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Fawkes (14-9-2006)

DREAM EVIL - New Track Posted Online

Century Media have posted a new DREAM EVIL track, entitled "Fire! Battle! In Metal!", online here. The track comes from the band's new album, "United" [view cover], scheduled to be released through the label on these dates:

October 13: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux
October 16: UK, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, rest of Europe
October 18: Finland, Sweden, Hungary
October 20: Italy
October 31: North America

Here is the complete track listing for the album:

01. Fire! Battle! In Metal!
02. United
03. Blind Evil
04. Evilution
05. Let Me Out
06. Higher On Fire
07. Kingdom At War
08. Love Is Blind
09. Falling
10. Back From The Dead
11. Doomlord
12. My Number One


GALAR - New Audio Samples Posted Online; Cover Artwork Revealed

Norwegian metallers GALAR have posted two new tracks from their forthcoming debut album, "Skogskvad" , scheduled to be released in October through Germany's Heavy Horses Records.

Here is the complete track listing:

"Skogskvad" трек-лист:
01. Skogskvad
02. Ragnarok
03. Dødsmyr
04. Kronet Til Konge
05. Skumring
06. Hugin Og Munin [MP3]'
07. Slagmarkens Falne Sjeler [MP3]'
08. Jotneraid


THUNDERSTONE begins recording new album

Finnish melodic power metallers THUNDERSTONE have entered Sonic Pump studios in Helsinki to begin recording their fourth album. The band is currently working on 11 as-yet-untitled original tracks and two cover songs which will be included as bonus tracks on special-edition versions of the new album.


SUPERNOVA: Video Clips From Recording Studio Posted Online

Several video clips of SUPERNOVA members Tommy Lee (MÖTLEY CRÜE), Jason Newsted (VOIVOD, ex-METALLICA) and Gilby Clarke (ex-GUNS N' ROSES) recording the group's debut album have been posted online at their official web site.


PAIN CONFESSOR Prepares To Record New Album

Finnish metallers PAIN CONFESSOR will enter Fantom Studios in late 2006/early 2007 with Samu Oittinen to record their third album, tentatively due March 2007. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Dreamcrusher", "Second Sun", "Without Redemption - Without Remorse" and "Ne Plus Ultra". According to a posting on the group's web site, "the forthcoming album will be the heaviest and most brutal PAIN CONFESSOR album yet."


NEVERMORE: DVD Shoot In Bochum Cancelled

img src="/webzine/img/news/warrel.jpg"align='left'>NEVERMORE's September 12, 2006 concert at the Zeche club in Bochum, Germany — which was scheduled to be filmed for an upcoming DVD — was cancelled after singer Warrel Dane was taken ill (allegedly with a virus infection) and had to be hospitalized. No further information is currently available


SHADE EMPIRE To Issue Sophomore Album In October

Finnish dark/black metallers SHADE EMPIRE will release their second album, "Intoxicate O.S.", on October 23 via Dynamic Arts Records. The CD, which was issued in Finland in May, was recorded at Studio Perkele January-March 2006 and was produced and mixed by S. Jämsén. Mastering duties were handled by Minerva Pappi at Finnvox Studios.

"Intoxicate O.S." (view artwork at this location) track listing:

01. Slitwrist Ecstasy
02. Bloodstar
03. Chemical God
04. Rat In A Maze
05. Soulslayers
06. The Silver Fix
07. Embrace The Gods Of Suffering
08. Ravine
09. Hatefeast

Check out audio samples at this location.

A video for "Chemical God" was recently directed by Ari Reinikainen


SINNER Begins Recording New Album: Photos Available

SINNER — the German band featuring PRIMAL FEAR bassist Mat Sinner, his FEAR bandmate Tom Naumann (guitars), Frank Rössler (keyboards), METALIUM's Matte Lange (guitars) and former PRIMAL FEAR drummer Klaus Sperling — has entered Leon studio near Stuttgart with the engineering team of Achim Köhler and Samson Geiger to begin recording its new album, entitled "Mask of Sanity", for a January 19, 2007 release through MTM Music. Check out pictures from the studio .at this location.'


