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CRIMSON GLORY's singer "Midnight" Arrested In Florida!

According to the web site of the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, CRIMSON GLORY frontman John Patrick Jr. "Midnight" McDonald was arrested last Saturday night, January 20 in Sarasota, Florida and charged with "DUI [driving under the influence] with .20 [blood-alcohol level] or higher or having a passenger under 18" years of age. He was also cited for driving with a suspended/cancelled/revoked license. Bond for the 44-year-old vocalist — who gave his occupation as "painter" to the authorities at the time of the arrest — was set at $1,500. He is scheduled to be arraigned on February 8.


McAllen (29-1-2007)

SLAVIOR: Debut Album Track Listing, Artwork Revealed

SLAVIOR, the new band featuring former FATES WARNING/WARLORD drummer Mark Zonder, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP guitarist/keyboardist Wayne Findlay and ex-TRIBE OF GYPSIES singer Gregg Analla, has finalized the track listing for its self-ttiled debut album, due on April 3 via Inside Out Music.

A versatile, melodic hard rock/metal act, SLAVIOR's debut album features elements familiar to Zonder's progressive metal past, but also introduces a wide array influences including reggae, hip-hop, and modern rock.

The band had originally inked a deal with Greece's Black Lotus Records, but financial turmoil eventually caused the label to fold, leaving SLAVIOR to re-evaluate matters and come to their initial choice of labels, Inside Out.

"Slavior" track listing:
01. Clonus
02. Her Animal
03. Dog Boots
04. Bitch
05. King Of The Universe
06. Inside Black
07. Warfinger
08. Chocolate
09. Pods Of Trance
10. 2116


REDEMPTION: 'The Origins Of Ruin' Release Date Announced

REDEMPTION, the Los Angeles-based progressive metal band led by guitarist/keyboardist/songwriter Nicolas van Dyk and featuring vocal legend Ray Alder of FATES WARNING, will release its third CD, "The Origins of Ruin", on April 3 via Inside Out Music.

Injecting traditional progressive metal with an uncommon degree of heaviness and melody, REDEMPTION's new CD follows up 2005's breakthrough release "The Fullness of Time", the band's first with Alder, which generated tremendous critical and popular acclaim. With Bernie Versailles (guitars, AGENT STEEL), Chris Quirarte (drums, PRYMARY) and new bass player Sean Andrews (who performed on Henning Pauly's CHAIN project), REDEMPTION is one of the most prominent up-and-coming progressive metal bands.

"The Origins of Ruin" track listing:
01. The Suffocating Silence (download mp3)
02. Bleed Me Dry
03. The Death of Faith & Reason
04. Memory
05. The Origins of Ruin
06. Man of Glass
07. Blind My Eyes
08. Used to Be
09. Fall on You
10. Precious Things (TORI AMOS cover)
11. Love To Love (UFO cover)


New releases from IROND 29.01.07

НЕВИДЬ 'Ярга' (Irond/Irond, 2007)
pagan metal

DOPE STARS INC 'Gigahearts' (Trisol Music Group/Irond, 2007)
industrial gothic

ION 'Madre Protegenos' (Equilibrium/Irond, 2007)
darkwave neoclassic


NIGHTWISH: U.S. Tour Dates Announced?

According to The Vault, Finnish symphonic metallers NIGHTWISH have lined up the following U.S. dates in October/November:

Oct. 20 - Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
Oct. 27 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
Nov. 01 - Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
Nov. 12 - Houston, TX @ The Meridian
Nov. 14 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room

NIGHTWISH is currently working on its new album for a tentative late summer release. The band is expected to announce a new singer and release a brand new single at the end of May.


