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CIRCUS MAXIMUS: "Isolate" Cover Artwork, Audio Sample Available

Norwegian progressive metal band CIRCUS MAXIMUS has uploaded the cover artwork and audio sample from its upcoming sophomore album, "Isolate", due in Europe in August and a short time later in North America. The CD's lyrical concept deals with "how much you can lose until you go completely mad, and how much have lost when insanity finally embraces you," the group recently said. "It's really up to the listener (and reader ...) to intepret the story themselves, because it can be understood in different ways and we don't want to spoil the surprise."

"Isolate" track listing:
01. A Darkened Mind
02. Abyss
03. Wither mp3'
04. Sane No More
05. Arrival Of Love
06. Zero
07. Mouth Of Madness
08. From Childhood's Hour
09. Ultimate Sacrifice


McAllen (31-5-2007)


We are proud to announce the first in Eastern Europe THE FLAMING ARTS FESTIVAL TOUR which will take place in biggest towns of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. First confirmed bands for festival are VADER, ROTTING CHRIST, KRISIUN, INCANTATION and young UK thrash band AMENTI. More bands will be announced soon.


NIGHTWISH: More New Audio Samples Released

Finnish/Swedish symphonic metal band NIGHTWISH has released three more samples from its forthcoming album, due in September. In addition to first single, "Eva", you can now check out short clips of the songs "7 Days to the Wolves", "Master Passion Greed" and "Amaranth":
"7 Days to the Wolves": Audio'
"Master Passion Greed": Audio'
"Amaranth": Audio'
"Eva": Audio'


EMPEROR Frontman, Wife Collaborate With Norwegian Folk Musician

Mnemosyne Productions has announced a brand new musical collaboration between EMPEROR frontman Ihsahn, Starofash (a.k.a. Ihsahn's wife Heidi S. Tveitan, a.k.a. Ihriel) and one of Norway's most well known folk musicians, Knut Buen. The project is called HARDINGROCK and the album is titled "Grimen".

According to a press release, "Grimen" presents folk tunes on the Norwegian national instrument, harding fiddle, text and melodies based on Norwegian mythical tradition, arranged and recomposed in modern form with influences from heavy metal and classical inspired electronica. It is said to be an experimental project where folk tunes are thematically broken down and expressed in a new rhythmic and harmonic form with guitars, piano, keyboards, percussion, recitation and song.

This album is set for release on June 11 via Nyrenning Forlag, and is distributed by Musikkoperatørene AS.

For more information, including audio samples, go to this location.


Former HELLOWEEN/MASTERPLAN Drummers RIDE THE SKY to Release Debut In August

Дебютный альбом RIDE THE SKY "New Protection" выйдет 17 августа в Европе на Nuclear Blast. В Японии релиз состоится 21 июля. Группа является проектом барабанщика Uli Kusch (ex-HELLOWEEN, MASTERPLAN), кроме него участвуют – вокалист Bjørn Jansson (ex-TEARS OF ANGER/BEYOND TWILIGHT), басист Mathias Granås (XSAVIOR) и клавишник Kaspar Dahlqvist (DIONYSUS, STORMWIND). Альбом записывался и микшировался Benny Jansson в студии Zinkens Studio (Stockholm, Sweden ). Мастерингом занимался Christofer Stannow в Cosmos Mastering.

RIDE THE SKY, the new band featuring ex-HELLOWEEN drummer and MASTERPLAN founder Uli Kusch alongside ex-TEARS OF ANGER/BEYOND TWILIGHT singer Bjørn Jansson, guitarist Benny Jansson, bassist Mathias Granås (XSAVIOR) and keyboardist Kaspar Dahlqvist (DIONYSUS, STORMWIND), will release its debut album, "New Protection", in Europe on August 17 via Nuclear Blast. The CD will arrive in Japan on July 21.

"New Protection" (artwork) was recorded and mixed by Benny Jansson at Zinkens Studio in Stockholm, Sweden and was mastered by Christofer Stannow at Cosmos Mastering. The track listing is as follows:

01. New Protection
02. A Smile From Heaven's Eye
03. Silent War
04. The Prince Of Darkness
05. Break The Chain
06. Corroded Dreams
07. The End Of Days
08. Far Beyond The Stars
09. Black Cloud
10. Endless
11. Heaven Only Knows
12. A Crack In The Wall
13. Make The Spirit Burn (limited edition bonus track)
14. Trail Of Flame (bonus track for Japan)

Check out audio samples at www.myspace.com/ridetheskytheband.


