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THE MIGHTY NIMBUS have parted with singer

THE MIGHTY NIMBUS, the Minnesota-based group featuring former SIXTY WATT SHAMAN and ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY members, have parted with singer Dan Soren due to family issues.

For their upcoming February tour with CROWBAR and ENTOMBED, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY guitarist Erik Larson will sing for the band. Larson played guitar on THE MIGHTY NIMBUS' debut record and was replaced by Alex Petrovich (MISTER BONES) for their appearance at the Emissions Of The Monolith Festival.

THE MIGHTY NIMBUS' debut is available in Europe and will be released in February 2005 in Canada and the United States via Candlelight Records.


Fawkes (7-12-2004)

CENTINEX have announced the title of the new album

Sweden's CENTINEX have set "World Declension" as the title of their new album, tentatively due in June via Cold Records (a subsidiary of Metal Blade). The group's follow-up to this year's "Decadence - Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos" will be recorded in March. No further details are currently available.

"Decadence - Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos" was recorded and mixed at Black Lounge Studios and contains nine tracks, including an instrumental piece written and performed by Peter Pettersson from Swedish goth/industrial act ARCANA. The artwork for the album was conceived by Per Gustafson (CULT OF LUNA), while the layout was, once again, handled by Timo "The Eyeless" Ketola.


MNEMIC have been nominated at the Danish Metal Awards

Danish modern thrash metallers MNEMIC have been nominated for five awards at the Danish Metal Awards. The categories in which they were nominated are as follows:

* Album of the Year ("Audio Injected Soul")
* Live Band of the Year
* Music Video of the Year ("Deathbox")
* Guitarist of the Year (Mircea Gabriel Eftmie)
* Bassist of the Year (Tomas "Obeast" Koefoed)

To vote for MNEMIC, send an e-mail to the following address: awards2004@danishmetal.dk.

A complete list of the nominees can be found at this location' .


IN FLAMES are preparing "A Night In Flames"

Sweden's IN FLAMES are currently working on a DVD, entitled "A Night In Flames", featuring the band on their 2004 world tour. The last stop on the trek is the special IN FLAMES show in London (Carling Apollo Hammersmith) on December 27, whre the group will be joined by LACUNA COIL, CHIMAIRA and CALIBAN. The show will be filmed with several cameras and a seven-meter long crane. "The IN FLAMES material looks great and I'm very exited about finishing these concerts," director/producer Patric Ullaeus of Revolver Films said.

"A Night In Flames" is scheduled for release in June 2005.


THE PROJECT HATE have completed work on new material

THE PROJECT HATE, the Swedish band featuring Jörgen Sandström of ENTOMBED/GRAVE fame on lead vocals, are scheduled to enter the studio in early 2005 to begin recording their fourth studio album, tentatively due next summer via Threeman Recordings. An update on the songwriting sessions from guitarist Lord K (a.k.a. Kenth Philipson) follows:

"Some weeks ago we got informed that it looks like Threeman Recordings won't have the budget for us to enter the studio in February as planned, which is not a very good thing. We know they are working on it though and we still have hope for it to happen since we just completed the eighth and final song for the coming album and really look forward to put it all down on tape.


NOVEMBERS DOOM - parted ways with bassist

Chicago doomsters NOVEMBERS DOOM have parted ways with bass player Mike LeGros. Mike played bass with the band for the past two years, and contributed to the recording of the upcoming CD, "The Pale Haunt Departure". "It was brought to our attention that he was not comfortable in the band due to creative differences, and the dedication to his instrument we required suffered because of this," the group said in a statement. "Very simply, it was time for a change, on both sides. Mike is an amazing person, and we are forever grateful for everything he did for NOVEMBERS DOOM during his time with us. We wish him nothing but the best with DISINTER, NACHTMYSTIUM, and any other project he aligns himself with!

"We are in the process of filling the vacant bass position, and this will not hinder us from touring, and promoting 'The Pale Haunt Departure' in 2005. Any interested parties should email: info@novembersdoom.com."

"The Pale Haunt Departure" was mixed by Swedish producer/musician Dan Swanц (BLOODBATH, EDGE OF SANITY, NIGHTINGALE) and is being mastered by James Murphy (DEATH, OBITUARY, TESTAMENT). An early 2005 release through The End Records is expected.


