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KATATONIA - to issue compilation of Mini-CDs, Rarities

Sweden's KATATONIA have set a February 23 release date for their two-disc compilation of all of their previously out-of-print mini-CDs, plus sampler tracks from old full-length albums and one unreleased track.
Titled "Brave Yester Days", the double CD will feature artwork by Agni Kaster and will be released in a digipack format together with a 16-page booklet.
The complete track listing for "Brave Yester Days" is as follows:

Volume One (disc 1):

"Jhva Elohim Meth"
01. Midwinter Gates (Prologue)
02. Without God
03. Palace Of Frost
04. The Northern Silence
05. Crimson Tears (Epilogue)

"Dance Of December Souls"
06. Gateways Of Bereavement
07. Velvet Thorns (Of Drynwhyl)

"War Compilation Vol One"
08. Black Erotica
09. Love Of The Swan

"For Funerals To Come…"
10. Funeral Wedding
11. Shades Of Emerald Fields
12. For Funerals To Come
13. Epistel

Volume Two (Disc 2):

"Brave Murder Day"
01. Murder
02. Rainroom

"Sounds Of Decay"
03. Nowhere
04. At Last
05. Inside The Fall
06. Untrue (Previously Unreleased)

"Saw You Drown"
07. Nerve
08. Saw You Drown
09. Quiet World
10. Scarlet Heavens


Scorpio (11-1-2004)

Metal V Massy - new issue is about to be released

As usual this one comes pro-printed on glossy paper (A5, 24 pages) with full OUPIRIC Prods mail order catalogue inside and features
Interviews/infos of CAPITOLLIUM (gothic sympho black metal from Carpathia), SAMHAIN (true and evil black metal terrorism from Russia), ACT OF GOD (Russian satanic sympho death metal) and CRYPTHOWL (pics from the first live show of this sympho horror black metal band).
Print-run - 2000 copies
Language - Russian
Distribution - 60% - Russia, 30% - Ukraine & Belarus, 10% - World
You can order Metal V Massy, sending post marks on 20 RUR (Russia) or 1 USD with postal transfer (CIS) to address: NIKOLAEV MIHAIL, P.O. box 340, Kaluga-02, 248002 Russia

Advertising rates:
Full page (A5) inside cover black/white - 60 USD
Half page (A6) inside cover black/white - 35 USD
Full page (A5) inside black/white - 50 USD
Half page (A6) inside black/white - 30 USD
Quarter page inside black/white - 20 USD

All requests regarding the advertising in the fothcoming issue of METAL V MASSY! should be sent immediately to oupiric@kaluga.ru' .

MIND ECLIPSE - recordings of new album and vocalist searching

MIND ECLIPSE are searching for permanent vocalist with growling and screaming. Concert experience and experience of working in the band are not necessary. All interested contact to - xarfax@mail.ru' .
also the band began to record new album "Utopia: Formula Of God".
December, 20-21 drums were succesefully recirded in Navaho Hut studio with producer Arkadiy Navaho. Guitars recordings are sheduled to January, 7-10. The working title of new album is "Utopia: Formula Of God".

Formula Of God
Of God, Satan & Other Artifacts Of Human Ignorance
Murder Is A Privilege Of Supreme Beings
Mirror Image
Gospel In Blood
Titanium Cromlech
Leaders & Followers


TANKARD - release date for "Beast of Bourbon"

Veteran German thrashers TANKARD have set a March 22 release date through AFM Records for their new album, "Beast of Bourbon". The follow-up to 2002's "B-Day" was recorded at Stage One studio in Buhne, Germany with producer Andy Classen and is slated to include such cuts as "Fistful Of Love", "Under Friendly Fire", "Genetic Overkill" and "Die With A Beer In Your Hand". The cover artwork was conceived by Sebastian Kruger, who has previously worked for the magazine Spiegel.


