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THEATRE OF TRAGEDY singer Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull has teamed up with members of the German band ATROCITY (fronted by Liv's husband Alexander Krull) in a brand new group called LEAVES' EYES.
The music of LEAVES' EYES is "based on the wonderful voice of Liv and beautiful melodic arrangements," according to a post on Kristine's web site. "The atmospheric songs are based on a lyrical concept in which a fascinating and mystical love story is told."
LEAVES' EYES recently spent time at Alex's Mastersound studios in Stuttgart/Fellbach, Germany recording their first original songs, to be released in late 2003/early 2004 through an as-yet-undetermined label.
In addition to THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and LEAVES' EYES, Liv is currently involved in a pop project dubbed simply LIV KRISTINE. Two MP3 clips recently produced by Alex at Mastersound studios are available for download from Kristine's web site. Check them out:
The Woman in Me '
U R the Night '


Scorpio (18-8-2003)


Sweden's DARK TRANQUILLITY have announced the details of their forthcoming DVD, "Live Damage", due on September 29 through Century Media.
The main feature on the 195-minute disc will be a live show that was recorded at Krzemionki Studio TVP in Krakow, Poland on October 7, 2002. Also included will be a lot of extra and bonus features, such as "bootleg" footage filmed at Zeche Carl in Essen, Germany on November 13, 2002, Gagarin Club, Athens, Greece on October 20, 2002, and La Locomotive in Paris, France on November 19, 2002. Additionally, the disc will contain two video clips ("Monochromatic Stains", "ThereIn"), a fully animated menu, an interview with vocalist Mikael Stanne (28 minutes), band biography and individual members' profiles


MOONSPELL - completed work on new video

Portugal's MOONSPELL have completed work on the video for "Everything Invaded" with director Tiago Guedes, who had previously worked with the group on the clip for "Nocturna" (off 2001's "Darkness And Hope"). Check out pictures from the shoot:
"Shot on location in Meco, Sesimbra, by the sea and the desolate countryside in Portugal, the storyline intent was to create a trailer for a classic B series horror movie, reflecting also the convergence between the single edit and the full album song," the band write on their official web site. "Zarabatan, the team of directors, master this purpose with horrific and occult excellence and we can not wait for the video to penetrate your eyelids and perfurate through the fear which fills your brain."



IMPERIA, the new band featuring former TRAIL OF TEARS singer Helena Iren Michaelsen and GOD DETHRONED drummer Arien van Weesenbeek, have signed a deal with Cold Blood Industries (via the label's new Ebony Tears atmospheric/gothic metal imprint). The band, who are based in Holland, have reportedly written 80 minutes of material and will enter the studio shortly to record their debut album, tentatively due in early 2004.
Check out pictures of Helena:
Helena in camouflage '
Helena in water '

ATOMIZER - third studio album

Australian black/death/thrash ensemble ATOMIZER have finalized the track listing for their third studio album, "The Only Weapon Of Choice (13 Odes To Power, Decimation and Conquest)", due in Australia in late September.
13 tracks were recorded for the CD, which has a playing time of roughly 45 minutes. The album will be mixed over the next week by Astennu (ex-DIMMU BORGIR, CARPE TENEBRUM) and will be mastered at Crystal Mastering studio before the month's end. Tracklist:
01. Power, Not Participation
02. And The Hunt Starts Again
03. When I Die, I Wanna Die Violently
04. The Campaign
05. The War That Never Ended
06. The Only Weapon Of Choice
07. Isolation
08. One Man's Failure
09. So Terrified, Yet So In Control
10. Join The Blackheart Reich
11. For Blackness Absolute
12. Sometimes They Hear The Bullet
13. The Fog Of War


DESPAIRATION - finished recording their fourth album

German ambient/gothic metallers DESPAIRATION have finished recording their fourth full-length album, "Music For The Night", for a November release through Holland's DVS Records. The band will enter X-Ton-Studio next week to master the effort, which will contain 18 songs and around 80 minutes of playing time. A record-release party is planned for October 30 at Rockwerk in Hof, Germany, featuring appearances by LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE, EWIGHEIM and an as-yet-undisclosed special guest.
The complete track listing for the album is as follows:
01. Music For The Night
02. Drift
03. Phantastronaut
04. River Of Perdition
05. Underground Poetry
06. Madrigal
07. L'avion Ivre
08. Asteroid YB5
09. Firebird
10. Moondrawn Awakening
11. Proteus
12. Zeitgeist
13. April Mourning
14. Song Of The Nightingale
15. Nuit En Enfer
16. Colourado Mindtrip
17. Space Sound Park
18. Penelope


