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WRUST - a breakthru from Botswana

Botswana's WRUST, the only known all-black extreme/death metal band in Africa, have confirmed the track listing for their as-yet-untitled debut album, scheduled for release later this year through Witchdoctor Records. The group will enter the studio in October to begin recording the effort, which will be available via mailorder at WitchdoctorRecords.com. The tentative track listing is as follows:

01. Cleansing Ritual
02. Kill or Be Killed
03. Breeding the Undead
04. Mortal Decay
05. Run
06. Rise of the Prowler
07. The Killing God
08. Fate
09. Why Me

Fawkes (31-8-2004)

Kari Rueslatten - a new album soon

Former THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL "goddess of beauty" Kari Rueslåtten will release her fourth solo album, "Other People's Stories", on September 27 through GMR Music. The follow-up to 2002's "Pilot" is said to be "filled with [Kari's] best songs to date as well as wonderfully produced."

With regards to the album's title, Kari had previously stated, "The idea behind this title is that all the songs tell somebody's story, but their story could also be my own. People make choices that sometimes is beyond our understanding. But if we were to be in their position we might have done exactly the same."


ANTHRAX win "The Spirit Of Rock" award!!!

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian has commented on winning the "Spirit of Rock" award at the Kerrang! Awards, which were held Thursday night (August 26) at The Brewery in central London.

"Comrades, we won at the Kerrang awards!" Scott writes on the group's web site. "They gave us the award for 'Spirit Of Rock' which is given to a band that has changed the face of music and has been a major influence on others. It was really cool. The event itself is huge. I had no idea it was so big. They had a killer video presentation showing clips of our whole career, from 'Madhouse' to 'What Doesn't Die' with a voiceover giving our history. Rob and I had no clue that we were getting this. It was kept secret from us the whole time. I thought we were nominated in a category with other bands so when they announced this award and said this year's winners etc. etc. I realized they had picked us for the award. Rob and I went up and I gave a very excited and brief thank you speech and then we were whisked off to the press room for all kinds of TV and radio. It was really cool to be recognized by a magazine that I've been reading since before ANTHRAX..."


METALLICA were named Best Band on the Planet

METALLICA were named Best Band On the Planet at the Kerrang! Awards, beating out the likes of SLIPKNOT, THE DARKNESS, H.I.M., RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and BLINK-182. VELVET REVOLVER, the new group composed of former members of GUNS N' ROSES and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, won Best International Newcomer, while THE DARKNESS were named Best British Band. The spandex-clad rockers also won Best Live Band for the second year running.


BloodWorks wed metal and horror

Producer/manager Christopher Tuffin, who has managed such metal acts as PAINMUSEUM, as well as members of the band HALFORD, has teamed up with former NFL star Glenn Cadrez to form a new horror entertainment company, BloodWorks.

Tuffin says that he wants to build stronger ties between the hard rock/metal community and the horror filmmakers.

"Like metal, horror isn’t just a genre — it's a way of life for a lot of fans," he said. "They both allow their artists to question authority, explore fears and lash out at the status quo, so it makes perfect sense to build their respective awareness via soundtracks, casting and other cross promotions that will expose each of them to a wider audience.”


NIBIRU - the first demo to be out

NIBIRU, the long-running project featuring Overlord of cult U.S. black metal band CRIMSON MOON, have officially released a demo CD through Kthulu Productions. “8 spells running 30 mins in length. ...containing rehearsal tracks from both full length CD's to be released in the future on Kthulu Productions”.


SYCRONOMICA joins with Black Attack

German melodic black metallers SYCRONOMICA have inked a two-album deal with Black Attack Records. The group's debut CD, "Paths", is scheduled for release on October 18.

"Paths" track listing:

01. Intro
02. Erased By Light
03. Creations Of Mine
04. Paths ( ...Of A Forgotten Time)
05. In Silence I Die
06. Durch Das Ge?st
07. Vampiric Dances
08. Something From The North
09. Lost
10. The Sound Of Horns


MNEMIC - the new video

Denmark's modern thrashers MNEMIC have finished filming a video for their new single, "Deathbox", with director Patric Ulleaus (DIMMU BORGIR, IN FLAMES, LACUNA COIL) of Revolver Films. The video was shot in Gothenburg, Sweden at the Revolver Studios.


FALCONER welcome a new bass-player

Sweden's FALCONER have announced the addition of bassist Magnus Linhardt to the group's ranks. FALCONER are continuing to write material for their next studio effort, tentatively due next spring. Around eight new songs have been completed so far, including "No Tears For Strangers", "Purgatory Time", "Humanity Overdose" and "Power". Guitarist Stefan Weinerhall said on new material that “ it’s gonna be a bit faster and harder."

