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FINNTROLL - to release new EP in march

Finland's FINNTROLL will be releasing an EP, titled "Trollhammaren", in March containing one song off their forthcoming album plus four bonus tracks recorded in the same session. As previously reported, the upcoming full-length CD, "Nattfodd" (Swedish for "Nightborn"), will be issued in April. The follow-up to "Visor Om Slutet" was recorded at Sundicoop Studio in Savonlinna, Finland and features 10 songs. The band will also be making their debut video to coincide with the release of the full-length CD. Download' a rough-mix version of the album track "Ursvamp" in MP3 format.


Scorpio (31-12-2003)

AFTER ALL - new album to be released in CIS

Belgium's AFTER ALL will have their latest CD, "Mercury Rising", released in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (former USSR) and the Baltic States through CD Maximum Records. The track listing will be the same as the on the European version, but some artwork details will be different. More information is available here.
"Mercury Rising" (Mausoleum Records) was produced by Harris Johns, who is renowned for his work with VOIVOD and KREATOR. Recorded at Johns' Spiderhouse Studios in Berlin, Germany, the CD features "a much heavier and more thrash metal-oriented" sound than that on the group's previous effort, 2000's "Dead Loss" (Rokarola Records).

LOST IN TEARS - to enter the studio in January

Finnish "gothic metallers" LOST IN TEARS will enter Karillo studio on January 17, 2004 to begin recording their sophomore full-length album, tentatively due in late spring through Locomotive Music. The follow-up to 2002's "Dialogue With Mirror and God" will be engineered by Jukka Puurula and mixed at an as-yet-undisclosed studio in Spain.
Among the working songtitles set to appear on the CD are the following:
01. Metamorphosis
02. On The Way
03. Shooting Star
04. Betrayed
05. Cold Comfort
06. Assurance
07. Nothing More, Nothing Less
08. Break Me Down
09. Felicity
10. Pale Shadow
11. Summer Rain
12. Rose

KATATONIA - addition to family

The MetalList Portal would like to congratulate KATATONIA guitarist Fredrik Norrman and girlfriend Hilma on the birth of their first child, a daughter, Saturday morning (December 27).
As previously reported, KATATONIA are currently editing their first DVD, due sometime next year. A Polish Cracow gig from April 2003 will be the main attraction of the disc, but there will also be more exclusive bonus footage to go along with it. In addition, one or two of the unreleased tracks from the "Viva Emptiness" sessions will also show up on the DVD.


ENFORSAKEN - new bassist

Arlington Heights, Illinois-based death metallers ENFORSAKEN have announced the addition of bassist Adam Simon to the group's ranks.
ENFORSAKEN's sophomore album, "The Forever Endeavor", is due on March 9, 2004 through Century Media/Olympic Records. The mastering of the CD was recently completed by James Murphy (DISINCARNATE, DEATH, TESTAMENT, OBITUARY), who also contributed a guitar solo to the song "All For Nothing". All cover and layout art was completed by DARK TRANQUILLITY guitarist Niklas Sundin for Cabin Fever Media.

PAIN - seek new label

PAIN mainman Peter Tagtgren (HYPOCRISY) has posted the following message on the band's official web site:
"Hello everybody!
"As most of you know, I've been out with my other band HYPOCRISY from Sept.-Dec. and had no time to finish up the new PAIN CD, so I will start after the New Year and change label so I can get a worldwide release. I'm so fuckin' tired of not getting it out everywhere! And I can't go on tour cause I have no back-up from the label outside of Sweden, so when the label have stopped fuckin' around and I have sign with the new record company I will be back with a new album and world tour to support it. You will be the first to know.
"Hope you understand."
Among the tracks tentatively set to appear on the follow-up to 2002's "Nothing Remains The Same" are the following:
01. Tear It Up
02. Don't Count Me Out
03. The Table Has Turned
04. Stay Away
05. Misery
06. The Third Wave

DEATH BY DAWN - new demo track posted online

DEATH BY DAWN, the German death metal band featuring former PESTILENCE/ASPHYX/BOLT THROWER frontman Martin Van Drunen, have posted a recently recorded demo track, entitled "Legal Usury"' .
DEATH BY DAWN's new demo CD will be available for purchase online in approximately one week via the online shop at http://www.unstoppableforce.de' .
Several recent photos of DEATH BY DAWN can be viewed by clicking here' .


