Moscow, Russia : MUTANT FACTOR, ANAL NOSOROG, PRECHUDLIVYY ZARODYSH. The delay of release date is due to technical reasons.


Scorpio (18-4-2005)

MORE HATE - new signs

MORE HATE signed deals with...

With Estonian melodic death metal group - POST MORTEM to release their new album, "The Victory Day".

WIth Rybinsk, Russia band BOG-MOROK, who released their last CD last year through CD-Maximum, to release new album, "Stadiae II".

Also More Hate signed the record deal with Spanish formation FATAL PORTRAIT, which play sophisticated dark black metal, to releasethe scond full-length, "Adventum". These CDs are planned to be released this summer.


OLD MAN'S CHILD - finish recording new album

OLD MAN'S CHILD guitarist Galder (also in DIMMU BORGIR) has posted the following message on the group's web site:

"The new OLD MAN'S CHILD album is now finally almost finished after a quite long break. It was recorded in Fredman [in Gothenburg, Sweden] once again since I was pretty satisfied with the sound on the 'In Defiance of Existence' album [2003]. It's going to be mixed in early May so you can expect that Century Media will push it so it comes out as soon as possible. I only have an unmixed version at home, but even that sounds pretty good, so I have a feeling it will sound very good when finally mixed. It has 8 new songs and a re-recording of the old song 'Born of the Flickering'. The title of the new album is not quite decided yet but at this time I have decided to name it 'In the Orbit of Torment' but this might possibly be changed. I have done an 'ill-natured...' method on this album so every instrument is done personally except for the drums which was done by the Danish Reno Kiilerich [DIMMU BORGIR, EXMORTEM, VILE] which by the way did a killer job behind the drums. So all in all I must say I'm very happy with the album and hopefully everything will turn out good on the mixing side as well."


TRANSPORT LEAGUE - in recording process

Sweden's TRANSPORT LEAGUE have entered Grand Recordings in Gothenburg to begin recording their new album, "Obey, Consume, Reject", for a tentative September release through an as-yet-undetermined label. A total of 11 songs are currently being recorded, including a cover of DEPECHE MODE's "Never Let Me Down Again". Other songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Monster Device", "Handcuffed", "Kick Down", "Seven Day Armor", "Fold and Disgusted" and "Soul Wasted".


OPETH - close to signing with Roadrunner Records

Sweden's OPETH are on the verge of inking a new record deal with Roadrunner Records. The band, who were previously signed to the now-defunct British label Music For Nations Records, recently entered Fascination Street studios in Örebro, Sweden to begin recording their eight album, tentatively due later in the year.


MY DYING BRIDE - 'The Blue Lotus' video screenshots

MY DYING BRIDE have uploaded screenshots from their video for the track "The Blue Lotus" at this location' . The clip, which was directed and conceived by David Palzer, will be included on the group's upcoming "Sinamorata" DVD, tentatively due early summer via Peaceville. In addition to the "The Blue Lotus" video, "Sinamorata" will include live footage (12 songs) shot on November 2, 2003 in Antwerpen, Belgium, as well as backstage extras, the "Prize of Beauty" promotional clip, two videos made by MY DYING BRIDE fans ("Hope the Destroyer" and "My Wine In Silence") and a photo gallery featuring fan-created artwork inspired by the band's music.


DARKEST HOUR - 'Undoing Ruin' track listing revealed

DARKEST HOUR have set the tentative track listing for their new album, "Undoing Ruin", due on June 28 via Victory.

The follow-up to 2003's "Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation", "Undoing Ruin" was produced by STRAPPING YOUNG LAD mastermind Devin Townsend and will reportedly feature artwork by Chris Taylor of PG. 99.

"Undoing Ruin" track listing:

01. With A Thousand Words To Say But One
02. Convalescence
03. This Will Outlive Us
04. Sound The Surrender
05. Pathos
06. Low
07. Ethos
08. District Divided
09. These Fevered Times
10. Paradise
11. Tranquil



Season of Mist has announced a North American licensing deal consisting of four releases from Finland's Spinefarm/Spikefarm Records. The CDs to be issued include the latest albums from the bands SHAPE OF DESPAIR ("Illusion's Play"), TO SEPARATE THE FLESH FROM THE BONES ("Utopia Sadistica") and REVEREND BIZARRE ("In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend" and "Harbinger of Metal").

The official North American street date for all four CDs will be August 9, 2005 and all releases will be available via Caroline Distribution as well as direct from Season of Mist (USA).


Metal Heads Mission 2005

New details from the organizator of Ukrainian open air fest Metal Heads Mission.
This year all who come to the Black sea shore, will probably see on stage:

SNOB (Ukr)
and more...

The event will take place near the Evpatoria city, on the territory of relaxing complex "Sun".

The official magazines commercial view here' (in Russian).

