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CRADLE OF FILTH - new updates on "Nymphetamine"

British extreme metallers CRADLE OF FILTH have revealed artwork and the complete track listing for their new album, "Nymphetamine", tentatively due late September through Roadrunner Records.

01. Satyriasis (Intro)
02. Gilded Cunt
03. Nemesis
04. Gabrielle
05. Absinthe with Faust
06. Nymphetamine (Overdose) (feat. Liv Kristine)
07. Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Palette (Instrumental)
08. Medusa and Hemlock
09. Coffin Fodder
10. English Fire
11. Filthy Little Secret
12. Swanson For A Raven
13. Mother of Abominations

Ex-THEATER OF TRAGEDY star Liv Kristin made guest appearance on «Nymphetamine».

Fawkes (18-7-2004)

NARNIA - men are going solo projects

Members of Swedish band NARNIA pursue solo projects. So as singer Christian Rivel is at the moment working on THREE different solo projects, AUDIOVISION, FLAGSHIP and DIVINEFIRE (the last one features NARNIA’s bassist Adreas Olsson as well). Guitarist Carl Grimmark has just finished recording with SAVIOUR MACHINE for their forthcoming album and is now working on songs for the next NARNIA album. Drummer Andreas Johansson replaced Mikkey Dee (MOTЦRHEAD) this summer with Swedish artist E-TYPE and will be on tour with him until August. Keyboardist Linus Kеse just got married and is at the moment on honeymoon with his wife Maria! CONGRATULATIONS!!

STORMWITCH on Nuclear Blast

Classic German power metallers STORMWITCH have signed with Nuclear Blast Records. The group will release their ninth album, "Witchcraft", on November 8. In addition to founding member and vocalist Andy Mьck, the group's current lineup features the guitar players Fabian Schwarz (ex-TYRAN PACE) and Martin Winkler (ex-NIGHTWOLF), bass player Dominik Schwarz, keyboardist Alexander Schmidt (ex-TYRAN PACE) and drummer Marc Oppold (ex-TYRANT).

Soundtrack to "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" - the track listing revealed

Roadrunner Records has announced the track listing for the upcoming soundtrack to the "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" movie, due on August 31.

01. SLIPKNOT - Vermilion
02. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - The End Of Heartache
03. LACUNA COIL - Swamped
04. A PERFECT CIRCLE - The Outsider (Renholder Mix)*
05. RAMMSTEIN - Mein Teil*
06. DEVILDRIVER - Digging Up The Corpses*
07. CRADLE OF FILTH - Nymphetamine*
08. CKY - Escape From Hellview
09. DEFTONES - The Chauffeur
10. THE CURE - alt.end
11. H.I.M. - Join Me In Death
12. DEMON HUNTER - My Heartstrings Come Undone
13. THE USED - Just A Little
14. THRICE - Under A Killing Moon
15. 36 CRAZYFISTS - Bloodwork
16. COLD - End Of The World (acoustic)*
17. ROB ZOMBIE - Girl On Fire (Resident Renholder Mix)*
18. MASSIVE ATTACK - Future Proof

*=rare or unreleased track

"Resident Evil: Apocalypse", starring Milla Jovovich, opens in theaters on September 10.

ECLIPSE ETERNAL - sign to Galy Records

The epic black metal with heavy hitting symphonies will prove that they are not just another black metal band. The band’s debut album "Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire" was produced by Glen Drover (EIDOLON) and mastered by Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND). Look for it this October.
"Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire" track listing (in no particular order):
01. Desolation Forms My Mind's Eye
02. A Knife In The Dark
03. Sacrifice Love To The Gods Of Hate
04. Murder Of Art
05. Awaken Ye Lords Of The Dark
06. Infested With The Human Disease
07. The Eternal King From Below Doth Arise
08. Heralds Of The Apocalypse
09. Reign Of The Unholy Blackened Empire
10. Storming The Pearly Gate
11. Heavens Burning In Hell's Embrace
12. Requiem For The Fallen



Jorg Michael (STRATOVARIUS) has replaced Fritz Randow on drums for upcoming tours and the next album dubbed ‘Lionheart’ - Randow has left the Saxon to pursue other projects but may rejoin the band in the future.


DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER - announced 5th album

DIE APOKALYPTISVHEN REITER have announced their 5th studio album. "Samurai" will be recorded in Juli/August at the famous Antfarm Studio (MNEMIC, EKTOMORF and others) in Denmark. You can expect another devilsride far from any convention. 13 brandnew tracks will be recorded, the limited edition will feature a bonus DVD. A video will be shot for the release as well.