SUSPERIA - will enter the studio on September 24

Norway's SUSPERIA will enter the studio on September 24 to begin recording their third full-length album, tentatively titled "Unlimited". The band, who split with Nuclear Blast Records late last year, have struck up a new deal "with an interesting label," according to a post on the band's web site. "It will be made official, who and what, once all papers are signed."



Sweden's DIMENSION ZERO have parted ways with ex-IN FLAMES Glenn Ljungstrom and are currently seeking a replacement. No reason was given for Ljungstrom's departure.
As previously reported, DIMENSION ZERO — who feature in their ranks IN FLAMES guitarist Jesper Stromblad (on bass), ex-MARDUK vocalist Jocke Gothberg, LUCIFERION/DIABOLIQUE drummer Hasse Nilsson, and PATHOS guitarist Daniel Antonsson — will shortly reissue their original EP, "Penetrations From The Lost World", along with two previously-unreleased songs and five live tracks from their Japanese tour in May 2002. The album will come with a new artwork and layout.
DIMENSION ZERO recently completed work on their sophomore full-length album, "This is Hell", for a September release through Sweden's Regain Records. The CD — the band's first to feature Antonsson — was recorded at Phlat Planet studios in Gothenburg, Sweden with producer/IN FLAMES frontman Anders Friden.
The tentative track listing for "This Is Hell" is as follows:
01. Intro
02. Amygdala
03. Blood On The Streets04. Dimension Zero
05. Di'i Minores
06. Immaculate
07. Killing My Sleep
08. Into & Out Of Subsistence
09. The Final Destination
10. This Light


HAMMERFAL - cancelled their appearence at Derby's Bloodstock Festival

HAMMERFAL have cancelled their appearence at Derby's Bloodstock Festival, after guitarist Oscar Dronjak crashed his motorcycle on August 10. Dronjak was left with two fractures on his left arm after the incident.



A 50-minute audio documentary of the history of NAPALM DEATH — as told in their own words by former drummer Mick Harris and bassist Shane Embury — has been posted online' .
As previously reported, NAPALM DEATH's upcoming collection of covers, entitled "Leaders Not Followers 2", is due before the end of the year through the band's own Feto label. The complete track listing for the effort is as follows:
2. OFFENDERS – Face Down In The Dirt
3. DEVASTATION – Devastation
5. AGNOSTIC FRONT - Blind Justice
6. WEHRMACHT - Night Of Pain
7. ANTI CIMEX - Game Of The Assholes/Victims Of A Bomb Raid
8. SEPULTURA - Troops Of Doom
9. INSANITY - Fire Death Fate
10. HIRAX - Hate Fear + Power
11. DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Bedtime Story
12. HELLHAMMER - Messiah
13. KREATOR - Riot Of Violence
14. DISCHARGE - War's Not Fairytale
15. SIEGE - Conform
16. MASSACRE - Clangor Of War
17. MASTER - Master
18. DIE KREUZEN - I'm Tired


STRATOVARIUS - vocalist's solo album

STRATOVARIUS vocalist Timo Kotipelto has completed the songwriting process for his second solo album with only "some lyrics [left] to be written," according to a post on his web site. Timo will enter the studio in September to begin recording the as-yet-untitled follow-up to last year's "Waiting For The Dawn" album (issued under the KOTIPELTO banner), due in early 2004 through Century Media Records. The recording lineup for the album will be more or less "the same" as that on the debut, which featured contributions from Mike Romeo (guitars, SYMPHONY X), Roland Grapow (guitars, MASTERPLAN/ex-HELLOWEEN), Arjen Lucassen (guitars, AYREON), Sami Virtanen (guitars, JOE DOAKES), Jari Kainulainen (bass, STRATOVARIUS), Mirka Rantanen (drums, TUNNEL VISION), Gas (drums, H.I.M.), Janne Warman (keyboards, CHILDREN OF BODOM) and Mikko Harkin (keyboards, SONATA ARCTICA).