ENTOMBED: "Serpent Saints" Track Listing Revealed

Swedish metallers ENTOMBED have finalized the track listing for their new album, "Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments", due on June 25 through Threeman Recordings via a special arrangement with Candlelight Records. Check out the cover artwork at this location. The 10-song effort marks the group's first release with drummer Olle Dahlstedt (ALPHA SAFARI, ex-MISERY LOVES CO.), who replaced Peter Stjärnvind in 2006. Mastering duties were handled by Soren Elofsson at Cosmos Mastering in Stockholm, Sweden.

"Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments" track listing:
01. Serpent Saints
02. Masters of Death
03. Amok
04. Thy Kingdom Koma
05. When in Sodom
06. In The Blood
07. Ministry
08. The Dead, The Dying and The Dying To Be Dead
09. Warfare, Plague, Famine, Death
10. Love Song For Lucifer


The cover artwork for the new NILE album

The cover artwork for the new NILE album, entitled "Ithyphallic", has been posted online at this location. Due in Germany on July 20 via Nuclear Blast Records (July 23 in the rest of Europe), the CD was recorded at Sound Lab Studios in Columbia, South Carolina with producer Neil Kernon (NEVERMORE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE) and engineer Bob Moore.

"Ithyphallic" track listing:
01. What Can Be Safely Written
02. As He Creates So He Destroys
03. Ithyphallic
04. Papyrus Containing The Spell To Preserve Its Possessor…
05. Eat Of The Dead
06. Laying Fire Upon Apep
07. The Essential Salts
08. The Infinity Of Stone
09. The Language Of The Shadows
10. Even The Gods Must Die


THE GATHERING: Limited Vinyl Version Of "Home" Now Available

The limited vinyl version of the "Home" album by the Dutch rock band THE GATHERING is now available for purchase online at The End Records' mailorder, The Omega' . A beautiful gatefold 2xLP vinyl edition, the album is available on black vinyl (limited to 300 copies) and clear vinyl (limited to 200 copies).


NIGHTWISH: Listen To Sample Of New Single "Eva"

A short audio sample of NIGHTWISH's new single, entitled "Eva", has been posted online at this location' .


THERIONs SNOWY SHAW Laying Down Drums For New Gothenburg Project

Swedish multi-instrumentalist Snowy Shaw (THERION, DREAM EVIL, KING DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE, MEMENTO MORI, NOTRE DAME) is currently recording session drums for the debut album of an as-yet-unnamed Gothenburg-based project. According to a posting on Snowy's web site, "style-wise is very much in the vein of CANDLEMASS, MEMENTO MORI, KING DIAMOND and NOTRE DAME. Last autumn Snowy did lead and backing vocals for several tracks on the album. The CD, titled "Opera Diabolicus", will be mixed in June by KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy La Rocque at Andy's Los Angered Recordings.

As previously reported, Snowy Shaw has been hired to handle the artwork, illustrations and photography for the upcoming releases by Swedish sleaze rockers HARDCORE SUPERSTAR.


BEHEMOTH: New Album Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH have revelaed the track listing and artwork for their new album, "The Apostasy", due on July 17 via Century Media Records. The group's most ambitious and epic offering yet, it was recorded in the band's hometown of Gdansk with the group's mainman Nergal and longtime sound engineer Malta in the producers' chairs. The effort was mixed with the acclaimed Daniel Bergstrand (IN FLAMES, MESHUGGAH, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) at Dug-Out Studios in Sweden and mastered by Bjorn Engelmann (RAMMSTEIN, SAMAEL).

"The Apostasy" track listing:
01. Rome 64 C.E
02. Slaying The Prophets Ov Isa
03. Prometherion
04. At The Left Hand Ov God
05. Kriegsphilosophie
06. Be Without Fear
07. Arcane Hereticae
08. Libertheme
09. Inner Sanctum
10. Pazuzu
11. Christgrinding Avenue


NORTHER To Enter The Studio In August/September

Finnish metallers NORTHER will enter Astia Studios in August/September to with producer Anssi Kippo to record their new album, tentatively due in early 2008.


DEATH ANGEL Skateboard Decks Now Available

BoardPusher.com is currently selling several different DEATH ANGEL skateboard decks, all priced at $54.99. More information is available at this location' .


Russian metal band SIXTH SENSE will play with MANOWAR

THERION about Hammersound Fest delay

"Soul Spell" Metal Opera To Feature ANGRA, TRIBUZY Members

Brazilian singer Renato Tribuzy has recorded a guest appearance on the "Soul Spell" metal opera project. The CD, which also features some of the best musicians on the Brazilian heavy metal scene — including Edu Falaschi (ANGRA), Leandro Caçoilo, Christian Passos, Mario Linhares, Nando Fernades, Iuri Sanson and Bruno Maia — is being produced by Tito Falaschi, Edu Falaschi's brother. Renato sang the part of Aquiles in the song called "Troy". He commented, "I really enjoyed being a part of this project. When I first heard the albums tracks I was surpised by the fantastic quality of the production, songs and musicians."