CATHEDRAL - new album details

CATHEDRAL are currently working on material for their eighth album. This will be the band's debut for label Nuclear Blast, set for an early 2005 release. The proposed album has a current working title of "Seeds Of Decay". Some working song titles include "Oro the Manslayer", "Corpsecycle", "Sabbadaius Sabbattum", "Eripmav Moon", "This Body Thy Tomb", "Everything Is Dying" and "Upon Azraels Wings". The album will once more feature the epic cover art of long term CATHEDRAL artist, Dave Patchett.


MUNICIPAL WASTE enter Earache’s roster

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Municipal Waste are the reigning kings of the New Wave of Crossover. Municipal Waste deliver blazing fast, raw thrash-core in the tradition of DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, "Animosity"-era Corrosion Of Conformity, Nuclear Assault,The Accused and Attitude Adjustment. All barely in their 20's, the members of Municipal Waste inject youthful energy and humor into a classic genre they were too young to catch the first time around..

DEICIDE quit Euro tour and head home

Deicide have abruptly ended their 'Scars Of The Crucifix' European tour before even playing one date. After a performance at the Dynamo festival on June 5, the band entered the UK but declined to play the London show on Jun 8th- opting instead to fly home to Florida, citing their anger and frustration at the transportation and financial arrangements provided by the tour agent. It does not affect any other shows Deicide have booked in the USA, or their appearance at Wacken.

DECAPITATED: Entertainment Weekly debates scrapped USA tour

Decapitated are featured in an article in US national entertainment bible, Entertainment Weekly. The article explores the controversy of the Decapitated name in the light of the recent decapitation of US citizen Nick Berg at the hands of terrorists - a situation reminiscent of the controversy surrounding the band Anthrax during the anthrax scares of 2001.

For an underground death metal band like Decapitated to be mentioned in the pages of Entertainment Weekly is quite a coup indeed. Yet as brutal and technical a band as they may be, Decapitated are no strangers to mainstream publicity. Since the release of their Earache debut, 'Winds Of Creation', the band has been covered in a host of un-metal publications, including Billboard and Spin.


CULT OF LUNA studio report

Cult of Luna are hard at work in Tonteknik Studio, Sweden, recording the follow up to the masterpiece that was 'The Beyond'. Most of the basic tracks have been laid down and some of the vocals, and the material so far is sounding IMMENSE. The band sent this quick update from the studio....

"Our first recording session is over, two weeks of really hard work. Almost everything, on this first batch of five songs, is done. Things have gone really well and we've surprisingly stuck to the schedule. The only thing missing on these five songs is the electronic stuff, which will be added during the next session. During this 'inbetween sessions time', we will put the final touches on the last few songs, getting them ready for recording.......and if necessary redo some overdubs on the other songs too. We might be getting some cool and unexpected guest appearances on some songs! Stay tuned, more news from Tonteknik Studio will come in the near future.


CATHEDRAL unlock ’The Serpent’s Gold’

From Monday 21st June, fans in the UK and Europe were able to buy the immense double CD package 'The Serpent's Gold' from seminal doomsters CATHEDRAL . This collection, fully endorsed & compiled by the band, covers all of their time with Earache and at over 2 1/2 hours long it contains 27 tracks with 11 of those being previously unreleased. In keeping with all Cathedral releases the artwork has been created by Dave Patchett and contains a fascinating interview with Lee Dorrian and a track by track guide for disc 2 by the riff-meister Gaz Jennings.

Disc 1 entitled 'The Serpent's Treasure' showcases all the classics like 'Midnight Mountain', 'Ebony Tears' and 'Hopkins (Witchfinder General)' and acts as a reminder (not that you should need one) of the huge contribution Cathedral have made, not just to the doom scene but heavy music generally. While disc 2 - 'The Serpent's Chest', features tracks from the legendary second demo, rare live performances, three completely unheard tunes, radically different versions of established favourites and even a Witchfinder General cover version.


MORBID ANGEL: Headbanger’s Ball Guest Hosts

Morbid Angel's Trey Azagthoth was confirmed as guest host on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball which aired Saturday, June 12. With regular Headbanger's host Jamey Jasta on tour for the month, Azagthoth took over the greater part of the show - introducing videos (including some of his own favorite picks!), discussing Morbid Angel, and generally bringing light to the closed minds of the masses.


