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The first official event of the Greek Nightwish fanclub is happening on 23/12 called "SUOMI ROX" in Athens, Greece. More info can be found here: www.suomirocks.com


ArceOn (19-12-2004)


I am sincerely delighted to tell you one of the greatest piece of medieval music news of the end of the year. On the 16th of December Erebus Odora has released the new ARCANA album - Le Serpent Rouge. Peter Bjargo made a great new year present ot his fans.

This is ARCANA as you have never heard them before. We are all expecting the album to appear in the stores of Ukraine soon.


DESTRUCTION - the new album release is postponed

Due to the fact that their current record label negotiations have taken longer than expected, German thrashers DESTRUCTION have postponed the projected release date of their new album to late summer 2005. "But the new label will be announced in the next weeks, latest at beginning of the next year," the group's bassist/vocalist Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer said in a posting on the band's web site.

DESTRUCTION have finished writing two-thirds of the material for the upcoming CD and are planning on entering the studio in January/February 2005. No further details about the upcoming recording sessions have been made available.


TESTAMENT - the DVD is seen between the lines

Escapi Music has set a march 8, 2005 release date for the first-ever official DVD from TESTAMENT, entitled "Seen Between the Lines".

Originally released in 1991 on VHS, this fully re-mastered DVD contains live footage shot during TESTAMENT's 1991 world tour. As an extra bonus, the DVD will also include promotional videos for the songs "Nobody's Fault", "Practice What You Preach", "Souls of Black" and "The Legacy", rare video interview clips, "a dinner with TESTAMENT," scenes from the Japanese leg of the tour, plus additional discography, image gallery and biography sections.


MOURNING BELOVETH have announced a title of a new album

Irish doom/death metal band MOURNING BELOVETH have set "A Murderous Circus" as the title of their album, due in March via Grau Records, a subsidiary of Prophecy Productions. The CD will feature five new songs with a running time of 75 minutes.

The track listing is as follows:

01. The Apocalypse Machine
02. Elemental Nausea
03. The Crashing Wave
04. Nothing (The March of Death)
05. …yet Everything


MASSEMORD and SYKDOM have decided to join forces

Members of Norwegian black metal bands MASSEMORD and SYKDOM have reportedly decided to join forces in a new group called HEKSERI. The band, who have inked a deal with Blackmetal.com Records, will be releasing their debut in February 2005. The group's musical direction is being described as "anti-human black metal" No further information is currently available.


BEECHER signed with Earache

Earache is proud to unveil the UK’s BEECHER as a new addition to the family as part of a multi-album worldwide recording deal.

Fusing the ethics of primal hardcore with a love for the technicalities and aggression of Metal, BEECHER have become known as one of the hardest working bands on the live circuit, treading the boards with the likes of DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, THE RED CHORD, CULT OF LUNA and SIKTH and constantly winning converts with every new show.

Early 2004 will see a re-release on Earache for BEECHER's landmark 'Breaking the Fourth Wall' album with unreleased material, followed by the demo-ing of new material for the eventual recording of the debut for the label in the summer.

Guitarist Mark Lyons had this to say about the band's new status; "We are proud to be joining forces with one of the most prominent and influential extreme labels out there, and one of our favorite labels to date with an artist roster that mirrors our own music collections. We look forward to finally getting our records out worldwide!"

BEECHER play their last gig of 2004 at the Phoenix in Manchester on December 20th, before confirming more live work to be announced for 2005.


JUDAS PRIEST - "Angel of Retribution"

JUDAS PRIEST lead guitarist Glenn Tipton has told Launch Radio Networks that the title and cover art of the group's upcoming CD, "Angel of Retribution", refer to the angel featured on the jacket of the band's classic 1976 effort, "Sad Wings of Destiny". "Going back to the angel on the cover of 'Sad Wings Of Destiny', he's now risen up and he's the angel of retribution, so if you don't dig this, he's gonna come and get you basically, you know," Tipton said. "When you see the cover, you'll see what we're trying to — it'll all tie in."

As first reported here yesterday, songs set to appear on the band's first album with original singer Rob Halford in over 14 years include "Judas Rising", "Deal With The Devil", "Worth Fighting For", "Hellrider" and "Revolution", with the latter track expected to arrive at radio stations in early 2005.


KAMELOT - to film two new videos

KAMELOT will head to Sweden to shoot the videos for "March of Mephisto" and "The Haunting" with director Patric Ullaeus of Revolver Films (LACUNA COIL, DIMMU BORGIR, IN FLAMES).