The official forum of the fest here'


DEMIRICOUS sign with Metal Blade

Metal Blade Records have announced the official signing of Indianapolis-based death metal band DEMIRICOUS. The group will enter Planet Z Studios in June with producer Zeuss (HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL) to begin recording their new full-length album. The title of the band's debut Metal Blade Records release will be announced shortly.


SAINTS EVERLASTING REST - the back work re-issue is up ready

Wroth Emitter Records have reported that the re-issue of the back work "The Dusk Of Millennium" (2000/2005)' by doom-death masters SAINTS EVERLASTING REST (Moscow, RU) is up ready. Release date set as April 9. The CD will be available from the Gorbushka store (Moscow, RU) and via mailorder' .


DEMONS & WIZARDS have set the title for the new album

DEMONS & WIZARDS, the project featuring Jon Schaffer of ICED EARTH and Hansi Kürsch of BLIND GUARDIAN, have set "Touched by the Crimson King" as the title of their sophomore album, due June 27 via SPV Records.

The follow-up to the group's 2001 self-titled CD, "Touched by the Crimson King" will feature the following track listing:

01. Crimson King
02. Beneath These Waves
03. Terror Train
04. Seize the Day
05. The Gunslinger
06. Love's Tragedy Asunder
07. Wicked Witch
08. Dorian
09. Down Where I Am
10. Immigrant Song (LED ZEPPELIN cover)

There is currently talk about DEMONS & WIZARDS filming a video for their version of "Immigrant Song". However, at press time, this has not yet been officially confirmed.


THYRFING will start up forging the new album

Sweden's THYRFING will enter EMI Studio in Stockholm on April 18 with producer Henrik Edenhed (LAMBRETTA, THE SOUNDS) to record their fifth, as-yet-untitled album. The follow-up to 2002's "Vansinnesvisor" (Hammerheart Records) will be mixed later during the summer for a fall release via Regain Records.


DREAM EVIL have postponed the recording session

DREAM EVIL, the Swedish band featuring acclaimed producer Fredrik Nordström (HAMMERFALL, IN FLAMES, DIMMU BORGIR, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, etc.) and drummer Snowy Shaw (KING DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE, MEMENTO MORI, NOTRE DAME), have postponed the recording sessions for their fourth album until August/September from the previously announced late May. The delay is being attributed to the band's desire to spend more time writing and demoing new material before entering the studio.


THUNDERSTONE have entered the national single chart

Finnish melodic power metallers THUNDERSTONE have entered the national single chart in Finland at position No. 3 with their limited-edition "Tool of the Devil" single.

As previously reported, THUNDERSTONE are scheduled to release their third full-length album, "Tools of Destruction", on April 18 via Nuclear Blast Records.


EPIDEMIA have to release the new album this week

CD-Maximum media service reports as following:

April 7 is the release date for the fifth album "Zhizn' V Sumerkax" ["Dwellers of the Twilight" - transl.] by the top Russian heavy power metal band EPIDEMIA.

This album is a compilation, which includes the highly acclaimed tracks out of all previous band's works: "Volya K Zhizni" ["The Will To Live" - transl.] (1998), "Na Krayu Vremeni" ["At The Age Of Time" - transl.](1999) (these two albums had never been published as CD) and the latter one - "Zagadka Volshebnoi Strany" ["The Mystery Of The Fairy-Land" - transl.](2001). Total tracklisting includes 11 points selected from the voting with participation from the band's fan army. As their part, the band-members have re-recorded old material, updated lyrics and song-structures with all the work commenced on Aria Records facility in the last half 2004.


Thomen Stauch left BLIND GUARDIAN

This informarion is from official site of the band:

No news is good news. This obviously is bad news. After walking along the same musical paths for about 20 years and after several long, open and honest discussions between the four band members, we have all (including Thomen) come to the same conclusion that it is now best for Thomen to leave the band.

Since we developed different musical and personal directions for quite a while now, it turned out to be more and more difficult to find acceptable and suitable solutions for everyone in the band. Such circumstances would have eventually caused severe internal problems. Therefore, to avoid any damage to our close relationship this difficult step is essential. In terms of creativity or progression neither one of us would like to hold the other one back. Due to that fact the split seems to be a sad, but reasonable solution. We wish Thomen all the best for the future and hope to come up with more positive news in the near future.

…and day shall come again


Dear Bards,

As you may have read in Hansi's statement, I am no longer the drummer of Blind Guardian. From now on we are going our separate ways, at least musically. I must admit it is quite a sad, but necessary decision in order for us to remain friends.

I stand fully behind Hansi's declaration, so I will keep my statement as short as possible, and wish Blind Guardian all the best for the future, hoping that they find another drummer without any hassle.

I would also like to use this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who stood by us through all those years, especially our fans. You are the best!!! I hope to see you again soon!