NOCTURNAL RITES - "New World Messiah"

Swedish melodic metallers NOCTURNAL RITES have reportedly set "New World Messiah" as the title of their follow-up to 2002's "Shadowland", tentatively due in early 2004 through Century Media Records. Working songtitles include "Against the World", "The Icon" and the projected title track. The group's bassist Nils Eriksson had previously described the new material as "pretty much like we've always done...[but] maybe just a tad better."


INCANTATION - working on debut DVD

Pennsylvania-based death metallers INCANTATION are in the process of compiling material for their first DVD, to be released sometime next year through Brazil's Mutilation Records. The as-yet-untitled disc will include footage from the group's November 22, 2003 show in Sao Paulo, Brazil, plus vintage video footage that spans the band's 13 years of existence along with other rare footage that has yet to be determined. More information will be made available soon.


KAMELOT - songwriting sessions going better than expected

KAMELOT mastermind Thomas Youngblood has posted the following message on the band's official web site:
"Hello Kamelotians!!!
"We are very pleased to tell you all that the writing sessions are going even better than expected. We have now completed 8 new songs and cannot get the melodies out of our heads. A good sign for everyone) We just finished 'March of Mephisto', this should be our heaviest song ever and a live classic. Also, we finished a beautiful ballad that will mostly be piano and a small string ensemble. A first for us as well. So we are always working on new twists to the KAMELOT style we hope you all love. Our beloved producer Sascha Paeth will come to Florida after the New Year to begin preproduction and then the fun starts!"
As previously reported, KAMELOT's forthcoming album will be their first for SPV Records, with whom they signed a worldwide deal last spring. An early 2004 release is expected. Other songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Nothing Ever Dies" and "Serenade".


ADEMA - part ways with guitarist

ADEMA have parted ways with guitarist Mike Ransom. No reason was given for his departure.
The group, who recently completed a U.S. tour with GODSMACK, have already played five headlining shows as a four-piece and have no plans at this time to seek a replacement second guitarist.
ADEMA are planning on commencing work on the follow-up to this year's "Unstable" in early 2004 for a tentative late summer release.

DEICIDE - title track from new album posted online

The title track to DEICIDE's forthcoming album, "Scars Of The Crucifix", has been posted online' at the Earache Records web site.
"Scars Of The Crucifix" was recorded at Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida with producer Neil Kernon (CANNIBAL CORPSE, NEVERMORE) and was mixed at Sonic Ranch studios in Tornillo, Texas. A February 24, 2004 release through Earache Records is expected.
The complete track listing for "Scars Of The Crucifix" is as follows:
01. Scars Of The Crucifix
02. Mad At God
03. Conquered By Sodom
04. Fuck Your God
05. When Heaven Burns
06. Enchanted Nightmare
07. From Darkness
08. Go Now
09. Pentecostal


DECAPITATED - new song online

A brand new DECAPITATED track, titled "The Fury"' , has been posted online.
"The Fury" comes off the group's third full-length album, "The Negatron", due on March 9, 2004 through Wicked World/Earache Records.
The follow-up to 2002's "Nihility" was recorded at Hertz Studio in Poland with engineers Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski and is being described by bassist Martin as "very very strong," with a thick guitar sound.
The complete track listing for the album is as follows:
01. The Fury
02. Three-Dimensional Defect
03. Sensual Sickness
04. Calling
05. The Negation
06. Long-Desired Dementia
07. The Empty Throne
08. Lying And Weak
09. Lunatic Of God's Creation (DEICIDE cover, bonus track)


WAR Productions - releases

WAR Productions proudly presents:

(out 25/12/2003)

WPT010 - ARA (Por) "Arcaica" - demo tape
Four tracks of powerful Black Metal
Limited to 300 copies

WPT011 - HUMAN DEATH (Swe) "Nekrosexual Torment" - demo tape
Four tracks of violent Black Metal
Limited to 300 copies

WPCDR002 - WAR & DEATH Volume I (4 way split CDr)
Bleeding Display (Por) + Cranial Incisored (Ind) + Diabolical
Messiah (Chi) + Unfleshed (Por)
Four bands performing Death Metal
Limited to 400 copies

COMING VERY SOON! (01/01/2004)

WPT012 - OLD PAGAN (Ger) "Tecknotschtiklan"
re-edited MLP in tape version
Black Metal - Limited to 300 copies
(licensed by Ordealis Rec.)


