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A brand new MORBID ANGEL track, titled "Enshrined by Grace"' , has been posted online. "Enshrined by Grace" comes off the group's upcoming album, "Heretic", due on September 23 (a day earlier internationally) through Earache Records. The band are planning to embark on an extensive world tour in early 2004 to promote the release. As previously reported, "Heretic" was recorded and mixed at D.O.W. (Diet Of Worms) studios in Seffner, Florida and was co-produced by the band and longtime front-of-house mixing engineer Juan "Punchy Gonzalez. The album — the group's ninth overall release (including their 1986 "Abominations Of Desolation" demo and the 1996 live album, "Entangled In Chaos") — marks a return to the fold of bassist/vocalist Steve Tucker, who originally left the band in early April 2001 due to "personal and family problems." Tucker was temporarily replaced by HATE ETERNAL bassist/vocalist Jared Anderson but rejoined the band earlier this year amid rumors of a possible reunion with former vocalist David Vincent.


Scorpio (30-7-2003)

SKRAPE - new CD due on September

SKRAPE have set "Up The Dose" as the title for their new CD, due on September 23 through RCA Records. The album — the group's first features new guitarist Randy Melser — was produced by Jimbo Barton (QUEENSRYCHE, GODSMACK) in Miami, Los Angeles and in SKRAPE's own Orlando, Florida rehearsal/recording studio. It showcases 11 original songs, including "Bleach", "Syrup", "In The End", "Ocean", "Habit" and the acoustic epic "Searching For Home".


IRON MAIDEN - "Dance Of Death" cover art

IRON MAIDEN have posted the cover art for their new album, "Dance Of Death"' .
"Dance Of Death", due on September 9 through Columbia Records, was produced by Kevin Shirley, who, along with bassist Steve Harris, co-produced the group's 2000 album, "Brave New World", and last year's concert set "Rock in Rio".


CHARON - "Dead Man Walking" as title of new CD

Finland's CHARON have set "Dead Man Walking" as the title for their forthcoming fourth full-length album, due on September 1 through Spinefarm Records. The follow-up to last year's "Downhearted" was recorded at BRR Studios in the group's hometown of Raahe and was mixed at Helsinki's Finnvox Studios. The album includes a guest appearance on backing vocals by NIGHTWISH/ex-SINERGY bassist Marco Hietala and Jenny Heinonen. The latter had performed a similar role on the group's last two albums, "Downhearted" and 2000's "Tearstained".
The complete track listing for "Dead Man Walking" is as follows:
1. Failed
2. Religious/Delicious
3. Death Can Dance
4. In Brief War
5. Guilt On Skin
6. Unbreak, Unchain
7. Drive
8. Every Failure
9. In Trust Of No One
10. If
11. No Saint
12. Built For My Ghosts (digipack only)
13. Re-collected (digipack only)



A PERFECT CIRCLE fan site APerfectCircle.us has posted a full-length MP3 of the band's new single, "Weak And Powerless"' . The recording was made off the radio when the song was played on 92.3 WXTM in Cleveland, Ohio. A PERFECT CIRCLE's upcoming sophomore album 'Thirteenth Step' is due for release on September 16 through Virgin Records.

DOMAIN - "The Sixth Dimension" is ready for you to enter

After seven months of hard work, "The Sixth Dimension" is ready for you to enter! We've finished recordings,photo-shooting and artwork of DOMAINs 6th full lenght studio album "The Sixth Dimension". Eleven all-new DOMAIN tracks plus one bonus tracks and one bonus video clip. The album will officially be available in stores September 15th!


