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EVIL MASQUERADE: New Album Details Revealed

Denmark-based symphonic metal band EVIL MASQUERADE has set "Fade To Black" as the title of its fourth abum, due in early 2009 via an as-yet-undisclosed label. The follow-up to 2006's "Third Act" was mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen (JORN, HELLOWEEN) at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark and features a guest appearance by former RAINBOW keyboardist Tony Carey.

"Fade To Black" recording lineup:
Henrik Flyman - Guitar
Apollo Papathanasio (FIREWIND) - Vocals
Daniel Flores (MIND'S EYE) - Drums
Johan Niemann (THERION, DEMONOID) - Bass
Tony Carey (RAINBOW) – Keyboards

The track listing for the CD is as follows:
01. Lights Out
02. In a Dungeon Close to Hell
03. The Darkness Within
04. Hollow Soul
05. Different Shades of Black
06. Powertools
07. The Ultimate Game
08. Desire and Pain
09. Diamond Dust
10. I Believe In Sin


McAllen (1-12-2008)

DARK MOOR: New Album Title, Track Listing, Artwork Revealed

Madrid, Spain-based power metallers DARK MOOR have set "Autumnal" as the title of their new album, due in early 2009. The follow-up to 2007's "Tarot", was recorded in part at New Sin Studios in Italy and features a guest appearance by soprano Itea Benedicto (NIOBETH).

"Autumnal" track listing:
01. Swan Lake
02. On The Hill Of Dreams
03. Phantom Queen
04. An End So Cold
05. Faustus
06. Don't Look Back
07. When The Sun Is Gone
08. For Her
09. The Enchanted Forest
10. The Sphinx
11. Fallen Leaves Waltz


SCARTOWN. Internet-single “НЕОНОВАЯ КРОВЬ”. Release date of a new album

АРКОНА - uploaded new video onine

Russian metal band ARKONA uploaded new video on their song "Svavsya Rus'" online.

You can watch it at this location' .

DEADLOCK - Reveal Album Artwork And Tracklists!

1. The Moribund Choir vs. The Trumpets Of Armageddon
2. Martyr To Science
3. Slaughter’s Palace
4. The Brave / Agony Applause
5. Deathrace
6. Fire At Will
7. Seal Slayer
8. Manifesto
9. Dying Breed
10. Altruism
11. Temple Of Love

The artwork and design for "Manifesto" was handled by Adam Wentworth who already worked for artists such as Beyonce, Coheed And Cambria or A Life Once Lost.


MOONSPELL: "Lusitanian Metal" DVD Details Revealed

Portuguese metallers MOONSPELL will release their long-awaited new DVD, "Lusitanian Metal", in Europe on November 21. The complete track listing for the two-disc effort is as follows:

DVD 1:
* Live At The City Of Ravens (Metalmania, Poland 2004)
* Touch Me In The Eyes (video compilation from Opium to I will see you in my dreams, including the never seen making of from Everything invaded)
* Century Media Years (Discography)
* Knoweldge (Graveyard impressions, exclusive and extensive interview with the band members shot in a Lisbon graveyard)

DVD 2:
Small Hours – The Early Days (1992-1994):

Live Rehearsal:
01. Serpent Angel
02. Wolves from the Fog
03. Ancient Winter Goddess

MOONSPELL's First Show:
04. Intro
05. Goat on Fire
06. Wolves from the Fog
07. Hymn to Lucifer

08. Intro
09. Tenebrarum Oratorium Part 1
10. Goat on Fire
11. Vampiria

Strange Are the Ways of the Wolfhearted Tour (1995-1996)

Supporting NAPALM DEATH:
01. Erotic Alchemy
02. Ataegina
03. Trebaruna

Perverse Almost Religious (1996-1997):

Krakow 1996
01. A Poisoned Gift
02. ...Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)
03. An Erotic Alchemy
04. Love Crimes

Dortmund 1996 (previously unseen):
05. Intro
06. Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
07. Love Crimes
08. Vampiria
09. ...Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)
10. An Erotic Alchemy
11. For a Taste of Eternity
12. Alma Mater

It's a Sin Tour (1997-1999):

Ermal 1999:
01. Let the Children Cum to Me...
02. Dekadance
03. EuroticA

The Butterfly Effect Tour (2000-2001):

Coliseu 2000:
01. I Am the Eternal Spectator
02. Can't Bee
03. Lustmord

Darkness and Hope Tour (2001-2003):