The band have yet to announced a replacement for guitarist Anders Johansson, who left the group earlier in the year.


GRAVEWORM enter the studio in September

Italian gothic black metal band GRAVEWORM, featuring former ABIGOR and current DARKWELL/SHADOWCAST drummer Moritz Neuner, will enter Stage One studios in B?hne, Germany in September to begin recording their new CD, tentatively due in early 2005 through Nuclear Blast.


MARDUK - lay their ninth album

Swedish black metallers MARDUK have finished tracking the drums, guitars and bass for their ninth full-length album, tentatively due in November. The band will soon return to Endarker studio in Norrk?ping, Sweden to begin recording the vocals, according to a posting on their web site. The group's forthcoming CD will be their first recording with new singer Mortuus (previously a member of FUNERAL MIST and TRIUMPHATOR under the alias Arioch).


FEAR FACTORY - feature the soundtrack

FEAR FACTORY have finished filming a video for the track "Bite the Hand That Bleeds". The song, which comes off the group's latest CD, "Archetype", will be featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming horror film "Saw", due in theatres nationwide in mid-September.


ENTOMBED - corpse-de-ballet!!!

Sweden's ENTOMBED have set an October 20 Scandinavian release date through Threeman Recordings for their new album, "Unreal Estate". The CD, a document of the band's live appearances at the Royal Opera Hall (the band did a 45 mins gig surrounded by 30 ballet dancers) in Stockholm, Sweden, will be issued in the rest of Europe on November 8 through Plastic Head distribution. An extensive booklet with pictures from the performances will be included with the album.


Kevin Shirley - I’ve not seen a penny...

Продюсер Кевин Ширли (DREAM THEATER, IRON MAIDEN, SLAYER) разместил на своем сайте следующее сообщение:

«Все, чем я занимаюсь последнее время, похоже на профессиональное самоубийство. Я устал от того, что всевозможные конторы и менеджеры групп смешивают нас – звукоинженеров и продюсеров – с дерьмом, и мы терпим, ведь на самом деле, работы для нас не так много и нам приходится едва ли не побираться. То, что на запись в наше время выделяются смешные деньги, лейблы аргументируют большими затратами на рекламу. Согласен, но почему сегодня на запись выделяется меньше денег, чем тридцать лет назад?!. Я слушаю старые альбомы BLACK SABBATH и поражаюсь, насколько кропотливо относились к процессу записи в то время, и насколько безалаберно относятся сейчас. Я не дурак называть этих людей по именам, но лишь бегло взглянув на мой график, вы поймете, о ком идет речь. Сейчас все стремятся сэкономить, не думая, что в последствии придется очень сильно пожалеть. На самом деле, с того самого дня, как я вернулся из Лондона, я ни гроша не увидел от всех этих директоров и менеджеров, несмотря на те безумные временные рамки, которые они так любят ставить, и все их просьбы исправить хреново записанные альбомы. Так, одна компания попросила меня смикшировать целый альбом за $5000. В лучшем случае, на эту работу ушла бы неделя, а расценки нашей студии $2000 в день!!! Интересно, чем, по их мнению, я должен платить по своим счетам и кредитам...»


ANNIHILATOR - two DVD’s are upcoming

ANNIHILATOR mastermind Jeff Waters is in talks with three different companies about releasing the group's first-ever DVD. "The Campbell Brothers will be doing it so it will be a really entertaining DVD," Waters writes on the band's web site. "Well worth the 15-year wait for a video/DVD release from us. I will let you know what will be on it but i can assure you, it will be a big-selling item. TONS of rare and priceless stuff. This REALLY will be a special thing. Trust me on that one!"

In addition to releasing a "proper" ANNIHILATOR DVD, Waters says that there are also plans to issue a second DVD that will be "kinda half an instructional guitar/ANNIHILATOR video: me jamming to some of the songs/solos on the CDs and playing some easy ones and hard ones. BUT the other half should be a really entertaining one: lots of me talking about how cds were recorded, tour of my studio, guitars, amps, all the neat and interesting stuff ya always wanted to know. AND A LOT OF RARE FOOTAGE AND AUDIO. So this will not be just for guitarists, but for bassists and all fans of ANNIHILATOR!"


TUMULUS - long-awaited debut

Official release date of debut album "Winter Wood" (cover here' ) of Russian progressive folk metal band TUMULUS is set on September this year through Wroth Emitter.