OBITUARY - music for new CD 'close' to being done

OBITUARY singer John Tardy has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"Donald [Tardy, drums], Al [West, guitar] and I finished another song the other day. We are real close to having the music done, just a few more songs, and we will be getting into the studio. Hopefully by January.

"I went down last night and hung out with the CANNIBAL [CORPSE] and NAPALM [DEATH] guys. I haven't seen either one of them for a while so it was good to get to see them. Unfortunately NAPALM's bus broke down and they didn't make it in time for the show but a least I did get to have a few cool ones with them."

OBITUARY are expected to enter the studio in early 2005 to begin recording their first collection of new songs since 1997's "Back From the Dead", tentatively due next summer through Roadrunner Records.


HAMMERFALL - new album title announced

Sweden's HAMMERFALL have set "Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken" as the title of their new album, due on March 7, 2005 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The follow-up to 2002's "Crimson Thunder" was produced and mixed by Charlie Bauernfeind (BLIND GUARDIAN, HELLOWEEN) and will be preceded by the "Blood Bound" single on January 31. A video for "Blood Bound" was recently shot in Gothenburg, Sweden.

"Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken" track listing:

01. Secrets
02. Blood Bound
03. Fury of the Wild
04. Hammer of Justice
05. Never, Ever
06. Born to Rule
07. The Templar Flame
08. Imperial
09. Take the Black
10. Knights of the 21st Century


MY DYING BRIDE Working On New DVD Release

MY DYING BRIDE are busying themselves preparing for their next full-length DVD release, planned for spring 2005. They are working with David Palser again to produce a new video clip exclusively for this release. The track is "The Blue Lotus" and "it is going to be a stunning work," according to a posting on the group's web site. "A great new photo shoot by Lady Morgana has also been completed, which shows the band like you have never seen them before. Expect to be amazed. The previously available DVD, 'For Darkest Eyes', has been repackaged and will be available at a special price from March. If that wasn't enough, we're also expecting the writing of a new studio album for 2006 release."


ORDER OF THE EBON HAND - sign with Season of Mist

ORDER OF THE EBON HAND, the Greek band featuring Akis of SEPTIC FLESH fame, have inked a deal with Season of Mist. The group, who play "true black metal, with a dramatic and theatrical edge," will release their new album, "XV: The Devil", on January 24, 2005.


KATATONIA - triple-disc box set to snclude live DVD

After much internal wrangling, Sweden's KATATONIA have decided not to release their first full stand-alone DVD just yet, according to the group's record label, Peaceville Records. However, the show that they filmed in Poland will still feature as a DVD, but it will now form one of three discs in an exclusive limited-edition triple box set which will be available early in the new year. Two CDs will span the whole of their career to date and feature one exclusive track, while the third disc will contain the whole Krakow show in 5.1 surround sound. The band are also about to embark on the recording of their seventh studio album which is expected to be released next fall.



SEPULTURA will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first show (which took place on December 4,1984 in their former hometown of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil) by performing the MOTЦRHEAD track "Orgasmatron" with Lemmy and the rest of the gang at their scheduled joint appearance in Magdeburg, Germany Saturday night (Dec. 4).

As previously reported, SEPULTURA intend to shoot a show in Brazil for a planned DVD. This will also feature behind-the-scenes footage shot by frontman Derrick Green over the past several years since he joined the band. SEPULTURA will write and record new songs to go with Green's film.



Swedish thrash titans THE HAUNTED will be the featured guests on MTV2’s Headbangers Ball this Saturday, Dec. 4th. The group are currently wrapping up the Devastation Across The Nation Tour alongside Damageplan and Shadows Fall; look for them to make their U.S. return in the spring. Their new video “All Against All” was shot by acclaimed director Roger Johansson (In Flames, Soilwork), expect a new video for the track “99” to surface early next year.

Now four albums into the band’s stellar career, THE HAUNTED have returned with their most savage assault yet, proving that there truly is no compromise. Their new disc, rEVOLVEr, featuring the long anticipated return of original vocalist Peter Dolving, is also the group’s most dynamic offering to date. The innovators of Swedish thrash metal have returned, and they are ready to lay waste to anything that stands in their way.

