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THE OLD DEAD TREE - New album info!

Goth metallers THE OLD DEAD TREE are just back from Stage One Studio, Germany, where soundboard wizard Andy Classen recently finished recording, mixing and mastering the band's latest opus "The Water Fields", due next September 17th :

The full tracklisting will be:
Start the Fire
Don't wake me up (those who never wear white)
What's done is done
The Water Fields
Is your Soul for Sale?
A distant Light was shining
Regarding Kate
Rise to the Occasion
This is now Farewell

According to vocalist/guitarist Manuel:

"The band went further again, reaching a new stage in terms of songwriting and maturity. This album is much heavier and darker, but also more diverse and full of sheer emotion! Even the production of Andy Classen outdoes the job on our previous material."


McAllen (25-7-2007)

QUEENSRŸCHE Performs Special Acoustic Set At New York In-Store

QUEENSRŸCHE played a five-song acoustic set earlier today (Saturday, July 21) at Looney Tunes in West Babylon, New York. According to AnybodyListening.net, the setlist for the performance was as follows:

01. Sign of the Times
02. Bridge
03. The Hands
04. Until There Was You
05. Eyes of a Stranger

The event was reportedly professionaly recorded for a possible CD or DVD.



Drummer Eric Singer (KISS, ALICE COOPER) revealed during a recent interview with rock and roll comic C.C. Banana at the 21st annual NY/NJ Kiss Expo that Alice Cooper has recorded a guest appearance on "The Scarecrow", the third installment of EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet's AVANTASIA solo project. According to Singer, Michael Schenker (ex-UFO, SCORPIONS) and Michael's brother Rudolf (SCORPIONS) will also appear on the album, which features Eric on drums, Tobias on bass, and former MASTERPLAN/ARK frontman Jorn Lande and Amanda Somerville (the American singer-songwriter and vocal coach who is better known for her collaborations with various European metal bands, including EPICA, AFTER FOREVER and EDGUY) on additional vocals. More guest appearances are expected to be announced soon.


VANISHING POINT: "Surrender" Video Posted Online

Australian progressive metal band VANISHING POINT has posted its video for the song "Surrender" at YouTube' . The track comes off the group's new album, "The Fourth Season", due on August 24 via Dockyard 1. The follow-up to 2005's "Embrace the Silence" was once again recorded with Endel Rivers at Palm studios in the band's hometown of Melbourne. Mastering duties were handled by legendary Mika Jussila (STRATOVARIUS, NIGHTWISH, SONATA ARCTICA) at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland.

"The Fourth Season" track listing:
01. Embodiment
02. Tyranny Of Distance
03. Surrender
04. Hope Among The Heartless
05. Gaia
06. I Within I
07. Behind The Open Door
08. Ashen Sky
09. One Foot In Both Worlds
10. Veil Of Deceit
11. Wake Me
12. A Day Of Difference


BLADESMITH: "Legion Of Swords" Track Listing, Artwork Revealed

Finnish black metal band BLADESMITH will release its debut album, "Legion of Swords", in September through Dungeons Deep Records. The track listing for the effort is as follows:

"Legion Of Swords" track listing:
01. The Vassals Summoned
02. Dark and Iron Blood
03. Uncertain Death Triumphant
04. Bladesmith's Anvil Fire
05. The Adamantine Chains
06. Battle on Ice and Snow (mp3)'
07. Legion of Swords


MEKONG DELTA: "Lurking Fear" Artwork Revealed

The cover artwork for the "comeback" album from the legendary German progressive thrash outfit MEKONG DELTA, entitled "Lurking Fear", has been posted at this location. Due on August 24 via AFM Records, the CD will be available as a standard jewelcase as well as a double vinyl album. The limited-edition digipack will include a bonus DVD containing the band's December 21, 1991 concert in Frankfurt, Germany.