Release Party for "Darkness and Hope":
01. How We Became Fire
02. Ghostsong

Ermal 2002:
03. Angelizer
04. Mephisto
05. Firewalking

Spreading the Eclipse Tour (2003-2005):

With Full Force - 10th Anniversary:
01. In and Above Men
02. From Lowering Skies
03. Opium
04. A Walk on the Darkside
05. Nocturna
06. Southern Deathstyle

Istanbul 2004:
07. Alma Mater / Vampiria

Athens 2004:
08. The Antidote

Hard Club 2004:
12. I Will See You in My Dreams
13. Tenebrarum Oratorium Part 1

Tejo 2005:
14. Awake!
15. For a Taste of Eternity


SCARTOWN - artwork of new album


Ask your question to REPENTANCE on ShockWave

On 25th of September on ShockWave radio in «High Way» show, Moscow, Russia band REPENTANCE will be interviewed. Air hours are 8:00pm до 10:00pm (+3:00 GMT). Send your questions and wishes to studio@shock-wave.ru and ICQ: 333576669 during the live. You will also hear new songs from “Black Sunday Morning”(2006) and “Revival”(2008), which will be presented October 16 in ХО.

To hear the radio show just visit shock-wave.ru website and select streaming bitrate 128 or 32 kbps.

More information about band on www.repentancerock.com' and in Repentance news' .


PAIN - Frontman Offers 'Cynic Paradise' Track-By-Track Breakdown

PAIN frontman Peter Tägtgren has offered a track-by-track breakdown of the band's forthcoming album, "Cynic Paradise", for the readers of the German edition of the Metal Hammer magazine. Check it out in English' , German' .

"Cynic Paradise" will be released on October 31 via Nuclear Blast Records. The follow-up to "Psalms of Extinction" (which was released in 2007 via Roadrunner) features "eleven gems offering a vast variety of styles and influences which are even new for PAIN," according to a press release. NIGHTWISH singer Anette Olzon makes a guest appearance on two tracks — "Follow Me" and "Feed Us". The artwork (see below) was created by renowned artist Travis Smith (AMORPHIS, OPETH, NEVERMORE).

01. I'm Going In
02. Monkey Business
03. Follow Me (feat. Anette Olzon)
04. Have A Drink On Me
05. Don't Care
06. Reach Out (And Regret)
07. Generation X
08. No One Knows
09. Live Fast - Die Young
10. Not Your Kind
11. Feed Us (feat. Anette Olzon)

"Cynic Paradise" will be available as a limited-edition digipack including a bonus CD.

PAIN's video for the track "Zombie Slam" is available for viewing at this location' . The clip was shot in February 2007 in Los Angeles by Ralf Strathmann. Ralf previously worked as a director for artists like CHILDREN OF BODOM, APOCALYPTICA and SOILWORK. He is also a photographer for such bands as HIM, AEROSMITH and BLINK 182, to name but a few.


GRENDEL To Release "A Change Through Destruction" In October

GRENDEL, the melancholic metal band from Finland, will release its second album, "A Change Through Destruction", on October 22 via Firebox Records.

"A Change Through Destruction" трек-лист:
01. One Desire
02. A Change Through Destruction
03. Dialog With Pain
04. The Deaf Cult
05. Another Link In The Chain
06. Forsaken Shell
07. Quicksand
08. Half-Life
09. Trapped Inside
10. Moment Of Silence

Check out audio samples at this location' .

GRENDEL released its debut album, "Lost Beyond Retrieval", in December 2006.

Mikko Virtanen - Vocals
Mika Kivi - Guitar, Background vocals
Jussi Kraft - Guitar
Kari Martikainen - Bass
Juha Terrilä - Keyboards
Jarkko Piipari - Drums


EDGUY: "Tinnitus Sanctus" Artwork Revealed

The cover artwork for "Tinnitus Sanctus", the new album from German melodic metallers EDGUY, can be viewed below. The was recorded at Gate Studios in Wolfsburg, Germany with producer Sascha Paeth and is scheduled to be released on November 16.

In a recent interview, EDGUYfrontman Tobias Sammet stated about the group's new material, "We don't go back to the roots. We never denied who we are and where we come from, so I don't see a reason to go back to wherever. I go straight forward and follow my heart as I've always done, 'Tinnitus Sanctus' is exactly the music we wanna play, we are happy and I don't give a fuck if it's gonna be our biggest-selling album or not. It's so great, even if my career would go down the drain and this would be the last album, I'd be more than happy to be remembered as the guy who recorded 'Tinnitus Sanctus'. I'd rather ruin my carreer with a creative killer album like that than trying to play safe with a boring stereotype power metal stinker constructed on a drawing table. We have a couple of song titles such as 'Dragonfly', 'Dead Or Rock', 'Wake Up Dreaming Black' or 'Sex Fire Religion'. And we'll shoot a video for a very heavy midtempo anthem by the name of 'Ministry Of Saints'. And there'll be a bonus track called 'Aren't You A Little Pervert Too?' which is quite nasty."


