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LACRIMOSA in Russia in June!!!

20 june - Moscow (ДК Горбунова)
21 june - Moscow (клуб "Точка")


McAllen (1-2-2008)

DISMEMBER - another new song posted online

Another new DISMEMBER track, entitled "Death Conquers All", has been posted on a special DISMEMBER MySpace page launched by Regain Records. The song comes off the Swedish death metallers' forthcoming self-titled album, due in Europe on February 18 via Regain. The CD was recorded at B.A.S. studios with producer Nico Elgstrand (MURDER SQUAD, KRUX, MERCILESS, ENTOMBED).

"Dismember" (cover artwork' ) track listing:

01. Death Conquers All
02. Europa Burns
03. Under A Bloodred Sky
04. The Hills Have Eyes
05. Legion
06. Tide Of Blood
07. Combat Fatigue
08. No Honor In Death
09. To End It All
10. Dark Depths
11. Black Sun


SKYFIRE - recording new album

Swedish progressive death metallers SKYFIRE have entered Powernest Studios to begin recording its as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2004's "Spectral", due later in the year via Florida's Pivotal Rockordings. Mixing and mastering will be handled by Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY) at Black Lounge Studios (SONIC SYNDICATE, SCAR SYMMETRY, THE ABSENCE, ZONARIA).

Commented the band: "Drums, rhythm guitars, keys, and something we can't yet reveal to you are done for two songs. Two more songs will probably be finished by the end of this week! Unfortunately at this point it is too early to tell how many songs will be on the album because we have a lot of material written and we are even doing some last-minute writing in the studio."

SKYFIRE bassist and founding member Martin Hanner previously stated about the upcoming CD, "Expect the traditional SKYFIRE sound, but also expect some new elements that we have never experimented with before. We also cannot wait to work with Jonas Kjellgren, who will be mixing and mastering the new record. He is one of the most talented up and coming producers in metal right now, and we are certain that he will take SKYFIRE's sound to the next level!"


PAIN - new album in September

PAIN/HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tägtgren has issued the following update:

"We wanna thank everybody that voted for PAIN on the Swedish Metal Awards and made our album the 'Best Metal Album Of The Year' 2007.

"I'm working on the new [PAIN CD] and it will see the light in September 2008, with a lot of bonus from the shows we did in 2007.

"Michael Bohlin [PAIN guitarist] will sit out the NIGHTWISH tour because of work, but he will be back for the festivals. Niclas [Engelin] from ENGEL will help us out on this one."

PAIN will support NIGHTWISH on their European tour beginning on February 17 in Vilnius, Lithuania.


AVANTASIA: "The Metal Opera - Gold Edition" Due In March

AFM Records has set a March 7, 2008 release date for AVANTASIA's "The Metal Opera - Gold Edition", a two-CD set containing the first two AVANTASIA albums, "The Metal Opera" (2001) and "The Metal Opera Pt. 2" (2002). The package will come in a luxury digibook with golden CDs, 40-sided booklet, liner notes, previously unpublished photos and bonus material.


THE GATHERING: Limited-Edition 10-CD Box Set Coming Soon

Drummer Hans Rutten of Holland's THE GATHERING has issued the following update:

"Century Media is about to release 'Sand and Mercury', a 10-CD [!] box with all our Century Media releases gathered in a nice box for a fair price (around 30/35 euros). I wrote liner notes for every album. The box set is limited to 3,000 copies.

"This year it's 10 years ago we released 'How To Measure A Planet?', so you figure out what will be Century Media's next special release.

"Another special release: Vic Records will re-release 'Downfall - The Early Years' this spring. It contains the 'Downfall' CD as well as an interesting six-track demo we did for 'Almost A Dance' with former vocalist Bart Smits. Recorded at the beginning of 1992, this demo was the last recording we did with Bart. Very interesting material.

"The owner of Vic Records, Roel, is an old school mate of me and Bart and kindly asked us to do a re-release, as the original 'Downfall' CD isn't available anymore.

"This release is a true revival of the old-school demo tape days. More info at www.vicrecords.com.

"And back into the present: We were asked by ProductieHuis & MusicLab Brabant to write music for a dance ensemble. This cross-over combination of music and dance will be called 'Arr. 2'.