"Lurking Fear" track listing:
01. Society In Dissolution
02. Purification
03. Immortal Hate (Accepting Prayers Of Supremacy)
04. Allegro Furioso (taken from "Five Fragments For Group & Orchestra")
05. Rules Of Corruption
06. Ratters (Among The Dead)
07. Moderato (taken from "Five Fragments For Group & Orchestra")
08. Defenders Of The Faith
09. Symphony Of Agony
10. Allegro (from "Symphony Nr. 10" by Dimitri Schostakowitsch)

As previously reported, MEKONG DELTA's current lineup (photo) includes mainman/bassist Ralf Hubert alongside drummer Uli Kusch (ex-MASTERPLAN, HELLOWEEN), singer Leo Szpigiel (ANGEL DUST, CROWS, SCANNER, DUKE) and guitarist Peter Sjöberg (also known as Peter Lake from THEORY IN PRACTICE).


Ex-THE GATHERING Singers AGUA DE ANNIQUE: Audio Samples Available

Former THE GATHERING singer Anneke van Giersbergen has launched a web site for her new band called AGUA DE ANNIQUE. Currently available for streaming on the site (in the "Listen" section) are two full-length tracks — "Day After Yesterday" and "Beautiful One". A "beautiful" animated music video for the song "Day After Yesterday" is also in the works.



THERION mainman Christofer Johnsson has issued the following update:

"I'm happy to announce that I've officially just prolonged the contract with Nuclear Blast Records for another five albums. Our souls now belongs to the innovative and dedicated little label from the village of Donzdorf [Germany], who through hard work and and honest dedication over the years have become the pearl of metal labels of all times. It's been 12 years since we signed with them and I look forwards to the upcoming 12 years."


APOCALYPTICA: New Album Title, Release Date Revealed

Finnish cello-rockers APOCALYPTICA have set "Worlds Collide" as the title of their new album, due in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on September 14 via G.U.N. Records. The first single, "I'm Not Jesus", featuring a guest appearance by Corey Taylor (SLIPKNOT, STONE SOUR), will precede the album on August 31. Other confirmed guest musicians on the CD include Dave Lombardo (SLAYER), Tomoyasu Hotei (superstar Japanese composer, whose credits include the "Kill Bill" soundtrack), Joseph Duplantier (GOJIRA) and Cristina Scabbia (LACUNA COIL). Backing vocals for the effort were laid down by Swedish singer Mats Levén (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, THERION, KRUX, TREAT, AT VANCE).

"Worlds Collide" was produced by Jacob Hellner (RAMMSTEIN). A video for the song for the song "I'm Not Jesus" was recently filmed in in Los Angeles with director Tony Petrossian (AVENGED SEVENFOLD, RISE AGAINST, SLIPKNOT).


ANGELA GOSSOWs Pre-ARCH ENEMY Photos Posted Online

ARCH ENEMY vocalist Angela Gossow's official web site has been updated with several new picture galleries, including childhood photos and pictures of Angela's pre-ARCH ENEMY band ASMODINA. Check them out at this location' .

ARCH ENEMY recently completed work on its new album, "Rise of the Tyrant", due on September 24 (one day later in the U.S.) via Century Media Records. The CD was recorded at Studio Fredman with producer Fredrik Nordström.

"Rise of the Tyrant" track listing:
01. Blood On Your Hands
02. The Last Enemy
03. I Will Live Again
04. In This Shallow Grave
05. Revolution Begins
06. Rise Of The Tyrant
07. The Day You Died
08. Intermezzo Liberté
09. Night Falls Fast
10. The Great Darkness
11. Vultures


CHARON Frontman Launches New Side-Project

CHARON/ex-POISONBLACK frontman Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto has launched a new band called HARMAJA. The group, which also features CHARON drummer Antti Karihtala, sings in Finnish and is said to be influenced by the likes of NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS and MORRISSEY.

To check out samples of HARMAJA's music, visit the band's MySpace' page.


SODOM: "The Final Sign Of Evil" Due In September

SODOM's new album, "The Final Sign of Evil", is scheduled for release in September via SPV Records, according to the group's webmaster Toto, who is also producing the CD. The album will feature re-recordings of the material from the German thrashers' classic first EP, "In the Sign of Evil", plus no less than seven bonus tracks, all of which were originally written during the "In the Sign of Evil" era or earlier but were never officially released. As a special bonus, the album will feature return appearances by the group's original drummer Chris Dudek (a.k.a. Witchhunter) and guitarist Josef "Peppi" Dominic (a.k.a. Grave Violator), both of whom were featured on the original 1984 EP.