New version of new album METALLICA online!!!

petition' There is a lot of complaining about the mastering, but in this case mastering is probably not to blame. The respected Ted Jensen did the mastering, and he has said in an e-mail posted on the Metallica forumthat "the mixes were already brick walled before they arrived at my place. Suffice it to say I would never be pushed to overdrive things as far as they are here. Believe me Im not proud to be associated with this one, and we can only hope that some good will come from this in some form of backlash against volume above all else." So the bad guy here is possibly mixing engineer Greg Fidelman. With James and Lars cheering him on, maybe"

You can find new version with nick D34DL1N3R


ICED EARTH - new audio interview with Jon Schaffer

ICED EARTH's official web site, IcedEarth.com, has posted an audio interview with the group's leader/guitarist Jon Schaffer conducted on September 4, 2008. In the interview, Jon talks about songs on the new album, how his relationship to songs he writes will always be different from everyone else, the band's new fanclub ("Minions of the Wicked"), the opportunity to meet fans through the VIP ticket package offered on the upcoming North American tour, and much more.

The interview in can be listened to and downloaded MP3 format at this location' .

Audio samples of ICED EARTH's new full-length studio album, "The Crucible of Man (Something Wicked Part II)", have been posted online on the group's MySpace page' .

"The Crucible of Man (Something Wicked Part II)" was released in North America last Tuesday (September 9) via SPV Records.

"The Crucible of Man (Something Wicked Part II)" track listing:

01. In Sacred Flames
02. Behold The Wicked Child
03. Minions Of The Watch
04. The Revealing
05. A Gift Or A Curse
06. Crown Of The Fallen
07. The Dimensional Gauntlet
08. I Walk Alone
09. Harbinger Of Fate
10. Crucify The King
11. Sacrificial Kingdoms
11. Something Wicked (Part 3)
12. Divide And Devour
14. Come What May
15. Epilogue

"The Crucible of Man (Something Wicked Part II)" continues where ICED EARTH's 2007 release, "Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Part I)" left off. "The Crucible of Man" features the return of frontman Matt Barlow who was mainman/guitarist Jon Schaffer's original voice of choice to introduce the "Something Wicked" saga back in 1998 as a trio of songs which concluded their album, "Something Wicked This Way Comes".


CRADLE OF FILTH: "Godspeed" Special Edition, Vinyl Versions Detailed

In addition to the standard version of CRADLE OF FILTH's new album, "Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder" (due out on October 28 via Roadrunner Records), there will also be a special edition and vinyl released. See below for the complete track listing.

Special Edition (two-disc set featuring 10 unreleased/rare bonus tracks and expanded artwork):

Disc 1:
01. In Grandeur And Frankincense Devilment Stirs
02. Shat Out Of Hell
03. The Death Of Love
04. The 13th Caesar
05. Tiffauges
06. Tragic Kingdom
07. Sweetest Maleficia
08. Honey And Sulphur
09. Midnight Shadows Crawl To Darken Counsel With Life
10. Darkness Incarnate
11. Ten Leagues Beneath Contempt
12. Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder
13. Corpseflower

Disc 2:
01. Balsamic and Anathema
02. A Thousand Hands On The Maid Of Ruin
03. Into The Crypt Of Rays
04. Devil To The Metal
05. Courting Baphomet
06. The Love Of Death (Remix)
07. The Death Of Love (Demo)
08. The 13th Caesar (Demo)
09. Dirge Inferno (Live)
10. Dusk And Her Embrace (Live)

Vinyl (double vinyl includes two tracks not available on the standard album and a code to download the entire album in MP3 format):
01. In Grandeur And Frankincense Devilment Stirs
02. Shat Out Of Hell
03. The Death Of Love
04. The 13th Caesar
05. Tiffauges
06. Tragic Kingdom
07. Sweetest Maleficia
08. Honey And Sulphur
09. Midnight Shadows Crawl To Darken Counsel With Life
10. Darkness Incarnate
11. A Thousand Hands On The Maid Of Ruin
12. Ten Leagues Beneath Contempt
13. Balsamic and Anathema
14. Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder
15. Corpseflower


METALLICA - 'Death Magnetic' Nearing Triple Platinum In Finland On First Day

METALLICA's "Death Magnetic" has reportedly shipped more than 60,000 copies in Finland so far.