"March of Mephisto" and "The Haunting" come off the group's new album, "The Black Halo", due on February 28, 2005 through SPV Records. The follow-up to last year's "Epica" was produced by Sascha Paeth and Miro at Gate and Pathway studios in Germany and features guest appearances by Shagrath (DIMMU BORGIR), Jens Johansson (STRATOVARIUS), Simone Simons (EPICA), Mari (MASQUERAID), as well as the KAMELOT choir, featuring Herbie Langhans (SEVENTH AVENUE), Amanda Somerville-Scharf, Miro, Gerit Gцbel, Thomas Rettke (HEAVEN'S GATE) and Elisabeth Kjaernes, among others.


SEVENDUST - dedicated "Angel's Son" To Dimebag

SEVENDUST dedicated their song "Angel's Son" in memory of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, as well as the other victims of the Alrosa Villa shootings, during a headlining performance in Columbus Sunday (Dec. 12).

Commented Adam Schneider of local radio station 99.7 The Blitz, "I have never heard a more powerful performance in my many years of attending shows. The crowd sang along the entire time, with a shirt being thrown up on stage early on, a white t-shirt with Dimebag's photo from the current Damageplan.com site. [SEVENDUST] Lajon Witherspoon put in on to a rousing ovation.

"Later during the concert, SEVENDUST ended 'Face To Face' and immediately kicked into the end of PANTERA's 'Walk' — again to a huge crowd reaction.

"Overall, a truly powerful night in music — rock and metal will live on in Columbus!"


MORE HATE - supports native grind-scene

More Hate released in December:
MHP 04-031 split CD BARBARITY/ KATALEPSY/ SMERSH/ POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER - the first part of CD-series, dedicated to grindcore/ goregrind/ brutal death metal, performing by CIs bands. Split includes 4 brutal brigades of CIS-underground! Kostroma-based (Russia) BARBARITY present 3 new in vein of necro old school death metal, and also as bonus track - cover NAPALM DEATH "Suffer the Children". Moscow group KATALEPSY plays original mix of grinding brutal death metal in vein of SUFFOCATION with some additions of psychodelic modern metal. SMERSH - speed anti-social grind core. And finally Belarussians POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER will bury you under the brutal death metal in vein of IMMOLATION, MORBID ANGEL.

The second part is in work. This part will include songs by ANAL NOSOROG (Moscow, Russia), MUTANT FACTOR (Moscow, Russia), PRECHYUDLIVYY ZARODYSH (Moscow, Russia).


MORE HATE - to release soon...

Moscow black metal band ASHEN LIGHT finished the recordings of their new album, "Prachashcheniye Ognem". Early 2005 release through More Hate Productions is expected. Group will present the new effort in the middle January in R-club (Moscow, Russia).

Long-awaiting new album of modernized metal formation THERM. EYE. FLAME, "To Evolution?!", will be released in January 2005 through More Hate Productions.

In December through More Hate Productions will be relased: CD of Belarussian melodic death metal band ASGUARD, "Wicca", and also re-release of ASHEN LIGHT debut's, "Pesn' Velesa" ("Veles Song") with new design and previously unreleased tracks.


MORE HATE - new signed bands...

...NORD'N'COMMANDER for release "Hermeneutics" album. Band plays experimental, electronic blackened metal. CD will be released in February-March 2005.

...Kyiv-based band SEMARGL for release the debut effort "Attack on God". Group performs speed blasphemic black death metal. It was rcorded in famous Polish Hertz studios. CD will be released in February-March 2005.

...Ukrainian pagan black metal team NATURAL SPIRIT for release "Ruskolon'" album. CD will be released in March-April 2005.


DRACONIAN: 'Arcane Rain Fell' To Surface In January

Napalm Records has set a January 24, 2005 release date for the sophomore album from the Swedish gothic doom metal band DRACONIAN, entitled "Arcane Rain Fell". The follow-up to last year's "Where Lovers Mourn" was recorded at Studio Underground in Vдsterеs, Sweden and contains "more than 60 minutes of music," according to a posting on the group's web site. "The production turned out to be really magnificent and the song material is really strong, including the long awaited 16-minute epic 'Death, Come Near Me' (first time released on the 2002 demo 'Dark Oceans We Cry')," the posting adds. "No fan of dark and heavy doom/gothic metal should be disappointed. Prepare for a grand release of strong emotions, great drama and utter darkness." DRACONIAN manager and webmaster, Erik Arvidsson, has provided the lyrics for two songs and one was written by romantic poet John Clare. One was also penned by Ryan Henry (NECARE), who has provided all of the spoken verses for the release.

"Arcane Rain Fell" final track listing:

01. A Scenery of Loss
02. Daylight Misery
03. The Apostasy Canticle
04. Expostulation
05. Heaven Laid in Tears (Angel's Lament)
06. The Abhorrent Rays
07. The Everlasting Scar
08. Death, Come Near Me


Eyewitness Account Of DIMEBAG's Murder: Audio Available

Danny Dunford (a.k.a. Deege), one of the webmasters of the Zakk Wylde/BLACK LABEL SOCIETY fan site SDMFWorldwide.com, attended the concert in Columbus, Ohio last Wednesday which ended in the shooting death of DAMAGEPLAN/ex-PANTERA guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott and four others (including suspected gunman Nathan Gale). Dunford spoke to "The Classic Metal Show" Saturday night (Dec. 11) about the tragic events of that fateful night and offered what is being described as "the most complete account" of what transpired at the Alrosa Villa nightclub before and after Dimebag was shot.


