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BLOOD RED THRONE - 'Smite' video posted online

BLOOD RED THRONE's video for the track "Smite" has been posted online at Earache.com' .

"Smite" comes off the group's new album, "Altered Genesis", available now in Europe on Earache Records. A U.S. release is expected on March 22.

"Altered Genesis" was recorded at DUB studio in Norway and was engineered by Endre Kirkesola. Mixing duties were handled by Valle Adzic at Studio Mega in Sweden. An MP3 of the album track "Mephitication" can be downloaded at this location' .


Scorpio (21-2-2005)

DIAMOND HEAD - new album

NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) legends DIAMOND HEAD have made their new album, "All Will Be Revealed".

"All Will Be Revealed" was produced by Brian Tatler and Karl Wilcox and is available in a limited tour edition. The track listing is as follows:

01. Mine All Mine
02. Give It To Me
03. Nightmare
04. Fallen Angel
05. Alimony
06. Lost At Sea
07. Broken Pieces
08. All Will Be Revealed
09. Dead Or Living
10. Drinkin Again
11. Come Alive
12. Muddy Waters


RAGE - Austrian tribute album

A tribute album to German power metallers RAGE consisting of contributions from 28 Austrian metal bands will be released on June 3. Entitled "Back In Time - A Tribute To Rage", the double CD will contain the following tracks:

01. ASPHYXIA - "All I Want"
02. CEEJAY & SEQUOIA DENDRON - "Turn the Page"
03. DRUNKEN ANGELS - "Incomplete"
04. ELEFTHERIA - "Riders on the Moonlight"
05. EVENTIDE - "The Crawling Chaos"
06. EYE OF BETRAYER - "Fading Hours/Take Me to the Water Medley"
07. EYETOLEGY - "Raw Caress"
08. FATE - "Soundchaser"
09. FIRESTORM - "Solitary Man"
10. LORDS OF DECADENCE - "Paint the Devil on the Wall"
11. LOST DREAMS - "Defenders of the Ancient Life"
12. MADOG - "The Crawling Chaos"
13. MIDGARD - "From The Cradle to the Grave"
14. MIDGARD UPGRADED - "The Missing Link"
16. SCARECROW - "Don't Fear the Winter"
17. SAVIOUR - "Take Me to the Water"
18. SCREAM - "The Mirror In Your Eyes"
19. SEQUOIA DENDRON - "War of Worlds"
20. SERENITY - "Set the World on Fire"
21. SINDUSTRY - "The Price of War"
22. SOLE - "No Lies"
23. STERNENSTAUB - "From the Cradle to the Grave"
24. STYGMA IV - "Back In Time" (acoustic)
25. SUGAR FOR LUCY - "My Rage"
26. SUICIDE - "Baby I'm Your Nightmare"
27. VALSANS - "Sent by the Devil"
28. VIVIAN - "Back in Time"

To celebrate the album's release, a CD-release party will take place on June 3 at the Planet Music in Vienna. The event will feature the band SEQUIOA DENDRON, supported by special appearances by many Austrian guest musicians, performing most of the songs from the tribute album live. Additionally, there will be a pyro show during the live set and a video show featuring original RAGE videos and a video presentation specially put together for this occasion.


Wave Gothic Treffen - Fest bandlist has been revealed

Wave Gothic Treffen's Organization Center have published recently the following statement:

"Preparations for the year 2005 already started and we hope to offer an unique and prestigious program again this year.

The WGT 2005 will be from the
2005-05-13 until 2005-05-16 in Leipzig, Germany
Currently there are 92 artists confirmed.