URKRAFT - to release debut CD in March

Danish thrash/death metallers URKRAFT will enter Antfarm Studios in Arhus, Denmark on Friday (January 9) to begin recording their debut album, "Eternal Cosmic Slaughter", with producer Tue Madsen (MNEMIC, RAUNCHY, 2TON PREDATOR). A March 8 release through Germany's Cartel Media is expected.
The tentative track listing for the album is as follows:

01. Blessed Be The Human Beast
02. Paint The City Black
03. Soulless'
04. Unleash The Will
05. Eternal Cosmic Slaughter'
06. At The Border of The Known World
07. Cannibal Melancholy'
08. Through Your Senses
09. Scarlet Burning'


PANZER X - new CD details

PANZER X, the solo project of VADER vocalist/guitarist Peter, have announced the details of their upcoming promotional CD.
The disc, entitled "Steel Fist", "will contain more stuff than was previously announced and it's going to be more like a debut MCD of the band than simply a promo tape," according to a post on VADER's web site.
The complete track listing for "Steel Fist" is as follows:

01. Feel My X
02. Panzer Attack
03. Steel Fist
04. Together 4 Ever
05. Riding On The Wind (JUDAS PRIEST cover)
06. Paint In Black (ROLLING STONES cover)

Vitek from DECAPITATED recorded all the drums for the CD, which will feature artwork from Wojtek Blasiak (MOONSPELL).
The second part of the CD recordings is scheduled to take place in the middle of January at Studio X in Olsztyn, Poland.
"Steel First" is being engineered by Szymon Czech and is being produced by Peter himself.


Nightmare Metal Page - estonian metal bands guide

Estonian band BESTIA guitarist Anres Kullaste, who is also known to his website Nightmare Metal Page' , had some spare time meanwhile, so now he started to create something like estonian metal bands guide, where is basic information about bands (members, discography etc.). Estonian groups can contact Anders' .


Finnish Metal Awards 2003

The 2003 installment of the Finnish Metal Music Awards (Sirkkelirock 2003) was held this past Saturday (January 3) at Tavastia Club in Helsinki.
Voting was open to all the metal fans in Finland and was presented through the various media outlets that were working with the event's organizers.

The winners are as follows:

Finnish Band of the Year: CHILDREN OF BODOM
Finnish Newcomer of the Year: MACHINE MEN
Finnish Album of the Year: KOTITEOLLISUUS – "Helvetista Itaan"
International Band: IRON MAIDEN
International Newcomer: EVANESCENCE
International Album: IRON MAIDEN – "Dance of Death"
Producer of the Year: Mikko Karmila
Metal Video of 2003: KOTITEOLLISUUS – "Mina Olen"
Metal Event of 2003: Tuska Metal Festival

In addition, Sirkkelirock presented a special Lifetime Achievement Award to CANNIBAL CORPSE for acknowledged work in metal music.

RUNEMAGICK - complete work on new album

Swedish "dark death metal" act RUNEMAGICK have completed work on their new album, "On Funeral Wings", at their own Magick Sound Studio for a spring release through Aftermath Music.
As previously reported, RUNEMAGICK's new material is said to be "much in the vein of the latest album 'Darkness Death Doom', with some new ideas and dimensions."
The complete track listing for "On Funeral Wings" is as follows:

01. Monolithic Death
02. Rise of the 2nd Moon
03. On Funeral Wings
04. Dragon of Doom
05. Hyperion
06. Ocean Demon
07. Emperor of the Underworld
08. Trifid Nebula
09. The Doomsday Scythe
10. Riders of Endtime
11. In a Darkened Tomb
12. Black Star Abyss
13. Wizard with the Magick Runes

Total playing time: 73:52

OCCULT - sign with Karmageddon Media

Dutch thrashers OCCULT have inked a deal with Karmageddon Media for the release of their fifth studio album, "Elegy For The Weak", due in early March. A U.S. release through Candlelight Records is expected a short time after the European release.
The follow-up to 2001's "Rage To Revenge" was produced by Andy Classen at Stage One studios in Buhne, Germany and contains the following track listing:

01. Disturbing The Dead
02. Nuclear Torment
03. Nocturnal Predator
04. Feel The Blade
05. Expire
06. Warbeast
07. Obsessed By The Grave
08. Slaughtering The Pigs
09. Reapers Call
10. Slut Of Sodom


MEMORIZED DREAMS - complete work on "Theater Of Life"

Norwegian power metallers MEMORIZED DREAMS will release their debut album, "Theater Of Life", in late February through Sound Riot Records.
The CD was recorded at Skansen Lydstudio in Trondheim, Norway with producer Stein Bratland and features a guest appearance on the title track by singer Olaf Hayer (DIONYSUS, LUCA TURILLI, LORD BYRON). Mastering duties will be handled in the next few days by Tommy Newton at Area 51 Studios in Germany. Download MP3 clips of two pre-production/demo tracks: "Gates Of Heaven"' , "Revelating Paradise"' .


VADER - new album details

Polish death metallers VADER have commenced work on the material for their sixth full-length album, tentatively titled "Spiritual Disease", for a May/June release through Metal Blade Records.
The follow-up to 2002's "Revelations" will be recorded in February 2004 at PR Studio in Gdansk with producer Piotr Lukaszewski and will mark the group's final release for Metal Blade under the terms of their present contract with the label.


SUTURE - music posted online

Louisiana's "sickest" death metal band SUTURE have posted two new songs for download on their site. One of the songs, "Horror Be Thy Name"' comes off the group's split CD with LEUKORRHEA and LEHAVOTH, while the other, "Mortuary Psalm"' , is culled from the re-release of their debut CD, "Carnivorous Urge To Kill".


THEATRE OF TRAGEDY - new singer found?

Norway's THEATRE OF TRAGEDY have posted several photos taken during a recent rehearsal session with an as-yet-unidentified female singer who may — or may not — end up becoming the official replacement for departed vocalist Liv Kristine. Check them out here' .


KATAKLYSM - new song available for download

A brand new KATAKLYSM track, titled "The Ambassador of Pain"' , has been posted online in MP3 format.
"The Ambassador of Pain" comes off the group's forthcoming album, "Serenity In Fire", due on March 8, 2004 through Nuclear Blast Records.
The follow-up to 2002's "Shadows and Dust" was recorded at Studio Victor in Montreal and was produced by KATAKLYSM guitarist Jean-Francois Dagenais (MISERY INDEX, MALEVOLENT CREATION). Mixing duties were handled at Wildsound studio in St-Zenon, Quebec.
The complete track listing:

01. The Ambassador of Pain
02. As I Slither
03. The Resurrected
04. 10 Seconds from the End
05. The Tragedy I Preach
06. For All Our Sins (feat. HYPOCRISY's Peter Tagtgren)
07. The Night They Returned
08. Blood on the Swans
09. Serenity in Fire
10. Under the Bleeding Sun


SIRENIA - new album

SIRENIA, the Norwegian band featuring former TRISTANIA guitarist/vocalist Morten Veland, have posted a brand new track, titled "Voices Within"' in MP3 format.
"Voices Within" comes off the group's sophomore album, "An Elixir for Existence" (view cover here' ), due on February 23, 2004 through Austria's Napalm Records.
The follow-up to 2002's "At Sixes and Sevens" reportedly contains 54 minutes of brand new music and features artwork by Joachim Luetke (Image Eye-Luetke Prod.).


ELVENKING - finish mixing new album

Italian "pagan metal" act ELVENKING have set a tentative March 15, 2004 release date through AFM Records for their new album, "Wyrd". The CD, which was mixed earlier this month at the House Of Music facility in Stuttgart, Germany with producer Achim Kohler (PRIMAL FEAR, BRAINSTORM), will be mastered during the coming days at an as-yet-undetermined mastering facility.