“Who needs Slayer when you have THE HAUNTED.”


“THE HAUNTED might be the most devastating combo in recent years to revive thrash metal’s menacing specter.”

-Guitar One


SANCTUARY RECORDS - Massive Roster Cleansing

In an as yet unpublicized move, it appears that Germany's Sanctuary/Noise Records has all but abandoned their artists, with several longtime staffers also leaving the once prominent metal label. Sources say that 20+ bands have either been dropped, or let out of their contract. The only non-casualty seems to be Kai Hansen's GAMMA RAY. Otherwise, the label has apparently had a change of direction, seeking to sign older, established acts, rather than breaking newer ones - a most certain death blow for scene longevity.

In an ironic bit of related news, several of the departed former Sanctuary employees have banded together to start their own label, backed by IRON SAVIOR founder/guitarist Piet Sielck, who was instrumental in the formation of HELLOWEEN, along with Hansen.


ARCANA - Le Serpent Rouge

This is ARCANA as you have never heard them before.
With melodies from the orient, feelings of the hot arabic landscape and beautiful sounds of instruments like the Duduk and the Hammered Dulcimer, ARCANA has on this release moved abit further from the original sound that we have heard through out the years. Along with the fabulous art of Agnieszka Szuba, this album is a release you can't miss.

The first edition will be in 500 copies, each numbered by hand.

Pre-orders are to be taken soon!

Le Serpent Rouge - Tracklist

1.In Search of The Divine
2.Le Serpent Rouge
4.Under the Sun
6.Seductive Flame
7.Serpents Dance
8.The Passage
9.The Nemesis


On December 11th, ARCANA will perform at the "Old house" in St. Petersburg (if all goes as planned). It is the "Radio Inferno Festival" that will take place the weekend of the 10th and 11th. “We really look forward to meet all the people in Russia, and to see the beautiful city that we have read so much about. Anyone with any suggestions on vegetarian foodrestaurants are free to mail us:)”
More info will follow...

CALLISTO sign with Earache Records

Earache is proud to announce the completion of a union with Finland's Callisto, in a deal which will see Earache issue the band's superb last album 'True Nature Unfolds' in all territories outside of the band's

Having developed a breathtaking capacity to produce highly atmospheric and emotional music with real depth, 'True Nature Unfolds' has already gained widespread acceptance from those who appreciate crushing mood music.

Callisto are celebrating news of their new home by embarking on a series of dates around Europe in the run-up to Christmas, as follows;


03.12.04 LinkЖping, Sweden @ Skylten
04.12.04 Herning, Denmark @ Imperiet
05.12.04 Berlin, Germany @ Wild At Heart
06.12.04 Groningen, Holland @ de Kar
07.12.04 Saarlouis, Germany @ Juz
09.12.04 Lyon, France @ Le Clos Fleuri
10.12.04 Luzern, Switzerland @ Squat
11.12.04 Ansbach, Germany @ 13 Eins
12.12.04 Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang
14.12.04 Belchatow, Poland @ Piwnica
16.12.04 Riga, Latvia @ Club Depo
17.12.04 Liepaja, Latvia @ Fontaine s Palace
18.12.04 Rakvere, Estonia @ Green Christmas
06.01.05 Tampere @ Yo-talo
07.01.05 Turku @ TVO
08.01.05 Helsinki @ Tavastia, Sirkkelirock
28.01.05 Helsinki @ Finnish Metal Expo
19.02.05 Lappeenranta @ Monari

Expect an early 2005 release date for 'True Nature Unfolds' and UK shows around the same time.


PUISSANCE have inked a new deal

Swedish neo-classical military industrial duo PUISSANCE have inked a deal with Vicious Recordings. The group, who were previously signed to the Regain label, are scheduled to release a new album next summer. No further details are currently available.


DEATHBOUND have changed title of upcoming album

Finnish/Swedish grinding death metal act DEATHBOUND, featuring members of ...AND OCEANS, THE DUSKFALL and ROTTEN SOUND, have changed the projected title of their second album to "Doomsday Comfort" from the previously announced "Syringe - Death And Addictions".