DEATH ANGEL - to delay recording the new album

Due to a bad flu that guitar player Rob Cavestany caught during the DEATH ANGEL European tour, the band had to delay their plans for recording the new DEATH ANGEL album: According to guitarist Ted Aguilar the band will enter the studio on 3rd January 2004 to start working together with producer Brian Dobbs (Metallica a.o.). Former albums such as “Ultra Violence”, “Act III” and “Frolic” shall serve as an inspiration source, but DEATH ANGEL also consider to put a lot of new tunes and ideas into their new songs.


ANTHRAX - to delay the filming of their new clip

Modern metallers ANTHRAX have to delay the filming of their new clip “What Doesn’t Die” until January 2004 due to time problems. "We needed a bit more time to plan things and get the production side in place" drummer Charlie Benante explains the situation. The video will be directed by Brian Posehn and shall feature a bunch of zombies as well as other creepy stuff. So get prepared for a weird and spooky mini horror movie!



DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER will work on several projects simultaneously in 2004. Besides entering the studio in summer/autumn 2004 for the fifth REITER album the band also plans to produce a video clip in late summer and considers to finish their first DVD. Further information will be revealed soon. Ride on, be strong!


KATAKLYSM - "Serenity In Fire"

The new opus of the Canadian deathsters KATAKLYSM, "Serenity In Fire", is finished and will be released on 8th March 2004. Singer Maurizio Iacono speaks about the new album as follows: “It's our most violent record since 'Temple Of Knowledge', but with the hooks of 'Shadows & Dust'”. And the hyperblasters are going to prove that soon – during the already confirmed No Mercy Festivals as well as several booked gigs all across Europe.


SOLITUDE AETERNUS - new album in spring

New album of cult American doom metal band SOLITUDE AETERNUS will be tenatively out in spring 2004 through the German label Massacre Records (same as the previous group's album "Adagio"). Soon you will be able to hear new tracks in mp3 format on www.brainticket.com (distro-firm of SOLITUDE AETERNUS guitarist Jjohn Perez).

SANCTIFICATION - parted ways with bassist

Swedish death metallers SANCTIFICATION have parted ways with bassist Jorgen Bylander and are currently seeking a replacement. Interested parties can contact the band at: peck669@hotmail.com' . Only "talented and experienced" musicians need apply.
SANCTIFICATION's debut album, "Misanthropic Savation", will shortly be released through Remission Records.


GRENOUER - deal with CD-Maximum

Russia-based group GRENOUER signed recently a 3-albums deal with CD-Maximum on the territory of CIS and Baltia.
New album "Presence With War" will be released in the second half of January 2004. At present the work on the artwork is going to the end.
The idea of the cover is by Us-artist MickMo Morris, and it self is by Natalia Kasatkina.
"Presence With War" was recorded and mastered in Navahohut Studios, and mastered Finnvox Studios by Mikka Jussila.
Final tracklist:
01. Mercenary Fileds (5.21)
02. Sex Optica (3.08)
03. The Choice Of Flesh (6.05)
04. he Last Bullet Magic (4.36)
05. Crash Crash Crash (5.20)
06. Clonetwigs (3.44)
07. Sheitan (3.24)
08. Communist Skinhead (5.12)
09. A Farewell To Arms (1.31)
In the end of december two previous albums of the band - "Odour O'Folly" and "Gravehead" - will be remastered by Anssi Kippo in the Astia studio.
These two CDs will be released in February next year with new artwork and different bonus tracks.
Band have already started to compose new stuff...

IMPERANON - recording details

Finland's IMPERANON have completed all the drum and bass tracks for their debut album at Sonic Pump Studios with engineer Nino Laurenne and producer Titus Hjelm. Check out several pictures taken during the sessions:
Photo 1'
Photo 2'
Photo 3'
The group, whose members range in age from 17 to 24, will continue work on the as-yet-untitled CD in January for a tentative May/June 2004 release through Nuclear Blast Records. IMPERANON's spring 2003 demo, which landed the band their deal with Nuclear Blast, can still be downloaded for free from their official web site. The songs available for download are as follows:
01. Wild One'
02. Vein (I Bleed)'
03. Shadowsouls'



Sweden's KATATONIA are busy editing their upcoming DVD and have just finished mixing the audio part of the Polish Kracow gig from April 2003. This concert will be the main attraction of the disc, but there will also be more exclusive bonus footage to go along with it. And last but not least, one or two of the unreleased tracks from the "Viva Emptiness" sessions will also show up on the DVD.


