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Ha-ha, Nuclear Blast couldn't do something. So, the last news - IMMORTAL SPLIT UP!
"After 13 years and 7 albums we have decided to stop working with IMMORTAL due to personal reasons. A great thanks to all our fans worldwide who helped us making IMMORTAL superb through all this time.
Abbath, Demonaz, Horgh"
These guys give the hottest news this summer, heh.


Scorpio (25-7-2003)

IRON MAIDEN - to limit their touring

IRON MAIDEN guitarist Dave Murray spoke to MTV.com about the band's decision to do away with extensive road treks following the completion of their current "Give Me Ed ... 'Til I'm Dead" tour. In the future, the band will still release albums, but MAIDEN plan to limit their touring to festivals and select stadiums. "Over the years, we've toured for nine months on every album, and if you add that up it's a lot of time," Murray said. "Maybe it's time to sit back a bit. We're still gonna go out and have fun, we're just not gonna kill ourselves."


AGENT STEELE - new album is finally in stores

"The new album is finally in stores!!! We've been received very encouraging reviews throughout Europe and the U.S. (hopefully the positive feedback will continue); at present we are evaluating tracks and getting ready to mix down the songs that we plan on releasing as additional bonus live material to an upcoming 12" vinyl picture disk single that will feature the "Earth Under Lucifer" and "Insurrection" from "Order Of The Illuminati" release. If you live in Germany be sure to pick up a copy of the new Rockhard Magazine (Manowar on the cover) that includes an inserted compilation CD featuring music from NEVERMORE and AGENT STEEL and others!"


ARCH ENEMY - detail of bonus to new album

First Pressing Of "Anthems Of Rebellion" To Include Bonus Material... The initial pressing of the European edition of ARCH ENEMY's forthcoming "Anthems Of Rebellion" CD will be available as a strictly limited 2-CD version. Aside from the regular album, you will get an audio-only DVD as a bonus disc, containing three live-songs recorded during the "Wages Of Sin" tour with Angela Gossow on vocals. In addition, the limited double-digi pack version will include three Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes of songs from the new album while the limited jewel-case will contain two Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes.
Here is the track listing for the two different, limited-edition bonus discs:
EU Bonus Disc 2-CD Digi pack:
Live tracks:
Lament Of A Mortal Soul
Behind The Smile
Diva Satanica
Dolby Digital 5.1 Mixes:
Exist To Exit
Leader Of The Rats
Dead Eyes See No Future

EU Bonus Disc 2-CD jewelcase:
Live tracks:
Lament Of A Mortal Soul
Behind The Smile
Diva Satanica
Dolby Digital 5.1 Mixes:
Leader Of The Rats
Dead Eyes See No Future

Additionally, the album will be available on vinyl.
The initial US version of the album will be in jewel case and feature the bonus disc with all 6 bonus tracks.
In order to bring visuals of ARCH ENEMY to your living-room the band just shot a video for "We Will Rise" this past weekend. More details to follow in the next few days.
ARCH ENEMY's "Anthems Of Rebellion" is due on Aug. 25 in Europe (and Aug 26 in the US) through Century Media Records. A Japanese release is expected on July 30 (it was originally scheduled for the July 23) through Toy's Factory Records. The Japanese edition features the same bonus material as above.


Bloodhead Production - releases of young label

New releases from Bloodhead Production: (dates of releases - beginning of august)
MC Mourning Palace "Beside The Sculptured Majesty" (Ukraine) - black metal
MC Vinterriket "...und Die Nacht Schweren Schrittes" (Germany) - black/ ambient
MC Vinterriket "Finsternis" (Germany) - black/ambient
MC Goldprick/Brilliant Coldness "split" (Belarus/Ukraine) - grindcore against brutal death metal
MC War Swallowed "Fantasy Flight" (Russia) - brutal death metal
MC Abysma "Armageddon" (Ukraine) - black/ambient
MC Witenagemot "Tomorrow Bequest" (Ukraine) - dark/ambient

Bloodhead Production contact:
Vyacheslav Zhuravlew
P.O.box 2074
Mariupol, Donetsk region
e-mail: bloodhead@mariupol.net

CHILDREN OF BODOM - signed a deal with Century Media

The Finnish melodic death/black titans CHILDREN OF BODOM have just signed a deal with Century Media Records. After a fierce label bidding war Century Media emerged victorious and are extremely proud to have "the hate crew" as a part of their family. The eagerly anticipated new album appropriately titled, "Hate Crew Deathroll", is currently set for a September 23rd release.
Over the past year Children of Bodom have been extremely busy promoting their new album (released on Spinefarm Records earlier this year) throughout Japan and Europe touring with labelmates SHADOWS FALL and SOILWORK. Century Media's main focus now is to concentrate their efforts in building a strong presence for the group throughout the U.S. starting with a nationwide tour in November with details to be announced soon.