Aeternitas (D)
Ah Cama-Sotz (B)
And Also The Trees (UK)
Angel Theory (AUS)
Angels & Agony (NL)
Anne Clark (UK) *acoustic*
Apoptygma Berzerk (N)
Astrovamps (USA) European premiere
Atargatis (D)
Beseech (S)
Bloody, Dead & Sexy (D)
Chamber (D)
Coinside (D)
Collection D ´Arnell Andrea (F)
Darkseed (D)
Darkwell (A)
Darkwood (D)
Das Ich (D)
Die Krupps (D)
Dive (B)
Down Below (D)
Elane (D)
Eva O. (USA)
Faun (D)
Fictional (D)
Fiddlers Green (D)
Flowing Tears (D)
Frank The Baptist (USA)
Girls Under Glass (D)
Golden Apes (D)
Greyhound (D)
Human Disease (I)
I, Synthesist (USA)
Ikon (AUS)
In My Rosary (D)
Iris (USA)
Kiew (D)
Love Is Colder Than Death (D)
Massiv In Mensch (D)
Mechanical Moth (D)
Melotron (D)
Merlons Lichter (D)
Midnattsol (N/D)
Mona Mur (D)
Mono Inc. (D)
Mono No Aware (D)
Mordorn (D)
Morthem Vlade Art (F)
Mortiis (N)
MS Gentur (D)
Mystigma (D)
Nebelhexe (N)
Neuroticfish (D)
Nik Page & The Sacrified Army (D)
Novakill (AUS)
On The Floor (D)
Patty Moon (D)
Paul Roland (UK)
Penumbra (P)
Potentia Animi (D)
Psyche (D)
Ravenous (D)
Regicide (D)
Scream Silence (D)
Silent Pain (D)
Sleeping Children (F)
Sonne Hagal (D)
Steril (D) premiere on stage
Stoa (D)
Subway To Sally (D)
Tanzwut (D)
The Beautiful Disease (D)
The Groupies (D)
The Human League (UK) exclusive gig
The Invincible Sex (D)
The Last Days Of Jesus (SK)
The Skeletal Family (UK)
The Wounded (NL)
Tiamat (S)
Transit Poetry (D)
Umbra Et Imago (D)
Underwater Pilots (D)
Visage (UK)
Visions Of Atlantis (A)
Welle:Erdball (D)
Xotox (D)
Xylonite Ivy (D)
Zeraphine (D)
Zeromancer (N)


NEZALEŽNASĆ-2005 - metal fest in Belarus

If you read this text, means to you development of a underground on our stage is not indifferent.

The city of Rechitsa was always glorified by amateurs metal music, not only in the country, but also behind her limits. In this connection group APOCRYPHAL as organizers have decided once again it to prove.

In July Byelorussia celebrates “Day of Independence”. We as have decided to take part in this action, and to organize Open Air Metal Fest “ NEZALEŽNASĆ -2005 ”.

Dear groups and single singers! We invite you to take part in Belarussian festival of extrim music! We are interested in sponsors and information support. So, welcome!

For the beginning familiarize with conditions on a site'


BLOODBATH - Akerfeldt as the vocalist for the gig

Mikael Akerfeldt has been confirmed as the vocalist for the first and last BLOODBATH gig. This will take place at Germany's famous Wacken open air festival on the 4th of August. The band will perform songs from all three albums including the non-Akerfeldt death-bomb "Nightmares Made Flesh" that featured Peter Tagtgren on vocals. The all star line-up will consist of: Anders Nystrom (KATATONIA), Jonas Renkse (KATATONIA), Dan Swano (legendary multi musician), Martin Axenrot (NIFELHEIM, WITCHERY etc) and Mikael Akerfeldt.


OPETH - recording new album

OPETH will be entering Fashination street studios on March 15 to record their 8th yet untitled opus. The band are currently in rehearsal mode, which is a rare occasion having recorded the last 4 records without rehearsing. The recording will be overseen by the uprising recording mogul Jens Bogren. As of today no names for production duties have surfaced and it looks like the next record will be a band produced effort. Nothing has been decided regarding who's taking care of the mix either so we'll have to keep you wondering.


LEGION - cult magazine is back!

Sometimes they are back!!!
The first (actually pre-first) issue of reincarnated LEGION magazine 0-2005 is out!


+ bonus traxxx (1-st sexual experience)
+ CDs & demoNs reviews
88 pages in perfect quality!

Ask in rock stores!

MY DYING BRIDE - the new DVD is updoors

Britain's MY DYING BRIDE are putting the finishing touches on their second DVD, "Sinamorata", tentatively due in April.

