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KIUAS - tops Finnish single chart

"Of Sacrifice, Loss and Reward", the new single from the Finnish power metallers KIUAS, has entered the single chart' in the band's home country at position No. 1. The track comes off the group's third album, "The New Dark Age", which is scheduled for release in Finland on March 5.

"The New Dark Age" track listing:

01. The Decaying Doctrine
02. Conqueror
03. Kiuas War Anthem
04. The New Dark Age
05. To Excel and Ascend
06. Black Rose Withered
07. After the Storm
08. Of Sacrifice, Loss and Reward
09. The Summoning
10. The Wanderer's Lamentation
Bonus track for Japan release:
11. Towards the Hidden Sanctum

According to the band, "The cover art' is the product of the visionary artist/musician Niklas Sundin (Cabin Fever Media). The picture is an original drawing in the style of reneissance woodcut illustrations, and portrays the members of KIUAS as the four — or in this case five — horsemen of the Apocalypse with a dismal landscape that combines ancient and modern times."

A video for the song 'Conqueror' was shot on February 18 with Owe Lingvall of Village Road Film.

KIUAS' second full-length album, "Reformation", was released in May 2006.


Ilja Jalkanen - Vocals
Mikko Salovaara - Guitars
Markku Näreneva - Drums
Atte Tanskanen - Keyboard
Teemu Tuominen – Bass


Scorpio (2-3-2008)

KALEDON - new album details

Italian power metallers KALEDON will enter Outer Sound studios on March 10 with produceer Giuseppe Orlando to begin recording their fifth album, "Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter 5: A New Era Begins", tentatively due in Europe in May/June via Hellion Records. The CD artwork will be designed by Fabrizio Galliccia.

"Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter 5: A New Era Begins" track listing:

01. A New Man
02. A Wounded Friend
03. Mozul
04. Undeads Again
05. The End Of The Green Power
06. A Flash In The Sky
07. Great Mighty Light (instrumental)
08. The Greatest Heart
09. The God Beyond The Man
10. Return To Kaledon

The Japanese version of the CD will include "top-secret" bonus material, according to a posting on the band's web site.



STILLIFE "Destiny" - limited edition in the end of spring

ARKONA - to take part in Ragnarök 2008 festival

Russian pagan metal band ARKONA will take part in Ragnarök fest as a headliner together with UNLEASHED,
TROLLFEST, MENHIR and many other in the end of March. More about this fest you can read on official website' .


SUIDAKRA - DVD trailer available

German melodic black/death metallers SUIDAKRA will release their new DVD and "best-of" CD package, "13 Years of Celtic Wartunes", on April 25. The set will include the band's Wacken Open Air 2007 performance, an acoustic concert, and a best-of CD with remastered and newly recorded songs spanning the group's 13-year history.

Watch a trailer for the upcoming DVD at this location' .


IN BATTLE issues songwriting update

Sundsvall, Sweden-based death metallers IN BATTLE have issued the following update:

"Yesterday we started rehearsing material for the new album. We have 2.5 songs done, except for some vocal arrangements, and a ton of riffs and ideas. The new stuff sounds extremely intense, brutal, straight-forward. It kind of sounds like a mix between the 'Soul Metamorphosis' MCD with a touch of the first two IN BATTLE albums, so prepare yourselves for this coming whirlwind of destruction! The working title was set to be 'Flames & Death' but since HATE ETERNAL's new CD is called 'Fury & Flames', we probobly gonna have to come up with something else. We are also glad to inform you that Nils (Lord Dominator) Fjellström is back in the band as a full-time member. Welcome back, brother! It's a pleasure to work with you again. We would like to thank Tony (Dark Rambo) Westermark for filling in for Nils on the tour, you did an amazing job man, best of luck in the future."

IN BATTLE's fifth album will be recorded at Epidemic Productions in Sundsvall.