NIGHTRAGE: 'A New Disease Is Born' Track Listing Finalized

NIGHTRAGE: 'A New Disease Is Born' Track Listing Finalized - Jan. 21, 2007
Swedish/Greek death metal outfit NIGHTRAGE has finalized the track listing for upcoming Lifeforce Records debut (third album overall), "A New Disease Is Born", due in North America on April 17. The CD was recorded at Hansen studios in Ribe, Denmark with producer Jacob Hansen (RAUNCHY, MERCENARY, FEAR MY THOUGHTS, HEAVEN SHALL BURN).

"A New Disease Is Born" track listing:
01. Spiral (4:39)
02. Reconcile (4:25)
03. Death-Like Silence (4:36)
04. A Condemned Club (3:45)
05. Scars of the Past (3:39)
06. De-Fame (2:52)
07. Scathing (4:36)
08. Surge of Pity (4:12)
09. Encircle (3:34)
10. Drone (3:23)
11. Spiritual Impulse (3:33)
12. A New Disease Is Born (instrumental) (2:58)


WHITE SKULL Confirms Singer's Departure, Announces Replacement

Long-running Italian metallers WHITE SKULL have finally confirmed that they have parted ways with singer Gus Gabarrò (as BLABBERMOUTH.NET first reported on Oct. 19, 2006). Replacing Gabarrò in the group's current lineup is female vocalist Elisa "Over" De Palma.


ENSIFERUM has finalized the track listing for its third album, "Victory Songs"

ENSIFERUM has finalized the track listing for its third album, "Victory Songs", due on February 21 via Spinefarm. The CD was recorded at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki with producer Janne Joutsenniemi.

"Victory Songs" track listing:
01. Ad Victoriam
02. Blood Is the Prince of Glory
03. Deathbringer from the Sky
04. Ahti
05. One More Magic Potion
06. Wanderer
07. Raised by the Sword
08. The New Dawn
09. Victory Song

A limited-edition version of the album includes an extra track, "Lady in Black", and a bonus DVD. A CD single, "One More Magic Potion", will precede the album on February 7. Also included on the single will be "Lady in Black".


FINNTROLL To Return To U.S. In September

Spinefarm Records recently revealed the cover artwork for the fifth FINNTROLL album, which may or may not be entitled "Ur Jordens Djup" ("From the Depths of the Earth"), due in Finland on March 28. Check it out at this location. The CD, which was recorded by Nino Laurenne at Sonic Pump studios in Helsinki, will be the group's first release with new vocalist Mathias Lillmåns (a.k.a. Vreth; TWILIGHT MOON) following the departure of Tapio Wilska (SETHIAN, ex-WIZZARD, former session vocalist for NIGHTWISH) last spring. Lillmåns is reportedly 24 years old, and like FINNTROLL's original vocalist, Katla Mathias, is Fenno-Swedish, with Swedish as his mother tongue.

"Ur Jordens Djup" (working title) track listing:
01. Gryning
02. Sång
03. Korpens Saga
04. Nedgång
05. Ur Djupet
06. Slagbröder
07. En Mäktig Här
08. Ormhäxan
09. Maktens Spira
10. Under Två Runor
11. Kvällning


WITHIN TEMPTATION Music Featured In 'Blood And Chocolate' Movie; Trailer Available

Dutch female-fronted symphonic metal band WITHIN TEMPTATION has provided music for the forthcoming werewolf film "Blood and Chocolate". Check out the trailer at this location' .

WITHIN TEMPTATION has finalized the track listing for its new album, "The Heart of Everything", due later in the year in the U.S. via Roadrunner Records. Check out the CD cover artwork at this location.

The 57-minute album's first single, to be released this spring, "What Have You Done", features a duet with Keith Caputo of LIFE OF AGONY. The band filmed the video for "What Have You Done" on December 13, 2006 at Koko in London.

WITHIN TEMPTATION recently spent time in a Stockholm studio mixing with Stefan Glaumann, known for his work with RAMMSTEIN.