The disc will reportedly include live footage (12 songs) shot on November 2, 2003 in Antwerpen, Belgium, as well as backstage extras, the "The Blue Lotus" video (exclusive to this DVD) directed and conceived by David Palzer, the "Prize of Beauty" promotional clip, two videos made by MY DYING BRIDE fans ("Hope the Destroyer" and "My Wine In Silence") and a photo gallery featuring fan-created artwork inspired by the band's music.


Former LOST HORIZON members start a new project

Former LOST HORIZON mebers Daniel Heiman (vocals) and Fredrik Olsson (guitar) have joined forces in a brand new new project called HEED. The group, whose current lineup is completed by drummer Mats Karlsson (stand-in drummer for LOST HORIZON's Spanish tour), recently completed work on a two-song recording at Bohus studio with producers Tobias Lindell and Dragan Tanaskovic of Bohus Entertainment. Download audio samples from the group's official web site: "Tears of Prodigy" (mp3' ) and "Moments" (mp3' ).


SOLAR DAWN - split up

Swedish melodic death metallers SOLAR DAWN have officially split up. A statement from the group reads as follows:
"Ladies and gentlemen, we have decided to bury SOLAR DAWN once and for all! Eight years have passed since the day we gave birth to this melodic monster and time has taken its toll, to an ever increasing extent. Somewhere along the line we somehow began losing our hearts to SOLAR DAWN and without genuine commitment, there's really no point in continuing.
"We'd like to thank everyone who has contributed, in any way, to the history of SOLAR DAWN, as well as we'd like to take off our hats to all of you who have bought our albums, showed up at the gigs, visited this site and so on! You will not be forgotten! This is where it all ends..."
SOLAR DAWN's full-length debut, "Equinoctium", was released in March 2002 via Mighty Musicabbermouth.net


VOID OF SILENCE call it quits

Italy's VOID OF SILENCE have announced their decision to go their separate ways. The group's official statement on the matter reads as follows:

"After 11 years since we started this adventure, after six years since the band started its official activities and after three albums released together as VOID OF SILENCE, we decided to put an end to this band. We took this decision with sadness and bitterness, also we must admit we yet reached our initial goal.

We would like to thank our worlwide fans, those who always trusted us and those who supported us along the way. A special thank you to Fabban and Alan Nemtheanga, who gave us the possibility to release such incredible albums, and to the whole Code666 staff, always supportive towards our music. A great hail also to our old friends Andrea Toro, Alessandro Bianchi, Riccardo Tran and Fabio Restano, who were beside us in the beginning.

We are not leaving the musical scene, just we will wear different dresses and walk different ways, together as usual. Maybe one day things will run in a different way, who knows..."

"Bye and thanx to all."


THANATOS - to record new album

Long-running Dutch death/thrash metal band THANATOS are busy writing new songs for their fifth full-length album, to be recorded before the end of the year.

THANATOS' fourth album, "Undead. Unholy. Divine", was released last summer through Greece's Black Lotus Records. The follow-up to 2000's "Angelic Encounters", "Undead. Unholy. Divine" was produced by Hans Pieters and the band at Excess studios in Rotterdam, Holland and was mastered by Attie Bauw (JUDAS PRIEST, SCORPIONS, GOREFEST).


DARKANE - new studio photos

Swedish thrashers DARKANE have posted several new photos from the recording sessions for the group's new studio album at this location' .

As previously reported, Nuclear Blast Records has set a June 27 European release date for the new CD from DARKANE, entitled "Layers of Lies". Songtitles set to appear on the album include "Secondary Effect", "Fading Dimensions", "Organic Canvas", "The Creation Insane" and the projected title track. A video for "Secondary Effect" will be filmed during the coming weeks.

DARKANE's last studio album, "Expanding Senses", was released in 2002 via Nuclear Blast.