The group's fourth CD, "Kingdom of Fear", was released on September 3 via Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records. The follow-up to 2004's "Welcome to the Battlefield" was recorded at Epidemic studios in Sundsvall and was mixed by UNLEASHED's Fredrik Folkare at Chrome studios in Stockholm. The CD contains "11 songs of raw trashy death metal," according to a press release. Two video clips for the album have been filmed: "Kingdom of Fear" and "The Dead Shall See".


YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - complete new lineup announced

According to a posting on YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's official web site, the legendary Swedish guitarist's long-awaited new CD is now in its final stages of creation, with a tentative release date of July 2008. The new lineup that will take Yngwie's upcoming album on the road is as follows:

Yngwie Malmsteen - Guitar
Tim "Ripper" Owens (ex-JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH) - Vocals
Bjorn Englen - Bass
Michael Troy - Keyboards
Patrik Johansson - Drums

Yngwie Malmsteen will attend the Musikmesse Frankfurt 2008 fair in Germany, which runs from Thursday, March 13 to Saturday, March 15.


PAIN - tour bus searched by German cops

Sweden's PAIN has issued the following update from its European tour as the support act for NIGHTWISH:

"Here we go again. We left Frankfurt [Germany] around noon today 'cause we had to wait for a new driver first. The new driver arrived and our 200-kilometer journey towards Bamberg began. After two hours of driving with only 20 minutes to go, we got pulled over by the police who ordered us out of the bus and had us sit in a line at the sidewalk. They searched us one by one and had us remove socks and shoes for about 40 minutes while they searched the whole bus and turned all of our bags upside down [photo' ]. When they were finished, they came out with a camera case and asked us who it belonged to. It contained a small plastic bag with a suspicious white powder and was owned by our new driver who, of course, claimed he never seen it before. Well... to make a long story short, we're stuck somewhere on autobahn without a driver, it's pitch black and raining outside. We're trying to enjoy ourselves watching 'Terror on Elm Street' on a laptop eating cold can food with piss-warm red wine. Another day off well spent. Everything taste better with Freddy Krueger."

As previously reported, PAIN members Peter Tägtgren (guitar/vocals), Johan Husgafvel (bass) and David Wallin (drums) were assaulted Friday night (February 22) in Leipzig, Germany during a day off on the band's European tour as the support act for NIGHTWISH. As a result, the group was forced to cancel Saturday's concert in Leipzig, but the bandmembers quickly picked themselves up and were back on stage on Sunday.


DENIAL to release debut through Asphyxiate Recordings

Mexico's DENIAL will release its full-length debut, "Catacombs of the Grotesque", on Asphyxiate Recordings.

Formed at the end of 2006, DENIAL is said to be inspired by '90s death metal. The group's seven-inch EP, "Immense Carnage Vortex", is available through Blood Harvest Records.


Oscar Clorio: Drums
Ivan "Bloodhunter" Velazquez: Vocals
Marko Guevara: Guitars
Roberto Granados: Guitars
Ricardo Gil: Bass

For more information, visit band's MySpace page' .


MIND ODYSSEY - to release new album in autumn

MIND ODYSSEY, the German metal band featuring RAGE guitarist Victor Smolski, has inked a deal with Napalm Records. The group's new studio album is expected in autumn. Napalm will also re-release the group's complete back catalog with brand new artwork. In the meantime, a "best-of" collection from MIND ODYSSEY will be issued in March via MO Entertainment.

MIND ODYSSEY's fourth studio album, "Signs", came out in 1999.


SKYFORGER to headline Infernal Damnation Festival

Latvia's SKYFORGER has been confirmed as the headliner of the fifth instalment of the Infernal Damnation Festival, set to take place May 17 at the Camden Underworld in England. Also scheduled to appear are Sweden's ALGAION, London's MATRON, British folk/black metallers FEN, Ireland's FOR RUIN, and UK's NECRO RITUAL.

Doors will open at 2:00 p.m. Curfew is 10:30 p.m.