The Finnish platinum award for domestic albums recognizes sales in excess of 30,000 copies, while the same award is given out to foreign artists for shifting 20,000 units of a single album , so "Death Magnetic" is actually nearing triple-platinum status on its first day of release.

METALLICA's last show at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, Finland — on July 15, 2007 — was attended by more than 50,000 people, which is nearly 1 percent of the country's 5.5-million population.

METALLICA's official web site is currently streaming' all 10 songs from "Death Magnetic". Six of the tracks were premiered during last week's "Metallica: The World Premiere Of Death Magnetic", hosted by FOO FIGHTERS frontman Dave Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins and broadcast live from METALLICA's headquarters in San Rafael, California.

Several copies of "Death Magnetic" were sold early at a Paris record store on September 2, which led to the entire album being leaked online within hours.

METALLICA will play two low-dough shows in Europe to celebrate the CD's release, in Berlin tonight (Friday, September 12) and London on September 15.

The band will kick off its first indoor North American tour on October 21 in Glendale, Arizona, with shows booked through the end of January.


COCK AND BALL TORTURE - one of the funniest videos

German grindcore outfit COCK AND BALL TORTURE's "Aphrodisianus" clip was recently selected by RollingStone.com as one of the 25 funniest web videos. More than 1,600,000 viewers have enjoyed the clip (from COCK AND BALL TORTURE's second album, "Sadochismo") which shows a wedding party where people dance to the band's song. You can view it at this location' .

In other news, COCK AND BALL TORTURE is writing material for its fourth full-lenght album, due out in 2009 on an as-yet-undetermined label.

COCK AND BALL TORTURE is scheduled to perform at this year's NRW Deathfest in Germany on September 20 alongside SKINLESS and GORATORY, among other bands.


DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER - 'Licht' First-Week Chart Positions Revealed

"Licht", the new album from Germany's DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, has registered the following first-week chart positions:

Germany: #29
Austria: #49
Switzerland: #88

Released on August 29 via Nuclear Blast Records, "Licht" is the group's first to feature new guitar player Lady Cat-Man, who replaced Pitrone in February 2008.

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER previously stated about the album and new lineup, "Don't expect anything less than an absolute killer record! The sound is damn heavy, melodic and chock-full of surprises. Lady Cat-Man may look like an angel, but she's playing like the devil! Treat our metal sister real nice, she is part of the family now."

"Es Wird Schlimmer", the new video from DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, can be viewed at this location' .

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER's sixth album, "Riders on the Storm", was released in August 2006 via Nuclear Blast.

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER will hit the road with MUSTASCH, HONIGDIEB and MARIONETTE beginning in late October.


SCARTOWN - new album name

Moscow, Russia modern metal band SCARTOWN revealed the name of their new full-length studio album, which is on the finish stage of recording. CD will be entitled "Krik Mertvoy Svodoby" ("Cry of Dead Freedom") and is due to release this autumn on Irond, which released previous albums of the group, "Legendy Bolshogo Goroda" ("Legends Of The Big City") (2006) and "Vertikalnyy Predel" ("Vertical Limit") (2007).

Cover art will be produced by Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsak (ANNIHILATOR, DESTRUCTION), mixing and mastering in his own “Black Lounge” studio (Sweden) by Jonas Kjellgren (SONIC SYNDICATE, SCAR SYMMETRY).


VADER Confirms Split With Drummer, Guitarist

Veteran Polish death metallers VADER have issued the following update:

"We would like to thank to all the participants of our anniversary gig [on August 30 at Stodola Club in Warsaw, Poland]: bands [GRAVE, ROTTING CHRIST, DISMEMBER, GOREFEST, MARDUK, NILE, ENTOMBED and SAMAEL], fans and staff. Thanks to you all we were able to celebrate the 25th anniversary of VADER in so special way. Big thanks to fans for such a numerous presence, bands for fantastic shows they all played in Warsaw, guests for their appearance on this show and our crew for nearly 24 hours of hard work! It was a very important show for us, the more so because it took place in such a difficult circumstances. We were forced to give up an idea of recording DVD due to some technical issues. For technical reasons we were also unable to build a special stage scenery prepared exclusively for this show. Sorry for very long queues for food and drink and the high price of our energy drink — these things were beyond our control. The show ended up turning out well and despite these shortcomings we believe it was a success. Once again — thank you all! All the blood, sweat and tears poured into VADER have been worth it!

