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Many metal bands from Russia sing in English, surprisingly in Finland was created the band, which plays doom metal and sings in Russian! Band title is short but strong - KYPCK (in this way to write, and "KURSK" to pronounce). Lyrics is written by the band's vocalist, who learned and worked in St.Petersburg for a while. When I've heard, that Erkki sings almost without accent, I've contacted him to do the interview for The MetalList.

Scorpio: Hello! Here’s Vladimir ‘Scorpio’ Osipov from The MetalList Portal. How are you doing? Please give a brief introducing of your band and what are your latest news?

Erkki Seppänen: Hello, this is Erkki from KYPCK, the Russian-singing doom band from Finland. We’re doing very well at the moment, we recently finished shooting our very first video and we also had our first ever practice together on Monday this week… So, things are good.

You haven’t practiced together before?? But how did you record the songs?

Well, since we all live in different cities at the moment, we each practiced our parts at home and then recorded them together in the studio. The process was normal otherwise, we just didn’t have a chance to practice the songs together. Luckily, we have professional musicians in the band!

Why did you decide to sing in Russian? Maybe some of you have grandpa from Russia? Or is it just PR move?

Russian sounds so good, especially in music. I’ve wanted to join my two passions Russia and music – together for a long time in my life and KYPCK was a great chance to do that. In addition, the vast history and cultural heritage of Russia gives us so many good possibilities to write impressive songs.

And when did you start to be interested in Russian culture?

Erkki: A long time ago… I don’t know exactly. My father has a lot of books about history and I guess I also got interested in history. And everyone knows that there is no Finnish history without Russia! Afterwards, when I was about 15-16 I started to read a lot of Dostoevsky and I just wanted to learn the language to be able to read in Russian. So, I started, then I traveled to St. Petersburg for the first time, then the second time, then I studied there for a year, developed a taste for Russian devushki, heh… You know.

Was the process of choosing the name of the band long? And why is your name – KYRCK?

The name is KYPCK. The process wasn’t that long. We wanted a short, masculine name that would be well-known also outside Russia. The name KYPCK has a lot of history behind it, so it was the perfect choice.

What are the main themes of your lyrics?

I always write very realistically and very directly, trying to avoid being mystical or unclear. The songs are about current and historical events, obviously filtering it all through my own personal experiences. There are also songs are also about individual suffering, whether it is due to alcohol abuse, dysfunctional relationships, or everything. The main goal was to write depressing lyrics to fit the music, so it’s all taken into some extremes. Some of the songs have a strong biblical undercurrent in them, as I’ve recently studied the Russian bible.


Why did you entitled your song about Stalin's repressions "Stalingrad"? In mind of everyone, who lives in Russian and in ex-USSR states, and knows history and didn't lost the respect to his ancestors, "Stalingrad" means the Great Victory, which break the course of World War II, big human feat and hundred thousands of perished people. Stalingrad, currently Volgograd city, it's first of all the hero-city. It's logically to entitle the song "Stalin Country" or "Stalinism" or whatever...

Well, what you are saying is of course true, but I like to write songs that are about something you don’t usually think about immediately. It would be nice if people remembered that Stalingrad was more that just that great battle. It was a city of people, who had their own lives and stories. Our Stalingrad is about that.

You told about the video. What song have you chosen for the video, and will we see in it?

It is the single 1917. The storyline itself is very loosely based on the song. Maybe it’s a kind of speculation about what really happened to the main character of that song, what was his fate. I mean, the song is about Hiili’s great-grandfather, who was a militsioner in St. Petersburg before the revolution. He fled to Finland with his family and then moved to America to try and earn some money for his children, but he disappeared and no one knows what happened to him.

Do you often come to Russia? Do you have friends in Russia?

I come to Russia regularly, once a year at least. I used to live there for over two years so I have lots of friends there. Obviously I can’t wait for our concerts there!

Who are your favourite Russian writers/poets?

I specialized in Tolstoy and Chekhov in the university, but Lermontov is and has always been my favourite. You can see that from the lyrics of KYPCK, not just the song Demon, but in general. I read all Russian classics.

That LADA with red star. Where did you get it? And who drew the red star on it?

The record company bought it somewhere in northern Finland and our beloved bass-player painted it in his garage.

On your website I saw one-string bass-guitar. Do you really use it? :)

Yes, J.T. will play it in all the concerts. I have never seen anything like it and it looks really fucking cool when he plays it!

Will you print in booklet of your CD lyrics in Russian and English translation?

Yes, the lyrics are in Russian and there are translations into English next to them.

Where are you most fans from?

Erkki: Russia, of course. Russia is our number 1 priority.

Do you plan a release-party for your debut album? Will it take part somewhere in Russia?

We have an open pre-listening night of the album in Oulu on the 8th of March. Unfortunately we cannot make it to Russia yet. But I’m sure we’ll have time to party with our Russian fans after the concerts… We have already had so many invitations!

And what label will release the album in Russia, worldwide?

I cannot reveal this information yet, because the negotiations are in progress, but it is a big and very well-known label.


Have you already got the invitations from Russian promoters to play in Moscow or St.Petersburg?

Yes, both. And in Kursk also. Hopefully we get to do 4-5 shows right when the album comes out in Russia. Probably in May-June.

Imagine that you have the time machine and can choose when and where to go. What moments of Russian history do you want to see on your own eyes?

Well, Peter the Great had some wild parties, so… Maybe there with an invitation? In reality, I’m not sure. There is already so much to see in Russia even now, today. And I would very much like to see more of it.

Best wished to KYPCK! And you final words for our readers.

All the best to all friends in Russia! If you see me, let’s go for some beers…


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