Infernal Damnation Festival V billing:



HATESPHERE wins Danish Music Award

HATESPHERE was honored in the "Hard Rock" category at the annual Danish Music Awards (the Danish Grammy Awards equivalent). The 40th Danish Music Awards show was held earlier tonight (Saturday, February 23) at Tivoli in Copenhagen, Denmark and was broadcast live on MySpace.

The nominees in the "Hard Rock" category were as follows:

HATESPHERE - "Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes" (SPV)
MNEMIC - "Passenger" (Nuclear Blast)
THE PSYKE PROJECT - "Apnea" (Bonnier)

HATESPHERE entered the national chart in Denmark at position No. 26 with the group's latest release, "Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes". The CD was mixed by Tue Madsen at Antfarm studios Denmark.

Watch HATESPHERE's video for the song "Drinking with the King of the Dead" (taken from "Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes") at this location' .


SCARTOWN finished working on new material

ASGUARD - plans about shows snd albums

SATYRICON - to play in Russia and Ukraine in May

Norwegian black metallers SATYRICON have issued the following update:

"It is with great pleasure we confirm that SATYRICON will be back in Russia after the awesome trip in October 2006. This time a show in Kiev, Ukraine has been added as well and this will be our first visit there ever. Our Russian friends have a tendency of showing up in great numbers and we hope for just the same in Ukraine!"

Upcoming SATYRICON shows:

Mar. 08 - Katowice, POL - Metalmania (Spodek)
Mar. 21 - Oslo, NOR - Inferno Festival
May 16 - St Petersburg, RUS - Club Port
May 17 - Moscow, RUS - Club Tochka
May 18 - Kiev, UA - [to be announced]
Jun. 21 - Nantes, FRA - Hellfest
Jul. 19 - Spital am Semmering, AUT - Kaltenbach Open Air
Aug. 16 - Oulu, FIN - Jallometalli Festival

SATYRICON is currently writing material for the follow-up to 2006's "Now, Diabolical", tentatively due late 2008 via Roadrunner Records.

Watch fan-filmed video footage of SATYRICON performing the song "The Pentagram Burns" at this year's Brutal Assault festival in the Czech Republic at this location' .


KATAKLYSM - to film new video this weekend

Canadian death metallers KATAKLYSM will film a video for the track "Taking the World by Storm" this weekend in New York. The clip will be directed by David Brodsky, who has previously worked with GOD FORBID, GWAR and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, among others.

"Taking the World by Storm" comes off the group's upcoming album, "Prevail", which was mixed at AudioHammer Studios in Orlando, Florida with producer Jason Suecof. The CD, which is scheduled for release via Nuclear Blast Records on May 23 (Europe) and May 27 (North America), features guest solo appearances by Pat O'Brien (CANNIBAL CORPSE), Dave Linsk (OVERKILL) and producer and guitar shredder Jason Suecof himself. The band promises "a monstrous album that will pummel you from start to finish."

"Prevail" track listing:

01. Prevail
02. Taking the world by Storm
03. The Chains of Power
04. As Death Lingers
05. Blood in Heaven
06. To the Throne of Sorrow
07. Breathe to Dominate
08. Tear Down the Kingdom
09. The Vultures are Watching
10. The Last Effort (Renaissance II) (instrumental)


SUIDAKRA - to release '13 Years Of Celtic Wartunes' in April

German melodic black/death metallers SUIDAKRA will release their new DVD and "best-of" CD package, "13 Years of Celtic Wartunes", on April 25. The set will include the band's Wacken Open Air 2007 performance, an acoustic concert, and a best-of CD with remastered and newly recorded songs spanning the group's 13-year history.

SUIDAKRA will make its U.S. debut at the Chicago Powerfest 2008, set to take place May 1-3 at The Pearl Room in Mokena, Illinois. The band will then join Paganfest USA (featuring ENSIFERUM, TURISAS, TYR and ELUVEITIE) as special guests on the six West Coast dates.