A big thank you to my old colleagues, Hansi, Andre and Marcus, for all the amazing times we've shared.

Take care,


Siberian Black Metal Dark Horde - the project has been appended

As it is said in Siberian Black Metal Dark Horde mailing list:

"Siberian Black Metal Dark Horde announce that the official web site of TROGMORTON, GHORNUMN and DWERGAMAL projects has been uploaded here: www.Siberian-black.narod.ru' .

Currently, only the sketch example of the web page is available, that includes brief info on the aforementioned bandsand mp3 samples. Your opinion on the web site's design and its content is important to us!

Music press issues, record labels and live promoters! You could order our promo materials contacting us as written below: darkambience@yandex.ru' или ahgles@mail.ru' ."



DEATH ANGEL guitarist Ted Aguilar and longtime San Francisco Bay Area metal scene fixture Walter Morgan are among the people involved with a brand new record company called Old School Metal Records, "a label determined to find and promote those bands that know how to craft a great song with talent and skill rather than with technology and effects," according to a press release.

"OSM Records are in the process of signing some really talented bands, we have ears and eyes on almost every corner of the world and we are determined to succeed. This is a call to arms for every unsigned band that has the balls to make front to the trendy reality of metal music today."

Send demo CDs to:

OSM Records
P.O. Box 4822
Antioch, CA 94531-4822

For more information, visit www.osmrecords.net'


DISGORGE - new song available for download

California death-grind band DISGORGE have completed work on their fourth album, "Paralells of Infinite Torture", due on May 17 via Crash Music Inc. The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Revealed in Obscurity
02. Enthroned Abominations
03. Atonement
04. Abhorrent Desecration of thee Iniquity
05. Forgotten Scriptures
06. Descending upon Convulsive Devourments
07. Condemned to Sufferance
08. Parallels of Infinite Torture
09. Asphyxiation of thee Oppressed
10. Ominous Sigils of Ungodly Ruins

A full-length MP3 of the track "Enthroned Abominations" can be downloaded at this location.

DISGORGE had previously released two albums through the Unique Leader label (1999's "She Lay Gutted" and 2001's "Consume the Forsaken") and a collection of demos through Extremities Productions (1999's "Cranial Impalement").


BRAINSTORM - "All Those Words" video

BRAINSTORM's video for the track "All Those Words" has been posted online at MetalBlade.de' (Windows Media). The video was shot in an old mine in Germany, where "the special atmosphere deep inside these mighty mountains was perfectly captured," according to a press release.

"All Those Words" comes off the German power metallers' long-awaited new full-length album, "Liquid Monster", due on April 4 via Metal Blade Records. A limited-edition version of "Liquid Monster" will be available as a CD+DVD digibook, featuring the album, a video documentary of the band's last world tour and additional bonus material.

BRAINSTORM recently announced that female singer Carmen Schäfer will be joining them on stage for the song "All Those Words" at their shows in Ludwigsburg (April 27) and Budapest (April 30) on the upcoming tour. "Besides these two special performances, all fans can expect amazing shows on the whole tour with tons of light effects and fantastic stage buildings!" drummer Dieter Bernert said in a statement. "As we always promised to bring our own show with us, now you will see what a real BRAINSTORM show is all about!"

BRAINSTORM's "Inside The Monster - World Tour 2005 / 2006" will kick off April 19 at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark. A U.K. tour supporting SAXON was recently rescheduled for October.


BENEDICTION are working on their new album

Death Metal veterens BENEDICTION have finally started work in earnest on their follow-up album to 2001's "Organised Chaos". Vocalist Dave Hunt, guitarists Darren Brookes and Peter Rew, and bassist Frank Healy will be assisted in the writing and fine-tuning of the forthcoming tracks by their old drummer, Neil Hutton, and ex-DIMMU BORGIR/CRADLE OF FILTH skinsman Nick Barker. It has not yet been determined who will be drumming on the new release, but the live drummer will more than likely be Nick Barker. Barker has been a longtime friend of the band and shares their love of all things Metal. Also rumoured to be assisting the band during the writing process are various members of MISTRESS, ANAAL NATHRAKH and BOLT THROWER. No further information is available at this time.


SATYRICON: songwriting update

Norwegian black metallers SATYRICON have posted the following message on their official web site:
"Continuing the new way of writing and working on song arragements in remote places, Satyr just returned from another session held in a cabin by the sea on Norway's second biggest populated island. Now we are preparing for a test-recording for two new songs that will take place three weeks from now. The band has also managed to obtain an audio recording of the Pope's last rite held last night CET. We hope to make a song based around this recording and have Phil Spector produce it."