01. Stin'
02. Odolen-Trava
03. Yavir
04. Morok Uzrev
05. Krada
06. The Thread
07. Tam, Gde Zhili Sviristeli
08. Vo Luzeh (Omutkovo Lyady)
09. Resnoty Sont'...
10. Winter Wood

More details and disc order at:

THERM.EYE.FLAME - third album details

The recordings of the third album of Russian Modernized Black Metal formation THERM.EYE.FLAME entitled "To Evolution?!" are in full swing.
"To Evolution?!" features 10 the most non-standard, rigid, depressive and high-leveled tracks in the history of the projec, about 45 min of total time.
01. Sectors Of Madness p.1
02. Sectors Of Madness p.2
03. Complex Structure Of A Cold Space
04. Social Polarization
05. The Platform
06. Vacuum Of The april's Waves
07. Radar With Arrival Angel
08. Outer Drug
09. To Evolution?! p.1
10. To Evolution?! p.2

The recordings will approximately be completed by September this year.
Due to the recent band's leaving from the main publisher More Hate Productions a label through which the new album will be released is still unknown.
Also T.E.F. are working on a new logotype!


FESTERGUTS - promo CD for Western labels

Kaluga, Russia based band FESTERGUTS prepared three-song promo CD for western labels to sign a deal for publishing the full length album. You can download the title track from this CD - Now I Can Feel You From Inside' .


Withcraft Productions - first release

Withcraft Productions (label, founded by Black Minds webzine) presents the release of debut of cult Russian band TWILIGHT IS MINE. The name of album is "When The Twilight Covers The World" and after some years of forgetfullness finally comes out as limited edition. Nine tracks of full of coldness true Black metal with occult breathe and atmospheric passages.

1. Intro - 96
2. When The Twilight Covers The World - 96
3. Antihuman - 96
4. Hail, Ragnarok! - 97
5. Evil Is My Lifeforce - 97
6. To You, O Forest - 97
7. The Triumph - 97
8. Backwoods Dreams - 96
9. The lullaby In Storm - the evil version of P. Tchaikovsky - 99
Professional CD-R release, bw booklet, box, press-release. Attention! Only 100 copies! In order to buy TWILIGHT IS MINE "When The Twilight Covers The World" album contact label at: cannibalius@pisem.net' , cannibalius@inbox.lv'


DARKANE - drummer is back

DARKANE's drummer Peter Wildoer seems to have recovered from his wrist injury which afflicted him several months and also delayed working on a new album.
Now that he can play again properly DARKANE will soon start rehearing new material and enter the studio as quickly as possible.


NIGHTWISH - breaks the records

NIGHTWISH got certified with a golden record both in Switzerland (20.000 sold copies) and Norway (25.000 sold copies) for their hit album "Once"! Single "Nemo" has passed the golden border in Norway as well and gets certified too for more than 5.000 sold CDs.
On September, 20th the new NIGHTWISH Single „Wish I Had An Angel“ will be releasesd. Besides the album version, there will be a special edit + the demo version of the hymn. Besides those, the single features exklusivly the instrumental version of „Ghost Love Score“ and the unique cover version of „Where Were You Last Night“ from A. Bagger. The enhanced part features the video clip of „Wish I Had An Angel“, plus a photogallery and a screensaver.


MNEMIC - "The Audio Injected Soul"

Danish modern thrash metallers MNEMIC will release their new album "The Audio Injected Soul" on September 27th through Nuclear Blast. The record – produced once again with Tue Madsen in the Danish Antfarm Studios in Aarhus - features ten highly dynamic and fast tracks; furthermore MNEMIC worked a lot with melodies and provided the new songs with strong and catchy refrains.
The tracklist of "The Audio Injected Soul" is as follows:

01. Dreamstate Emergency
02. Door 2.12
03. Illuminate
04. Deathbox
05. Sane Vs. Normal
06. Jack Vegas
07. Mindsaver
08. Overdose in the Hall of Fame
09. The Silver Drop
10. Wild Boys (DURAN DURAN cover)


BAL-SAGOTH - new album details

The new yet untitled BAL-SAGOTH album will hit the stores in early 2005 – the band is confident to finish the major studio work during autumn. BAL-SAGOTH sixth record shall content all trademarks the guys are adored for: Dark Fantasy Metal with elements of Death and Black.