DARK AGE: "Minus Exitus" Artwork Revealed

Hamburg, Germany-based brutal melodic death metallers DARK AGE have revealed the cover artwork for their new album, entitled "Minus Exitus". Check it out at www.metal.de. The artwork was created by Niklas Sundin from DARK TRANQUILLITY.

"Minus Exitus" is tentatively scheduled for release in September. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Cold", "Black September" and "Minus Exitus". A trailer for the album can be viewed at this location' . According to an online post by the band's keyboardist Martin Reichert, the CD's first pressing will likely include a limited-edition DVD.

DARK AGE's first DVD, "Live, So Far...", was released last year via Remedy Records.

DARK AGE's most recent studio CD, "Dark Age" (2003), featured a guest appearance by TIAMAT frontman Johan Edlund on two songs.


NILE: Japanese Version Of "Ithyphallic" To Include Bonus Tracks

Toy's Factory in Japan will release NILE's new album, "Ithyphallic", on August 22 with two exclusive bonus tracks: instrumental versions of "As He Creates So He Destroys" and "Papyrus Containing The Spell To Preserve It's Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water".



According to MelodicRock.com, guitarist Nikolo Kotzev (of BRAZEN ABBOT and NOSTRADAMUS fame) has announced the launch of the official homepage of his new mega-project called DRACONIA. This conceptual work will be recorded with eight lead singers, rock band and a symphonic orchestra. Kotzev is the author of the story, the music and the orchestra arrangements. Besides playing the guitars, he will produce the entire recording. On the web site you can learn everything about the project, read the story, listen to exclusive excerpts of the working demos, discuss issues related to the project and even suggest singers for each role. The project is underway and is expected to be completed sometime next year.


WINDS: "Prominence and Demise" Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

The artwork and tracklisting for the upcoming album from Norway's classical/progressive metal supergroup WINDS, titled "Prominence and Demise" (out September 4, 2007 on The End Records), has been revealed.

The CD artwork and layout was created by renowned cover artist Travis Smith (OPETH, AMORPHIS, DEVIN TOWNSEND), who has collaborated with WINDS on all of their artwork since their first full-length album.

"Prominence and Demise" track listing:
01. Universal Creation Array
02. Distorted Dimensions
03. The Grand Design
04. When the Dream of Paradise Died
05. Fall and Rise
06. The Darkest Path
07. Convictions and Contradictions
08. Where the Cold Winds Blow
09. The Last Line



LUCYFIRE, the side project of TIAMAT mastermind Johan Edlund, earlier in the year completed work on a new demo with producer and TIAMAT drummer Lars Sköld. According to Edlund,"we have plenty of songs," but the CD that wassent out to prospective labels contained the following four cuts:

01. Thunder & Lightning
02. All the Children Sing
03. Codeine
04. Black Gold

A demo version of "All the Children Sing" has been posted online at www.myspace.com/crucifyher' .



JON OLIVA To Play Special "One-Man Acoustic Show" At PROGPOWER USA VIII

The organizers of the ProgPower USA VIII festival, which is scheduled for October 5-6 at Atlanta's Center Stage, have announced the details of a special "mystery" show, to be held Wednesday night (October 3) in Vinyl's (a.k.a. the Vendor's Room) with karaoke to follow afterwards.

Commented promoter Glenn Harveston: "I'm very proud to announce that for the first time ever in his illustrious career, Jon Oliva [SAVATAGE, JON OLIVA'S PAIN] will take the stage and perform an intimate one-man acoustic show. In addition to performing his biggest hits and favorite songs, the Mountain King will be telling the history behind each song along with sharing stories from the road. If you have seen any of the VH1 'Storytellers' episodes, you know just how special and unique this show is going to be."

All 200 tickets for the show reportedly sold out within five minutes of the announcement.

Check out the complete ProgPower USA VIII lineup at this location.


HAMMERFALL in Moscow in September!

NOCTURNAL BREED: "Fields Of Rot" Final Track Listing Revealed

Norwegian metallers NOCTURNAL BREED have finalized the track listing for their new album "Fields of Rot", due on July 3 via Agonia Records. The cover art for "Fields of Rot" was created specifically for this release by Norwegian artist Kjetil Nystuen, who is an art director in the gaming industry. The PS2 first-person shooter game Killzone is among his credits. Other songtitles set to appear on the album include "Iron Bitch" and "Invasion of the Bodythrashers".