"The Heart of Everything" track listing:
01. The Howling
02. What Have You Done (feat. Keith Caputo)
03. Frozen
04. The Heart of Everything
05. All I Need
06. Our Solemn Hour
07. Hand of Sorrow
08. The Cross
09. Final Destination
10. Forgiven
11. The Truth Beneath the Rose
12. Stand My Ground *

* The album's U.S. version will contain "Stand My Ground" from the band's "The Silent Force" album, which is featured on the "Blood and Chocolate" soundtrack.


KORN: 'Unplugged' Track Listing, Artwork Revealed

"MTV Unplugged: Korn", which was recorded December 9, 2006 at MTV's Times Square (New York City) studios, will air online February 10 and on TV February 17, according to MTV.com. The "Unplugged" CD will be released on February 20 in the U.S. The first single off the CD will be "Freak on a Leash", featuring EVANESCENCE singer Amy Lee.

KORN "Unplugged" track listing:
01. Thoughtless
02. Blind
03. Hollow Life
04. Freak On A Leash (feat. Amy Lee)
05. Falling Away
06. Creep (RADIOHEAD cover)
07. Love Song
08. Got The Life
09. Twisted Transistor
10. Dirty
11. Coming Undone
12. Make Me Bad/In Between Days (feat. Robert Smith of THE CURE)
13. No One's There
14. Throw Me Away


MEGADETHs new song, "Gears of War", is available for download

As previously reported, MEGADETH's new song, "Gears of War", is available for download at this location' . The track comes off the group's upcoming album, "United Abominations", tentatively due in March via Roadrunner Records.


New website of KOMA

EDGUY Frontman Working On New AVANTASIA Album

EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet has confirmed via his official web site that he is currently working on the third installment of his solo project AVANTASIA. "Again it's going to be a conceptual album with different musicians and singers," he writes.

"You ask why I am doing it? Because I can! Because I am dying to go for it! And because the time has come that I feel ready and strong enough to start something big, bombastic and monumental again! Believe me: you won't find any other man on the face of the earth who has got more work and stress right now — and who's yet as happy as I am. It's so exciting to see another dream of mine take shape."


ABIGOR To Master New Album In January

Reunited Austrian black metallers ABIGOR will master their new album, "Fractal Possesion", in January for a spring release via End All Life Records. Check out a few audio samples at the band's MySpace page' .


SCARTOWN - new star in the sky!

SIRENIA in Moscow. The tickets are available!

DREAMLAND: New Album Title, Cover Artwork Revealed

Swedish metallers DREAMLAND have set "Eye for an Eye" (cover) as the title of their second album, due on January 26, 2007 via Dockyard 1. The CD was recorded at Joacim Cans' (HAMMERFALL) Moonshine Studio and Andy LaRocque's (KING DIAMOND) Los Angered Recording, where the album was also mixed. The group is promising that the effort will follow the melodic-yet-heavy style of their first release, "Future's Calling" (2005) "but will maybe also surprise the listener here 'n' there." Working titles set to appear on the CD include "Forever and Ever", "Into The Fire", "Shadows of the Night", "Carousel of Pain" and "Chosen Ones".

In other news, DREAMLAND has posted video clips of two songs from its appearance at HAMMERFALL's "Threshold" record-release party on October 21 at Trägårn in Gothenburg, Sweden. Check out the tracks "Breaking the Chains" (video) and the HAMMERFALL cover "Way of the Warrior" (video).


SCARTOWN: new basist and new tourdates


The cover artwork for ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET's upcoming sophomore album, "Error in Evolution", has been posted online at this location. Due on March 9, 2007 via Nuclear Blast Records, the follow-up to the band's debut, "21st Century Killing Machine", was recorded at Deadline studios with engineer Valle Adzic.