German melodic black/death metallers SUIDAKRA have posted the cover artwork for their seventh album, "Command to Charge", at this location.
"Command to Charge", is scheduled for release on April 25 via Armageddon Music. A limited-edition digipack containing bonus material will also be available.
The follow-up to 2003's "Signs for the Fallen", "Command to Charge" was recorded at Gernhard studio in Siegburg, Germany. Mastering duties were handled at the Monoposto Mastering Studio (DIE TOTEN HOSEN, SCORPIONS, TITO & TARANTULA etc.). Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Decibel Dance", "Reap The Storm", "The Alliance", "Strange Perfection", "Second Skin", "C14_Measured By Infinity", "The End Beyond Me", "Dead Man's Reel" (instrumental), "A Runic Rhyme" (acoustic), "Gathered In Fear" (acoustic) and "Moonlight Shadow" (MIKE OLDFIELD cover).
SUIDAKRA will be teaming up with HOLY MOSES, ILLDISPOSED and REGICIDE for the Wacken Open Air Roadshow 2005 German tour beginning in early May.


BESEECH Confirmed For Germany

Swedish "gothic metallers" BESEECH have been confirmed for the Wave Gotik Treffen festival, set to take place May 13-16 in Leipzig, Germany. Other bands scheduled to perform at the festival include TIAMAT, DIE KRUPPS, ZEROMANCER, FLOWING TEARS, APOPTYGMA BERZERK, MIDNATTSOL, TANZWUT, SUBWAY TO SALLY and VISIONS OF ATLANTIS.

For more information, visit www.wave-gotik-treffen.de.

As previously reported, BESEECH have set "Sunless Days" as the title of their fifth studio album, tentatively due late summer through Napalm Records. The follow-up to last year's "Drama" is being recorded at StudioMega in Varberg, Sweden and is set to include the following tracks, among others: "Everytime I Die", "Last Obsession" and "A Bittersweet Tragedy".

BESEECH will make their next live appearance on March 26 at Club 7:e Himlen in Borås, Sweden. Also scheduled to appear is the famous Swedish horror poet and musician IODINIE JUPITER plus one band more that will be announced soon.


METALLICA, LINKIN PARK, VAN HALEN: How They Earned Their Money In 2004

Rolling Stone magazine has posted its chart of 2004's biggest money-earners in music on its web site. METALLICA came in at Number Three on the list, raking in $43 million on their "Madly In Anger With The World" tour, as well as through sales of 1.4 million copies of their catalog. Other hard rock bands that made the Top 50 list are LINKIN PARK, VAN HALEN, EVANESCENCE, AEROSMITH, KISS and RUSH.

The annual Rolling Stone list is based on ticket and record sales, as well as publishing royalties and other forms of revenue.

Hard rock's biggest moneymakers in 2004 (ranking represents position on the Top 50 list):

03. METALLICA - $43.1 Million

On The Road: The band's "Madly in Anger With the World" tour was the fourth-biggest in North America last year.

On CD: The members of METALLICA don't need to lift a finger, or bang a head, to earn million-dollar-plus salaries. Credit goes to a shrewd mid-1990s renegotiation with Elektra Records by the band's management company and consistent sales for catalog albums. METALLICA perennials the "Black Album" and "Master of Puppets" helped the band sell 1.4 million units from catalog alone in 2004. They earn close to three dollars for each CD — which might help explain their aversion to file-trading.

On The Side: METALLICA haven't yet eked out a profit from the theatrical and DVD release of their soul-baring documentary, "Some Kind of Monster", which they co-own with its directors. But it can't hurt their financial picture that they finally canned the $40,000-a-month therapist seen in the film.

Last year's rank: 5

09. LINKIN PARK - $33.1 Million

On The Road: The tireless sextet embarked on three separate tours in 2004 — the "Projekt Revolution" package with KORN and SNOOP DOGG, a U.S. solo outing and an overseas jaunt. The total haul: $35 million.

On CD: "Meteora" (2003) and last year's "Collision Course" — the CD/DVD document of their MTV mash-up collaboration with JAY-Z — each sold more than 1 million copies. Another CD, "Live in Texas", sold another 440,000.