THERION To Embark On 20th Anniversary Tour In December

THERION mainman Christofer Johnsson has posted the following message on the band's web site:

"It's not completely finished with all details yet, but as one of the promoters seems to have published the info already, we can reveal that in December we will celebrate 20 years of THERION by making a tour where we will:

* Perform the entire 'Theli' album
* Perform 'Adulruna Rediviva' and 'Wisdom of the Cage' from 'Gothic Kabbalah'
* Make a fan-chosen 'best-of' set 'Vovin' – 'Lemuria/Sirius B' for the rest of the evening
* Invite several special guests
* Make a stage show that will blow everyone away!
* 16 shows are planned.

"SIRENIA is confirmed to go with us (yes, we know what you guys want!). A second band you will also appreciate will be confirmed very soon. Reprinted 'Theli' merchandise is also gonna be available for the shows.

"There's more to it, but it's too early to reveal now. Stay tuned."


BRAINSTORM - New double dvd!!

Metal Blade will release the first ever BRAINSTORM DVD "Honey From The Bґs (beasting around the bush)" on the 29th of June (Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Italy) / 2nd of July (rest of Europe). The boxset will be released in Digipack format with special metal effect!

The dvd will contain the following:
DVD 1:
Part I: Live-Shows
1. Live In Budapest 2005, Liquid Monster Tour,
Location: Budapest, Petφfi Hall, HUN
Продолжительность: 1ч27м15с,
2. Live At Wacken Open Air 2004, Soul Temptation Tour,
Location: WOA, Wacken, Main Stage left, GER
Продолжительность: 49м39с

DVD 2:
1. Live In Atlanta, Soul Temptation Tour,
Location: Prog Power Festival, Atlanta, USA
Продолжительность: 1ч03м02с
Part II: Live-Clip-Mix
2. Live at Sziget Festival 2006, 4 Songs
Location: Sziget Festival, Hammer World Stage, Budapest, HUN
Продолжительность: 23м43м
3. Live In Greece 2000, 2 Songs
Location(s): Athens, AN Club, Thessaloniki, Hydrogios Club, GRE
Продолжительность: 8м18с
4. Live at Bang Your Head Festival 2003, 1 Song
Location: BYH Festival, Balingen, GER
Продолжительность: 05м22с
5. Live At Rock Hard Open Air, 6 Songs
Location: RH Open Air, Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen, GER
Продолжительность: 30м01с
Part III: History Part
6. Brainstorm Bandhistory 1987 - 2007
Продолжительность: 22м36с
Part IV: Studio Clip Mix
7. Brainstorm promotional video-clips, 3 Songs
Продолжительность: 11м11с
Общее время звучания: 5ч01м07с


Eight of BLIND GUARDIAN's albums will be re-released

As previously reported, eight of BLIND GUARDIAN's albums will be re-released in June to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary. The LPs due to be reissued are as follows:

* Battalions of Fear (1988)
* Follow the Blind (1989)
* Tales from the Twilight World (1990)
* Somewhere Far Beyond (1992)
* Tokyo Tales (1993)
* Imaginations from the Other Side (1995)
* The Forgotten Tales (1996)
* Nightfall in Middle-Earth (1998)


KING DIAMOND - new song available; artwork posted online

A brand new KING DIAMOND song, entitled "Never Ending Hill", is available for free download at this location' . The track comes off the group's long-awaited new album, "Give Me Your Soul ... Please", which will be released in North America on June 26 via Metal Blade Records. Massacre Records will issue the album in Germany on June 29. The cover artwork has been posted online at this location' .


DARZAMAT: First "Live Profanity" DVD Details Revealed

Polish black/death metal band DARZAMAT will release its first-ever live DVD, entitled "Live Profanity (Visiting the Graves of Heretics)", in Europe on June 25 via Metal Mind Productions. The disc was recorded at the 21st edition of the Metalmania Festival, which took place on March 24 in Katowice, Poland, and will contain material comprised mostly of songs from the band's latest album, "Transkarpatia". Also included will be the group's surprise performance of the song "Diabelski Dom" by the cult Polish metal band KAT, featuring a guest appearance by KAT leader Roman Kostrzewski. The DVD will also includes additional footage from the Winternachtstraum Festival, which took place in February 2007 in Arnsberg, Germany, two unreleased tracks, video clips, and an interview with Flauros and Nera.