"Fields of Rot" final track listing:
01. Wicked, Vicious & Violent (4:11)
02. Fields of Rot (2:53)
03. Too Damned To Conquer (2:50)
04. Manskinner (3:01)
05. In Sickness and in Hell (4:17)
06. Invasion of the Body-Thrashers (3:26)
07. Iron Bitch (3:14)
08. Code of Conduct (2:19)
09. The Dead (3:14)
10. Scything Harrow (3:05)

NOCTURNAL BREED recently posted two more songs from "Fields of Rot" on the band's MySpace' page.


DARK TRANQUILLITY: "The Minds I" Piano Medley Available - June 17, 2007

An Italian DARK TRANQUILLITY fan, Ercorea, has uploaded a ten-minute piano medley featuring themes from various songs of the "The Mind's I" album. Check it out at this location' .


SIEGES EVEN - New albums info

Progressive metal masters SIEGES EVEN have revealed the cover artwork fortheir new album, entitled "Paramount", due in September via Inside Out Music. The photo was taken by British artist David J. Nightingale, while Thomas Ewerhard was responsible for the actual cover design.

"Paramount" track listing (not final sequence):
01. When Alpha And Omega Collide
02. Bridge To The Divine
03. Paramount
04. Mounting Castles in The Blood Red Sky (instrumental)
05. Where Our Shadows Sleep
06. Leftovers
07. Iconic
08. Tidal
09. A Wallflower On The Day Of Saint Juliana
10. A Dream In Monochrome
11. Duende

SIEGES EVEN's current lineup consists of Arno Menses (vocals), Oliver Holzwarth (bass), Markus Steffen (guitars) and Alex Holzwarth (drums, RHAPSODY).


NIGHTWISH: New Album Details Revealed

Finnish/Swedish symphonic metal band NIGHTWISH has set "Dark Passion Play" as the title of its new album, due on September 28 via Nuclear Blast Records (most of Europe), September 26 via Spinefarm Records/Universal (Finland) and September 28 via Roadrunner Records (USA). The track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. The Poet And The Pendulum
02. Bye Bye Beautiful
03. Amaranth
04. Cadence Of Her Last Breath
05. Master Passion Greed
06. Eva
07. Sahara
08. Whoever Brings The Night
09. For The Heart I Once Had
10. The Islander
11. Last Of The Wilds
12. 7 Days To The Wolves
13. Meadows Of Heaven

A single, "Amaranth", will precede the album on August 24 (Nuclear Blast) and August 22 (Spinefarm/Universal). It will be available in several different versions, the details of which will be announced later.


EPICA: "The Divine Conspiracy" Artwork Revealed

Dutch female-fronted symphonic metal band EPICA has revealed the cover artwork for its new album, "The Divine Conspiracy", due in Europe on September 10 via Nuclear Blast Records (September 7 in Germany). Check it out at this location.

"The Divine Conspiracy", which was mixed by Sascha Paeth, features a session appearance by GOD DETHRONED drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek. EPICA has yet to name a full-time drummer following the departure of Jeroen Simons in 2006.

"The Divine Conspiracy" final track listing:
01. Indigo - Prologue
02. The Obsessive Devotion
03. Menace of Vanity
04. Chasing the Dragon
05. Never Enough
06. La‘petach Chatat Rovetz - The Final Embrace
07. Death of a Dream - The Embrace that Smothers Part VII
08. Living a Lie - The Embrace that Smothers Part VIII
09. Fools of Damnation - The Embrace that Smothers Part IX
10. Beyond Belief
11. Safeguard to Paradise
12. Sancta Terra
13. The Divine Conspiracy

According to a posting on the band's web site, "The Divine Conspiracy" "will be EPICA's first full length concept album. This concept deals with the theory that, as a test, God created all kinds of different religions and released those upon humanity to see if they would be able to find the true nature of them, realizing that in all religions it is actually the same. But there's more to it; it also concludes the 'Embrace That Smothers' concept that could already be found on 'The Phantom Agony'"


SAVAGE CIRCUS To Release New Album In October

SAVAGE CIRCUS, the German/Swedish band featuring former BLIND GUARDIAN drummer Thomen Stauch and PERSUADER members Jens Karlsson (vocals, guitar) and Emil Norberg (lead guitar), has commenced the songwriting process for its second album, tentatively due in October via Dockyard 1.