MY DYING BRIDE: 'A Line Of Deathless Kings' Release Date Confirmed

British metallers MY DYING BRIDE will release their new album, "A Line of Deathless Kings", on October 9 via Peaceville/Snapper. The LP, which was recorded at at Academy Studios and was mixed at Chapel Studios, will also be made available as a special edition and as a limited double-vinyl release. A single, entitled "Deeper Down", will be released September 18.

The follow-up to 2004's "Songs of Darkness, Words of Light", "A Line of Deathless Kings" (view cover artwork at this location) will contain the following track listing:

01. To Remain Tombless (6:06)
02. L'Amour Detruit (9:08)
03. I Cannot Be Loved (7:04)
04. And I Walk With Them (6:37)
05. Thy Raven Wings (5:22)
06. Love's Intolerable Pain (6:14)
07. One of Beauty's Daughters (5:40)
08. Deeper Down (6:28)
09. The Blood, The Wine, The Roses (8:21)


EVENTIDE To Release Debut Album In October

Swedish melodic death metallers EVENTIDE will release their debut album, "Diaries from the Gallows", on October 13 via Cartel Media. The CD was recorded at Los Angered studios in Gothenburg and contains the following track listing:

01. Into Illusion (mp3)
02. Killing What Can't Be Handled (mp3)
03. My Closest Demon
04. This Curse
05. No Place Darker
06. Standards of Rebellion
07. Indifferent
08. The Skeleton Who Sold Its Skin
09. Vargavidderna
10. I, Enemy
11. Confinement


CRUACHAN: Final 'The Morrigan's Call' Artwork Available

Irish folk metal band CRUACHAN has posted the final cover artwork for its upcoming fifth album, "The Morrigan's Call", at this location. The follow-up to 2004's "Pagan", "The Morrigan's Call" was recorded at Sun Studios in Dublin and is scheduled for release on November 17 via AFM Records. Click here' to listen to a sneak preview MP3 (said to be a "low-quality unmastered sample) of the new album.

"The Morrigan's Call" track listing:
01. Shelob
02. The Brown Bull Of Cooley
03. Coffin Ships
04. The Great Hunger
05. The Old Woman In The Woods
06. Ungoliant
07. The Morrigan's Call
08. Téir Abhaile Riú
09. Wolfe Tone
10. The Very Wild Rover
11. Cuchulainn
12. Diarmuid And Grainne


HEARSE: 'In These Veins' Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

Swedish "death 'n' roll" band HEARSE, featuring former ARCH ENEMY singer Johan Liiva and ex-FURBOWL drummer Max Thornell, has finalized the track listing and artwork for its fourth album, "In These Veins", due in October via Dental Records. The follow-up to 2005's "The Last Ordeal" was recorded and mixed by Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH) and is "definitely the best-sounding HEARSE album so far," according to the band. "Dan had pretty much free hands and gave the recording quite a rough touch even though it sounds much more modern than our earlier albums."

"In These Veins" track listing:
01. House of Love
02. Corroding Armour
03. Intoxication
04. Naked Truth
05. Crusade
06. Among the Forlorn
07. Atrocious Recoil
08. Hearse
09. In These Veins
10. Mayfly Euphoria (Japanese bonus track)



"In a conversation with the label Nuclear Blast, Messiah Marcolin has agreed to sing on the upcoming CANDLEMASS album. It will happen sometime in September/October. Some contractual stuff has to be sorted out first, but things look very promising at the moment.


GAIA EPICUS Back Home From The U.S.

As reported earlier on METALEATER, the band's new album, "Victory" [view cover], was recorded at Top Room Studios in Lunner, Norway this past July. The band are currently still looking for a new record deal.