IMMORTAL - don't split up?

Again news about 'broken' IMMORTAL. Right after Abbath and team announced they splitted up, IMMORTAL's label Nuclear Blast reported, that "The rumours about the split of Immortal aren't 100% correct. In fact, IMMORTAL will simply take a long break, as the musicians need to rest a while after 12 months of excessive touring. In the meantime, both Abbath and Horgh will concentrate on their own projects. To start with, the debut album of Grimfist will probably be released in September on Candlelight Records, with Horgh on drums."


DEVIOUS - brutal in stores

Dutches released new album full of brutality - "Acts Of Rage".
1. Haunted
2. Acts Of Rage
3. Harlequin Of Perpetual Destiny
4. I'll Slice You Into Pieces
5. Suoived (Introspection)
6. Conjuration Of Destruction
7. Inanimate
8. 5 Min's In Decay
9. Excavation Of The Undead
10. Dragged Below


ICED EARTH - seems to hire "Ripper" Owens

After Rob Halford returned to JUDAS PRIEST "Ripper" Owens lwft without job. It seems he's going to join US ICED EARTH, which are looking for new vocalist now.

GAMMA RAY - live album "Skeletons In The Closet"

GAMMA RAY's epic new live album "Skeletons In The Closet" will be released by Metal-Is Records/Sanctuary on Monday, August 25. The final tracklisting for the band's first live release in seven years was voted for by the bands fans themselves on the internet and is as follows:
CD 1

1. Welcome
2. Gardens Of The Sinner
3. Rich And Famous
4. All Of The Damned
5. No Return
6. Armageddon
7. Heavy Metal Universe
8. One With The World
9. Dan's Solo

CD 2

1. Razorblade Sigh
2. Heart Of The Unicorn
3. Last Before The Storm
4. Victim Of Fate
5. Rising Star/Shine On
6. The Silence
7. Heaven Or Hell
8. Guardians Of Mankind
9. New World Order


DIMMU BORGIR - upcoming album

DIMMU BORGIR presented cover picture of their upcoming album "Death Cult Armageddon". As we had written before, it will be released on September the 8th.
1. Allegiance
2. Blood Hunger Doctrine
3. For The World To Dictate Our Death
4. Vredesbyrd (Norwegian lyrics)
5. Cataclysm Children
6. Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
7. Unorthodox Manifesto
8. Eradication Instincts Defined
9. Allehelgens Dod I Helveds Rike (Norwegian lyrics)
10. Heavenly Perverse
11. Lepers Among Us


RAGE - cover picture presentation

German power metalers presented cover picture of their new album "Soundchaser" (artist Joachim Luetke). CD will be released on 29th of September on SPV/Steamhammer Records.


CHILDREN OF BODOM - left the band

Guitarist Alexander "Aku" Kuoppala left the band rigth after Tuska festival in Helsinki. Now other members are searching for the new one.


GOREROTTED - signed to Metal Blade

Gore/grinders from UK GOREROTTED signed to Metal Blade Records. Their second full-length album "Only Tools And Corpses" will released in November 2003.


BURST - debut on Relapse Records

Sweden hardcore/noise BURST signed to Relapse Records. Debut release "Prey Of Life" will appear in autumn this year. Album was recorded in Phlat Planet studio with producer Fredrik Reinedahl.


IMMORTAL - funeral

Abbath and team announced the IMMORTAL's funeral. But the band will live in minds of fans, cause it's IMMORTAL.


IMPALED NAZARENE - "All That You Fear"

Finnish band IMPALED NAZARENE have finished recording of their 8th full-length album "All That You Fear". It was recorded at Astia studios, produced by Anssi Kippo and mixed with Mikko Karmila in Finnvox studios. Album includes 13 tracks. CD will be released in October on Osmose Productions.


DEICIDE - new album plans

Deathers from Florida are going to record new album, which will be named "Scars Of The Crucifix". They will enter the studio at the end of July, and release will appear at the end of this year on Earache Records.


