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VINTRRIKET/RIKKET - split CD on Oskorei Music

Russian label Oskorei Music is proud to present a wonderful dark ambient split VINTERRIKET "Von Eiskristallen...und dem ewigen Chaos" from Germany and Russia's RIKKET "Riket Av Evig Skogen". Release is so close! 8th of September! Don't miss, because only 300 hand numbered copies are going to be out.

1. Einsamkeit
2. Eisreflektionen
3. Vi Staar I En Sirkel Av Svart
4. V Chern' Lesa Zimnego Tayas'
5. The Mourning

Total length is 44:20


Scorpio (4-9-2003)

ARMAGEDDA - signed a deal with Agonia Records

Polish label Agonia Records has signed a deal with Swedish Black brigade ARMAGEDDA, featured Graav (Vocals and Strings) and A. (Strings). Second full-length CD "Only True Believers" will be released at the end of September Company Beyond Productions will release vinyl version of album.


HANDFUL OF HATE - "ViceCrown" will appear on 27th of October

Third album by Italy's blackers HANDFUL OF HATE, entitled "ViceCrown", which will appear on 27th of October through Code666 Records. First 666 copies will be released as coolest limited edition in leather box. Artwork for album made artist Fabio (also made artwork for ARKHON INFAUSTUS, ABORYM, KHONKRA).


MONSTROSITY - finalized tracklist for new album

World wide known deathers MONSTROSITY have finalized tracklist for brand new album "Rise To Power". It was recorded in Audio Hammer studios in Sanford Florida with sound-engineer Jason Soucof. Conquest Music Inc. will release CD on 23rd of September this year.
Final track listing:

01. The Exordium
02. Awaiting Armageddon
03. Wave Of Annihilation
04. The Fall Of Eden
05. Chemical Reaction
06. A Casket For The Soul
07. Rise To Power
08. Visions Of Violence
09. From Wrath To Ruin
10. Abysmal Gods
11. Shadow Of Obliteration


Hammerheart Records - changed name to Karmageddon Media

World wide known label Hammerheart Records changed name to Karmageddon Media. About these changes from Guido Heijnens (co-owner of Hammerheart Records):
"After months of thinking, talking, evaluating plans and contracts HAMMERHEART RECORDS have decided to call it a day ! But we are not simply leaving all this behind... how could we ever?
Both owners Peter van Ool and Guido Heijnens have decided to re-start a new label under the name KARMAGEDDON MEDIA ! Of course with the same quality and impact as Hammerheart Records used to have.
We simply got a bit tired of some of the things happening in the music-industry, especially the attitude of some people was too much for us, we had to change things drastically or stopping was the only option. We ran into problems and what I would call "anti-social" behaviour too often and frequently.
This new label is done in very close co-operation with PLASTIC HEAD DISTRIBUTION, who will exclusively distribute KARMAGEDDON MEDIA starting October 1st 2003.
We feel secure and positive that under the wings of our big independent brothers working at PLASTIC HEAD DISTRIBUTION we get more chances to develop and grow in a steady and reliable way.
The artists and the catalogue of HAMMERHEART RECORDS are transferred to KARMAGEDDON MEDIA and we will soon inform everyone on our release-schedule.
Be prepared for new killer albums by DISMEMBER, CRUACHAN, MORIFADE, TORTURE KILLER etc."


ANCIENT CEREMONY - выступление на Summerbreeze зпрещено

Church and city government have forbidden the performance of ANCIENT CEREMONY at Summerbreeze Open Air (one of Europe's biggest Metal festivals) because of the band's Satanic and blasphemous attitude! Promoters were even set under pressure by getting told the whole event was cancelled if the band was allowed to play so that the organizers had no other chance than taking them from the billing. This scandal is a fist into the face of the entire Metal scene and neither band nor management are willing to accept this cancellation without fighting against it. Of course ANCIENT CEREMONY will continue following their Satanic ethics consequently and are almost "proud" that they are the only controversial act that was chosen as "enemy" by these radical catholics - but there is no legal base for the behaviour from church and authorities so that ANCIENT CEREMONY hope for massive support from fans and media in fighting against this censorship!


STRATOVARIUS - clip from the new album

STRATOVARIUS have posted a clip from the song "I Walk To My Own Song"' from upcoming "Elements Pt.2" CD. The clip is almost 3 minutes long and it is with good quality.
As previously announced "Elements Pt.2" will be released on 27th of October through Nuclear Blast.