DARK MOOR - the addition of drummer

Madrid, Spain-based power metallers DARK MOOR have announced the addition of drummer Andy C. to the group's ranks. Andy is 25 years old and has previously played in several Spanish bands, including WORMED. DARK MOOR's self-titled fourth full-length album will be recorded during August at New Sin StudiosItaly with producer Luigi Stefanini. The new album will mark the recording debut with the band of new singer Alfred Romero and second guitarist Jose Garrido. Also featured on the CD will be guest vocalist Beatriz Albert, a "fantastic" singer who will record background vocals for the entire album and lead vocals in one song. Additional guest appearances are expected from the Valcavasian choir, which previously appeared on the group's "The Gates of Oblivion" album, and the pianist Isabel Garcia. "Dark Moor" is tentatively due in early 2004 through Arise Records. A single containing one album cut and two non-album tracks will surface in October. DARK MOOR's last release was the "Between Light and Darkness" EP, which contained four newly-recorded tracks and four previously-unreleased numbers ("Dies Irae" (orchestral version), "The Mistery Of Goddess", "The Shadow Of The Nile" and "The Fall Of Melnibone"). The collection, which marked the band's first effort without keyboardist Robert Pena de Camus, was issued in April through Arise Records.


SYSTEM OF A DOWN - guitarist have founded record label

SYSTEM OF A DOWN guitarist Daron Malakian have founded record label, EatUrMusic, which inked a worldwide distribution deal with Sony. When asked how EatUrMusic differs from Serjical Strike, the label of SYSTEM OF A DOWN frontman Serj Tankian, Malakian said, "Serj is not into rock music, so I don't see him signing rock bands. If he listens to rock, he listens to shit that's out there. His is more of a pregressive-style label — I can't say it has more of an artsy twist, because my stuff will have that, too."



Legendary death/grind pervesors from Austria PUNGENT STENCH soon will finally come to CIS with super gigs. Guitarist/vocalist Martin Shyrenz is disease-free now, and all participants are full of determination and enthusiasm to get to CIS-states. PUNGENT STENCH drummer Alex Bank aka Rector Stench said about this: "After sad cancelation of our tour year ago we are glad and proud to have again ability to visit your countries and play concerts! Wait for us at the end of September - beginning of October. We promise cool show and good time. See you, write to us and - Enjoy the Stench!"
Final dates will be soon.
Contact with organizers: eugen@moral-insanity.org' / www.moral-insanity.org'


IRON MAIDEN - drummer Nicko McBrain arrested

IRON MAIDEN drummer Nicko McBrain was arrested and charged with assault yesterday (July 26) after intentionally hitting a parking attendant with his car before a concert at Jones Beach Theater.
McBrain arrived at Jones Beach around 8:30 p.m. for the group's concert, and was stopped as he entered the exclusive parking area.
After a confrontation with the 30-year-old worker over credentials, the park employee stood in front of McBrain's car, blocking the lot entrance. McBrain struck him in the legs. The man backed up, but stayed in front of the car. McBrain, told him to "move or he would hit him again.
The man, 30, whose name was not released by the police, refused to budge, and McBrain surged the car forward again, nailing him and causing the man to fall forward on the car's hood.
State park police arrested McBrain and released him on an appearance ticket before the concert started. It is part of IRON MAIDEN's "Give Me Ed ... 'Til I'm Dead" tour.
McBrain was charged with third-degree assault and is scheduled to appear in First District Court in Hempstead Sept. 16.


PRO-PAIN - August 26 release of new album

PRO-PAIN are set to return to action on August 26 with the release of their ninth studio album, "Run For Cover" (Spitfire). The album's unusual concept, containing cover songs from artists who have influenced the band. From metal monsters SLAYER ("South of Heaven"), MOTORHEAD ("Iron Fist") and CELTIC FROST ("Circle of the Tyrants") to punk/hardcore trailblazers DISCHARGE ("Never Again"), NEGATIVE APPROACH ("Nothing"), OPERATION IVY ("The Crowd"), BLACK FLAG ("Damaged II") and AGNOSTIC FRONT ("Your Mistake"). The album also includes a surprise remake from founder/front-man/bassist Gary Meskil's former band CRUMBSUCKERS ("Just Sit There") and LIFE OF AGONY's "Weeds".


SLAYER - written 10 brand new songs

SLAYER have already written 10 songs for their next studio album, which they're going to release before April, 2004. "It's gonna sound like a band that starts with the letter 'S' and ends with 'R,' " - joked singer/bassist Tom Araya. Although the tragic events of September 11, 2001, and the violence that's erupted in the Middle East seem like natural lyrical subjects for a band like SLAYER. The group hope to enter a Los Angeles studio in early December.