"And yes, we are working on new material. Trust us and don't worry. You will hear new GATHERING songs in 2008."


JON OLIVA'S PAIN: 'Global Warning' Artwork Revealed

JON OLIVA'S PAIN, the band led by SAVATAGE mastermind Jon Oliva, has revealed the cover artwork for its upcoming album, "Global Warning", due in Europe on March 21 via AFM Records (Locomotive Records in the U.S.).

"Global Warning" features a guest appearance by guitarist Ralph Santolla (OBITUARY, ex-DEICIDE, DEATH, ICED EARTH) on two songs: "Adding the Cost" and "You'll Never Know".


CHILDREN OF BODOM: "Blooddrunk" Track Listing Revealed

Finnish metallers CHILDREN OF BODOM have revealed the track listing for the new album, "Blooddrunk", due in Europe on April 7, 2008 via Spinefarm Records (two days later in Finland).

"Blooddrunk" was recorded and produced by Mikko Karmila at Petrax and Finnvox studios in Finland during October, November and December 2007, except vocals, which were recorded by Peter Tägtren, and keyboards, which were recorded by Janne Wirman at Petrax studios, Finland, during October, November and December 2007. The CD was mixed at Finnvox by Mikko Karmila in November 2007 and it was mastered at Finnvox by Mika Jussila in December 2007.

"Blooddrunk" track listing:
01. Hellhounds On My Trail
02. Blooddrunk
03. LoBodomy
04. One Day You Will Cry
05. Smile Pretty For The Devil
06. Tie My Rope
07. Done With Everything, Die For Nothing
08. Banned From Heaven
09. Roadkill Morning

CHILDREN OF BODOM will release a new single, "Blooddrunk", in Finland on February 27, 2008 (March 3 in the rest of Europe).

The band recently traveled to Germany to film two videos, both of which were produced by Katapult Filmproduktion.

Speaking to Revolver magazine, CHILDREN OF BODOM frontman Alexi Laiho stated about the songwriting process for "Blooddrunk", "This time we wanted to make things more difficult. So I've been including some progressive sounds. Not in an annoying way, though; if we do progressive music, we want people to actually listen to it. We won't become a DEPECHE MODE cover band. If we ever get tired of playing metal. That's the end of CHILDREN OF BODOM."


Fans Trying To Get DIMEBAG Statue In Dallas

According to Revolver magazine, two PANTERA fans — Houston's Joey Riordan and Toronto's Mangra — are trying to get a commemorative "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott statue erected in his hometown in Dallas. As inspiration, they cite existing monuments to Jimi Hendrix (in Seattle), Elvis Presley (in Memphis), and THIN LIZZY frontman Phil Lynott (Dublin, Ireland). "Getting Dimebag Darrell a statue in Dallas matters," Riordan tells Revolver. "That was, his memory will live on."

For more information, go to MySpace page of this project' .


Keith Baxter (ex-SKYCLAD,ex-3COLOURS RED) died at 36

According to Kerrang! magazine, former 3 COLOURS RED / THERAPY? / SKYCLAD drummer Keith Baxter has passed away.

Baxter, who shot to fame with 3 COLOURS RED in the '90s, died of liver failure in hospital on January 4, 2008, surrounded by family and friends. He was 36 years old.

Baxter was born in Lancaster, Lancashire, UK. As a teenager he became a founding member of SKYCLAD, recording five albums with them before leaving in 1995 to join 3 COLOURS RED, with whom he recorded two UK top 40 albums ("Pure" and "Revolt") which included six Top 40 singles.

Following 3 COLOURS RED's split in 1999, he formed ELEVATION with former 3 COLOURS RED bandmate Pete Vuckovic. The group signed with Sony but was dropped a year later. He briefly played with the Northern Irish band THERAPY? in 2002.

3 COLOURS RED reunited to record a third album ("The Union of Souls") in 2004, but split up again the following year.


DEMONICAL Parts Ways With Singer

DEMONICAL, the new Swedish death metal band featuring past and present members from CENTINEX, GRAVE, REGURGITATE, INTERMENT, AMARAN, WORLD BELOW and DELLAMORTE, has parted ways with vocalist Ludvig Engellau due to "musical and personal reasons." According to the group, "DEMONICAL will continue on the marked out path with the help of a session vocalist so all booked and projected shows are going to happen as agreed. A new full-time vocalist will be announced during the first quarter of 2008."