DENATA - "Art Of The Insane"

These Sweden made third album "Art Of The Insane". It was recorded from January till March 2003 and will be released through Arctic Music Group.
01. Marionettes Of Death
02. Insomnia
03. Prophecies
04. Whitechapel's Murder
05. Art Of The Insane
06. Satanic Thrash Hell
07. A World Of Lies
08. Convicted
09. Below The Surface
10. Born In Sin
11. No More Dawn
12. Haunted Ground
13. Morbid Tales


TARTHARIA - black/death debut

Debut TARTHARIA material recorded and mixed at ASTIA Studio with Anssi Kippo as Sound Producer (Children Of Bodom, Impaled Nazarene, To/Die/For) and mastered at Finnvox Studio with Mika Jussilla [April, 2003]. The debut is entitled "A Secret Device" and musically strikes the black/death line with tender keyboards.

MORK GRYNING - released new album

Black metalers from Sweden released new album "Pieces Of Primal Expressionism", which was recorded and mixed in Dug Out Studio by Daniel Bergstrand and Orjan Ornkloo
1. The Sleeping Star
2. The Cradle Of Civilization
3. Perceptual Dissolution
4. Our Urn
5. The Dldman's Lament
6. The Worm
7. Fragments And Pieces
8. On The Verge Of Prime Divinity.

Album is avaluable worldwide through The End Records.


MISERY INDEX - "Retaliate" album

Baltimore, Maryland-based MISERY INDEX — featuring Jason Netherton (bass/vocals, ex-DYING FETUS), Sparky Voyles (guitar, ex-DYING FETUS, M.O.D.) and Matt Byers (drums) — have finalized the track listing for their debut album, "Retaliate", due on August 25 through Nuclear Blast Records.
The album, which was recorded at Wild Studio in St-Zenon, Quebec with producer Jean-Francois Dagenais (KATAKLYSM, MALEVOLENT CREATION), will contain the following songs:
01. Retaliate
02. The Lies That Bind
03. The Great Depression
04. Angst Isst Die Seele Auf
05. Demand The Impossible
06. Order Upheld/Dissent Dissolved
07. Servants of Progress
08. The Unbridgeable Chasm
09. Bottom Feeders
10. History Is Rotten
11. Birth of Ignorance (bonus track)


LOCK UP - live album later this year

LOCK UP, the grindcore band featuring NAPALM DEATH bassist Shane Embury, NAPALM DEATH guitarist Jesse Pintado, former AT THE GATES/THE CROWN frontman Tomas Lindberg, and DIMMU BORGIR drummer Nick Barker, will issue an as-yet-untitled live album later in the year through NAPALM DEATH's Feto Records. In addition to the live CD, which was recorded during the group's Japanese tour in June 2002, the band are planning on entering the studio soon to record a limited-edition EP featuring cover versions of songs by POSSESSED and DARK ANGEL, among others.

HELLOWEEN - Competition

Competition from HELLOWEEN.
Simply answer this question:
What's the name of the first single of the current Helloween-chart breaker “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy”?
From all correct submissions, we'll draw the winners. Deadline will be August 31, so be quick!
Here’s what you may win:
10 METALLICA "St. Anger" Ltd. Edition CD + DVD
1 IRON MAIDEN "Visions Of The Beast" Double-DVD
5 IRON MAIDEN "Edward The Great" CD
To join the competition, just follow this link www.nuclearblast.de/events/helloween-competition/'


THEATRE OF TRAGEDY - Liv Kristine's wedding

Liv Kristine and Alex Krull (ATROCITY) married on the 3rd of July 2003! The wedding took place at castle Lichtenberg in Southwest Germany.


JUDAS PRIEST - Rob Halford returns

The Metal God, Rob Halford, has officially reunited with Judas Priest. Read more at www.metaldomination.com

LUX OCCULTA - activity stop

Polish death metal band announced about activity stopping. It's not known now are they going to end with LUX OCCULTA, but members say, that they end give interviews and take part in concerts.


MORIFADE - have recorded new album

Sweden epic power have recorded their third full-length album "Domi<>nation". It will be released on the 1st of September on Hammerheart Records.
1. Parallels
2. A Silent Revolution
3. The Second Coming
4. Words I Never Speak
5. Clarity (Fragments Of A Dream)
6. Panopticon
7. The Rising
8. Erase
9. Memorys End
10. Lost Within A Shade(video-track).



Brutal Dutches will release their second album "Deeds of Derangement".


DARKRISE - first release of Frost Creations label

The new record-label was founded: Frost Creations (Deadsun subdepartment) specializes on black, death and thrash. First release of new label will be CD "Massive Retaliation" by DARKRISE from Switzerland


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