Last year's rank: NA

11. VAN HALEN - $30.2 Million

On The Road: High hopes for the first VAN HAGAR tour in eight years led to guarantees of up to $1 million a night, but ticket sales fell short. So, even as it counts a $38 million 2004 gross, the band will have to settle for less upfront next time.

On CD: Catalog sales amounted to slightly fewer than 500,000 units in 2004; publishing royalties brought in nearly $2 million.

On The Side: The band added to tour revenue by selling T-shirts and hats at the impressive rate of ten dollars per person.

Last year's rank: NA

27. EVANESCENCE - $18.9 Million

On The Road: Amy Lee and her band were anything but evanescent in 2004, playing to 1 million fans at seventy shows in the U.S. and overseas. The tour hit larger venues abroad, helping them gross $30 million.

On CD: The band's debut, "Fallen", sold more than 11 million copies worldwide, making EVANESCENCE one of the only rock bands in 2004 to earn as much from record royalties as they did from touring. Lee still splits the band's publishing royalties with departed guitarist Ben Moody, with whom she shared songwriting credits for the first album.

On The Side: Lee earned several hundred thousand dollars for "Broken", a duet with her boyfriend, SEETHER's Shaun Morgan, which appeared on the soundtrack of "The Punisher", a Marvel Comics adaptation.

Last year's rank: NA

35. AEROSMITH - $16 Million

On The Road: The group earned $450,000 a night in '04 — about half of what it made on its last tour.

On CD: Last year's blues album "Honkin' on Bobo" moved about 550,000 copies.

On The Side: AEROSMITH's music is a hot commodity in advertising: Last year the group licensed "Dream On" to Buick for a reported $2 million.

Last year's rank: 25

38. KISS - $13.7 Million

On The Road: They earned $13.1 million on their farewell tour.

On The Side: The KISS licensing juggernaut — from T-shirts to band-theme coffins — brought in at least $5 million.

Last year's rank: 26

39. RUSH - $13.3 Million

On The Road: The Canadian power trio grossed $21 million on its latest U.S. tour — more than KISS or Ozzfest.

On The Side: Sales were strong for the 2003 "Rush in Rio" DVD.

Last year's rank: NA

View the whole chart at this location.



ABORTED available for download

A brand new ABORTED track, entitled "Dead Wreckoning", has been posted online at the French webzine VS-Webzine.com.

"Dead Wreckoning" comes off the Belgian gory death metallers' new album, "The Archaic Abattoir", due in March via Listenable Records.

"The Archaic Abattoir" was mixed at Antfarm Studios in Denmark with producer Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, PANZERCHRIST, MNEMIC, EKTOMORF, DESTINY). Guest vocal appearances on the album include Bo Summer (ILLDISPOSED), Michael Bogballe (MNEMIC) and Jacob Bredahl (HATESPHERE). A "sneak peek" at the album cover can be found at this location' . The complete artwork will be revealed shortly.

"The Archaic Abattoir" final track listing:

01. Dead Wreckoning
02. Blood Fixing The Bled
03. Gestated Rabidity
04. Hecatomb
05. The Gangrenous Epitaph
06. The Inertia
07. A Cold Logistic Slaughter
08. Voracious Haemoglobinic Syndrome
09. Threading On Vermillion Deception
10. Descend To Extirpation


SLAYER record label found new home

The New York Post is reporting that Rick Rubin has signed a deal with Warner Bros. Records to house American Recordings — home to veteran Los Angeles thrashers SLAYER. This brings American back to its former home, following stops at Columbia and Island Def Jam. It also reconnects Rubin with Lyor Cohen, who inked American to Island Def Jam before becoming the U.S. head of Warner Music Group.

SLAYER had previously announced that they were putting the recording sessions for their new album on hold while Rubin began negotiating a new deal for American. Rubin has worked with SLAYER since he produced the band's 1986 thrash classic "Reign in Blood", and his status is expected to greatly affect the level of support American gives any new album.


THUNDRA - complete work on new album

Norwegian metallers THUNDRA, featuring former members of EINHERJER and ENSLAVED, have completed work on their sophomore album, "Worshipped by Chaos", tentatively due this spring via Karmageddon Media subsidiary New Aeon Media. The group, who were previously signed to Spinefarm Records, recorded and mixed the album at Black Dimension Studio with Stein Sund. "Worshipped by Chaos" contains nine "epic" tracks, with a running time of almost 58 minutes.