DEMONICAL will support DISMEMBER on four dates in Finland in January.

The band's debut album, "Servants of the Unlight", was released in April via Germany's Cyclone Empire Records. The group toured Europe with NUNSLAUGHTER and NOMINON, and took part in Germany's Up From The Ground festival. They also supported GRAVE on select Scandinavian dates.


SEPULTURA Takes Part In Charity Soccer Game

SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kisser has issued the following update:

"Yesterday we did another SEPUL-event, a benefit soccer game we do every year to collect food for charity. More than 3,000 people showed up, each one of them brought 1kg of non-perishable goods, it was a great afternoon! The game was organized by Paulo, our bass player, with his brothers, friends and also the support of a local TV station, local soccer clubs (Atletico MG and America MG, who is the owner of the stadium the game was realized, the Idependencia Stadium BH) and Topper, who made all the uniforms for both teams.

"The Sepultura And Friends team was a mixture of musicians and professional soccer players and the other team, Uniao Solidaria, was composed by veterans players, mainly from Atletico MG. The game ended in a draw, 6 to 6, a record-scoring game for us, SEPULTURA.

"Thanks for all the people involved, especially the crowd who came to see a good game and to help people suffering from hunger. Hopefully we will continue to do this game, every year, growing with the help and support from all.

"The game closed a great year of 2007 for me, my projects, solo album, SEPULTURA and my family. We feel a more mature band, especially with our new drummer Jean and now we are ready to write a new album for next year.

"Thanks for the support of you all, in our shows, on your comments, criticism and eulogies. I wish you all a great Christmas and a great new year!"



Legendary producer Waldemar Sorychta (GRIP INC., LACUNA COIL, THE GATHERING, MOONSPELL) will attend the CD-release party for his band ENEMY OF THE SUN's upcoming album, "Shadows", on Thursday, January 17, 2008 at Europa in Brooklyn, New York (an event hosted by The End Records as part of the bi-monthly NWOBHM nights at the venue). Throughout the night Sorychta will meet fans while music from the "Shadows" CD is being played. There will also be live performances from RANDALL FLAGG, SUN DESCENDS, LAPDOG OF SATAN and GWYNBLEIDD.

"Shadows" will be released in North America via The End Records on January 22, 2007 with an exclusive bonus track called "Enemigo del Sol". The track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. Emptiness
02. Burning Bridges
03. Lives Based On Conflicts
04. Clearly Surreal
05. Carousel
06. Twenty Three Feet
07. Feel The Beating
08. Satisfied By Ego Purposes
09. Brain Sucking Machine
10. Weak
11. Liar
12. Lost In Time
13. Enemigo del Sol (US bonus track)

Says Sorychta about the band, "I call ENEMY OF THE SUN my family because in a family you have to feel comfortable. If not, it's not a good family. ENEMY is a good one. It's the way I wake up and feel the excitment about this band. It's the way I go to bed and want to stay awake because of this band. Music without limits, pure power saved in every note, deepest emotions bound in tones, burning pleasure in each single tune."


Waldemar Sorychta - guitar
Jules Naveri - vocals
Daniel Zeman - drums
Alla Fedynitch – bass


THE ETERNAL Begins Recording New Album

Australian atmospheric/gothic/doom metal band THE ETERNAL has issued the following update:

"This weekend Marty lays down the drum tracks for the new [THE ETERNAL] album 'Kartika'. Mark, Terry and Marty are heading to Mixmaster Studios in Adelaide tomorrow to met up with engineer Ian Miller and get this show on the road!

"It has nearly been three years since we recorded 'Sleep of Reason', so we are really looking forward to getting into the studio and laying down some new tracks!

"We have guitars & vocals locked in for the rest of December and January, so we are feeling pretty confident the album will be complete and ready to master in February 2008."