Finnish goth-metallers ENTWINE will enter Astia Studios in Lappeenranta, Finland in September with producer Anssi Kippo (CHILDREN OF BODOM, SINERGY, NORTHER) to record the follow-up to 2002's "Time Of Despair", due in early 2004 through Century Media Records. Unlike the group's previous releases, the as-yet-untitled effort will be mixed at Finnvox studios in Helsinki with Mikko Karmila (NIGHTWISH, STRATOVARIUS), according to a post on the band's web site. "Time Of Despair" entered the Finnish album charts at No. 24 upon its release in June 2002. The album's first single, "The Pit", debuted at No. 6 on the Finnish singles chart. ENTWINE frontman Mika Tauriainen's "atmospheric rock" side project, SHAMRAIN (formerly TEARS), are currently recording songs at F-Field Studio in Lahti for their full-length debut, tentatively due in November through Watch Me Fall Records. Download the new demo song "Drifter"' (recorded in May 2003).


THE KOVENANT - added two new members

Norway's THE KOVENANT have set "The Dreaming Spires" as the tentative title for their forthcoming album, due in early 2004 through Nuclear Blast Records. The follow-up to this year's "S.E.T.I." (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) will apparently be "more guitar-oriented and darker" than its predecessor. Among the tracks set to appear on the CD is "Radiation King".
As previously reported, THE KOVENANT recently added two new members to the group's lineup: RAM-ZET drummer Kuth and APOPTYGMA BERZERK keyboardist Geir Bratland.


CHARON - changed the title for their album

Finland's CHARON have changed the title for their forthcoming fourth full-length album to "The Dying Daylights" from the originally announced "Dead Man Walking". The follow-up to last year's "Downhearted" is due on October 6 through Spinefarm Records. A new single containing the song "Religious/Delicious" and the non-album cut "The King Is Dead" will be released on September 1.
"The Dying Daylights" was recorded at BRR Studios in the group's hometown of Raahe and was mixed at Helsinki's Finnvox Studios. The album includes a guest appearance on backing vocals by NIGHTWISH/ex-SINERGY bassist Marco Hietala and Jenny Heinonen. The latter had performed a similar role on the group's last two albums, "Downhearted" and 2000's "Tearstained".
The complete track listing for "The Dying Daylights" is as follows:
01. Failed
02. Religious/Delicious
03. Death Can Dance
04. In Brief War
05. Guilt On Skin
06. Unbreak, Unchain
07. Drive
08. Every Failure
09. In Trust Of No One
10. If
11. No Saint
12. Built For My Ghosts (digipack only)
13. Re-collected (digipack only)
The cover artwork for the album was completed by artist extraordinaire Travis Smith (KATATONIA, DEATH, TESTAMENT, OPETH, etc.).

THE IRON MAIDENS - all-girl tribute to IRON MAIDEN

Home-video footage of THE IRON MAIDENS — L.A.'s all-girl tribute to IRON MAIDEN that features in its ranks PHANTOM BLUE members Linda McDonald (drums), Josephine (guitar), and Sara Marsh (guitar) — jamming with former TESTAMENT/SAVATAGE guitarist Alex Skolnick on a version of MAIDEN's "The Trooper" has been posted online in Quicktime format. Click here to download' .


ANATA - third full-length album

Swedish death metallers ANATA have set "Under A Stone With No Inscription" as the title for their third full-length album, due on October 6 through Earache/Wicked World Records. The 10-song effort was recorded and mixed in the spring at Studio Mega studios in Bollebygd and was mastered earlier this summer at Digitalfabriken in Gothenburg. ANATA's last studio album, "Dreams Of Death And Dismay", was released in 2001 via Season Of Mist Records in Europe.