ORPHANED LAND - entered the studio

Long-running Israeli metallers ORPHANED LAND have entered the studio to record their third full-length album, tentatively titled "Mabool", for a late 2003 release through Century Media Records.
ORPHANED LAND's follow-up to 1996's "El Norra Alila" will be a concept album, "telling the story of the Flood with every song reflecting a different chapter," according to an official press release. "It is planned to contain more than 65 minutes of Oriental Folk Metal and will surprise with the use of oriental, ancient instruments such as Qannun, Oud, Saz, Buzuki and oriental Percussions, side by side with distorted guitars and a mix of melodic and growled vocals. Additionally, there will be a 25-female-singer choir."

GODFLESH - tribute compilation

Next few days in stores will appear GODFLESH tribute compilation. 26 bands took part in thus action. Full tracklist:
1. KILL THE THRILL - Us And Them
2. ANTIGAMA - Anything Is Mine
3. WEEPING BIRTH - Like Rats
4. DEE N DEE - Crush My Soul
5. COUNTERFORCE - Angel Domain
6. ERLING SOLEM - Wounds
7. BEHOLD THE LIVING CORPSE - Go Spread Your Wings
8. SET IN STONE - Love Is A Dog From Hell
9. ARE YOU GOD - Mantra
10. WODEN - Xnoybis
11. THRALLDOM - Christbait Rising
12. PEDIGREE - Hunter
13. KHAOS DIVINE - Impure (pure 1 + pure2 remix)


1. BLUT AUS NORD - Mighty Trust Krusher
2. GRENOUER vs COD - I Me Mine
4. FRAGMENT KING FEAT. LEECH - If I Could Only Be What You Want
6. CYLENS - Pulp
7. FUCK THE FACTS - Devastator
8. BEGOTTEN - Life Is Easy
9. CTHUWULF - Avalanche Master
10. THE SKELETONZ - Angel Domain
11. KAMP CHAOS - Xnoybis - Pulp
12. CONDITION - Gift From Heaven


Veteran German metallers RAGE have posted two songs from their upcoming "Soundchaser" CD in Real Audio format at the SPV Records web site. Check them out:
1. War Of Worlds'
2. Great Old Ones'


CATHEDRAL - deal with Nuclear Blast

U.K.-based cult doom rockers CATHEDRAL have signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The group's follow-up to last year's "The VIIth Coming" is tentatively due in early 2004. CATHEDRAL were previously signed to Dream Catcher Records in Europe and Spitfire Records in the U.S.
CATHEDRAL will be teaming up with STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and SAMAEL for a North American tour beginning in early September.


CRYSTAL BALL - "Hellvetia" as the title for new album

Swiss melodic metallers CRYSTAL BALL have set "Hellvetia" as the title for their fourth full-length album, due on November 3 through Nuclear Blast Records. The follow-up to last year's "Virtual Empire" is currently being mixed at Roxx studios in Pulheim, Germany with producer Stefan Kaufmann (ACCEPT, U.D.O.). "Everybody agrees that this will be the best CRYSTAL BALL album ever!" the band write on their official web site.



Finland's TAROT, the group led by NIGHTWISH/ex-SINERGY bassist Marco Hietala, have posted their video for the track "Pyre Of Gods".
Download(file size: 45 MB).'
"Pyre Of Gods" comes off the group's latest CD, "Suffer Our Pleasures", which debuted at No. 10 on the Finnish album chart upon its release in May. The band, whose last album, "For The Glory Of Nothing", came out in 1998, never officially broke up and have managed to play at least a couple of live gigs every year. TAROT feature Hietala on bass/vocals, his brother Zachary on guitar, Janne Tolsa on keyboards, and Pecu Cinnari on drums.