"At this point we would like to refer to the changes that have occurred in VADER. As you all probably already know, Mauser [guitarist Maurycy Stefanowicz] and Daray [drummer Dariusz Brzozowski] are no longer in the band and this anniversary gig was their last show with VADER. We would say that mentally, they both were out of the band [for] a long time. They played with us more like session guys, without any real commitment and dedication. We were thinking about making some changes since a year or something, now we are glad to have this opportunity to build a new band.

"At the moment we are looking for some new musicians. Probably next week we are going to present you our new lineup.

"In October the band will appear on tour in Scandinavia with GRAVE and ZONARIA.

In January 2009 VADER will hit the road again, sharing the stage with DEICIDE and SAMAEL. Just before this tour, in December we are going to start a pre-production process of our new full length album 'Necropolis'. The recording session is scheduled for March. The album will be mixed by one of the best producers in a music industry!

"In May 2009 the band will release a new EP. The new album will be out in September. In meantime we are going to appear on many summer festivals.

"Don't be afraid, VADER don't lose the power and quality. On the contrary, we feel it will be much stronger than ever before.

"Stay VADER-ized, be prepared for a new line up and the upcoming killing album 'Necropolis'!"

According to the Meinl Cymbals web site, Daray will join the Norwegian black metal group DIMMU BORGIR while Mauser will reportedly concentrate on his UNSUN project, which will release its debut album, "The End Of Life", on September 22 via Century Media Records. Their rumored replacements in VADER are former LOST SOUL drummer Adam Sierzega and either Jacek Hiro from SCEPTIC or Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltyka from DECAPITATED on guitar.


Edu Falaschi about new ALMAH album

European release of new ALMAH album "Fragile Equality" is issued on 17th of October through AFM records. The band has recorded a real power metal masterpiece with progressive, folk and even hrash elements:

"Hi Friends! We just finished the workings on our new Almah album Fragile Equality. Since the band Angra has been terminated, I would like to put my focus on Almah, which turned to a real band with a steady line up. Also my mate Felipe Andreoli (ex-Angra) will be part of this line up and we are looking forward to a great future. Our new album will be released at October 17th. We all would like to thank you for your great support!"

- Edu Falaschi -

01. Birds Of Prey
02. Beyond Tomorrow
03. Magic Flame
04. All I Am
05. You’ll Understand
06. Invisible Cage
07. Fragile Equality
08. Torn
09. Shade Of My Soul
10. Meaningless World

Edu Falaschi (vocals)
Marcelo Barbosa (guitar)
Paulo Schroeber (guitar)
Felipe Andreoli (bass)
Marcelo Moreira (drums)

ALMAH was started in 2006 as first solo album of Edu Falaschi, recorded with guest musicians. In summer 2007 it became a real band, as ANGRA took a break in their activity. "Fragile Equality" was recorded at Norcal Studios in Sao Paolo and produced by Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli in April-June 2008.

More info:
ALMAH Myspace'
New album trailers'
Official website: www.almah.com.br


DOMAIN album close to its finishing

After almost 2 years, the deed is nearly done. The finishing of the upcoming DOMAIN album "The Chronicles Of Love, Hate And Sorrow" is within spitting distance.

Producer and guitarist Axel "Ironfinger" Ritt resides again at the Meadow Studios / Darmstadt - Germany, to put the final cut on the metal opera, which bases upon the epistolary novel "Die Leiden des jungen Werther" by famous German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

The release date of the new album in Europe will be November this year, USA and Asia January 2009.


FLOWING TEARS: New Song Posted Online

German female-fronted gothic metallers FLOWING TEARS have made a new song entitled "Colossal Shaped Despair" available for streaming on their MySpace page' .. The track comes off the group's new album, "Thy Kingdom Gone", due on October 20 via Ascendance Records, the new label funded by Lee Barrett (founder of Candlelight Records; former member of EXTREME NOISE TERROR, TO-MERA) and A&R'd by Sam Grant (writer, promoter, broadcaster, interviewer for Sonic Cathedral online).

According to the band, the follow-up to 2004's "Razorbliss" is "a concept album containing 12 songs" and "it has probably become the darkest and most intense one we ever did. We're really excited about how this one turned out and can't wait for you to listen to it! I think we really managed to capture the essence of what FLOWING TEARS is about: there's tons of really heavy melancholic guitar stuff, tons of atmospheres, and probably the most personal and dedicated lyrics we've ever written."