01. A Poem for the Firmament
02. Another Haven
03. Disappearing Sands
04. A Fiery Stride
05. Jigsaw Puzzle
06. The Losers' Ball
07. Moonchariot
08. Midnight Circus
09. Pathfinders
10. The Perpetual Knot
11. The Silk Dilemma
12. Waves of Infinite Skies

MISERY INDEX - live video posted online

A video of MISERY INDEX performing the track "Manufacturing Greed" live in Ludwigsburg, Germany on December 17, 2003 has been posted online in Windows Media format. Just click here' to download.
Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, MISERY INDEX feature in their ranks Jason Netherton (bass/vocals, ex-DYING FETUS), Sparky Voyles (guitar, ex-DYING FETUS, M.O.D.), Matt Byers (drums) and Bruce Greig (guitar, ex-DYING FETUS, NEXT STEP UP). The group's debut album, "Retaliate", was released in August through Nuclear Blast Records.


BLAZE - name new album

BLAZE, the British band led by former IRON MAIDEN/WOLFSBANE singer Blaze Bayley, have set "Blood and Belief" as the title of their third studio album, tentatively due in March 2004 through SPV Records. The group, who finished recording the CD on December 20, performed the album's projected title track Saturday night (December 27) at the third annual BLAZE Big Bash at Dudley JB's in England.
The mixing process for "Blood and Belief" is set to commence in early January.


METALIUM - new music for download

Several soundclips from METALIUM's forthcoming album, "As One - Chapter Four", have been posted online at the group's official web site. The follow-up to last year's "Hero-Nation Chapter III" is due in Europe on February 23, 2004 through Armageddon Products/Soulfood and in the U.S. on March 9, 2004 through Century Media Records.
The complete track listing for "As One - Chapter Four" is as follows:

01. Astral Avatar'
02. Warrior'
03. Pain Crawls In The Night'
04. Find Out'
05. No One Will Save You'
06. Meaning Of Light'
07. Illuminated
08. Meaning Of Light (Reprise)
09. Athena
10. Power Strikes The Earth
11. Goddess Of Love an Pain
12. As One
+ hidden track

European Bonus: "Screaming In The Darkness"


FINNTROLL - to release new EP in march

Finland's FINNTROLL will be releasing an EP, titled "Trollhammaren", in March containing one song off their forthcoming album plus four bonus tracks recorded in the same session. As previously reported, the upcoming full-length CD, "Nattfodd" (Swedish for "Nightborn"), will be issued in April. The follow-up to "Visor Om Slutet" was recorded at Sundicoop Studio in Savonlinna, Finland and features 10 songs. The band will also be making their debut video to coincide with the release of the full-length CD. Download' a rough-mix version of the album track "Ursvamp" in MP3 format.


AFTER ALL - new album to be released in CIS

Belgium's AFTER ALL will have their latest CD, "Mercury Rising", released in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (former USSR) and the Baltic States through CD Maximum Records. The track listing will be the same as the on the European version, but some artwork details will be different. More information is available here.
"Mercury Rising" (Mausoleum Records) was produced by Harris Johns, who is renowned for his work with VOIVOD and KREATOR. Recorded at Johns' Spiderhouse Studios in Berlin, Germany, the CD features "a much heavier and more thrash metal-oriented" sound than that on the group's previous effort, 2000's "Dead Loss" (Rokarola Records).

LOST IN TEARS - to enter the studio in January

Finnish "gothic metallers" LOST IN TEARS will enter Karillo studio on January 17, 2004 to begin recording their sophomore full-length album, tentatively due in late spring through Locomotive Music. The follow-up to 2002's "Dialogue With Mirror and God" will be engineered by Jukka Puurula and mixed at an as-yet-undisclosed studio in Spain.
Among the working songtitles set to appear on the CD are the following:
01. Metamorphosis
02. On The Way
03. Shooting Star
04. Betrayed
05. Cold Comfort
06. Assurance
07. Nothing More, Nothing Less
08. Break Me Down
09. Felicity
10. Pale Shadow
11. Summer Rain
12. Rose

KATATONIA - addition to family

The MetalList Portal would like to congratulate KATATONIA guitarist Fredrik Norrman and girlfriend Hilma on the birth of their first child, a daughter, Saturday morning (December 27).
As previously reported, KATATONIA are currently editing their first DVD, due sometime next year. A Polish Cracow gig from April 2003 will be the main attraction of the disc, but there will also be more exclusive bonus footage to go along with it. In addition, one or two of the unreleased tracks from the "Viva Emptiness" sessions will also show up on the DVD.