"Kartika" projected track listing (in no particular order):

01. Self Inflicted
02. Means for an Ending
03. Blood
04. Without Reason
05. A Pale Reflection
06. Illuminate
07. Walk Beside You
08. Brighter Day
09. Kartika
10. Silence
11. July
12. Lost Our Way
13. Inside the Grey
14. I've Seen The Dream Through Someone Else's Eyes
15. Sunshine
16. Frozen Sun
17. Last Embrace


MIDNATTSOL: New Album Release Date Confirmed

MIDNATTSOL, the German-Norwegian band featuring vocalist Carmen Elise Espenaes (the younger sister of LEAVES' EYES singer Liv Kristine), will release its second album, entitled "Nordlys" (translated: Northern Light), on March 28, 2008 via Napalm Records. The CD will be mixed by Tue Madsen while the mastering will be handled by Mika Jusilla at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland.

01. Open Your Eyes
02. Skogens Lengsel
03. Northern Light
04. Konkylie
05. Wintertimes
06. Race Of Time
07. New Horizon
08. River Of Virgin Soil
09. En Natt I Nord
10. Octobre (limited-edition bonus track)



Portuguese metal/goth rock band HEAVENWOOD has inked a deal with Recital Records. The group will enter the studio in February/March 2008 to begin recording its third album for a late spring/early summer release.

After the departure in 2004 of main songwritter and guitarist Ricardo Dias, HEAVENWOOD went on a lengthy hiatus. Now Ricardo Dias has returned along with new drummer Luiz Ferreira (ex-SECRECY from Portugal).


Ernesto Guerra - Vocals
Ricardo Dias - Guitars and Vocals
Bruno Silva - Guitar
Luiz Ferreira - Drums

HEAVENWOOD previously relelased two albums — "Diva" and "Swallow" — and played shows with IN FLAMES, ATROCITY, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and LAKE OF TEARS, among others.


DARK TRANQUILLITY: Early Albums To Be Reissued In Japan With Bonus Tracks

Swedish melodic death metallers DARK TRANQUILLITY have issued the following update:

"To coincide with our shows in the Land Of The Rising Sun [Japan], 'Haven' [2000] and 'Projector' [1999] will be released in new versions. Both albums will feature lengthy liner notes by sensei [Mikael] Stanne [vocals] detailing the writing and recording process as well as the inner working of the band at the time of creating the songs. 'Projector' will feature the extra track 'Exposure' — previously unreleased in Japan — and 'Haven' will be graced with 'Cornered' as bonus song."

DARK TRANQUILLITY and THE HAUNTED will team up for the "The Double Titans Tour In Japan" in January. Confirmed dates are as follows:

Jan. 16 - Osaka, JPN - Big Cat
Jan. 17 - Nagoya, JPN - Club Quattro
Jan. 18 - Tokyo, JPN - O-East


DRACONIAN - New Album Completed!

DRACONIAN have completed their new album. Entitled "Turning Season Within" it was recorded at Fascination Street Studios by producers Jens Bogren and David Castillo (OPETH, KATATONIA).

On their lastest output, DRACONIAN continue to uniquely unite Doom and Gothic Metal. Thus, "Turning Season Within" comprises more up-tempo parts, an enhanced heaviness, and the band΄s most personal lyrics to date. "Failing and breaking releationships, the resulting pain, and the art of dealing with it is an essential theme", says vocalist Anders.

Belgian artist Dennis Sibeijn will express the band΄s vision graphically.

Turning Season Within will be released on February 29, 2008


NIGHTWISH: Platinum Edition Of "Dark Passion Play" To Include Five Bonus Tracks

Finnish/Swedish symphonic metallers NIGHTWISH will release a "platinum" edition of their latest album, "Dark Passion Play" (release date to be confirmed), which will include all 13 songs from the original version plus five bonus tracks:

01. Erämaan Viimeinen (new track)
02. The Escapist (new track)
03. Meadows of Heaven (orchestral version)
04. The Poet and the Pendulum (demo)
05. Bye, Bye Beautiful (DJ Orkidea remix).

On December 5, NIGHTWISH will release a Finland-only single, "Erämaan Viimeinen" (Last of the Wilds). "Erämaan Viimeinen" is the instrumental "Last of the Wilds" off "Dark Passion Play", but with Finnish lyrics, courtesy of Jonsu from the all-girl pop/rock band INDICA, who will open for NIGHTWISH in Scandinavia.