METAL CHURCH parts ways with guitarist Jay Reynolds

Veteran metallers METAL CHURCH have issued the following update:

"Due to personal reasons, Jay Reynolds [also of MALICE] has left METAL CHURCH. We thank him for his contributions to the band, and wish him all the best in future endeavors."

"Jay's replacement has not been decided upon yet, but it will be announced when a decision has been reached."

METAL CHURCH's latest album, "A Light in the Dark", was released in June 2006 via SPV. The CD includes a new version of the classic "Watch the Children Pray" as a tribute to vocalist David Wayne, who passed away in May 2005.


GRAVE - new song posted online

Regain Records has launched a special GRAVE MySpace page' featuring a streaming version of the track "Bloodpath", taken from the Swedish death metallers' forthcoming eight album, "Dominion VIII", which will be released in Europe on April 21. According to the band, the CD will contain "nine tracks of sheer evil and mass brutality."

"Dominion VIII" track listing:

01. A World In Darkness
02. Fallen (Angel Son)
03. Deathstorm
04. Stained By Hate
05. Bloodpath
06. Annihilated Gods
07. Sinners Lust
08. Dark Signs
09. 8th Dominion

GRAVE is planning to mark its 20th anniversary with a number of shows featuring the group's early material. The band previously said in a statement, "Next year it's already 20 years since GRAVE was formed. In 1988 after replacing some members we changed our name from CORPSE. That year we also recorded our classic first demo 'Sick Disgust Eternal' and continued musically what we started with our previous bands DESTROYER, ANGUISH, CORPSE and PUTREFACTION. We will mark the anniversary with a new album and also massive touring and festival appearances where we will mainly play old stuff from the early days."


SONATA ARCTICA - more summer festival appearances announced

Finnish melodic metallers SONATA ARCTICA have scheduled the following summer festival appearances:

Jun. 6-8 - Sauna Open Air - Tampere, Finland
Jun. 20 - Monsters Of Rock - Zaragoza, Spain
Jun. 21 - Hellfest - Clisson, France
Jun. 27-29 - Tuska Open Air - Helsinki, Finland
Jun. 28 - Graspop Metal Meeting - Dessel, Belgium
Jul. 10-13 - Masters Of Rock - Vizovice, Czech Republic
Jul. 11 - Evolution Festival - Milan, Italy
Jul. 31- August 2 - Wacken Open Air - Wacken, Germany

France's Radio Metal recently conducted an interview with SONATA ARCTICA keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg and bassist Marko Paasikoski. Listen to the chat in streaming audio at this location' .

SONATA ARCTICA last year parted ways with guitarist Jani Liimatainen and replaced him with Elias Viljanen.

The band's new album, "Unia", was certified gold in Finland for sales in excess of 15,000 copies. This brings the band's total number of gold albums to seven, with their debut LP, "Ecliptica", and "best-of" compilation, "The Collection", reaching gold status in the past few weeks.

Recorded and mixed at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, "Unia" — which has been available in North America since May 22 — landed on the following international album charts: Finland - #1; Japan - #7; Sweden - #27; Germany - #35; Switzerland - #40; Austria - #62. The "Paid in Full" single also secured the #1 single position in the band's native land.


MIDNATTSOL - new song sample available

An audio sample of the new MIDNATTSOL song "Northern Light" is available at this location' . The track comes off the group's forthcoming second album, entitled "Nordlys" (translated: Northern Light), which will be released via Napalm Records on the following dates:

Mar. 26 - Finland
Mar. 28 - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden
Mar. 31 - Rest of Europe
Apr. 01 - USA/Canada

The CD was mixed by Tue Madsen and was mastered at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland with Mika Jusilla.

"Nordlys" track listing:

01. Open Your Eyes
02. Skogens Lengsel
03. Northern Light
04. Konkylie
05. Wintertimes
06. Race Of Time
07. New Horizon
08. River Of Virgin Soil
09. En Natt I Nord
10. Octobre (limited-edition bonus track)

Check out the cover artwork at this location' .