"Doomsday Comfort" was recorded at Soundlab Studios in Örebro, Sweden and is due in early 2005 via Dynamic Arts Records. Songtitles set to appear on the follow-up to "To Cure the Sane With Insanity" include "A Hell As Nice As This", "Shake Their Hands", "Extinct" and "Remake the Reneved".

DEATHBOUND, who were recently rejoined by ROTTEN SOUND guitarist Q (who played drums on "To Cure the Sane With Insanity"), will film a video for the song "Extinct" from the upcoming CD on December 11 in Helsinki. Directing the clip will be Juha "LordNeck" Niska, who has previously done videos for such Finnish bands as MOKOMA, ZACHARIUS CARLS GROUP and LAMBS.


AGE OF SILENCE will take part in a radioshow

AGE OF SILENCE, the band featuring SOLEFALD's Lazare and MAYHEM's Hellhammer, will be talking about their debut album, "Acceleration", on the radio show "Metal Reigns" on Friday, December 10. Broadcast times are as follows:
3 p.m. PST / 6 p.m. EST/ 11 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time/ Midnight: Central European Time. To tune in from the web, go directly to LVRocks' . Also, check out the "Metal Reigns"' web site. To go directly to an audio review of "Acceleration", click here' .

"Acceleration" was released in September via The End Records. The CD was recorded in part at Norway's Toproom studio and was mixed at The Factory in Canada by producer Andy Winter and mixing engineer Sheldon Zaharko (MARILYN MANSON). The "Acceleration" artwork was conceived by Travis Smith. Download an MP3 of the track "The Concept of Haste" at this location' .


KULT OV AZAZEL have gone splitting...

Floridian black metallers KULT OV AZAZEL have entered the studio to begin re-recording the tracks for their upcoming split releases with VROLOK and HORN OF VALERE. The split with HORN OF VALERE, titled "Through War or Suicide", will feature a new song from the upcoming album, titled "Through War or Suicide", along with a cover of SODOM's "Blasphemer". The split with VROLOK, titled "Feast of Sacrilegious Impurity", will consist of the same two songs plus three bonus live video tracks.


WIDOW - a new album plus DVD

Raleigh, North Carolina-based melodic metallers WIDOW have finished recording their new album, "On Fire", due in early 2005 via Tribunal Records. The band have also filmed a DVD documenting the recording of the album and featuring live performances with new vocalist Lili and drummer Marc Anthony.


SUMMON have summoned the "Fallen"

Michigan-based black metallers SUMMON have finished recording their their sixth album, "Fallen", at Flatline Audio Studios (formerly Hellion Studios) in Denver, Colorado with producer Dave Otero (CEPHALIC CARNAGE, SERBERUS). The follow-up to 2002's "And the Blood Runs Black" is "ungodly — the best thing that has been recorded so far," stated bassist/vocalist Chas Schoals.


ANCIENT - side project to see light of day

ANCIENT's Aphazel and ex-ANCIENT singer Deadly Kristin have signed a contract with the Greek label Sleaszy Rider for the release of DREAMLIKE HORROR's first album, "Delightful Suicides". The CD will include the five (re-arranged) tracks from the unreleased 2000 promo and five brand new tracks, which are in process of being composed/recorded. A March 15, 2005 release is expected.
Furthermore Sleaszy Rider is going to re-release ANCIENT's "Det Glemte Riket" on February 15, 2005 as well as ANCIENT's first demo, "Eerily Howling Winds", recorded in 1993. The CD will also contain five bonus/unreleased tracks from the beginning of the band's career under the title "Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes".


THE 69 EYES - drummer hospitalized

Finnish goth-metallers THE 69 EYES were forced to cancel shows in Finland and Sweden after drummer Jussi 69 was rushed to the hospital in Porvoo and later taken by ambulance to Helsinki," according to a posting on the group's web site. "[Jussi's] appendix perforated and was later removed. Mr. 69 is now recovering but will on the sick leave for a couple of weeks. THE 69 EYES has postponed this weekend's and Stockholm's shows but will continue the tour from Savonlinna on Friday, December 3."
As previously reported, THE 69 EYES' new album, "Devils" (Virgin/EMI), entered the Finnish album chart at No. 1. upon its release late last month.
The follow-up to 2002's "Paris Kills", "Devils" was produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (H.I.M., MOONSPELL, SENTENCED) and Johnny Lee Michaels and was preceded by a single containing the album's title cut.
THE 69 EYES recently shot a video for the album's title track in Sweden with the Baranga Brothers, who have previously worked with THE RASMUS, among others.