ENFORSAKEN - new bassist

Arlington Heights, Illinois-based death metallers ENFORSAKEN have announced the addition of bassist Adam Simon to the group's ranks.
ENFORSAKEN's sophomore album, "The Forever Endeavor", is due on March 9, 2004 through Century Media/Olympic Records. The mastering of the CD was recently completed by James Murphy (DISINCARNATE, DEATH, TESTAMENT, OBITUARY), who also contributed a guitar solo to the song "All For Nothing". All cover and layout art was completed by DARK TRANQUILLITY guitarist Niklas Sundin for Cabin Fever Media.

PAIN - seek new label

PAIN mainman Peter Tagtgren (HYPOCRISY) has posted the following message on the band's official web site:
"Hello everybody!
"As most of you know, I've been out with my other band HYPOCRISY from Sept.-Dec. and had no time to finish up the new PAIN CD, so I will start after the New Year and change label so I can get a worldwide release. I'm so fuckin' tired of not getting it out everywhere! And I can't go on tour cause I have no back-up from the label outside of Sweden, so when the label have stopped fuckin' around and I have sign with the new record company I will be back with a new album and world tour to support it. You will be the first to know.
"Hope you understand."
Among the tracks tentatively set to appear on the follow-up to 2002's "Nothing Remains The Same" are the following:
01. Tear It Up
02. Don't Count Me Out
03. The Table Has Turned
04. Stay Away
05. Misery
06. The Third Wave

DEATH BY DAWN - new demo track posted online

DEATH BY DAWN, the German death metal band featuring former PESTILENCE/ASPHYX/BOLT THROWER frontman Martin Van Drunen, have posted a recently recorded demo track, entitled "Legal Usury"' .
DEATH BY DAWN's new demo CD will be available for purchase online in approximately one week via the online shop at http://www.unstoppableforce.de' .
Several recent photos of DEATH BY DAWN can be viewed by clicking here' .


NOCTURNAL RITES - "New World Messiah"

Swedish melodic metallers NOCTURNAL RITES have reportedly set "New World Messiah" as the title of their follow-up to 2002's "Shadowland", tentatively due in early 2004 through Century Media Records. Working songtitles include "Against the World", "The Icon" and the projected title track. The group's bassist Nils Eriksson had previously described the new material as "pretty much like we've always done...[but] maybe just a tad better."


INCANTATION - working on debut DVD

Pennsylvania-based death metallers INCANTATION are in the process of compiling material for their first DVD, to be released sometime next year through Brazil's Mutilation Records. The as-yet-untitled disc will include footage from the group's November 22, 2003 show in Sao Paulo, Brazil, plus vintage video footage that spans the band's 13 years of existence along with other rare footage that has yet to be determined. More information will be made available soon.


KAMELOT - songwriting sessions going better than expected

KAMELOT mastermind Thomas Youngblood has posted the following message on the band's official web site:
"Hello Kamelotians!!!
"We are very pleased to tell you all that the writing sessions are going even better than expected. We have now completed 8 new songs and cannot get the melodies out of our heads. A good sign for everyone) We just finished 'March of Mephisto', this should be our heaviest song ever and a live classic. Also, we finished a beautiful ballad that will mostly be piano and a small string ensemble. A first for us as well. So we are always working on new twists to the KAMELOT style we hope you all love. Our beloved producer Sascha Paeth will come to Florida after the New Year to begin preproduction and then the fun starts!"
As previously reported, KAMELOT's forthcoming album will be their first for SPV Records, with whom they signed a worldwide deal last spring. An early 2004 release is expected. Other songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Nothing Ever Dies" and "Serenade".


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