Here is the complete track listing for "Victory":
01. New Life
02. Iron Curtain
03. The Sign
04. Revenge Is Sweet
05. In Memory
06. Awaken The Monster
07. Rise Of The Empire
08. When Darkness Falls
09. Fortress Of Solitude
10. Through The Fire
11. Victory


CRIMSON GLORY Members To Perform Mini-Set At KAMELOT

It has now been confirmed that several CRIMSON GLORY members — including Jon Drenning (guitar) and Dana Burnell (drums) — will be joining CRIMSON GLORY guitarist Ben Jackson to perform some classic CRIMSON GLORY songs during BEN JACKSON GROUP's support set for KAMELOT at their only Tampa Bay appearance at St. Petersburg State Theater on Saturday September 16. Also appearing as openers are CRYPTIC VISION


Keep Of Kalessin go ultraspeed performing at Trondheim Jazzfestival

An MP3 of KEEP OF KALESSIN drummer Vyl "rippin' it up" during the band's appearance at the the Trondheim Jazzfestival on Friday, September 1 has been made available for download at this location. KEEP OF KALESSIN performed a one-time, unique show together with the duo MONOLITHIC in what was described as "a concert where extreme metal meets jazz at an insanely high tempo."

Commented KEEP OF KALESSIN's Obsidian C.: "First we thought about showing the jazz audience that we are capable of playing much more than extreme metal, but after having it up for discussion we came to conclude that if we're really going to blow their mind we'll have to do what we do best — and that's doing everything ten times faster than normal!"

KEEP OF KALESSIN's latest album, "Armada", entered the Norwegian national album chart at position No. 20 upon its release earlier in the year. The CD is the group's first with vocalist Thebon, who made his live debut with the band during their live shows in 2005, including the Eastern European tour with EXODUS and HYPOCRISY in December.

Anaal Nathrakh - a brand new track posted online

A brand new ANAAL NATHRAKH track, entitled "When the Lion Devours", has been posted online at the band's MySpace page' . The song comes off the group's third full-length album, "Eschaton", due on October 16 via Season of Mist. The CD includes guest appearances by Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH) and Attila Csihar (MAYHEM).

ANAAL NATHRAKH recently had their "The Codex Necro" and "When Fire Rains Down From The Sky, Mankind Will Reap As It Has Sown" albums re-released with a load of bonus material. "The Codex Necro" has "bonus tracks comprising the Peel session recorded for the late John Peel's legendary radio show at the BBC studios at the great man's personal request," the band said. "These include the first-ever performance of 'The Oblivion Gene', later to appear in its full re-recorded form on the subsequent album 'Domine Non Es Dignus'. No, that doesn't mean this session was the first recording of the song, it means it was the first performance EVER, the song was never even rehearsed before this recording session. 'When Fire...' is reissued with the inclusion of ANAAL NATHRAKH's full live band debut, the 'Rock Show' live session recorded for the BBC radio show of the same name. Notable in this instance, alongside performances from Ventnor and Chemical Nova, are the appearances of Emburyonymous making its live debut for the band, and Nick Barker who bastardised for this recording alone."

SATYRICON To Perform With Norwegian Orchestra In November

Norwegian black metallers SATYRICON have posted the following message on their official web site:

"The booking of the Scandinavian tour in November is coming to an end and will be announced shortly. For now there are three shows already on sale: Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen, Norway. We are looking at approximately 10 shows in Norway, 6 in Sweden and 2 in Denmark.

"As a part of this tour we will realise our ambition to make the appearance of the brass section on the 'Now, Diabolical' album become reality, live in concert. We have already done this in a scaled down version as a part of the P3 sessions show that was a concert broadcast on radio shortly before the release of the album.

"This time around we have been lucky enough to join forces with the whole cavalry and we have some of the best men from The Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra and Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra joining us on stage at Sentrum Scene in Oslo, November 4th. Please note that we are talking about big-ass horns in various shapes and forms. There will be no harps, or violins for that matter!

"Together with Øivind Westby that helped arrange brass for three of the songs on 'Now, Diabolical', we are arranging brass for old and new SATYRICON songs trying to give the songs a dimension and feel they normally don't have. We have moved the show to Sentrum Scene to ensure it is an all-ages show. We hope this will be a spectacular night for us the performing musicians, and the fans. The show will also be recorded and filmed."