DEIMOS - release on Wroth Emitter

Wroth Emitter presents debut album of Moscow-based progressive death metal band DEIMOS, "Never Be Awaken".
Melodism together with heavy mid-temp ryffs, sudden temp and rythm changes, growling and clear vocals - all these make the music of group quite original and attractive for the fans of different styles of heavy music.

1. Never Be Awaken
2. Guardian
3. Last Light Flashes
4. In Winter
5. Run Through
6. The Great Flower Of Northern Lands
7. The Top
8. Golden Horde

Leonid Gezalyan - guitar
Alexandr GlazkovАлександр Глазков - guitar
Tadeush Senich - vocal
Roman Drozd - bass
Vladislav Manshin - drums

Guest musicians:
A. Norloguyanova - vocal
O. Kornilova - keyboard
S. Pan'kovskiy - bass

Band contact: deimos@deimos-band.com'
Official DEIMOS site.'

Order your copy via Wroth Emitter: wroth_emitter@mail.ru'
Label's official website' .


NOVEMBERS DOOM - new album

Chicago doomsters NOVEMBERS DOOM have completed the mixing process for their new album, "The Pale Haunt Departure", with Swedish producer/musician Dan Swano (BLOODBATH, EDGE OF SANITY, NIGHTINGALE). "Dan worked many long days and nights to make sure we were 100 percent happy with the final product, offering several versions of each song," the band write on their web site. "We could not be more pleased with this entire process. Dan is one of the hardest-working people in metal, and he treated NOVEMBERS DOOM as if it were one of his own projects. We have a great deal of respect for him, and our eternal gratitude for making this as perfect as it is. Swano fans won't be disappointed either, as there is a guest appearance on the CD from him.
"The recordings will now be shipped to James Murphy (DEATH, OBITUARY, TESTAMENT) for mastering. With some of the great CD's we've heard James do, this should be an absolutely amazing sounding CD, and we're looking forward to everyone hearing it!" An early 2005 release through The End Records is expected.


WITHIN TEMPTATION - new album on top of dutch album chart

WITHIN TEMPTATION's "The Silent Force" has entered the Dutch album chart at position No. 1. The first single off the album, "Stand My Ground" , currently occupies position No. 13 on the Dutch single chart.
"The Silent Force" was mixed at Toytown Studios in Sweden and was produced by Daniel Gibson, who co-wrote four songs with the band, including "Stand My Ground". Additional songwriting credit on "Stand My Ground" comes from Han'some, who, like Gibson, is represented by EMI Music Publishing.
WITHIN TEMPTATION's "Mother Earth" album, which was originally released in 2000 and then re-issued in 2002 to rave reviews, reportedly sold 350,000 copies in Europe and reached triple platinum status in Holland.


THE GATHERING continue writing

Holland's THE GATHERING have issued the following update on their current and upcoming activities:

"The band will be touring 'till December, after which they will take some time off for Anneke [van Giersbergen, vocals] to give birth to her first child. Meanwhile during rehearsals and at home the band will carry on writing songs.

"Anneke is still doing fine, while she's on tour and pregnant at the same time. Because a tour means hard work, she needs to be careful with the energy she's got and she needs her rest from time to time. She is dedicated to finishing this tour just as energetic as the way they started it.


SALEM: live videos available for free download

Israeli death metallers SALEM have posted two video clips from their "Live Demise" DVD at their official web site. Check out the songs "A Moment of Silence" and "Creating Our Sins" at http://www.salemband.com/videos.html.

"Live Demise" features a full-length concert filmed on July 9, 2003 in Tel Aviv (presented in 5.1, 2.0 and DTS mixes), seven promotional videos ("Act of War", "Al Taster", "Broken yet United", "Fear of the Future", "Ha'ayara Bo'eret", "Masquerade in Claustrophobia" and "Slave"), "making of" footage of both "Collective Demise" and "Live Demise", various outtakes, and a 12-page, full-color booklet.

SALEM's most recent CD, "Collective Demise", was released in September 2002 via Germany's KMG/System Shock Records.


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