BURY YOUR DEAD - new album track listing

Boston-based hardcore/metal band BURY YOUR DEAD will release its new self-titled album on March 18 via Victory Records. The band recently returned to Florida's Audiohammer Studios, the exact facility where their previous release, "Beauty and the Breakdown", was recorded. BURY YOUR DEAD also brought back producer Jason Suecof (TRIVIUM, GOD FORBID), continuing with the theme of tradition. BURY YOUR DEAD drummer Mark Castillo previously stated, "All I have to say is the new BURY YOUR DEAD isn't what people are going to expect. You really have to hear this."

"Bury Your Dead" track listing:

01. Sympathy Orchestra
02. Disposably Yours
03. Fever Dream
04. Infidels Hymn
05. Angel With A Dirty Face
06. Hands To Hide The Shame
07. Wombdisease
08. A Devils Ransom
09. Dust To Dust
10. Fools Gold
11. Year One

Check out the song "Sympathy Orchestra" on the group's MySpace page' .


PAIN - launches tour blog

PAIN, the Swedish band featuring HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tägtgren, is currently on the road in Europe as the support act for NIGHTWISH. The band has launched a tour blog at this location' where the bandmembers promise to "keep you updated with news and share whatever happens during the tour. Everything you read or see on this blog is exclusively uncensored. Similarities with now living persons is total coincidence."

As previously reported, guitarist Marcus Jidell (ROYAL HUNT, HOUSE OF SHAKIRA) is once again part of PAIN's touring lineup.


CHILDREN OF BODOM - 'Blooddrunk' video posted online

CHILDREN OF BODOM's video for the new single "Blooddrunk" can be viewed at this location' . The clip, which was produced by Katapult Filmproduktion, was shot in the former Nazi barracks in Krampnitz in the vicinity of Berlin, Germany, where the Russian army was stationed before the German reunion.

Spinefarm Records will release a digipack version of CHILDREN OF BODOM's new album, "Blooddrunk", on April 9. The set will include a bonus DVD featuring the songs mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound, the "Blooddrunk" video, a "making-of-the-video" segment, and a photo gallery. In addition, the CD will feature CHILDREN OF BODOM's cover of STAN JONES' "Ghost Riders In The Sky" as a bonus track.

"Blooddrunk" digipack details:


01. Hellhounds On My Trail
02. Blooddrunk
03. LoBodomy
04. One Day You Will Cry
05. Smile Pretty For The Devil
06. Tie My Rope
07. Done With Everything, Die For Nothing
08. Banned From Heaven
09. Roadkill Morning
10. Ghost Riders In The Sky


01. Blooddrunk (video)
02. Making of the Video
03. Hellhounds On My Trail (Surround Sound)
04. Blooddrunk (Surround Sound)
05. LoBodomy (Surround Sound)
06. One Day You Will Cry (Surround Sound)
07. Smile Pretty For The Devil (Surround Sound)
08. Tie My Rope (Surround Sound)
09. Done With Everything, Die For Nothing (Surround Sound)
10. Banned From Heaven (Surround Sound)
11. Roadkill Morning (Surround Sound)
12. Photo Gallery

Fan-filmed video footage of CHILDREN OF BODOM performing the new song "Tie My Rope" for the first time at this year's annual Spinefeast event (dubbed Spinefeast At Sea 2008), which took place January 31 - February 1 aboard the Tallink Galaxy cruise chip in Finland, can be viewed below.