"Live Profanity (Visiting the Graves of Heretics)" will be released in the U.S. on July 31.


NIGHTWISH: "Eva" Single Artwork Revealed

The cover artwork of NIGHTWISH's new single, entitled "Eva", has been posted online at this location' . Due on May 30, "Eva" will be an Internet-only single release, all profits from which shall be donated to charity. In Finland, the single will be available exclusively from NetAnttila. The identity of the group's new singer will be revealed simultaneously in a press statement and on the band's web site, www.nightwish.com, on the same day. A radio promo of the Internet single will also ship on May 30.


GOREFEST: "Rise To Ruin" U.S. Release Date Announced

Reactivated Dutch metallers GOREFEST will release their new album, "Rise to Ruin", in the U.S. on August 28 via Nuclear Blast Records (August 3 in Europe). The CD was mixed by Danish producer Tue Madsen at his Antfarm studios in Århus, Denmark. "He managed to make everything sound even heavier than we'd imagined," guitarist Frank Harthoorn previously said. Cover artwork will be designed by British artist Rob "Mid" Middleton.

"Rise to Ruin" track listing:
01. Revolt
02. Rise To Ruin
03. The War On Stupidity
04. A Question Of Terror
05. Babylon's Whores
06. Speak When Spoken To
07. A Grim Charade
08. Murder Brigade
09. The End Of It All


AMORPHIS: cover artwork of single "Silent Waters", online pre-order

The cover artwork for AMORPHIS's new single, "Silent Waters", has been posted online at this location. Due on June 27 via Nuclear Blast Records, the single is currently available for pre-order from the Nuclear Blast Online Shop' .

"Silent Waters" single track listing:
01. Silent Waters (edit)
02. Sign
03. Silent Waters (album version)

"Silent Waters" is the title track of AMORPHIS' upcoming album, which is scheduled for release on August 29 (Finland)/August 31 (other countries). Like its predecessor "Eclipse", the new CD will be thematically based on an episode from Finland's national epic, the "Kalevala".


Ex-THERION Singer MATS LEVÉN: "It Felt Too Much Like A Job, And Thats Not A Good Sign"

Swedish vocalist Mats Levén (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, THERION, KRUX, TREAT, AT VANCE) has commented on his decision to leave THERION prior to the band's appearance at this year's Wacken Open Air festival in early August. His replacement in the group will be Thomas Vikström, who is best known to metal fans as the voice behind CANDLEMASS' "Chapter VI" album (1992).

Said Levén: "Yep, now it's official that I won't play anymore with THERION after Hellfest in June.

"The reason is simply that since we started to use four lead vocalists on tour, I found myself doing more backing vocals and guitar playing etc. than actual lead vocals.
In the beginning I tried to tell myself that I would get used to it, but I didn't really...

"I gave all I had during the few numbers I sang lead and it was especially great to feel the fans' response during 'Son of the Staves of Time' (that the THERION guys were kind enough to let me write on 'Gothic Kabbalah'). Still, when I got off stage — something just didn't feel right. It felt too much like a job, and that's not a good sign.

"I will now focus on my own projects including the S&M album [collaboration with drummer/songwriter Snowy Shaw (THERION, KING DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE, MEMENTO MORI, NOTRE DAME)].

His replacement in the group will be Thomas Vikström, who is best known to metal fans as the voice behind CANDLEMASS "Chapter VI" album (1992).


PARAGON announces new bassist

German power metallers PARAGON have announced the addition of bassist Dirk Seifert to the group's ranks. According to a press release, Dirk is "a longtime acquaintance of the band; [he] was in a band with Martin [Christian, guitar] back in the early '90s and has worked on the pre-production of "Law of the Blade", "Dark Legacy" and "Revenge". He is familiar with the material and knows the band for a long time. We are sure he will be an reinforcement as he is a multitasker who can play bass, drums and guitar. We are busy rehearsing for the July concerts and are looking forward to presenting a new lineup and new material from the forthcoming CD "Forgotten Prophecies"."

PARAGON recently revealed the track listing and artwork for their new album, "Forgotten Prophecies", due in June. The artwork was created by Dirk Illing, who also worked on the band's "The Law of the Blade" and "The Dark Legacy" CDs.

