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BESTIAL - "Satanic Metal"

Finally a new satanic blast comes from OUPIRIC Productions (Russia). It's BESTIAL(RU) "Satanic Metal" MC-format limited 1000 pieces. Pro-printed obligatory black/white cover with pics, lyrics, info. Total old-school black/thrash alcoholic madness. For true Devil worshippers only! Features MAYHEM cover.
Wholesale - 2 USD (special prices for CIS states). Trades as CDR + covers are welcome (write first).


Scorpio (17-6-2004)

FESTERGUTS and TVANGESTE - soundtracks for "Sinners And Saints"

Music of Russian bands FESTERGUTS and TVANGESTE sounds in Canadian mystic triller "Sinners And Saints"! This ilm is already the participant of many movie festivals. Hellish mix of horror themes with martial arts, phantastics and some elements of erotism. The official release date of DVD is the end of this summer. Movie will be available in all continents trough the distributors, which specialize on such pictures. The fact of participating of Russian bands is a big success!
Official movie website.'


EVERLOST - Bitterness Of The Triumph

A debut album of Moscow(Russia)-based melodic death metal group EVERLOST, “Bitterness Of The Triumph”, was released on the 27th of March through Russian label Soyuz Music' .
Band doesn't stop experimenting and is still on the way of searching for their own style, and musicians don't limit themselves with the boundaries of traditional Swedish death metal school.
Line-up: Andrey Smirnov (lead guitar, vocals), Pavel Chernobay (guitar), Sergey Volkov (bass), Sergey Serebrennikov (drums).
1. Bitterness Of The Triumph (intro)
2. Humanity Wasted
3. Servant Of Existence
4. The Paradox….
5. Behind The Reflection
6. Heritage Of The Desolated (instr.)
7. Driven By The Phantom Pain
8. Thought Inquisition


CHILDERMAS - ChilderMiss-2004 competition

ATTENTION! CHILDERMAS presents you the competiotion Miss ChilderMiss-2004!
To take part in conpetition you need to be a girl with the age more than 17, send your picture in digital format (jpg, gif, tiff) to e-mail info@childermas.com' till August, 31st 2004. Photos won't be reviewed and sent back, and given to 3rd persons. Participants must give a brief info (real name, birthdate, place and country, where you live, some woeds about yourself and music tastes, thoughts about music of CHILDERMAS band).
Photos must be of good quality. Pictures from porno-sites are disallowed. In the final part of competition (August, 31st 2004) photos of five pretenders, chosen by jourie will be posted on band's website for the voting.
PRIZES. The winner will get G-strings with band's logo. Three more, 2nd-4th places will get CD "Argotique", signed by musicians.
Competiotion jourie is management and musicians of CHILDERMAS.
So, ladies, we wish you to become Miss ChilderMiss-2004!
E-mail: info@childermas.com'


SYMPHONY X are going to enter the studio…

Infamous prog stars SYMPHONY X are getting ready to enter the studio to lay down their new album. The band "will be giving bi-weekly (or so) studio reports with news and pictures as the writing process progresses." In the same time SYMPHONY X guitarist Michael Romeo has announced that he will be sharing his knowledge and skills this summer (July 26-30) with the students at the National Guitar Workshop in New Milford, CT.


THERION – widen the borders of metal music once more

So it has been done. Whole two entirely new albums by THERION due to Nuclear Blast/Irond records collaboration have appeared in the rock stores across the CIS states. The recordings of «Lemuria»/«Sirius B» have cost over 100,000 euros and have longed for nine months. There was 164 musicians and singers who participated in laying down these peaces, including the traditional for THERION’s stuff choir and this time full symphonic orchestra from Prague. Besides that, there are parties of Russian balalaikas and some lyrics written on the Bulgakov’s language as well. Henceforth, «Lemuria»/«Sirius B» could be easily considered as the one of the most significant achievements in metal music throughout its history. In the nearest future read the exclusive interview with Christopher Johnsson in The MetalList Webzine. The infamous musician is speaking on a concept of a new album, sharing with us his plans on the future and also revealing his expectations regarding the upcoming show in Moscow on October 18.


ALONE IN THE DARK – the ghosts will howl familiar

"Alone In The Dark", the upcoming horror movie based on the popular computer game series, will also feature an appropriate dark soundtrack. The first bands confirmed for it are modern Thrash metallers MNEMIC (Ghost), Sweden's most successful Melodic Death export IN FLAMES (The Quiet Place) and also Sweden-based Melodic Death giants SOILWORK (Departure Plan), all stemming from Nuclear Blast! Also under discussion for the OST are US thrashers DEATH ANGEL, Finland's top sellers NIGHTWISH, German Power Metal chart breakers EDGUY, US stars ANTHRAX and many more.