SATYRICON's latest album, "Now, Diabolical", debuted at No. 2 on the national Norwegian chart and also charted in Sweden and Finland.

THUNDERSTORM Announces New Album Title

Italian doom metallers THUNDERSTORM have set "As We Die Alone" as the title of their fourth album, tentatively due late 2006/early 2007 via Dragonheart Records. The follow-up to 2004's "Faithless Soul" was recorded at New Sin Studio in Loria (Italy) and will include a cover version of the JIMI HENDRIX classic "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)". THUNDERSTORM's version of the song is described by the band as "ultra-heavy but respectful of the original feeling."



MOURNFUL CONGREGATION is currently in the process of recording a new track for a split 7" record with fellow Australian doom metal band STONE WINGS. This track will be entitled 'Descent Of The Flames', with the STONE WINGS track being entitled 'Ascent Of The Flames'.
This is somewhat of a concept 7" with both sets of lyrics being penned by Chuck Keller (ORDER FROM CHAOS, VULPECULA, ARES KINGDOM). With corresponding artwork and musical parallels, this will truly be a unique and one-of-a-kind jewel in the doom metal annals.
It is unsure as to which label it will be released through at this stage, but expect its release late in 2006.
Damon from MOURNFUL CONGREGATION has recently lent his doomed vocals to a FALLEN hymn. Of course this is the funeral doom band driven by FUNERAL drummer Anders Eek. The track is inextricably extreme and the results of this collaboration have proven to be truly doomed. What's more is that the lyrics to this hymn were penned by the late Einar Fredriksen of FUNERAL, making this a very meaningful track indeed. More news as to how it shall be released is soon to come.
There is also talk of a four-way split 12" LP in the works with three other extreme doom metal bands from across the globe including LOSS. The artwork for this release will be handled by Away of Voivod. These collaborations will serve as the perfect predescessor to MOURNFUL CONGREGATION's next album which is set for a 2007 release.


HATE ETERNAL DVD due for October release

Death metal legends Hate Eternal will release their first ever DVD The Perilous Fight on October 16th 2006. The DVD features artwork from Paul Romano (Mastodon, Trivium) that you can check out here at and also includes a blistering live set filmed at The Garage in London on 4th June 2006, with a live audio mix by Hate Eternal frontman Erik Rutan.

"The Perilous Fight" delves deep into the life of one of death metal s most influential bands, with Erik Rutan, Randy Piro and Reno Killerich sharing their thoughts on Hate Eternal so far in an exclusive 20 minute interview filmed immediately following the June 2006 London show.

Exhibiting sheer metal mastery, this DVD is overloaded with bonus features including a guided tour of Mana Studios in Florida by Rutan himself and three promotional videos from the band, including the exclusive unreleased "The Victorious Reign" directed by Shane Drake (Panic! At The Disco, Trivium, Hawthorne Heights).

Fans of Hate Eternal should be sure to grab their own copy of this unstoppable metal chaos when it is released on October 16th. The full tracklisting of The Perilous Fight will run as follows:

Main Feature:

01. Two Demons
02. Servants Of The Gods
03. The Victorious Reign
04. Dogma Condemned
05. I, Monarch
06. Behold Judas
07. The Obscure Terror
08. To Know Our Enemies
09. Powers That Be
10. By His Own Decree
11. Sons Of Darkness
12. King Of All Kings

Promo Videos:

01. The Powers That Be
02. I, Monarch
03. The Victorious Reign

Bonus Features:

Hate Eternal interview
Behind the Scenes at Mana Studios

Former SAVATAGE Frontman, Ex-PRIMAL FEAR Drummer Guest On New SAIDIAN Album

Former SAVATAGE/current JON OLIVA'S PAIN frontman Jon Oliva and SINNER/ex-PRIMAL FEAR drummer Klaus Sperling make guest appearances on the sophomore album from the South German melodic metal outfit SAIDIAN, entitled "Phoenix". Due on September 29 via Metal Heaven, the disc was once again produced by former SANVOISEN singer Vagelis Maranis at Maranis Studios in Backnang (near Stuttgart), Germany. Sperling reportedly plays drums on the entire album, while Oliva joined the group to sing a verse in the song "Crown of Creation".