WITHIN TEMPTATION vocalist Sharon den Adel and LEAVES' EYES singer Liv Kristine performed with DELAIN on November 2 at Broerenkerk in Zwolle, Holland. They reprised their respective guest vocalist roles from DELAIN's 2006 debut album, "Lucidity". Watch fan-filmed video footage from the concert below.

DELAIN is the Dutch gothic rock project founded by ex-WITHIN TEMPTATION keyboardist Martijn Westerholt (brother of WITHIN TEMPTATION's Robert Westerholt).



LORDI mainman Mr. Lordi has recorded guest vocals for the track "The House Of 1000 Eyes" which will appear on DOMINATION BLACK's "Haunting" mini-CD, due in February 2008 via Violent Journey Records.

"Haunting" track listing:
01. The House Of 1000 Eyes (feat. Mr.Lordi)
02. Shadow King
03. No More Again
04. A World Without Heroes (KISS cover)
05. Evil Has Found A Home

Kari -A- Kilgast - Vocals
Teppo Heiskanen - Guitar
Ville Viren - Guitar
Lauri "Sir" Eerola - Bass
Juuso "Welder" Elminen - Synths
Juha Beck - Drums


BRAINSTORM: New Album Artwork Revealed

German metallers BRAINSTORM have revealed the cover artwork for their new album, "Downburst", due on January 25 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy and January 28 in the rest of the world via Metal Blade Records. The CD will be released as a regular jewelcase as well as in a limited edition jakebox (100% plastic-free) including two bonus tracks.

"Downburst" track listing:
01. Falling Spiral Down
02. Fire Walk With Me
03. Stained With Sin
04. Redemption In Your Eyes
05. End In Sorrow
06. How Do You Feel
07. Protect Me From Myself
08. Surrounding Walls
09. Frozen
10. All Alone
Bonus tracks (limited version):
11. Crawling In Chains
12. Hold Tight


TIAMAT To Release "Amanethes" In April

Sweden's TIAMAT will release its new album "Amanethes", on April 18, 2008 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD will be mixed at Studio Woodhouse in Hagen, Germany in January.

TIAMAT's last studio album, "Prey", was released in 2003 through Century Media.


TESTAMENT: New Album Title Revealed

Veteran San Francisco Bay Area metallers TESTAMENT have set "The Formation of Damnation" as the title of their new album, tentatively due in early 2008 via Nuclear Blast Records. the band is currently recording the drums tracks with producer Andy Sneap (MACHINE HEAD, EXODUS, ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE) at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California.

TESTAMENT recently recruited Paul Bostaph (SLAYER, EXODUS, FORBIDDEN, SYSTEMATIC) to play the drums on new CD. The group was previously rehearsing and writing new material with British drummer Nick Barker (CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR), but Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and international work visa issues have prevented Barker from continuing to be involved in the project.


STILLIFE : new track from album "Destiny"

VIRGIN BLACK: "Requiem – Fortissimo" Track Listing, Sample Available

The End Records has set a February 19, 2008 release date for VIRGIN BLACK's "Requiem – Fortissimo", the much-anticipated follow-up to 2007's "Requiem - Mezzo Forte".

On its latest album — the second instalment of a trilogy — VIRGIN BLACK exhumes the death/doom vibe of early PARADISE LOST and MY DYING BRIDE albums. This is by far the band's rawest and heaviest work to date.

The album's cover art was created by esteemed fashion photographer Andrew Dunbar whose work will be seen throughout the series.

Comments singer/keyboardist Rowan London: "I should feel a sense of dread offering up something so atypical for us to be interrogated and scrutinized. But the fearlessness that we inhabited while writing 'Fortissimo' and the 'Requiem' series survives to see its unveiling. An album not so much about death as the absence of life; it's damn heavy but its countenance is far more brutal than its sound could ever be. Long live the 'death choir.'"

You can hear the track "Silent" by visiting The End Records' MySpace' page at this location.

Says London about the song: "The track 'Silent' simultaneously represents both the divergences and links between Fortissimo and Mezzo Forte. I'm sure that it will surprise a few people."