EXMORTEM do onslaught again…

Danish death metallers EXMORTEM have entered Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark on May 17 with producer Tue Madsen to record their fifth album, due later in the year. A total of nine songs will be recorded and mixed during the four-week session, including "Parasite Paradise", "Symbols Of Inhumanity", "Flesh Havoc", "The Human Rape Symphony" and "Fix Of Negativity". As musicians say "The album will show the most diverse and twisted side of EXMORTEM to date!" As previously reported, EXMORTEM filmed their April 30 appearance at the Fee Metal Festival in Aarhus, Denmark for an upcoming DVD, tentatively due before the end of the year. The as-yet-untitled disc will include behind-the-scenes footage and other interesting features


EVERLOST – «Bitterness Of The Triumph»

EVERLOST, melodic death metal band from Moscow have recently issued their debut album via Soyuz Music. The CD has been titled as “Bitterness Of The Triumph” and appear to be a concept work, as it follows from the press release, «dedicated to controversy of the human nature, indifference and self-deceiving and struggle of spiritual and substantial». There are Andrey Smirnov from SHADOW HOST and Sergey Sergeev (SHADOW HOST, GULFSTREAM) who enter the band’s circa on guitar and back vocals respectively.


CANDLEMASS – «the magic is gone…»

CANDLEMASS have split up… The band members say as follows: ‘The band have tried to save the situation. There have been meetings and discussions, but unfortunately it hasn’t been possible for the five members to agree on how CANDLEMASS could work in the future. The members would have loved to continue but the chemistry is just not there anymore. The magic is gone...’ By the way, there is a Candlemass tribute album in the making. OPETH, THE HELLACOPTERS, THE HAUNTED, CATHEDRAL, SATYRICON etc


SKYCLAD – the new album is delayed

A new album of these folk metal legends, ‘A Semblance Of Normality’ is to be out only in September instead of previously set May 24. This delay happened due to problems with deal partners Dreamcatcher, who must have been sharing with Demolition Records their part of distribution questions. For the most impatient fans the mailorder sales through the band’s official web site have been started out…


FOREST STREAM will work with Dan Swano

FOREST STREAM from Moscow are currently working on their new album, the second one already for English label Earache Records. The title is to be ‘The Crown Of Winter’ and music is promised to become more brutal and more epic than the band’s debut, ‘Tears Of Mortal Solitude’. The album will be mixed and mastered by Dan Swano himself (a man who made sound of KATATONIA, DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE and many-many more). And the artwork is to done by Ivan Bragin, renowned for his collaboration with KATATONIA, FORGIVE-ME-NOT, AMON AMARTH and NIGHTINGALE…


INEXIST have finished a new album

The band INEXIST based in Jaroslavl have finished a new album called ‘Am I Senseless?’. The work is to be published by Russian label Stygian Crypt Prod. in June. Music on the new CD, as it goes straightly from musicians, is a piece of melodic fashion death metal in genre’s best traditions.


SUBWAY TO SALLY – work on a new album

Germany's hard-working Medieval/Modern rockers SUBWAY TO SALLY are busily writing
on the follow-up album of their last years release "Engelskrieger".
According to the band, the yet untitled record shall probably surface in spring


CELL DIVISION have announced that their album «Tsunami» will be released on May, 17th 2004. «Tsunami» was produced in Germany at the recording studios of Thommy Hein who has already worked with artists like Zeraphine, Tanzwut and Nina Hagen.


SHTORM – replaced a girl on a mic

Angelica, the frontwoman of SHTORM (Yaroslavl’) has quit the band. The leave was initiated by the manager of the band Ruslan Svobodnyi. A new girl on a mic has been found already – Natle Storm (a student in the Yaroslavl Sobinov’s musical colledge) is to be the one. The band is currently rehearsing and planning to start recording of the new album ‘Juda’ in the nearest future. More gothic overtones are expected.

SUMMONING – a new album for X-Mas

Austrian SUMMONING are on the doorstep to a new album. Six songs are already fix starters for the upcoming release. SUMMONING have already chosen several pictures and paintings for the booklet. The concept will be based on the main story of the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. SUMMONING wants to finish the producing process some time around autumn, so the release can be expected around December. By the way the new Kreuzweg Ost CD (Silenius’s side-project along with Martin Schirenc (PUNGENT STENCH, HOLLENTHON)) are also in finishing progression.