TO-MERA Films videoclip for the song "Blood".

TO-MERA, the new U.K.-based dark progressive metal band formed by former WITHOUT FACE vocalist Julie Kiss (photo) and bassist Lee Barrett (ex-EXTREME NOISE TERROR, DISGUST, MUSSOLINI HEADKICK), just shot a video for the song "Blood". The clip is currently being edited and should be ready in about 10 days. Check out pictures from the video shoot at this location.

TO-MERA's debut album, "Transcendental", is scheduled for release in Europe on September 11 via Candlelight Records. A U.S. release date has yet to be announced. Check out the album cover artwork at this location. Audio samples are available at this location. The track comes off the group's debut album, "Transcendental", due in


LOUDNESS Guitarist To Release New Solo Album Next Month

LOUDNESS guitarist Akira Takasaki will release his new solo album, "Nenriki", on September 20 via Tricycle Entertainment. The track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. Surf Trip
02. Mars
03. I Want To Take You Higher
04. Neighborhood
05. Mindphase
06. Chicago Drive
07. The Sun Goes Down
08. No One To Depend On
09. Black Gold
10. Paradise Jungle
11. Echoes
12. Funk It


BLIND GUARDIAN :Exclusive pre-listening!

The first of September will be a truly special day for all fans of Symphonic Progressive Metal with a fantasy touch: The masters themselves, BLIND GUARDIAN, will release their sophomore masterpiece "A Twist In The Myth"! Of course we have a soft spot for all those of you who can΄t stand weeks of waiting. Just click here' and join our exclusive pre-listening! You can check out various tracks - more tracks will be added the closer the release date gets, so make sure you return soon!


MARTY FRIEDMAN - European Release Date For New Album Confirmed

As previously reported, ex-MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman's latest solo album, Loudspeaker, features guest appearances by guitarists Steve Vai and John Petrucci (DREAM THEATER), bassist Billy Sheehan, keyboardist Jens Johansson (STRATOVARIUS) and drummer Jeremy Colson (CIRCUS DIABLO, THE BREED). It has been confirmed for a European release on September 22nd via Mascot Records. The track list is as follows: 'Elixir' (featuring Billy Sheehan), 'Street Demon', 'Black Orchid' (featuring John Petrucci), 'Paradise Express' (featuring Billy Sheehan), 'Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana' (featuring Jeremy Colson), 'Glycerine Flesh (featuring Jens Johansson), 'Stigmata Addiction' (featuring Jeremy Colson), 'Viper' (featuring Steve Vai), 'Static Rain', 'Colores Mi Vida', 'Devil Take Tomorrow' (featuring Jeremy Colson).


EPICA: 13 Songs Written For New Album

Dutch female-fronted symphonic metal band EPICA is currently working on material for its third full-length album. "We have about 13 songs which are growing every day," states vocalist Simone Simons. "Soon we will be able to play new songs live. Looking forward to it!"


EMBRAZE: New Album Samples Available

Finnish band EMBRAZE has a posted a new MP3 file containing audio samples of tracks that will appear on its fourth album, "The Last Embrace", due on August 16. Download it at this location' .

According to a posting on EMBRAZE's web site, the new material "sounds heavier, but also more melodic than ever before in EMBRAZE history!"

"The Last Embrace" tentative track listing:
01. Carvings on the Gallowstree
02. Branded
03. Racing Against Time
04. Dead Roses
05. Liquid Fire
06. Memory Trace of our Time
07. The One
08. Sleeping Ground
09. Sun Goes Down
10. No Solace

EMBRAZE features in its ranks FOR MY PAIN… guitarist Lauri Tuohimaa. The band will perform at the Jalometalli festival in Oulu, Finland on August 19.


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