HOLY MOSES - correct album title

According to a posting on HOLY MOSES' official web site, the title of the group's upcoming album will be "Strength Power Will Passion" and not "Strange Power Will Passion", as previously announced.

The group's tenth album, "Strength Power Will Passion" is scheduled for release on May 23 via Armageddon Music. 22 songs and over 80 minutes of music were reportedly laid down at the band's Absurd studio for the follow-up to 2002's "Disorder of the Order" (Century Media). Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Symbol of Spirit", "Examination", "Lost Inside", "I Will", "Angel Cry", "Rebirthing", "Space Clearing", "End of Time", "Death Bells (II)", "Channeling" and "Sacred Crystals". Cover artwork will be handled Markus Mayer.


MHM 6 - fest first news

This summer traditionally will take place METAL HEADS MISSION. As usual on the coast of The Black Sea, near Evpatoria, Ukraine. This year the event will strength for 3 days.

The possible bands to play on fest are NAPALM DEATH, CRABATOR, ALIENATION MENTAL, CEREBRAL TURBULENCY, DEAD INFECTION, SQUASH BOWELS, SANATORIUM, CENOTAPH and other great groups from Finland, Czech Rep., Turkey, Germany, Slovakis, Israel. Don't forget the best collectives from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova! If you want to play on MHM, contact the organisers at deathmetal@ukr.net' . Totally 50 bands will perform on fest.

The official webpage of MHM is almost ready. There you will be able to see the last information about fest line-up and get the answers for all your questions.

Don't forget, that festival will take place August 5, 6, 7 in entertaining complex "Sun", on the Black Sea coast.

SEPULTURA writing material for a new studio album

Brazilian thrashers SEPULTURA are in the process of writing material for their new studio album, which is said to be based on the "The Divine Comedy", widely considered the greatest epic poem of Italian literature, and one of the greatest of world literature.

The band "have what they call 'ideas' for 18 songs, that means parts of songs with no final structure," reads a posting on the group's web site. "The next step is to record a pre-demo and start putting the pieces together."


WITHIN Y have announced a new guitarist

WITHIN Y, the Swedish melodic death metal band featuring former GARDENIAN drummer Thim Blom, have announced the addition of guitarist Niknam Moslehi to the group's ranks. Moslehi joins the band as the replacement for Niklas Almen, who left the group late last year.


SINERGY - the tips on a new CD from Kimberly Goss

SINERGY, the acclaimed Finnish metal band featuring singer Kimberly Goss and CHILDREN OF BODOM members Alexi Laiho (guitar) and Roope Latvala (guitar), have spent the past few months quietly recording their fourth full-length album, tentatively due in late 2005 through Nuclear Blast Records. Goss has provided BLABBERMOUTH.NET with the following update on the recording sessions for the follow-up to 2001's "Suicide By My Side":

"SINERGY does indeed still exist, though the absence of our website and having only played two gigs in the past six months may lead people to believe otherwise.

"Our fourth album will be called 'Sins of the Past'. We started recording drums and bass in June of last year at Finnvox Studios, and have continued recording the rest of it at Beyond Abilities Studios (the studio of Janne Wirman from CHILDREN OF BODOM). However, we've had to record the album in separate sections due to CHILDREN OF BODOM's busy touring schedule last year. We've sometimes had to take several months off in between recording.

"Alexi just got his cast off last week [after suffering a broken arm in a fall in December], but still needs to wear a brace for another few weeks. He's able to play guitar now, but we're gonna wait until he's 100 percent recovered before he finishes his leads on the album. In the meantime, myself and Roope have been busy recording our parts. The album will then be mixed and mastered at Finnvox when the recording is finished.

"All I can say is that we are hopeful that the album will be released sometime this year. We'll have a new website up once the artwork for the new album is finished."