The UK's What Records will release three limited-edition versions of CHILDREN OF BODOM's "Blooddrunk" single on March 3:

* Enhanced CD single:

01. Blooddrunk
02. Rebel Yell (BILLY IDOL cover)
03. Blooddrunk (video)

* Limited 7" vinyl single (1,000 copies worldwide)

01. Blooddrunk
02. Lookin' Out My Back Door (CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL cover)

* Limited 12" vinyl single picture disc (666 numbered copies, 1,000 copies worldwide):

01. Blooddrunk
02. No Commands (previously released STONE cover)

A new CHILDREN OF BODOM song, entitled "Banned From Heaven", is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page' . The track comes off, "Blooddrunk", which is scheduled for release in North America on April 15 via Spinefarm/Fontana International. The CD is due in Europe on April 7 via Spinefarm Records (two days later in Finland). Check out the album artwork here' .


PICTURES OF PAIN prepares to record debut album

Norwegian melodic metal band PICTURES OF PAIN will enter Black Dimension studios at the end of February to begin recording its debut album. The CD will contain eight tracks and will be produced by Stein Sund, who has previously worked with THRONE OF KATARSIS and THUNDRA, among others.

PICTURES OF PAIN was formed in 2004 by Frode Gundersen (drums) and Hans Helge Iversen (vocals). They were later joined by Roy Ostrem (bass) and Rune Fredriksen (guitar). The group recorded its first demo in November 2005. A second studio recording followed in July 2006.

For more information, visit band's MySpace-page' .


EDENBRIDGE - new album details

Austrian symphonic metal band EDENBRIDGE will release its sixth studio album, "MyEarthDream", on April 25 via Napalm Records. The cover art' was created by Anthony Clarkson, who has previously worked with BLIND GUARDIAN, among other artists.

"MyEarthDream" track listing:

01. The Force Within
02. Shadowplay
03. Remember Me
04. Adamantine
05. Paramount
06. Whale Rider
07. Undying Devotion
08. Fallen From Grace
09. Place Of Higher Power
10. MyEarthDream Suite (For Guitar And Orchestra)
11. MyEarthDream

Check out audio samples on the band's MySpace page' .


HE IS LEGEND - parts ways with guitarist

Wilmington, North Carolina-based rock/post-hardcore band HE IS LEGEND has parted ways with guitarist Mitch Marlow and replaced him with Worth Weaver (FRIENDS FOR HIRE). Marlow left the group after accepting an offer to join the recently reunited FILTER.

HE IS LEGEND is currently writing material for its third album, which the band plans to begin recording later this year.

The group released its second full-length CD, "Suck out the Poison", in October 2006 via Solid State Records.


WITHIN Y - '21' video posted online

"21", the new video from Swedish metallers WITHIN Y, can be viewed at this location' . The clip was directed by Dino Medanhodzic (guitar player in CARNAL FORGE and SOULBREACH) from Arboga, Sweden.

"21" comes off the Swedish melodic death metal band's third album, "The Cult", which is scheduled for release on February 27 via the Gothenburg-based label Gain. The CD artwork was created by Niklas Sundin of DARK TRANQUILLITY and Cabin Fever Media.

"The Cult" track listing:

01. Deathtrip
02. 21
03. The Cult
04. Bittersweet Suicide
05. The Predictable End
06. My Fall
07. King Of Flies
08. Self Refinement
09. Strive
10. Facing Reality

WITHIN Y has scheduled a CD-release party on February 29 at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg, Sweden. Also appearing on the bill is LAETHORA.


SIEBENBÜRGEN - announces new members, prepares to recordings

Swedish melodic black metallers SIEBENBÜRGEN have announced the addition of guitarist Joakim Ohlsson and vocalist Lisa Bohwalli Simonsson to the group's ranks. This 22 year-old-female from Stockholm "just amazed SIEBENBÜRGEN with her vocal performance, resulting in a full membership in the metal act," according to a press release.

Commented singer Marcus Ehlin, "Our first decision was to exclude the female parts in our music, but after hearing Lisa's voice, we changed our minds."

SIEBENBÜRGEN will enter the studio on March 1 to begin recording its new album for a May 23 release via Germany's Massacre Records. Entitled "Revelation VI", the upcoming CD will be recorded at Studio 301 in Stockholm and Sonic Train in Varberg.


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