NAPALM DEATH - Coveriada

British grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH have finalized the track listing for their upcoming collection of covers, entitled "Leaders Not Followers 2".
The album, due before the end of the year through the band's own Feto label, will include the following cuts:
2. OFFENDERS – "Face Down In The Dirt"
3. DEVASTATION – "Devastation"
5. AGNOSTIC FRONT - "Blind Justice"
6. WEHRMACHT - "Night Of Pain"
7. ANTI CIMEX - "Game Of The Assholes"/"Victims Of A Bomb Raid"
8. SEPULTURA - "Troops Of Doom"
9. INSANITY - "Fire Death Fate"
10. HIRAX - "Hate Fear + Power"
11. DAYGLO ABORTIONS - "Bedtime Story"
12. HELLHAMMER - "Messiah"
13. KREATOR - "Riot Of Violence"
14. DISCHARGE - "War's Not Fairytale"
15. SIEGE - "Conform"
16. MASSACRE - "Clangor Of War"
17. MASTER - "Master"
18. DIE KREUZEN - "I'm Tired"

ANATHEMA - entered Parkgate Studios

ANATHEMA have entered Parkgate Studios near Hastings, U.K. to begin recording the follow-up to 2001's "A Fine Day to Exit", tentatively due in late 2003/early 2004 through Music For Nations Records.
"Things are going very well here," ANATHEMA guitarist Daniel "Danny" Cavanagh writes on the band's official web site. "For the fist time in a while we recorded live together. Drums, bass, guitars and even vocals on a few songs. The sounds we have got going are very powerful."


Ha-ha, Nuclear Blast couldn't do something. So, the last news - IMMORTAL SPLIT UP!
"After 13 years and 7 albums we have decided to stop working with IMMORTAL due to personal reasons. A great thanks to all our fans worldwide who helped us making IMMORTAL superb through all this time.
Abbath, Demonaz, Horgh"
These guys give the hottest news this summer, heh.


IRON MAIDEN - to limit their touring

IRON MAIDEN guitarist Dave Murray spoke to MTV.com about the band's decision to do away with extensive road treks following the completion of their current "Give Me Ed ... 'Til I'm Dead" tour. In the future, the band will still release albums, but MAIDEN plan to limit their touring to festivals and select stadiums. "Over the years, we've toured for nine months on every album, and if you add that up it's a lot of time," Murray said. "Maybe it's time to sit back a bit. We're still gonna go out and have fun, we're just not gonna kill ourselves."


AGENT STEELE - new album is finally in stores

"The new album is finally in stores!!! We've been received very encouraging reviews throughout Europe and the U.S. (hopefully the positive feedback will continue); at present we are evaluating tracks and getting ready to mix down the songs that we plan on releasing as additional bonus live material to an upcoming 12" vinyl picture disk single that will feature the "Earth Under Lucifer" and "Insurrection" from "Order Of The Illuminati" release. If you live in Germany be sure to pick up a copy of the new Rockhard Magazine (Manowar on the cover) that includes an inserted compilation CD featuring music from NEVERMORE and AGENT STEEL and others!"


ARCH ENEMY - detail of bonus to new album

First Pressing Of "Anthems Of Rebellion" To Include Bonus Material... The initial pressing of the European edition of ARCH ENEMY's forthcoming "Anthems Of Rebellion" CD will be available as a strictly limited 2-CD version. Aside from the regular album, you will get an audio-only DVD as a bonus disc, containing three live-songs recorded during the "Wages Of Sin" tour with Angela Gossow on vocals. In addition, the limited double-digi pack version will include three Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes of songs from the new album while the limited jewel-case will contain two Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes.
Here is the track listing for the two different, limited-edition bonus discs:
EU Bonus Disc 2-CD Digi pack:
Live tracks:
Lament Of A Mortal Soul
Behind The Smile
Diva Satanica
Dolby Digital 5.1 Mixes:
Exist To Exit
Leader Of The Rats
Dead Eyes See No Future

EU Bonus Disc 2-CD jewelcase:
Live tracks:
Lament Of A Mortal Soul
Behind The Smile
Diva Satanica
Dolby Digital 5.1 Mixes:
Leader Of The Rats
Dead Eyes See No Future

Additionally, the album will be available on vinyl.
The initial US version of the album will be in jewel case and feature the bonus disc with all 6 bonus tracks.
In order to bring visuals of ARCH ENEMY to your living-room the band just shot a video for "We Will Rise" this past weekend. More details to follow in the next few days.
ARCH ENEMY's "Anthems Of Rebellion" is due on Aug. 25 in Europe (and Aug 26 in the US) through Century Media Records. A Japanese release is expected on July 30 (it was originally scheduled for the July 23) through Toy's Factory Records. The Japanese edition features the same bonus material as above.