"Error in Evolution" final track listing:
01. Mine For The Taking
02. Knights In Satan's Service
03. Such A Sick Boy
04. The Supreme Butcher
05. The Sun Never Shines
06. See Them Burn
07. Nightmare In Ashes And Blood
08. He's back (The Man Behind The Mask) (ALICE COOPER cover)
09. Heaven Knows No Pain
10. Hail The King


ANATHEMA: New Album Title, Track Listing Revealed

ANATHEMA mastermind Daniel Cavanagh has issued the following update:

"This is the greatest record we have ever made. I know it in my heart. All we need do now is find the right engineer/producer and the right studio? And to remain focused. To this end, we have decided to hire a house in the country for the first month of next year to 'live' this record before we record. We will play every day and we will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of brilliance. Of a new way to express these feelings."

"Everything" track listing:
01. Thin Air (Ann Further)
02. Bricks (рабочее название)
03. Lightning Song
04. Sunlight
05. Get Off. Get Out. (рабочее название)
06. Angels Walk Among Us
07. Everything
08. A Simple Mistake
09. Voodoo (рабочее название)
10. No One Is Free (рабочее название)
11. Paradigm Shift
12. Hindsight


DOMINE To Release 'Ancient Spirit Rising' In January

Italian "epic power metal" band DOMINE will release its fifth album, "Ancient Spirit Rising", on January 24. The track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. The Messenger
02. Tempest Calling
03. The Lady of Shalott
04. I Stand Alone
05. Ancient Spirit Rising
06. On the Wings of the Firebird
07. Another Time, Another Place, Another Space
08. Sky Rider
09. How the Mighty Have Fallen
10. Too Scared to Run (bonus track)


DEADSOUL TRIBE: New Album Title Revealed

Frontman Buddy Lackey (a.k.a. Devon Graves; ex-PSYCHOTIC WALTZ) of DEADSOUL TRIBE has issued the following update:

"I changed my mind about making a double [DEADSOUL TRIBE] album. To me, it was an ambitious thought but probably a senseless business move. With all of today's downloading, it is becoming increasingly difficult for independent bands to keep running, selling enough to keep the bands in some sort of recording deal. Therefore it seems a bit risky to put out an album that is even more expensive, like a double disc set would inevitably have to be. Instead, I have taken what I consider the very best of the best between the two discs, and just put out the strongest record possible.

"The album will be called 'A Lullaby for the Devil. It will sound quite a bit different than the previous DEADSOUL albums, in that the songs are generally much faster-paced, and quite a bit more, progressive, quite a bit more aggressive, and quite a bit more metal. There are also some songs which would have been on the 'calmer' disc, which have a smokey, more experimental ambience. There is also a particularly noteworthy instrumental composed for lead flute. The album will have about 60 minutes running time, and should be released around April 2007 on InsideOut."


LABYRINTH: '6 Days To Nowhere' Track Listing, Cover Artwork Revealed

Italian metallers LABYRINTH have finalized the track listing for their sixth full-length album, "6 Days to Nowhere", due in February via Scarlet Records. The mastering took place at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

"6 Days to Nowhere" (view cover at StayMetal.net) track listing:
01. Crossroads
02. There Is A Way
03. Lost
04. Mother Earth
05. Waiting Tomorrow
06. Come Together (THE BEATLES cover)
07. Just One Day
08. What!!!
09. Coldness
10. Rusty Nail
11. Out Of Control
12. Wolves 'N' Lambs
13. Smoke And Dreams
14. Piece Of Time


MNEMIC: New 'Passenger' Teaser Clip Posted Online

Danish metallers MNEMIC have posted a new 30-second teaser clip for their upcoming album, "Passenger", which is due out on February 6, 2007 via Nuclear Blast Records. Check it out at this location' .

Commented the band: "This 30-second sound clip consists of the more extreme and diverse material of the album. It's still not enough to give you the whole picture, but basically the fast parts have become much faster and the technical more crazy..... and [by the way], this machine will break for nobody!"