MAYHEM's Jan Axel Blomberg (a.k.a. Hellhammer) has reportedly agreed to play on the next DIMMU BORGIR CD as a session drummer. The Norwegian symphonic black metallers had previously utilized the services of NILE's Tony Laureano and Reno Kiilerich (PANZERCHRIST, EXMORTEM, VILE) as touring members following the departure of Nick Barker (ex-CRADLE OF FILTH) in early 2004.

DIMMU BORGIR recently announced plans to re-record their second album, "Stormblåst" (originally released in 1996 via Cacophonous Records) later in the year. No further information is currently available.


NOCTURNAL RITES: 'Avalon' Video Posted Online

Swedish power metallers NOCTURNAL RITES have uploaded their video for the track "Avalon" at this location.

The group's third clip off their most recent album, "New World Messiah", "Avalon" was directed and produced by Owe Lingvall for Satellite Productions.

NOCTURNAL RITES' sixth studio album, "New World Messiah", was released last spring through Century Media Records. The follow-up to 2002's "Shadowland" was recorded in the band's hometown of Umeå, Sweden and was mixed and mastered at Finnvox Studio in Helsinki, Finland by T.T. Oksala (TIAMAT, APOCALYPTICA) and Minerva Pappi.


SEPULTURA: Preparing For DVD Shoot

Brazilian thrashers SEPULTURA have posted the following message on their official web site:

"SEPULTURA is back in Brazil and getting ready for the recording of the DVD! Everything is set. Sunday, April the 3rd is the day! The concert will take place in São Paulo and SEPULTURA will be practicing all week for a very special show.

"The DVD — to be released in June/July — will also feature a documentary/home video with backstage footage and a lot more."

As previously reported. SEPULTURA are in the process of writing material for their new studio album, which is said to be based on the "The Divine Comedy", widely considered the greatest epic poem of Italian literature, and one of the greatest of world literature.


DEW-SCENTED - the forth issue will be 'Issue IV'

German thrashers DEW-SCENTED have set "Issue VI" as the title of their new album, due in Europe on June 20 via Nuclear Blast Records. The follow-up to 2003's "Impact", "Issue VI" was recorded at Stage One studios in Borgentreich, Germany with producer Andy Classen (CALLENISH CIRCLE, TANKARD, OCCULT). Classen, who produced the previous DEW-SCENTED albums "Inwards" (2002) and "Impact", "did an outstanding job once [again] and definitely managed to deliver his best production (for us, at least...) ever! We look forward to sharing these new songs with everybody!" the band write on their web site.

"Issue VI" track listing:

01. Processing Life
02. Rituals of Time
03. Turn to Ash
04. Ruins of Hope
05. Out of The Self
06. The Prison of Reason
07. Bled Dry
08. In Defeat
09. Never to Return
10. Vortex
11. Conceptual End
12. Evil Dead (ZEKE cover)


HIRAX' former members restart their forgotten project

Former HIRAX members Gary Monardo (bass), Johnny Tabares (drums, HIRAX's "Raging Violence" album), and Bob Savage (guitar, HIRAX's 1984 demo) have joined forces with ex-WARGOD singer Robbie Perkins in a reformed version of their pre-HIRAX band COLD BLOOD, now going under the moniker WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (W.O.M.D.). The group are currently in the process of writing material for a three-song demo, to be released this summer.


HOSTILE BREED & SOULFLY will tour Russia together

Russian "angry" metallers HOSTILE BREED will be supporting SOULFLY on their upcoming Russian tour beginning on April 21.

Confirmed SOULFLY/HOSTILE BREED tour dates:

Apr. 21 – S-Petersburg, RUS @ Port
Apr. 22 – Kaliningrad, RUS @ City Park
Apr. 23 – Moscow, RUS @ DKG
Apr. 24 - N.Novgorod, RUS @ Matrix

HOSTILE BREED's latest album, "The Second Cut", was released last April via top Russian metal record label Irond Ltd. "The Second Cut" includes a guest appearance on vocals by SKINLAB frontman Steev Esquivel on the song "Show Me the Road", a guitar solo by INVOCATOR's Flemming C. Lund on "Civilization of Hatred", and an appearance by the singer from Danish band SACRIFICIAL on the song "Color of Freedom". Production on the album was handled by Jacob Hansen (INVOCATOR, MNEMIC, RAUNCHY, HATESPHERE). The CD cover artwork was conceived by the Moscow art studio Traum.


AURA NOIR - drummer is undergoing surgery

According to the U.K.'s Terrorizer magazine, Carl-Michael "Aggressor" Eide (AURA NOIR, INFERNO, VIRUS, VED BUENS ENDE, ex-CADAVER, ex-DHG) fell from (or jumped off, depending on whose story you believe) a five-story building in Oslo, Norway on Saturday (March 26). He is currently undergoing extensive surgery and the outcome is still not determined. Friends, family and fans all over the world are in shock and can only hope that he'll pull through and make as complete a recovery as possible.


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