HELLOWEEN: New Album Title Announced

HELLOWEEN drummer Dani Löble has re-entered singer Andi Deris' Mi Sueno Studios in Tenerife, Spain to resume the recording sessions for the band's new album with longtime producer Charlie Bauerfeind (BLIND GUARDIAN, SAXON). Tentatively titled "Gambling with the Devil", HELLOWEEN's 12th studio LP is scheduled for release on Halloween (October 31). A world tour in support of the CD will start mid-November in Europe, to be followed by visits to Southeast Asia, North and South America in the first half of 2008.


AMORPHIS: "Silent Waters" Single Samples Available

Nuclear Blast Records has posted audio samples from AMORPHIS' upcoming single, "Silent Waters", at this location' .


Release of DAVID READMANs self titled debut album announced

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce all details for the release of DAVID READMAN’s self titled debut album on August 31st 2007 !

Best known as singer for PINK CREAM 69, David also appeared on album from Adagio and from studio projects such as Missa Mercuria and on the more recent Andersen / Laine / Readman cd.

After David left the French Power Metal outfit Adagio in 2005, he started to gather material for a solo album which has always been his ultimate dream. “I did a lot myself from writing the songs, to recording organizing the whole thing” says David, “Dennis Ward (David’s bandmate in PC69) recorded the drums over 2 sessions and also mixed the record. If I was to thank something it would be the Internet, strange I know but without it would have taken even longer. And I wouldn't have met all the great people who played on the record, especially Paul Logue (of Eden’s Course) who played bass and wrote 2 songs with me”.

David has worked hard on the songwriting. He explains: “There are a few songs that wouldn't have made it on a PC69 cd because of style, with this record I was able to experiment a little. When you work this way it becomes your baby, you’re making all the decisions. It’s not always easy to keep a song interesting from the start to the finish. So that was a lot of work, but that’s what I wanted”

Recording started already during 2006, but David needed a long break (for the recording of PC 69’s latest opus “In10sity”), so that resumed the work in February 2007 and finally delivered the album in the spring time.

“I am very happy with the record, it was a big deal for me a real learning-curve. I'm also interested to hear what the people have to say about it, I’m very inpatient”, concludes the Burnley-born british singer.

The line-up appearing on “David Readman” includes Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse) on bass, Dirk Bruinenberg (Elegy) and Chris Schmidt on drums, Eric Ragno (ex Takara) and Günter Werno (Vandenplas) on keyboards and Alex Beyrodt (Silent Force), Gerald Sänger, Tommy Denander and bandmate Uwe Reitenauer on guitars. David also plays guitars and keyboards.

Production duties are handled by Dennis Ward.

"David Readman" track-listing:
01. Without You (mp3)'
02. Evil Combination
03. Take These Tears (mp3)'
04. Don't Let It Slip Away (mp3)'
05. No Peace For The Wicked
06. Long Way To Heaven (mp3)'
07. Wild In The City
08. Gentle Touch
09. Prisoner Of Shame
10. New Messiah
11. Over The Ocean
12. Love In Vain
13. Don't Let It Slip Away*
Don't Let It Slip Away (bonus multimedia video track which can be already watched on the Frontiers Records my space page: www.myspace.com/frontiersrecords' )

It's safe to say that fans of Pink Cream 69 and David Readman will not be disappointed with this record, who sets the style in Melodic Hard Rock, with soaring hooklines and in-your face guitars.

Don’t miss “David Readman” in all fine shops on August 31st 2007 on Frontiers Records with a release in Japan scheduled on King Records.


THE GATHERING Launches Vocalist Search

Dutch rock act THE GATHERING has launched a vocalist search following the recent departure of Anneke van Giersbergen. Interested male and female vocalists are invited to send a short bio and one or two MP3s to audition@gathering.nl.

Anneke van Giersbergen has announced the formation of a brand new band called AGUA DE ANNIQUE. The group will release an album called "Air" in the fall of 2007.

Anneke van Giersbergen's final appearance with THE GATHERING will take place on August 4 at the Ankkarock festival in Finland.


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