THE CHASM complete recording

Daniel from The Chasm sent through this message from the studio shortly after the completion of the recording for the upcoming Wicked World album 'The Spell of Retribution': 'Finally, after several delays, all the tracks have been completed,and the last 2 recording sessions took place on Sunday (vocals, leads) and Monday (acoustics). After all these layers had been finished we really can say that this is one very unique, dark and destructive piece, easily the deadliest in our career, some never before used elements were incorporated on some songs, and the true believers will be surprised - in a very positive way.
We already started to do some tests with mixing, warming up with the 2 covers, the results are very satisfactory, but there's still some tweaking to do, we are going back to start the heavy work of the real mixes of the originals. Mp3's to be posted soon.'


THE BERZERKER’s DVD is out now

The debut DVD «The Principles And Practices Of The Berzerker» from Australian extremists THE BERZERKER is out now in the UK & Europe and finally USA.


DECEMBER - New Vocalist Revealed

December have officially chosen Eric Dellon as their new vocalist. A native of New York and Connecticut, Dellon has sung and played guitar and drums in such bands as Shallow Water Grave and Zombie Apocalypse (with members of Shai Hulud). December have been auditioning vocalists since founding member Mark Moots stepped down as frontman earlier this year.

Guitarist Julian Peach made this statement: "Although we will all miss Mark I think Eric will have no troubles finding his own path with the band. I know that Eric is going to help us breathe new life into the machine."

Dellon had this to say:
"I look forward to bringing a new sound and shape to December and giving nothing but my best to the band and all their fans."

Dellon, Peach, drummer Jason Thomas, and bassist Asa Dakin, are currently in Reno, Nevada, writing and rehearsing material for their next Earache release.


ARCANA - the new album is updoors

Erebus Odora in union with Canadian label Cyclic Law, are pround to announce the upcoming release of ARCANA's 10 year anniversary special album CD titled
"The New Light".
As it is said in press-release, for this release Peter Bjдrgц has put together work spanning 10 Years of his work with Arcana. Lost songs from the early years, alternative recordings and new beautiful
work share the space on this anniversary album.
Release date scheduled for Mid July 2004, in special "Tall Digipack".

GRENOUER - re-releasing debut album

Bass drums kicked restored for GRENOUER debut album "Border Of Misty Times". Elaborate job is done by Navaho, sound
producer of GRENOUER latest album "Presence With War". "Border Of Misty Times" was recorded in 1996 at ARIA Recs studios. Primary works are carried out for re-design of the debut. Later on the material is estimated to be re-mastered either in Russia or in Finland.


ACCEPT – a new blast from the past

“Art Music Group” are going to issue under license twin DVD+CD pack from ACCEPT titled “Metal Blast From The Past”. DVD contains video of two shows played in 1985 in Osaka and in 1993 in Sophia, and includes 7 videos and some footage, gallery and bio as well. Bonus CD is due to contain some rare and unreleased records from the band.


BESTIAL - "Satanic Metal"

Finally a new satanic blast comes from OUPIRIC Productions (Russia). It's BESTIAL(RU) "Satanic Metal" MC-format limited 1000 pieces. Pro-printed obligatory black/white cover with pics, lyrics, info. Total old-school black/thrash alcoholic madness. For true Devil worshippers only! Features MAYHEM cover.
Wholesale - 2 USD (special prices for CIS states). Trades as CDR + covers are welcome (write first).


FESTERGUTS and TVANGESTE - soundtracks for "Sinners And Saints"

Music of Russian bands FESTERGUTS and TVANGESTE sounds in Canadian mystic triller "Sinners And Saints"! This ilm is already the participant of many movie festivals. Hellish mix of horror themes with martial arts, phantastics and some elements of erotism. The official release date of DVD is the end of this summer. Movie will be available in all continents trough the distributors, which specialize on such pictures. The fact of participating of Russian bands is a big success!
Official movie website.'


EVERLOST - Bitterness Of The Triumph

A debut album of Moscow(Russia)-based melodic death metal group EVERLOST, “Bitterness Of The Triumph”, was released on the 27th of March through Russian label Soyuz Music' .
Band doesn't stop experimenting and is still on the way of searching for their own style, and musicians don't limit themselves with the boundaries of traditional Swedish death metal school.
Line-up: Andrey Smirnov (lead guitar, vocals), Pavel Chernobay (guitar), Sergey Volkov (bass), Sergey Serebrennikov (drums).
1. Bitterness Of The Triumph (intro)
2. Humanity Wasted
3. Servant Of Existence
4. The Paradox….
5. Behind The Reflection
6. Heritage Of The Desolated (instr.)
7. Driven By The Phantom Pain
8. Thought Inquisition