DESTRUCTION - new videoclip posted online

At the REAL AUDIO Section' the first offical soundfiles are now posted online, to give you a first impression of the upcoming album "Metal Discharge" - More files will follow soon. Nuclear Blast will release this new Thrash Metal Masterpiece worldwide on the 22. of September 2003.
The brand new videoclip of the track "Desecrators" will be posted nnext week.


NIGHTWISH - "End Of Innocence" DVD

New NIGHTWISH DVD "End Of Innocence" will be released in September through Spinefarm Records. It will include:
1. The history of NIGHTWISH by Tuomas and Jukka

2. Music clips:
1. End Of All Hope
2. Dead To The World
3. 10th Man Down
4. Slaying The Dreamer
5. Over The Hills And Far Away
6. Sleeping Sun
7. Over The Hills And Far Away (promo)
8. Bless The Child (promo)
9. End Of All Hope (promo !!!)
live from SUMMERBREEZE festival 2002, 5.1 sound

3. Photo Gallery

4. Interview for MTV Brazil in 2003.


RAUNCHY - tentative track listing for their sophomore album

Denmark's RAUNCHY have set the tentative track listing for their sophomore album, due in early 2004 through Nuclear Blast Records.
The as-yet-untitled follow-up to last year's highly acclaimed "Velvet Noise" was recorded and mixed at producer Jacob Hansen's (INVOCATOR) Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark. 12 songs were reportedly tracked for the CD, including a cover of FAITH NO MORE's "From Out Of Nowhere", which will be used as a bonus track for the album's Scandinavian edition.
The tentative track listing for the effort is as follows:
01. Join The Scene
02. I Get What I See
03. Summer Of Overload
04. Watch Out
05. Nine/Five
06. Show Me Your Real Darkness
07. Confusion Bay
08. The Devil
09. Insane
10. Morning Rise And A Friday Night
11. Bleeding Pt. 2
12. From Out Of Nowhere (FAITH NO MORE cover) (Scandinavian bonus)


EXODUS - signed a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast

Nuclear Blast is very proud to announce that the legendary Bay Area Thrashers of EXODUS have signed a worldwide deal with the label!
Their upcoming new album "Tempo of the Damned" was recorded by Andy Sneap and will be released on the 2nd of February and will be a tribute to Paul Baloff ( Feb 2nd is the 2 year anniversary of Paul passing )


THEATRE OF TRAGEDY - parted ways with Liv Kristine

THEATRE OF TRAGEDY have parted ways with Liv Kristine. Liv said, that she didn't know anything about this decision and got this news not from group.
"I'm so surprised and shoked. Nobody from group's members phoned me to inform about this decision. I only got an e-mail, where it goes, that I have parted ways with band. This is not my decision, and I have never left our fans!" said Liv Kristine.


MOONSPELL - new song online

MOONSPELL have posted brand new song online. It's "In And Above Men"' from new band's upcoming album "The Antidote", which will be released 19th September trough Century Media Records. CD was recorded at Finnvox Studios (Helsinki, Finland) with producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (H.I.M., SENTENCED, AMORPHIS).


HARMONY DIES - new CD out now

New CD by Germans HARMONY DIES, "Impact", out now on Morbid Records, features 11 new tracks of fast and brutal Death Metal.
Coming soon Split with the Greek Grinders Fleshart.


GOMORRHA - "Sexual Pervesity by Autopsy"

New release on Nice to Eat You records will be new CD of GOMORRHA from Germany called "Sexual Pervesity by Autopsy"...brutal death metal in vein of Severe Torture, Dying Fetus ... guttural vocals, sick lyrics,crushing drums...most brutal music from Germany.
Out in September 2003!


CANNIBAL CORPSE - upcoming boxset "15-Year Killing Spree"

More news on the upcoming boxset. The box will be titled "15-Year Killing Spree" and is scheduled for a November 3rd release. The complete track listing for "15-Year Killing Spree" is:
Disc One - Best of Volume 1

1. Shredded Humans
2. Put them to Death
3. Born in a Casket
4. A Skull Full of Maggots
5. Gutted
6. Covered With Sores
7. Vomit the Soul
8. Hammer Smashed Face
9. Addicted to Vaginal Skin
10. The Cryptic Stench
11. Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead
12. Stripped, Raped and Strangled
13. The Pick-Axe Murders
14. The Bleeding
15. Zero the Hero

Disc Two - Best of Volume 2

1. Devoured by Vermin
2. Disfigured
3. Monolith
4. I Will Kill You
5. Sentenced to Burn
6. Gallery of Suicide
7. Dead Human Collection
8. The Spine Splitter
9. Pounded Into Dust
10. I Cum Blood- Live
11. Fucked With A Knife (live)
12. Unleashing the Bloodthirsty (live)
13. Meathook Sodomy (live)
14. Savage Butchery
15. Pit of Zombies
16. Sanded Faceless
17. Systematic Elimination