Produced by FEAR FACTORY's Christian Olde Wolbers at Track Record Studios (KISS, MEGADETH, AEROSMITH) in Los Angeles, engineered by Warren Riker (DOWN, THE FUGEES), and mixed by fellow countryman Tue Madsen (HALFORD, THE HAUNTED) at Antfarm Studios in Denmark, "Passenger" features artwork by Asterik Studios (ANTHRAX, UNEARTH) plus guest vocal appearances by Jeff Walker (CARCASS, BRUJERIA) and Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH, BRUJERIA). MNEMIC has also completed a video for "Meaningless" with Revolver Film director Patric Ullaeus.

The final track listing for "Passenger" is as follows:
01. Humanaut
02. In The Nothingness Black
03. Meaningless
04. Psykorgasm
05. Pigfuck
06. In Control
07. Electric I'd Hypocrisy
08. Stuck Here
09. What's Left
10. Shape Of The Formless
11. The Eye On Your Back
12. Zero Synchronized (Japanese Bonus Track)


HEVEIN Confirmed For Germany's SUMMER BREEZE Festival

Finnish melodic thrashers HEVEIN have been confirmed for the tenth-anniversary edition of Germany's Summer Breeze festival, set to take place August 16-18, 2007 in Dinkelsbühl. The festival billing is shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order):


HEVEIN released its debut album, "Sound Over Matter", was released last year via Spinefarm Records. A video for the song "Last Drop of Innocence" was directed by HEVEIN drummer Alpo Oksaharju.


New releases from IROND RECORDS 11.12.06

FAIRYLAND 'The Fall Of An Empire' (Napalm/Irond, 2006)
epic power metal

ELIS 'Griefshire' (Napalm/Irond, 2006)
gothic metal

MESHUGGAH 'Nothing Re Release & Bonus Dvd' (Nuclear Blast/Irond, 2006)
death modern metal

SUBWAY TO SALLY 'Nacht' (Nuclear Blast/Irond, 2006)
folk metal

DIARY OF DREAMS 'Nine In Numbers' (Accession/Irond, 2006)
synth gothic

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE 'As Daylight Dies' (Roadrunner/ Universal Rus/Irond, 2006)


PAIN OF SALVATION Members To Perform Acoustic Set In Athens

PAIN OF SALVATION's Daniel Gildenlöw (vocals/ guitar) and Johan Hallgren (guitar) will perform an exclusive acoustic show at the Rock Hard Greece party on January 21, 2007 at the Underworld Club in Athens, Greece. They will also present their new album, "Scarsick", which is due on January 22 via Inside Out. All attendees will get CDs, posters and various other giveaways. A DJ set from the editors of Rock Hard magazine will follow this event and many other surprises will take place. Stay tuned and check http://www.myspace.com/rockhardgreece' , as a huge competition will take place in which two winners will have dinner with the band the night before the show. Entrance to this event is 15 euros (beer included).



Italian metallers LABYRINTH have inked a deal with Scarlet Records. The band's sixth full-length album, "6 Days to Nowhere", includes a cover of THE BEATLES classic "Come Together" and is scheduled for release in February. The mastering took place at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.


DARK MOOR: 'Tarot' Artwork Posted Online

Madrid, Spain-based power metallers DARK MOOR have posted the cover artwork for their new album, "Tarot", at this location (artwork created by Derek Gores).

DARK MOOR recently signed a deal with Italy's Scarlet Records. The group's new album, "Tarot", is said to be "an intriguing" conceptual effort about the major arcanes of the tarot, covering in depth the meaning of each arcane and the esoteric halo that surrounds it. Production duties were once again handled by renowed producer Luigi Stefanini (RHAPSODY, LABIRYNTH, VISION DIVINE). The impressive artwork was created by Derek Gores (EDGUY, KAMELOT).

"Tarot" track listing:
01. The Magician
02. The Chariot
03. The Star
04. Wheel Of Fortune
05. The Emperor
06. Devil In The Tower
07. Death
08. Lovers
09. The Hanged Man
10. The Moon


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