SALEM - recording new album

SALEM is currently in the recording studio, putting the final touches to their up and coming release "No Strings Attached", scheduled to be out this coming April through a local distributor in Israel, The End Records in North America and Raven Music for the rest of the world.

"No Strings Attached" contains 11 songs from the band's past repertoire and one brand new song, all re-arranged to be played with one of the most respected all-girl Srting Quartets in the country.


NAPALM DEATH - to tour Europe

NAPALM DEATH will be embarking on a European tour with MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD and DIECAST beginning on June 1. The trek is expected to last six weeks. Exact cities and dates will be announced soon.

NAPALM DEATH's new album, "The Code is Red...Long Live the Code", is scheduled for release in Europe on April 25 via Century Media Records.

"The Code Is Red… Long Live The Code" was recorded at Foel Studios with producer Russ Russell and features guest appearances by Jello Biafra (ex-DEAD KENNEDYS), Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED) and Jeff Walker (ex-CARCASS). The complete track listing for the CD can be found at this location.


ANGEL DUST - prepare to record new album

German power metallers ANGEL DUST, featuring guitarist Bernd Aufermann (RUNNING WILD) alongside Dirk Thurisch (vocals), Steven Banx (keyboards) and Dirk Assmuth (drums), have finished writing 12 songs for their new album and are preparing to enter the studio to begin recording the effort, tentatively due later in the year.

In other news, Aufermann has revealed in a posting on his web site that he will be making several guest appearances with CIRCLE II CIRCLE on their upcoming European tour. Aufermann wrote two songs for the new CIRCLE II CIRCLE album, "Middle of Nowhere", due on March 29 via AFM Records.


HAVOCHATE signed new deal

New York-based metal band HAVOCHATE, now featuring former TESTAMENT bassist Greg Christian, have signed a new worldwide deal with Indecent Media. The group's sophomore album, "Cycle of Pain", is scheduled for release on March 15.

Jurgen Korduletsch, president of dance and pop label Radikal Records, established Indecent Media in the fall of 2004 with a focus on finding, releasing, and developing rock and alternative artists.

HAVOCHATE is one of the label's first signings. The group caught Korduletsch's ear with their 2003 debut, "This Violent Earth". Impressed with the group's level of musicianship and the guitar virtuosity of Ordine — HAVOCHATE's founder and leader — he convinced the group to start working on a new album immediately.

"I almost fell out of my chair when I heard the album for the first time," said Korduletsch. "It is a tremendous collision of great songs and brutal force playing."

The follow-up to "This Violent Earth", which was released through Root Of All Evil Records, "Cycle of Pain" is being described as a "marked growth" from its predecessor, brought on partially by the band's revamped lineup. Joining Ordine are vocalist Tim Bouchee, who joined the band early last year; Mario Rodriguez, who was added as second guitarist after the recording of the first album; Christian; and drummer Ovie Rodriguez.
01. Cold Embrace
02. Cycle of Pain
03. Fiction
04. Alone
05. Speak No More
06. Rotting Hour
07. Crack in the Sky
08. Tentacle
09. Still Alive
10. Wicked
11. Buried in Lies

Audio samples of all 11 tracks are available for download at this location' .


BEHEMOTH's new video premiere

BEHEMOTH's video for the track "Conquer All", taken from their latest album, "Demigod", will receive its "Headbanger's Ball" premiere this Saturday, February 5 at 10:00 p.m. EST on MTV2. Download the video at this location' .

The "Conquer All" clip was directed by Joanna Rechnio and "the whole filming session took us about 11 hours," BEHEMOTH frontman Nergal said in a statement. "I believe we did a great job. It's for sure the best thing we have done so far."

"Demigod" was mixed by BEHEMOTH frontman Nergal and producer Daniel Bergstrand (MESHUGGAH, IN FLAMES) at Dug-Out studios in Uppsala, Sweden. Mastering duties were handled at the Cutting Room studios in Stockholm. A guest appearance by NILE's Karl Sanders is included in the track "Xul".

"Demigod" was released in October via Regain Records in Europe, Mystic Records in Poland, Raven Music in Israel and Irond in Russia.


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