GREEN CARNATION: New Album Cover Posted Online

GREEN CARNATION, the Norwegian band featuring Tchort (a.k.a. Terje Vik Schei, ex-EMPEROR, SATYRICON, EINHERJER), have posted the cover artwork for their fourth studio album, "The Quiet Offspring", at this location.'

"The Quiet Offspring" is scheduled for release in February 2005 via Season of Mist.

GREEN CARNATION recently parted ways with drummer Anders Kobro and replaced him with Tommy Jackson, a longtime fan and friend of the band.



Finland's NIGHTWISH have been confirmed as the support act for MÖTLEY CRÜE on June 10 at the Spektrum in Oslo, Norway.

As previously reported, NIGHTWISH will be teaming up with ANGRA for a Japanese tour next March. A U.K. tour will take place in February. A North American headlining tour with SONATA ARCTICA will kick off April 18, 2005 in Minneapolis.


New DARKSEED album

Massacre records is planning to release the new DARKSEED album "Ultimate Darkness" on the 24th of January. The CD was recorded in Helion Studio (Munich).

1. Disbeliever
2. My Burden
3. Ultimate Darkness
4. Biting Cold
5. The Dark One
6. Save Me
7. Speak Silence
8. Next to Nothing
9. Follow Me
10. The Fall
11. Endless Night
12. Sleep Sleep Sweetheart


ENSIFERUM have parted ways with bassist

Bassist Jukka-Pekka Miettinen of the Finnish folk-influenced melodic death metal band ENSIFERUM has resigned from the band for "personal reasons," according to a posting on the group's official web site. "He doesn't have time for ENSIFERUM anymore," the posting adds.

"Miettinen will play in the two last gigs this year in X mass festival December 18, 2004 in Holland and December 19, 2004 in Belgium. A new bass player is found for ENSIFERUM. Bass will be played by Sami Hinkka."


NEVERMORE - the latest album will be remixed

Producer Andy Sneap (MACHINE HEAD, ARCH ENEMY, SKINLAB, MASTERPLAN) is reportedly remixing NEVERMORE's "Enemies of Reality" album for re-release via the Century Media label in early 2005.

"Enemies Of Reality" (2003) was originally recorded in Seattle with producer Kelly Gray (QUEENSRYCHE, SLAVE TO THE SYSTEM, DOKKEN) and was widely criticized for its muddy, inferior production compared to that of its predecessor, 2000's "Dead Heart in a Dead World", which was produced by Sneap.

NEVERMORE are expected to enter the studio with Sneap in February 2005 to begin recording their follow-up to "Enemies Of Reality", tentatively due late summer/early fall via Century Media.


THE MIGHTY NIMBUS have parted with singer

THE MIGHTY NIMBUS, the Minnesota-based group featuring former SIXTY WATT SHAMAN and ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY members, have parted with singer Dan Soren due to family issues.

For their upcoming February tour with CROWBAR and ENTOMBED, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY guitarist Erik Larson will sing for the band. Larson played guitar on THE MIGHTY NIMBUS' debut record and was replaced by Alex Petrovich (MISTER BONES) for their appearance at the Emissions Of The Monolith Festival.

THE MIGHTY NIMBUS' debut is available in Europe and will be released in February 2005 in Canada and the United States via Candlelight Records.


CENTINEX have announced the title of the new album

Sweden's CENTINEX have set "World Declension" as the title of their new album, tentatively due in June via Cold Records (a subsidiary of Metal Blade). The group's follow-up to this year's "Decadence - Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos" will be recorded in March. No further details are currently available.

"Decadence - Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos" was recorded and mixed at Black Lounge Studios and contains nine tracks, including an instrumental piece written and performed by Peter Pettersson from Swedish goth/industrial act ARCANA. The artwork for the album was conceived by Per Gustafson (CULT OF LUNA), while the layout was, once again, handled by Timo "The Eyeless" Ketola.


MNEMIC have been nominated at the Danish Metal Awards

Danish modern thrash metallers MNEMIC have been nominated for five awards at the Danish Metal Awards. The categories in which they were nominated are as follows:

* Album of the Year ("Audio Injected Soul")
* Live Band of the Year
* Music Video of the Year ("Deathbox")
* Guitarist of the Year (Mircea Gabriel Eftmie)
* Bassist of the Year (Tomas "Obeast" Koefoed)

To vote for MNEMIC, send an e-mail to the following address: awards2004@danishmetal.dk.