PUNGENT STENCH - ’Ampeauty’ due in September

Long-running Austrian extreme metallers PUNGENT STENCH have completed work on their new album, "Ampeauty" (view cover here' ), due on September 6 through Nuclear Blast Records. The follow-up to 2001's "Masters Of Moral - Servants Of Sin" will contain the following track listing:

01. Lynndie (She-Wolf Of Abu Ghraib)
02. Invisible Empire
03. The Amp Hymn
04. The Passion Of Lucifer
05. Got Mail
06. Human Garbage
07. Apotemnophiliac
08. No Guts, No Glory
09. Same Shit - Different Asshole
10. Fear The Grand Inquisitor
Check PUNGENT STENCH very soon on Metal Heads Mission festival in Ukraine!

SEVENTH ONE - name new album

Swedish power metallers SEVENTH ONE have set "What Should Not Be" as the title of their sophomore album, due on September 27 through Armageddon Products. Songtitles set to appear on the follow-up to 2002's "Sacrifice" include "Scattered", "How Many Years" and "Eyes Of The Nation".
In related news, the "Armageddon Over Wacken" DVD now has an August 2 release date. SEVENTH ONE will be featured on the disc with the track "Crimson Sky" and not "Hallowed Ground", as previously reported.

DARKTHRONE – "Sardonic Wrath"

Moonfog Records has set a September 6 release date for the new DARKTHRONE album, "Sardonic Wrath". The follow-up to last year's "Hate Them" features cover artwork by Lorenzo Mariani (MARDUK, ABORYM) and contains the following track listing:

01. Information Wants To Be Syndicated (4:20)
02. Sjakk Matt Jesu Krist (4:03)
03. Straightening Sharks (3:26)
04. Alle Gegen Alle (3:21)
05. Mann Tanker Sitt (3:04)
06. God Of Doubt (4:33)
07. Silent Majority (3:56)

EMPEROR - reissues to include bonus material

Candlelight Records has set October 19 and November 2 as the reissue dates for EMPEROR's four genre-defining albums. "Wrath of the Tyrants", "In the Nightside Eclipse", "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk", and "IX Equilibrum", all currently out of print in the U.S., have been reworked with additional bonus footage and material unavailable on both European and U.S.-licensed versions.
In documentary style, each of the four recordings have been enhanced with live and studio footage. "Wrath of the Tyrant", being part one, "includes very rare, exclusive footage of pre-'Nightside' rehearsals plus live outtakes from our first tour (in support of CRADLE OF FILTH, 1993)," says guitarist Samoth. "In the Nightside Eclipse", part two, "includes edited material from a live show in Oslo for the song 'Towards the Pantheon', as well as various other clips from live recordings in 1997."
"Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk" "starts off with a band interview on Finnish TV talking about 'Anthems' and then various live clips from 1997-98, including cool clips from the Dynamo Festival," continues Samoth. "Part four, 'IX Equilibrium', starts off with a clip from the No Mercy Festival tour and then follows us to the U.S. for our first and only headline American tour in 1999." "IX Equilibrium" concludes the four-part enhancement series with a clip from the Mystic Festival in Poland, the final EMPEROR performance.
On August 24, Candlelight will release "Emperial Live Ceremony", the DVD version of the band's only official live recording. The 70-minute, high quality universal-zoned DVD was filmed at London's Astoria Theatre.


TARTHARIA - "Abstract Nation"

TARTHARIA second album "Abstract Nation" released through Crash Music Inc on October, 2004. Mixed by Anssi Kippo at ASTIA-A Studio. Nice sound production. Frontcover inspired by creativity of John santerineross. TARTHARIA debut was released in autumn 2003 by Crash Inc and got vivid response among death/black metal fonders. "Abstract Nation" is more into thrash metal traditions but basically keeps death/black metal line.
Release date 10-5-2004.


DOKKEN - market news

DOKKEN's latest CD, "Hell To Pay" (Sanctuary), has sold 3,735 copies during its first week of release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Meanwhile, CATTLE DECAPITATION's "Humanure" (Metal Blade) registered a first-week tally of 733, while DREAM EVIL's "The Book Of Heavy Metal" (Century Media) and ANCIENT's "Night Visit" (Metal Blade) shifted 570 and 134 units, respectively.

IMAGIKA - "Devils On Both Sides"

San Francisco power/thrash metallers IMAGIKA have finished mixing their fourth full-length album, "Devils on Both Sides", tentatively due later in the year through an as-yet-undetermined label. A tentative track listing as follows:

01. In Your Shadow
02. Spellbound
03. Hexed
04. Devils on Both Sides
05. Last Battalion
06. Back to the Beginning
07. Voice of Prejudice
08. Dead Eye-Stare
09. Evils Rising
10. Vigilante

Final cover artwork for the CD was produced by IMAGIKA drummer Henry Moreno.

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