KOROZY - ANCIENT manager as producer

Bulgarian sympho black group KOROZY recently began to record their new album. Producer is manager of Norwegian/Italian band ANCIENT - Alex. Special for this he will come to Bulgaria from Italy.

GODS TOWER - guitarist's death

Yesterday (14th of December) died a guitirast of Belarus-based group GODS TOWER, Alexandr Urakov. Many people loved this band thanks to his playing and arrangements. Fans and friends will remember you forever...

BEHEMOTH - contract extension

Polish black/death metallers BEHEMOTH have extended their contract with Olympic Recordings. The group have already commenced the songwriting process for their highly anticipated new album and will enter the studio in early spring with hopes for a late 2004 release.


STRATOVARIUS - line-up changes

Finland's STRATOVARIUS have officially parted ways with vocalist Timo Kotipelto and drummer Jorg Michael.
"Due to irrevocable and massive difficulties between the band leader Timo Tolkki and me, it has been agreed that this is the best thing to do to preserve at least some of the integrity the band used to have," Kotipelto said, according to the band's web site. "I will now fully concentrate on my solo album and I am convinced that this is the best way for me."
Jorg Michael says that his priorities lie elsewhere at the moment, but that the suddenly escalating trouble in the band is one of the main reasons he doesn't want to play in STRATOVARIUS anymore.
"I think this is the beginning of new era for STRATOVARIUS and that the future looks bright and promising," guitarist/leader Timo Tolkki commented. "I have composed some of my best songs during the last month. If anything good comes out of this, then I guess it will be the emotions I have managed to channel into new songs about this situation, which has been very heavy for all of us. I have been having quite bad mental problems lately, but I feel better now due to anti-depressive medication my therapist has prescribed me."
According to the group's booking agent, Continental Concerts, the current line-up is "100% certain" to fulfill all its obligations regarding festival dates next year even though there is a lot of simmering hate waiting to boil over.
Tolkki is currently talking to a German singer and a Finnish drummer about replacing Kotipelto and Michael, but he stresses that absolutely nothing is confirmed at this point. He adds that he is actively looking for replacements.


NOVEMBERS DOOM - new album

Chicago doomsters NOVEMBERS DOOM have set "Ascension" as the title for their forthcoming full-length CD, tentatively due in early 2004 through an as-yet-undetermined label.
Among the tracks set to appear on the album are the following:
01. In the Absence of Grace
02. Swallowed by the Moon
03. Dark World Burden
04. The Dead Leaf Echo
05. The Ascension Process
The first 50 people who walked through the door at the group's show this past Friday night (Dec. 5) were treated to a CD with songs from each of the bands that played, including a demo version of NOVEMBERS DOOM's "In the Absence of Grace".
NOVEMBERS DOOM recently parted ways with Dark Symphonies Records and are currently weighing their label options before recording their next studio album. The band, who replaced longtime guitarist Eric Burnley with Vito Marchese, released three CDs through Dark Symphonies Records: 2000's "The Knowing", the 2001 re-release of 1995's "Amid Its Hallowed Mirth" (featuring bonus tracks), and 2002's To Welcome The Fade".


AFTER FOREVER - name new album

Dutch gothic/atmospheric doom metal group AFTER FOREVER have set "Invisible Circles" as the title for their new full-length album, due in late March through Transmission Records.
AFTER FOREVER will be teaming up with AMARAN, DARK MOOR and NIGHTMARE for a European tour beginning in mid-January.


BAL-SAGOTH - details about new album

The writing of the long awaited sixth BAL-SAGOTH album is continuing, and the new material is said to be sounding truly phenomenal. The cover artwork by renowned fantasy artist Martin Hanford is now complete, as are the interior booklet illustrations by both official artists Martin Hanford and Samuel Santos.
Recording is expected to begin during the depths of winter, with a release during the spring of 2004.
BAL-SAGOTH keyboardist Jonny Maudling has recently been working as part of a team of composers creating music for a new MMORPG (Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game) called Adellion. Visit the official Adellion site for more info on this epic fantasy game: www.adellion.com'


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