A complete list of the nominees can be found at this location' .


IN FLAMES are preparing "A Night In Flames"

Sweden's IN FLAMES are currently working on a DVD, entitled "A Night In Flames", featuring the band on their 2004 world tour. The last stop on the trek is the special IN FLAMES show in London (Carling Apollo Hammersmith) on December 27, whre the group will be joined by LACUNA COIL, CHIMAIRA and CALIBAN. The show will be filmed with several cameras and a seven-meter long crane. "The IN FLAMES material looks great and I'm very exited about finishing these concerts," director/producer Patric Ullaeus of Revolver Films said.

"A Night In Flames" is scheduled for release in June 2005.


THE PROJECT HATE have completed work on new material

THE PROJECT HATE, the Swedish band featuring Jörgen Sandström of ENTOMBED/GRAVE fame on lead vocals, are scheduled to enter the studio in early 2005 to begin recording their fourth studio album, tentatively due next summer via Threeman Recordings. An update on the songwriting sessions from guitarist Lord K (a.k.a. Kenth Philipson) follows:

"Some weeks ago we got informed that it looks like Threeman Recordings won't have the budget for us to enter the studio in February as planned, which is not a very good thing. We know they are working on it though and we still have hope for it to happen since we just completed the eighth and final song for the coming album and really look forward to put it all down on tape.


NOVEMBERS DOOM - parted ways with bassist

Chicago doomsters NOVEMBERS DOOM have parted ways with bass player Mike LeGros. Mike played bass with the band for the past two years, and contributed to the recording of the upcoming CD, "The Pale Haunt Departure". "It was brought to our attention that he was not comfortable in the band due to creative differences, and the dedication to his instrument we required suffered because of this," the group said in a statement. "Very simply, it was time for a change, on both sides. Mike is an amazing person, and we are forever grateful for everything he did for NOVEMBERS DOOM during his time with us. We wish him nothing but the best with DISINTER, NACHTMYSTIUM, and any other project he aligns himself with!

"We are in the process of filling the vacant bass position, and this will not hinder us from touring, and promoting 'The Pale Haunt Departure' in 2005. Any interested parties should email: info@novembersdoom.com."

"The Pale Haunt Departure" was mixed by Swedish producer/musician Dan Swanц (BLOODBATH, EDGE OF SANITY, NIGHTINGALE) and is being mastered by James Murphy (DEATH, OBITUARY, TESTAMENT). An early 2005 release through The End Records is expected.


OBITUARY - music for new CD 'close' to being done

OBITUARY singer John Tardy has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"Donald [Tardy, drums], Al [West, guitar] and I finished another song the other day. We are real close to having the music done, just a few more songs, and we will be getting into the studio. Hopefully by January.

"I went down last night and hung out with the CANNIBAL [CORPSE] and NAPALM [DEATH] guys. I haven't seen either one of them for a while so it was good to get to see them. Unfortunately NAPALM's bus broke down and they didn't make it in time for the show but a least I did get to have a few cool ones with them."

OBITUARY are expected to enter the studio in early 2005 to begin recording their first collection of new songs since 1997's "Back From the Dead", tentatively due next summer through Roadrunner Records.


HAMMERFALL - new album title announced

Sweden's HAMMERFALL have set "Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken" as the title of their new album, due on March 7, 2005 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The follow-up to 2002's "Crimson Thunder" was produced and mixed by Charlie Bauernfeind (BLIND GUARDIAN, HELLOWEEN) and will be preceded by the "Blood Bound" single on January 31. A video for "Blood Bound" was recently shot in Gothenburg, Sweden.

"Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken" track listing:

01. Secrets
02. Blood Bound
03. Fury of the Wild
04. Hammer of Justice
05. Never, Ever
06. Born to Rule
07. The Templar Flame
08. Imperial
09. Take the Black
10. Knights of the 21st Century


MY DYING BRIDE Working On New DVD Release

MY DYING BRIDE are busying themselves preparing for their next full-length DVD release, planned for spring 2005. They are working with David Palser again to produce a new video clip exclusively for this release. The track is "The Blue Lotus" and "it is going to be a stunning work," according to a posting on the group's web site. "A great new photo shoot by Lady Morgana has also been completed, which shows the band like you have never seen them before. Expect to be amazed. The previously available DVD, 'For Darkest Eyes', has been repackaged and will be available at a special price from March. If that wasn't enough, we're also expecting the writing of a new studio album for 2006 release."


ORDER OF THE EBON HAND - sign with Season of Mist

ORDER OF THE EBON HAND, the Greek band featuring Akis of SEPTIC FLESH fame, have inked a deal with Season of Mist. The group, who play "true black metal, with a dramatic and theatrical edge," will release their new album, "XV: The Devil", on January 24, 2005.


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