CHILDERMAS - ChilderMiss-2004 competition

ATTENTION! CHILDERMAS presents you the competiotion Miss ChilderMiss-2004!
To take part in conpetition you need to be a girl with the age more than 17, send your picture in digital format (jpg, gif, tiff) to e-mail info@childermas.com' till August, 31st 2004. Photos won't be reviewed and sent back, and given to 3rd persons. Participants must give a brief info (real name, birthdate, place and country, where you live, some woeds about yourself and music tastes, thoughts about music of CHILDERMAS band).
Photos must be of good quality. Pictures from porno-sites are disallowed. In the final part of competition (August, 31st 2004) photos of five pretenders, chosen by jourie will be posted on band's website for the voting.
PRIZES. The winner will get G-strings with band's logo. Three more, 2nd-4th places will get CD "Argotique", signed by musicians.
Competiotion jourie is management and musicians of CHILDERMAS.
So, ladies, we wish you to become Miss ChilderMiss-2004!
E-mail: info@childermas.com'


SYMPHONY X are going to enter the studio…

Infamous prog stars SYMPHONY X are getting ready to enter the studio to lay down their new album. The band "will be giving bi-weekly (or so) studio reports with news and pictures as the writing process progresses." In the same time SYMPHONY X guitarist Michael Romeo has announced that he will be sharing his knowledge and skills this summer (July 26-30) with the students at the National Guitar Workshop in New Milford, CT.


THERION – widen the borders of metal music once more

So it has been done. Whole two entirely new albums by THERION due to Nuclear Blast/Irond records collaboration have appeared in the rock stores across the CIS states. The recordings of «Lemuria»/«Sirius B» have cost over 100,000 euros and have longed for nine months. There was 164 musicians and singers who participated in laying down these peaces, including the traditional for THERION’s stuff choir and this time full symphonic orchestra from Prague. Besides that, there are parties of Russian balalaikas and some lyrics written on the Bulgakov’s language as well. Henceforth, «Lemuria»/«Sirius B» could be easily considered as the one of the most significant achievements in metal music throughout its history. In the nearest future read the exclusive interview with Christopher Johnsson in The MetalList Webzine. The infamous musician is speaking on a concept of a new album, sharing with us his plans on the future and also revealing his expectations regarding the upcoming show in Moscow on October 18.


ALONE IN THE DARK – the ghosts will howl familiar

"Alone In The Dark", the upcoming horror movie based on the popular computer game series, will also feature an appropriate dark soundtrack. The first bands confirmed for it are modern Thrash metallers MNEMIC (Ghost), Sweden's most successful Melodic Death export IN FLAMES (The Quiet Place) and also Sweden-based Melodic Death giants SOILWORK (Departure Plan), all stemming from Nuclear Blast! Also under discussion for the OST are US thrashers DEATH ANGEL, Finland's top sellers NIGHTWISH, German Power Metal chart breakers EDGUY, US stars ANTHRAX and many more.


EXMORTEM do onslaught again…

Danish death metallers EXMORTEM have entered Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark on May 17 with producer Tue Madsen to record their fifth album, due later in the year. A total of nine songs will be recorded and mixed during the four-week session, including "Parasite Paradise", "Symbols Of Inhumanity", "Flesh Havoc", "The Human Rape Symphony" and "Fix Of Negativity". As musicians say "The album will show the most diverse and twisted side of EXMORTEM to date!" As previously reported, EXMORTEM filmed their April 30 appearance at the Fee Metal Festival in Aarhus, Denmark for an upcoming DVD, tentatively due before the end of the year. The as-yet-untitled disc will include behind-the-scenes footage and other interesting features


EVERLOST – «Bitterness Of The Triumph»

EVERLOST, melodic death metal band from Moscow have recently issued their debut album via Soyuz Music. The CD has been titled as “Bitterness Of The Triumph” and appear to be a concept work, as it follows from the press release, «dedicated to controversy of the human nature, indifference and self-deceiving and struggle of spiritual and substantial». There are Andrey Smirnov from SHADOW HOST and Sergey Sergeev (SHADOW HOST, GULFSTREAM) who enter the band’s circa on guitar and back vocals respectively.


CANDLEMASS – «the magic is gone…»

CANDLEMASS have split up… The band members say as follows: ‘The band have tried to save the situation. There have been meetings and discussions, but unfortunately it hasn’t been possible for the five members to agree on how CANDLEMASS could work in the future. The members would have loved to continue but the chemistry is just not there anymore. The magic is gone...’ By the way, there is a Candlemass tribute album in the making. OPETH, THE HELLACOPTERS, THE HAUNTED, CATHEDRAL, SATYRICON etc


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