LORD BELIAL - have entered Los Angered Recording

Swedish black metallers LORD BELIAL have entered Los Angered Recording in Angered (Gothenburg), Sweden to begin recording their new album, tentatively titled "The Seal Of Belial". The self-produced effort will be engineered by Nicklas Rudolfsson and Andy La Rocque (KING DIAMOND), and will be mixed by Andy. Drums, rhythm guitars and some overdubs are already finished, according to a post on the band's web site. A late 2003/early 2004 release through Regain Records is expected.
LORD BELIAL have yet to announce a replacement for guitarist Niclas "Pepa" Andersson, who left the band early last month. Niclas' decision to exit the group came several weeks after the departure of drummer Michael Backelin, who has since been replaced by RUNEMAGICK/ex-RELEVANT FEW skinsman Daniel Moilanen (half-brother of former SHOTGUN MESSIAH guitarist Harry K. Cody).



FLESHGORE & GOREZONE European Tour Dates 2003:
12.08.03 Ukr - Lviv, + VADER (PL), CASTRUM (Ukr), MENTAL DEMISE (Ukr)
15-16.08.03 D - Die Kuhle Festival, Lutijenwestedt + GOREZONE (D), MEATKNIFE (D)...
22.08.03 D - Leipzig, Mogel club + KRABATHOR (Cz), GOREZONE (D)
23.08.03 D - Essen, Julius-Leber-Haus + KRABATHOR, GOREZONE (D), NEGATIVE CREED (D)
24.08.03 B - Gent, Frontline Club + DISAVOWED (NL), PYAEMIA (NL), GOREZONE (D), MEATHEAD (B)
30.08.03 D - Scheune, Backstage Volkach + GOREZONE (D) and support
31.08.03 D - Hamburg, Headbangers Ballroom + GOREZONE (D) and support


SIX FEET UNDER - "Amerika The Brutal" song posted online

A brand new SIX FEET UNDER track, titled "Amerika The Brutal"' , has been made available for download
"Amerika The Brutal" comes off the group's forthcoming album, "Bringer Of Blood", due on September 23 through Metal Blade Records. The follow-up to 2001's "True Carnage" was recorded at Morrisound Recording and Hit Factory studios in Florida and is being described by frontman Chris Barnes (ex-CANNIBAL CORPSE) as "crushing. It's a lot different from our last release but heavy as fuck!"
The complete track listing for "Bringer Of Blood" is as follows:
1. Sick In The Head
2. Amerika The Brutal
3. My Hatred
4. Murdered In The Basement
5. When Skin Turns Blue
6. Bringer Of Blood
7. Ugly
8. Braindead
9. Blind And Gagged
10. Claustrophobic
11. Escape From The Grave
The upcoming CD will come with a free DVD containing a 45-minute behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album, including interviews with all the members, footage of the band's rehearsals, and of the band recording. There will also be a 20-minute documentary called "Six Feet Underground", filmed by Darren Grams.


EDGE OF SANITY - clip from forthcoming album in Internet

A two-minute, 21-second MP3 clip from the forthcoming EDGE OF SANITY album, "Crimson II"' , has been posted online. "Crimson II", due on August 26 through Black Mark Records, is the group's first release since 1997's "Infernal" to feature multi-talented Swedish producer/musician/songwriter Dan Swano.


MEMORY GARDEN - are aiming for an early 2004 release

Stockholm, Sweden's MEMORY GARDEN, the band featuring former ABSKTRAKT ALGEBRA guitarist Simon Johansson, are in talks with an as-yet-undisclosed label about a new record deal for the group. "It all seems very promising and we really hope it all will turn out well," Johansson writes on the band's web site. "We can't give you any details for the moment but we thought it might be fun to tell you that something is happening in the our garden...:) As it looks right now we will record in the fall together with Mike Wead (producer, MERCYFUL FATE guitarist) and we are aiming for an early 2004 release."
MEMORY GARDEN's forthcoming album, tentatively titled "Carnage Carnival", will be the group's first since their split with Metal Blade Records early last year. Among the tracks set to appear on the CD are the following:
1. Beggars Anthem'
2. Another Night'
3. Endless Fears'
4. Carnage Carnival'
5. The Bitter End'
6. Dominion'