The group adds, "Somehow the album pretty much breathes the spirit of albums like 'Joy Parade' or 'Jade' in terms of atmosphere and density, even though it's much heavier. And even though the album feels very homogenous, it is probably our most varied one. There's a lot to discover… you'll be surprised. Expect an intense one. No party music, not meant to have a good time with definitely."

"Thy Kingdom Gone" track listing:

01. Orchidfire
02. Pain Has Taken Over
03. Rain Of A Thousand Years
04. Grey
05. Thy Kingdom Gone
06. Words Before You Leave
07. Miss Fortune
08. Colossal Shaped Despair
09. Kismet
10. For My Enemies
11. Souls Of The Neon Reign
12. The War We Left Behind

The front cover artwork was created by Seth Siro Anton, who has previously worked with MOONSPELL, SOILWORK and PARADISE LOST.

FLOWING TEARS released a live album, "Invanity - Live in Berlin", last October via Ascendance Records.

"Razorbliss" was issued in Europe in March 2004 through Century Media Records. The follow-up to 2002's "Serpentine" was recorded at Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany with producer Waldemar Sorychta (THE GATHERING, LACUNA COIL, SENTENCED, MOONSPELL) and was the band's first to feature vocalist Helen Vogt, who replaced Stefanie Duchêne in 2003.


CYNIC: New Album Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

Reunited progressive metallers CYNIC — whose 1993 album "Focus" is regarded as a landmark release in the field of technical/progressive metal — will release their new album, "Traced In Air" on October 28 via Season of Mist Records (one day earlier internationally). The CD contains eight songs, and the band worked once again with renowned artist Robert Venosa (who created the unmistakeable cover and visuals for "Focus") on the art for the new album, which can be viewed below.

"Traced In Air" track listing:
01. Nunc Fluens
02. The Space For This
03. Evolutionary Sleeper
04. Integral Birth
05. The Unknown Guest
06. Adam's Murmur
07. King of those Who Know
08. Nunc Stans

Returning from the "Focus" era for the new eight-song, 35-minute effort are are founding members Paul Masvidal (guitars/clean vocals) and Sean Reinert (drums) along with Sean Malone (bass), and joining the band in the studio is newcomer Tymon Kruidenier (guitars/growls). The band recorded the effort at a California studio with producer Warren Riker (DOWN, SANTANA).



SCARTOWN new album

FUNERAL: New Album Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

Norwegian masters of doom FUNERAL will release their new album, "As The Light Does The Shadow", on September 22 via Indie Recordings. One of the tracks, "In The Fathoms Of Wit And Reason", features a guest appearance by Robert Lowe (CANDLEMASS, SOLITUDE AETURNUS) on vocals.

"As The Light Does The Shadow" track listing:
01. The Will To Die
02. Those Fated To Fall
03. The Strength To End It
04. The Elusive Light
05. In The Fathoms Of Wit And Reason
06. Towards The End
07. Let Us Die Alone
08. The Absence Of Heaven
09. Hunger
10. Fallen One


TESLA: New Single Available For Streaming

The new TESLA single entitled "I Wanna Live" is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page' . The track comes off the group's seventh studio album, "Forever More" (see cover art below), which is set for release October 7 on Tesla Electric Company Recordings (in partnership with Ryko Distribution).

For "Forever More", TESLA reunited with producer Terry Thomas, who was behind the boards for the band's 1994 gold-certified "Bust A Nut" album, and engineered by Michael Rosen who worked with TESLA on "Into The Now".


LORDI: New Album Title Announced; Radio-Quality Rip Of First Single Available

Finnish moster rockers LORDI have set "Deadache" as the title of fourth album, due in North America on October 28 via The End Records. The CD "will showcase the band's trademark melodic hard rock sound, something the band has amplified from the debut, 'Get Heavy', onto the mega-successful 'The Arockalypse'," according to a press release.

A radio-broadcast-quality version of the album's first single, "Bite It Like A Bulldog" — which was premiered last week on Finnish radio — can be heard at this location'


OBLIVION MACHINE подписали контракт с IROND

Трек-лист альбома "Unnatural & Wrong":
01. Morbid Fuckin' Death
02. Antigod (mp3)'
03. Karma (mp3)'
04. Alternative
05. Machine
06. Blight
07. Epitaph To The Multiplied
08. Absurd
09. Everything Is For Nothing
10. Euthanasia


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