"Forgotten Prophecies" track listing:
01. Hammer of the Gods
02. Arise
03. Face of Death
04. Halls of Doom
05. Revelations (instrumental)
06. Forgotten Prophecies
07. Agony
08. Souleaters
09. Gangland
10. Wargods
11. Deny the Cross (OVERKILL cover)

A limited edition (artwork) will be released as well, featuring a bonus DVD with live footage recorded at the Metal Bash Open Air 2005 and Metal Bash Road Kill Tour in Hamburg (Markthalle) in 2005. The track listing for the bonus DVD is as follows:

Metal Bash Open Air 2005:
01. Legacy
02. Traitor
03. Impaler
04. Revenge
05. Across the Wastelands
06. Palace of Sin
07. Armies of the Tyrant
08. Thunderstorm

Hamburg (2005):
09. Deathsquad
10. Beyond the Veil

PARAGON parted ways with bassist Jan Bünning due to "musical differences."


NUCLEAR BLAST Anniversary CD "Into The Light"; First Audio Sample Available

A track called "Dirty Wings" (featuring EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet), taken from the upcoming compilation CD to celebrate Nuclear Blast Records' 20th anniversary, entitled "Into the Light", has been posted online at this location' .

"Into the Light" features 10 songs composed, recorded and produced by RAGE guitarist Victor Smolski, with guest appearances by various metal artists that are part of the Nuclear Blast history, including a track that was recorded and performed by Victor's own band.

"Into the Light" will be released as double-CD, featuring a bonus disc with classics, rare tracks and brand new songs. Also, watch out for "Into the Light"'s dark twin "Out of the Dark", coming in the second half of 2007.

"Into the Light" track listing:

01. Dirty Wings (feat. Tobias Sammet)
02. Terrified (feat. Peter Peavy Wagner)
03. Ruling The World (feat. Tony Kakko)
04. Death Is Alive (feat. Mats Leven)
05. Bloodsucker (feat. Marcel Schmier Schirmer)
06. Slaves To The Desert (feat. Hansi Kürsch)
07. A Perfect Day (feat. Andi Deris)
08. Eternally (feat. Oddleif Stensland)
09. Inner Sanctuary (feat. Marco Hietala)
10. In The Picture (feat. Tarja Turunen)

Bonus CD:
01. HAMMERFALL - Hearts on Fire
02. HELLOWEEN - The Madness Of The Crowds (Japan-Bonus 'Dark Ride' album) *
03. GOTTHARD - El Traidor (Anytime, Anywhere Spanish version) *
04. AFTER FOREVER - Sweet Enclosure *
05. RIDE THE SKY - New Protection (new band of Uli Kusch) *
06. THUNDERSTONE - Forevermore
07. THRESHOLD - Slipstream
08. AMORPHIS - The Smoke
09. CANDLEMASS - Devil Seed (brandnew song) *
10. SIRENIA - The Other Side

* new song or rare bonus track.

Victor Smolski - Songwriting, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Andre Hilgers, Volker Schultz - Drums
Jan-Michael Keller - Bass
Andreas Dirksmeier - Keyboards
Mario LeMole, Jen Majura - Backing Vocals

Tobias Sammet (EDGUY)
Peavy Wagner (RAGE)
Mats Leven (THERION, KRUX)
Andi Deris (HELLOWEEN)
Oddleif Stensland (COMMUNIC)


AGATHODAIMON Announces New Lineup

German black/death/gothic metallers AGATHODAIMON have announced the addition of Jonas Iscariot (vocals) and Jan Jansohn (guitar) to the group's ranks. "After a bunch of rehearsals with the new guys, we feel that we now have the strongest lineup ever and can't wait to hit the stage again!" the band said in a statement.

Felix Ü. Walzer (keys)
Till Ottinger (bass)
Jonas Iscariot (vocals)
Matthias Rodig (drums)
Sathonys (guitars)
Jan Jansohn (guitars)

Check out a photo of the new lineup at this location.

AGATHODAIMON last year announced the addition of bassist Till Ottinger (ex-MISANTHROPIC) to the group's ranks.

AGATHODAIMON's last album, "Serpent's Embrace", was released in 2004 via Nuclear Blast Records.


AT VANCE To Release "VII" In June

Germany's AT VANCE will release its new album, "VII", on June 29 via AFM Records. The group's seventh effort marks the debut of new singer Rick Altzi and features the band's "very own interpretation on neo-classical power metal that crosses elegantly with the true spirit of '80s hard rock," according to a press release.

"VII" track listing:
01. Breaking The Night
02. Shiver
03. Cold As Ice
04. Victory
05. Friendly Fire
06. Golden Leaves
07. Answer Me
08. Shine
09. Truth
10. Lost In Your Love


Concert KAMELOT 11 May in Moscow is cancelled!!!

Attention! The concert of group Kamelot is cancelled! The reasons of abolition while are unknown.


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