TROUBLE - will enter the studio

Reunited doom legends TROUBLE, who recently replaced longtime bassist Ron Holzner with Chuck Robinson (formerly of THIS TORTURED SOUL), will enter the studio on Saturday, August 9 to begin recording a seven-track acoustic compilation of classic TROUBLE material. The as-yet-untitled EP, which will also include a brand-new song written by Robinson and singer Eric Wagner, will only be available on the band's web site, www.newtrouble.com. In other news, the band will be traveling to Sweden and Holland in November to play some shows. More details will be made available soon. As previously reported, TROUBLE are set to enter the studio in October with producer Vincent Wojno (MACHINE HEAD, KREATOR, KONKHRA) to record their long-awaited new album, titled "Seven". According to frontman Eric Wagner, 15 songs have been written so far for the album, including "After The Rain", "Seven", "A Bad Situation", "Goin' Home", "Doombox" and "A New Generation". "It's still heavy, it's still TROUBLE, maybe a little more modern," says Eric. "It's still us. It's our seventh album and it was going to be seven years since our last album, but now it's going to be a little more."


ICED EARTH - Tim "Ripper" Owens is a guest singer only

Former JUDAS PRIEST frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens contributed vocals to the upcoming ICED EARTH album, "The Glorious Burden", as a guest singer only and has not yet made up his mind as to whether he will join the band permanently.


ATHANATOR - new album

Colombian thrash/death brigade ATHANATOR is recording their new albun now. "Cold Blood Murder" will released in Europe through - Metal Blade, in America - Crash Music, in Asia - World Chaos.



At the beginning of July finnish SHAMAN (released 2 albums "Idja" 1999 and "Shamaniac" 2002 through Natural Born Records) have changed name to KORPIKLAANI ("Woods Clan") and signed a deal with Napalm Records for 4 albums, first release is entitled as "Spirit of the Forest" and will be released on 10th of November this year. Music of band can be described as mix of finnish folk melodies with metal sound.


INVERACITY - Greek brutal death

Recordings of debut work by Greek brutal death metallers INVERACITY finished. CD entitled "Circle Of Perversion" due in November on Unmatched Brutality Records. Tracklist:
01. Savagely Beaten
02. Repulsed By Vaginal Reek
03. Fistfuck Sodomy
04. Defloration
05. Unconscious
06. Ejaculation Over Mutilation
07. Blood Of Impurity
08. Compulsive Degradation
09. She Died In My Arms
10. Eleven
11. Multiple Homicide


TIDFALL - "Nucleus" is currently in stores

New album of blackers TIDFALL "Nucleus" is currently in stores! The complete tracklistibg is:
1. Future Doom
2. Nucleus
3. Neo-Torment
4. Mercury Mesh
5. Soil of Tomorrow
6. Psychotronica
7. Zounds
8. Exo-Skeleton
9. Tech


MACHINE HEAD - tentative track listing for their forthcoming album

MACHINE HEAD have set the tentative track listing for their forthcoming album, "Through The Ashes Of Empires", due in Europe on October 13 through Roadrunner Records. The follow-up to 2001's "Supercharger" will feature the following cuts (in no particular order):
01. Imperium
02. Bite The Bullet
03. Left Unfinished
04. Elegy
05. In The Presence Of My Enemies
06. Days Turn Blue To Gray
07. Vim
08. All Falls Down
09. Wipe The Tears
10. Descend The Shades Of Night


SYMPHORCE - to record new album

German power metallers SYMPHORCE, featuring BRAINSTORM frontman Andy B. Franck, will enter House Of Music studios in Winterbach, Germany in September with producer Achim Kohler (BRAINSTORM, PRIMAL FEAR) to record their new album, titled "Twice Second". "No more mistakes," commented Franck. "We've worked very hard for this new album, and it will surprise many out there! Everything you've missed on 'PhorcefulAhead' … everything you love on old school and modern metal stuff — it'll be on 'Twice Second'!" Among the tracks set to appear on the CD are "Fallen", "Ignored By The System", "Two Seconds To Live" and "Turn Away". A January 2004 release through Metal Blade Records is expected.


SWALLOW THE SUN - recording of debut album

Finnish melodic death/doom metallers SWALLOW THE SUN, who feature several members of FUNERIS NOCTURNUM, have entered Sam's Workshop with producer Sami Kokko to begin recording their debut album, due in November through Firebox Records.
The as-yet-untitled effort will contain the following tracks:
1. Through Her Silvery Body
2. Deadly Nightshade
3. Out Of This Gloomy Light
4. Swallow
5. Hold This Woe
6. Silence Of The Womb
7. Under The Waves
8. The Morning Never Came


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