"Requiem – Fortissimo" track listing:
01. The Fragile Breath
02. In Winters Ash
03. Silent
04. God in Dust
05. Lacrimosa (Gather Me)
06. Darkness
07. Forever


AVANTASIA: "The Scarecrow" Artwork Revealed

The cover artwork for the upcoming album from EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet's AVANTASIA project, entitled "The Scarecrow", can be found at this location. Due at the end of January via Nuclear Blast Records, the CD is expected to feature guest appearances by the following artists:

Alice Cooper (vocals)
Amanda Somerville (vocals)
Bob Catley (MAGNUM; vocals)
Jorn Lande (ex-MASTERPLAN; vocals)
Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY; guitar)
Michael Kiske (ex-HELLOWEEN; vocals)
Oliver Hartmann
Roy Khan (KAMELOT; vocals)
Rudolf Schenker (SCORPIONS; guitar)

"The Scarecrow" track listing:
01. Twisted Mind
02. The Scarecrow
03. Shelter From The Rain
04. Carry Me Over
05. What Kind Of Love
06. Another Angel Down
07. The Toy Master
08. Devil In The Belfry
09. Cry Just A Little
10. I Don't Believe In Your Love
11. Lost In Space


MANOWAR Drummer Working On Instrumental Solo Album

MANOWAR drummer Scott Columbus has told Brazil's NovoMetal.com that he is working on his first solo album.

"Over the past year, I've been working on a solo project, and it's instrumental — there is no vocals, it's all music," he said. "I've got about 80% of the songs [done] and hopefully, in the next year, 2008, it will get released. [Musically it's] a little different from MANOWAR, [but] it's really cool. It's fucking great driving music. You'll see yourself driving at high speeds if you listen to that."


AYREON: "01011001" Cover Artwork Revealed

AYREON, the brainchild of Dutch guitarist/composer Arjen Lucassen, has revealed the cover artwork for its new album, "01011001", due in Europe on January 28, 2008 (one day later in the U.S.). The track listing for the effort is as follows:

CD1 - Y:
01. Age Of Shadows (incl. "We Are Forever')
02. Comatose
03. Liquid Eternity
04. Connect The Dots
05. Beneath The Waves
(a) Beneath The Waves
(b) Face The Facts
(c) But A Memory...
(d) World Without Walls
(e) Reality Bleeds
06. Newborn Race
(a) The Incentive
(b) The Vision
(c) The Procedure
(d) Another Life
(e) Newborn Race
(f) The Conclusion
07. Ride The Comet
08. Web Of Lies

Disc 2 - Earth:

01. The Fifth Extinction
(a) Glimmer of Hope
(b) World of Tomorrow Dreams
(c) Collision Course
(d) From the Ashes
(e) Glimmer of Hope (reprise)
02. Waking Dreams
03. The Truth Is In Here
04. Unnatural Selection
05. River of Time
06. E=MC2
07. The Sixth Extinction
(a) Echoes On The Wind
(b) Radioactive Grave
(c) 2085
(d) To The Planet Of Red
(e) Spirit On The Wind
(f) Complete The Circle

The complete list of musicians who appear on the album is as follows:

Daniel Gildenlöw (PAIN OF SALVATION)
Tom Englund (EVERGREY)
Anneke van Giersbergen (AGUA DE ANNIQUE, THE GATHERING)
Jonas Renkse (KATATONIA)
Bob Catley (MAGNUM)
Floor Jansen (AFTER FOREVER)
Steve Lee (GOTTHARD)
Magali Luyten (VIRUS IV)
Ty Tabor (KING'S X)
Simone Simons (EPICA)
Liselotte Hegt (DIAL)
Marjan Welman
Arjen Lucassen

Arjen Lucassen: Guitar, Keyboards, Synths, Bass Guitar, Programming
Tomas Bodin (THE FLOWER KINGS): Keyboards
Derek Sherinian (PLANET X): Keyboards
Joost van den Broek (AFTER FOREVER, STAR ONE): Keyboards
Michael Romeo (SYMPHONY X): Guitar
Lori Linstruth (ex-STREAM OF PASSION): Guitar
Ed Warby (GOREFEST): Drums
Jeroen Goossens (FLAIRCK): Flute
Ben Mathot (DIS): Violin
David Faber: Cello


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