Disc Three - Previously Unreleased Material

'89 Demo:
1. A Skull Full of Maggots
2. The Undead Will Feast
3. Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains
4. Put Them to Death
5. Bloody Chunks

"Created To Kill" Sessions:
6. Unburied Horror
7. Mummified in Barbed Wire
8. Gallery of the Obscene
9. To Kill Myself
10. Bloodlands
11. Puncture Wound Massacre
12. Devoured by Vermin

"Gallery of Suicide" Demo:
13. Chambers of Blood
14. Dismembered and Molested
15. Gallery of Suicide
16. Unite the Dead
17. Crushing the Despised
18. Headless

Cover Songs:
19. Bethany Home (A Place to Die)
20. Endless Pain
21. Behind Bars

Disc Four - DVD

1st Live Cannibal Corpse Show 1989
1. Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains
2. The Undead Will Feast
3. Escape the Torment
4. Bloody Chunks
5. Enter at Your Own Risk
6. Put Them to Death
7. A Skull Full of Maggots

"Butchered at Birth" Studio Footage 1991
8. Drum Sessions & Bass Guitar Overdub

CANNIBAL CORPSE Eats Moscow Alive 1993
9. Shredded Humans
10. The Cryptic Stench
11. Meathook Sodomy
12. Edible Autopsy
13. I Cum Blood
14. Gutted
15. Entrails Ripped From a Virgin's Cunt
16. Beyond the Cemetery
17. A Skull Full of Maggots

Live at The Palace in Hollywood, CA 2002
18. From Skin to Liquid
19. Savage Butchery
20. Devoured by Vermin
21. Stripped, Raped and Strangled
22. Disposal of the Body
23. Pounded into Dust
24. Addicted to Vaginal Skin
25. Meathook Sodomy
26. Pit of Zombies
27. Hammer Smashed Face


ZUBROWSKA - Brutal-texhnical-shyzoid piece of extremal music

Brutal-texhnical-shyzoid piece of extremal music with two crazy vocalers present French band ZUBROWSKA. Debut album, "One On Six", includes 12 tracks, musically wide from brutal death metal a-la CRYPTOPSY, DYING FETUS, CEPHALIC CARNAGE to metalcore a-la DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and CONVERGE. CD will be released on 15th of September.



France's satanic death/black group VORKREIST will release their new album "Sabbathical Flesh Possession" on 15th of September. Their music is mix of old school death metal in spirit of ANGEL CORPSE and DIABOLIC and some black influenses, as IMMORTAL and early IMPALED NAZARENE.

1. Dead And Devoted
2. Purified In Hellfire
3. Tread On The Cross
4. At The Side Of The Beast
5. Sabbathical Flesh Possession
6. ThornTorment the Impaled
7. Infernal Communion
8. Iconophobia
9. Dawn Of Terror


EINHERJER - new album will be released on September 15

New album of Finnish viking metallers EINHERJER, "Blot", will be released on 15th September through new Norwegian label Tabu Recordings.
01. Einherjermarsjen
02. Ironbound
03. Dead Knight's Rite
04. Wolf-Age
05. The Eternally Damned
06. Ware Her Venom
07. Hammar Haus
08. Starkad
09. Ride the Gallows
10. Ingen Grid
11. Berserkergang
12. Venomtongue


MANEGARM - new album

28 August Displeased Records will release new album of band MANEGARM, "Dodsfard".

01. Intro
02. I Evig Tid
03. Ravenous
04. Agirs Vrede
05. Dodsfard
06. Fimbultrollet
07. Daudr
08. Vrede
09. Pagan War
10. Ursjalens Visdom
11. Gillesvisan
CD was recorded in Studio Underground in Sweden. It's war viking metal.

Nuclear Blast - coolest DVD

Nuclear Blast released coolest DVD - 2xDVD "Monsters Of Metal Vol. 1". So, what we have...
DVD 1:

1. MANOWAR - Warriors Of The World United
2. HAMMERFALL - Hearts On Fire
3. HELLOWEEN - Just A Little Sign
4. ANTHRAX - Safe Home
5. SOILWORK - Rejection Role
6. BLIND GUARDIAN - The Bard's Song
7. FARMER BOYS - Here Comes The Pain
8. PRIMAL FEAR - Armaggedon
9. TIAMAT - Vote For Love
10. IN FLAMES - Trigger
11. STRATOVARIUS - Eagleheart
12. SONATA ARCTICA - Wolf & Raven
13. MORBID ANGEL - Immortal Rites
14. PARADISE LOST - Say Just Words
15. IRON MAIDEN - Run To The Hills
16. OOMPH! - Supernova
17. SEVENDUST - Live Again
18. CRADLE OF FILTH - Her Ghost In The Fog
19. STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - Relentless
20. SEPULTURA - Bullet The Blue Sky
21. DARKANE - Innocence Gone
22. DAVID SHANKLE GROUP - Ashes To Ashes
23. LACUNA COIL - Heaven's A Lie
24. ENTOMBED - I For An Eye
25. CIRCLE II CIRCLE - Watching In Silence
26. THE HAUNTED - Bury Your Dead
27. EMPEROR - The Loss And Curse Of Reverance
28. KATAKLYSM - Shadows And Dust
29. CHILDREN OF BODOM - Everytime I Die
30. THERION - Summernight City
31. MASTERPLAN - Enlighten me
32. ATROCITY - Taste Of Sin
33. CATHEDRAL - Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)

DVD 2:

1. DEATHSTARS - Synthetic Generation
2. MESHUGGAH - Rational Gaze
3. MNEMIC - Ghost
4. RHAPSODY - Power Of The Dragonflame
5. JUDAS PRIEST - Lost And Found
6. DIMMU BORGIR - Puritana
7. BIOHAZARD - Sellout
9. PUNGENT STENCH - Viva La Muerte
10. DANZIG - Five Finger Crawl
11. AMORPHIS - Alone
12. KREATOR - Violent Revolution
14. CARCASS - No Love Lost
15. CREMATORY - Tears Of Time
16. BLUDGEON - Stained In Blood
17. SINISTER - Leviathan

Except all these you'll get audio, photogallery and many many more...


METAL HEADS' MISSION IV - coolest CIs-states open air fest

Some news from recently tooked place METAL HEADS' MISSION IV open air fest. List of bands, which tooked part, differes from earlier announced.
So, on fest played:
Day 1

1. Who I Am (Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine)
2. Rikoshet (Minsk, Belarus)
3. Rest in Pain (Moscow, Russia)
4. Fatal Energy (Ukraine)
5. Globalilsed Abstruse (Burshtyn, Ukraine)
6. Datura (Kirovskoye, Ukraine)
7. Rasta (Homel, Belarus)
8. Blast (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Day 2

1. Hyperion (Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine)
2. Apocryphal (Rechitsa, Belarus)
3. Vestibulum (Soligorsk, Belarus)
4. Pagan Reign (Tver', Russia)
5. Agressor (Ukraine - refused to play!)
6. Mental Demise (Lisichansk, Ukraine)
7. Necropsy (Rzeszow, Poland)

TARTHARIA - "A Secret Device" release date

TARTHARIA's "A Secret Device" release date is 28 October 2003 through Crash Music Inc.
Debut TARTHARIA material recorded and mixed at ASTIA Studio with Anssi Kippo as Sound Producer (Children Of Bodom, Impaled Nazarene, To/Die/For) and mastered at Finnvox Studio with Mika Jussilla (April, 2003). The debut is entitled "A Secret Device" and musically strikes the black/death line with tender keyboards.


New album of Moscow-based black collective RADIGOST soon will be release on Russian label Stygian Crypt Productions. The recording of "For the honor of our truth... For the honor of our faith" is already finished. One song - The Sacred Aim of Humanity' you can download here' .
1. For the Honor of Our Truth… For the Honor of Our Faith...
2. V Serdtse Bitvy (In the Heart of Battle)
3. The Sacred Aim of Humanity
4. Maestus
5. Puti Bogov (Paths of the Gods)
6. Thousands Years of Darkness
7. Woodlands
8. Nebesnoye Plamia (Celestial Flame)
9. Blood and Grief



Nikolaev(Ukraine)-based grind project SAPONIFICATION, featured two members of brutal death band LIFE DENIAL Max and Vaal, recently recorded their debut album "Paraxysm".
Almost 30 min. of brutallest music, you could ever heared.
"It is the brutallest 2003' Ukraine's release!" - says Max - "It featured 11 braingrinding and awfully ugly tracks. If you've heared DISGORGE or something like that - that's pops!"
We've got the permission from band to post some tracks for downloading:
Paraxysm (Part I)' , 1:21 - 1.3 MB
Mechanical Asphyx' , 4:00 - 3.7 MB
Reticulepericardite' , 0:04 - 3.6 MB

Final tracklist is following:

01. Paraxysm (Part I)
02. Just Buried
03. Abscess
04. Mechanical Asphyx
05. Cryptorchysm
06. Posthumous Burning
07. Reticulepericardite
08. Fixed By Formaline
09. Gorefeasting Necrocannibal
10. Embolism
11. Paraxysm (Part II)

IMPALED NAZARENE - "All That You Fear"

New album of Finland's IMPALED NAZARENE, "All That You Fear", with total running time 42:45. will be released world wide on 3rd of November 2003. Recorded at Astia studio with Anssi Kippo and mixed at Finnvox studio by Mikko Karmila. Final track listing is:
01. Kohta Ei Naura Enaa Jeesuskaan
02. Armageddon Death Squad
03. The Endless War
04. The Maggot Crusher
05. Curse Of The Dead Medusa
06. Suffer In Silence
07. Halo Of Flies
08. Recreate Thru Hate
09. Goat Seeds Of Doom
10. Even More Pain
11. Tribulation Hell
12. Urgent Need To Kill
13. All That You Fear


DIMMU BORGIR - video for new song is posted online

DIMMU BORGIR's video for new song "Progenies of The Great Apocalypse", is posted online' . This track is from new album, "Death Cult Armageddon", due on September, through Nuclear Blast Records.


ICED EARTH - Owens finally decided to become permanent vocalist

Tim Owens finally decided to become permanent vocalist of ICED EARTH. Jon Shaffer posted a message on band's official website:

Well everyone, it is official. Tim Owens is the new frontman and lead vocalist of Iced Earth and I couldn't be happier! There is no doubt that fate has played a big part in our lives in these last few months and I truly beleive that this is the way it was meant to be. Everything happens for a reason!! Tim did an outstanding job on this record. In 5 very relaxed days he nailed the parts, and I mean NAILED them, and I don't think I've ever laughed as much and had as much fun in the studio before. He is definitely bringing new life into the band and the future looks very bright for us as a team."



Hard Rock festival COREFEST - follower of THE GREAT COMMANDMENT FEST (since 1998, 28 festival acts, took part 58 bands from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovaky, biggest: September 2000 ("Zelenyy teatr", Hydropark, 1100 persons), October 2001 ("Zelenyy teatr", Hydropark, 1500 persons) and MONSTERS of ROCK.RU (July 2002, show-park "Obolon", 1800 persons).
First COREFEST will present elite of Ukrainian heavy music - groups TE DEUM, CONQUEST, BORSHCH, INFERNO, special guests - legendary Austria's band PUNGENT STENCH, chill-out in style dark and night marathon with young groups from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. Before the concert will be press-conferention for mass-media representants. Organized by record-label COREZONE.
Main participants:

PUNGENT STENCH - Headliners of fest. Legendary band from Austria, "fathers" of European gore metal - most skandal style in extremal music of 90s. At first time in CIS!
TE DEUM - For today absolut leaders of Ukrainian heavy metal scene. Band N1. Cult.
BORSHH - Super-trio of musicians from VV and TNMK. Angry hard rock with elements of psycho-punk and hopak. 100% sound terror. Fight "wall vs wall" between RAMMSTEIN and MOTORHEAD.
CONQUEST - Coolest melodic power metal from Kharkiv. Debut CD "Endless Power" (2002) - absolut recordbraker of independent "metal" sales in Russia. 2003 - album reissues in Brazil though biggest local metal label Megahard Records and get 18th place in Latin America metal charts. Concert superhit - cover song of V.Ivasyuk song "Chervona Ruta".
INFERNO - Patriarchs of Ukrainian gothic metal. With performance at COREFEST finish mini-tour in support of new album "Ne Angely" ("Not Angels"). Erotic show in red-black colours.

Media-partners: STB, ENTER, BIZ TV, MOLOKO, X3M, AFISHA, POWER FM, RADIO ROCKS, Russian and Belarussian special mus. press.

PUNGENT STENCH - www.pungentstench.net'
INFERNO - www.inferno.fanspace.com'
BORSHCH - www.borshch.com'
TE DEUM - www.te-deum.kiev.ua'
THE GREAT COMMANDMENT FEST - flying.musica.mustdie.ru/tgc.html'

COREFEST management: Georgiy Dementyev, corezone@ukrpost.net' , +380 (067) 504 16 68
Mihail Druchenko, mclarenzoo@ukr.net' , +380 (044) 21337 89

AZAGHAL - finished recording their MCD

Finland-based blackers AZAGHAL finished recording their MCD. "Kyy" will be released in October through Norway's Aftermath Music.
Debut album, entitled "Perkeleen Luoma", due in long winter. Videoclip for song "Kyy" will be included to forthcoming CD.


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