MORTIIS - the troll works hard

MORTIIS have named their new album. The title has been confirmed as ‘The Grudge’ and is scheduled for release in September 2004. The album has been recorded over the last six months at Silvertone Studios in Fredrickstad, Norway and is due to be mastered at Norway’s premier facility “The Living Room” in Oslo. Mortiis himself is saying very little about ‘The Grudge’ at the moment, other than “It may have taken a while, but we all feel that it was right to spend the last couple of years on the album. Weґre now working to meet deadline’s and I think people will be mighty surprised again”. Once ‘The Grudge’ is completed MORTIIS will be spending the summer months rehearsing for their mammoth upcoming autumn European tour.


NOX enter the Wicked World’s roster!

NOX have signed a deal with Earache’s subordinate Wicked World Records. That’s what label guys say in this regards: «Without a doubt one of the most punishing extreme metal acts around today, NOX is actually made up of some familiar faces, being comprised of Rob Oorthuis (guitars), Seth v/d Loo (vocals) and Patrick Boleij(bass), formerly of CENTURIAN, the latter two currently known as members of SEVERE TORTURE, and newcomer Bob Dussel (drums).»


INSISION have forged a new album

Recently announced as main support to SUFFOCATION's European Tour, Swedish Death Metal killing machine INSISION have completed work on their brand new album due via Wicked World on July 12. Titled 'Revealed and Worshipped' and produced by NASUM's Mieszko Talarczyk, the album features 11 tracks of ferocious Death Metal and is once again characterized by conceptual lyrics from frontman Carl Birath. In related band news drummer Thomas Daun has left the band after completing some amazing work on the album, but this will not affect the upcoming tour as INSISION already have a more than capable replacement lined up.


BLIND GUARDIAN – in theaters near you!..

June 14 is a release date for the BLIND GUARDIAN’s double-DVD “Imaginations Through The Looking Glass”. The first disk will contain the band’s live performance during Blind Guardian Open Air that has taken place in Coburg (De) last summer. The second disc will be fulled up with various bonuses: interviews, footage and many-many more. Moreover, before the new DVD is finally released there will be a premier showing in select movie theaters in Germany.


THERM.EYE.FLAME - new album soon

THERM.EYE.FLAME has already written all the songs for their new album. More brutal, depressive and unusual stuff is expected. The band is currently going to start off recording in Southern Storm Studio.


ANOREXIA NERVOSA has left Osmose

After four years of collaboration ANOREXIA NERVOSA has now left its label Osmose Productions. The band is proud to announce that it has signed with Listenable Records finally hit the Drudenhaus Studios to record their fourth full-length album, as yet untitled. Here are some exclusive track names: Antinferno, Sister September, Codex-Veritas. Release date is still to be available.

THE CHASM in the studio

THE CHASM have begun the process of turning their new album into reality at Soto Sound Studios in Illinois. Early indications are that the album will still feature the same epic qualities and references to ancient worlds that have become the bands trademark within the underground.


CANNIBAL CORPSE are not going to stop!

Despite the regretful departure of guitarist Jack Owen, CANNIBAL CORPSE are not going to stop and keep preparing for the upcoming “Wretched Spawn” tour. Here are some words from bassman Alex Webster published on the band’s official site yesterday: “Hey everybody, Alex from Cannibal here. I just wanted to update everyone on how we've been doing since Jack quit the band last week. We are currently teaching another guitarist our set list for the "Wretched Spawn" tour, in preparation for our shows in Mexico later this month. Jack will be missed, and we wish him well, but we're not going to let his departure slow us down. Thanks to all of our fans for the great support, we'll see you on tour!”


EWIGKEIT will make a release through Earache

EWIGKEIT, Mr.Fog’s (ex-THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL) solo project, has signed to Earache Records. New album "Radio Ixtlan" is set for release on 12th July 2004.


SINISTER split up!!!

Dutch death metaller SINISTER have officially decided to split up. "After 16 years of serving, SINISTER is no more…", Aad Kloosterwaard explains. "It was a hard decision for me, SINISTER was a way of life for me. But sitting behind the drum-kit for almost 20 years and having a full-time job is hard for me to combine." But Rachel and Ron will continue their musical career with their new band INFINITED HATE.


MALEVOLENT CREATION - a new cult of war

Florida's Death Metal maniacs MALEVOLENT CREATION have completed their ninth studio album named "Warkult". The band recruited Jean Francois Degenais (KATAKLYSM) as producer. And besides all, the album marks the return of long time drummer Dave Culross back in the line up. "Warkult" shall be released on June 28th across Europe, in the USA and other territories about a month later.



A new SADISTIK EXEKUTION's opus of porno brutality is available now. The album's name is "Fukk II" and it is published by Osmose Productions.


DISBELIEF have signed Nuclear Blast!

The German act DISBELIEF has signed a new contract with Nuclear Blast. New album will be produced by Tue Madsen (DIE HAPPY, MNEMIC, THE HAUNTED etc.) and is to be available next spring.


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