Bloodhead Production - releases of young label

New releases from Bloodhead Production: (dates of releases - beginning of august)
MC Mourning Palace "Beside The Sculptured Majesty" (Ukraine) - black metal
MC Vinterriket "...und Die Nacht Schweren Schrittes" (Germany) - black/ ambient
MC Vinterriket "Finsternis" (Germany) - black/ambient
MC Goldprick/Brilliant Coldness "split" (Belarus/Ukraine) - grindcore against brutal death metal
MC War Swallowed "Fantasy Flight" (Russia) - brutal death metal
MC Abysma "Armageddon" (Ukraine) - black/ambient
MC Witenagemot "Tomorrow Bequest" (Ukraine) - dark/ambient

Bloodhead Production contact:
Vyacheslav Zhuravlew
P.O.box 2074
Mariupol, Donetsk region
e-mail: bloodhead@mariupol.net

CHILDREN OF BODOM - signed a deal with Century Media

The Finnish melodic death/black titans CHILDREN OF BODOM have just signed a deal with Century Media Records. After a fierce label bidding war Century Media emerged victorious and are extremely proud to have "the hate crew" as a part of their family. The eagerly anticipated new album appropriately titled, "Hate Crew Deathroll", is currently set for a September 23rd release.
Over the past year Children of Bodom have been extremely busy promoting their new album (released on Spinefarm Records earlier this year) throughout Japan and Europe touring with labelmates SHADOWS FALL and SOILWORK. Century Media's main focus now is to concentrate their efforts in building a strong presence for the group throughout the U.S. starting with a nationwide tour in November with details to be announced soon.


IMMORTAL - don't split up?

Again news about 'broken' IMMORTAL. Right after Abbath and team announced they splitted up, IMMORTAL's label Nuclear Blast reported, that "The rumours about the split of Immortal aren't 100% correct. In fact, IMMORTAL will simply take a long break, as the musicians need to rest a while after 12 months of excessive touring. In the meantime, both Abbath and Horgh will concentrate on their own projects. To start with, the debut album of Grimfist will probably be released in September on Candlelight Records, with Horgh on drums."


DEVIOUS - brutal in stores

Dutches released new album full of brutality - "Acts Of Rage".
1. Haunted
2. Acts Of Rage
3. Harlequin Of Perpetual Destiny
4. I'll Slice You Into Pieces
5. Suoived (Introspection)
6. Conjuration Of Destruction
7. Inanimate
8. 5 Min's In Decay
9. Excavation Of The Undead
10. Dragged Below


ICED EARTH - seems to hire "Ripper" Owens

After Rob Halford returned to JUDAS PRIEST "Ripper" Owens lwft without job. It seems he's going to join US ICED EARTH, which are looking for new vocalist now.

GAMMA RAY - live album "Skeletons In The Closet"

GAMMA RAY's epic new live album "Skeletons In The Closet" will be released by Metal-Is Records/Sanctuary on Monday, August 25. The final tracklisting for the band's first live release in seven years was voted for by the bands fans themselves on the internet and is as follows:
CD 1

1. Welcome
2. Gardens Of The Sinner
3. Rich And Famous
4. All Of The Damned
5. No Return
6. Armageddon
7. Heavy Metal Universe
8. One With The World
9. Dan's Solo

CD 2

1. Razorblade Sigh
2. Heart Of The Unicorn
3. Last Before The Storm
4. Victim Of Fate
5. Rising Star/Shine On
6. The Silence
7. Heaven Or Hell
8. Guardians Of Mankind
9. New World Order


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