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Recently rather famous Kiev band, MALINCONIA has answered some questions of TheMatallist portal. This band considers itself neither gothic, nor doomy, they don’t pay much attention to what genre they play in. It’s just that people, who create what they like - music which expresses their inner essence and what satisfies them and their admirers.

Interview with MALINCONIA for TheMetallist

                              Interview with MALINCONIA for TheMetallist



Fist of all, please introduce yourself.

Anton – drums

Vladimir – rhythm-guitar

Vitaliy – bass-guitar

Tatyana – vocal

Yuriy – guitar

Yelena – keyboards

The band is with its full complement and it’s because they has just finished their rehearsal before the concert in one of the local clubs “Oriyana”


So, I have a question: who is the leader in the band, or is it hard to distinguish such man.

Without a shadow of doubt Vitaliy answered – Of course Anton (drummer), in any case, he gathered the band, and the regard is his.

Anton: - yes, a took a direct part in the rise of the group, there had been a long history before the recent MALINCONIA, before the march 2004 the group had been titled CONSTELLATION, but after the coming of Tatyana we had reconceived all old views and began developing in a new way.  


And how long the membership that we can see now was formed?

Anton: - the exact membership was formed in the middle of February 2005, before our performance in “Barvi” club.

Yuriy: - though it is significant that three of us are friends for a long time, namely: I, Anton and Vitaliy were classmates and we gave our first concert in 1999 in “KPI” concert hall at the graduation of our former vocalist – he studied at the KPI Lyceum.

Anton: - at that time we played music different from that we play now, well, you know – the early period, everybody had passed it.


Who is absent now from your previous team?

Anton: guitarist Youriy Homenko and keyboarder Alexander Eine are absent in our present band, they were the cofounders of the group in 2002 but we had to change the membership of the band because of personal and musical desagreements, and at last in february 2005 the situation in the band had been so “hot”, that we had to change the membership.  

Vitaly: though we just can’t undervalue the role of these people in the band, after all, they made an invaluable donation into the whole creative work; in particular we had reached some integrity with our present members. The critical moment of our break-up was the issue of motivation.


How strong do you consider the present membership, do you think that you will be able to continue work with these people or it is only a temporary membership?

Vitaliy: we are now on the wave of enthusiasm and creative rising and we are fully satisfied with all the members of the band, we think that we have rather good future trends. The old crew was outdated, and the new one literally inspired us.


Well the reader is interested in image and music of the band, so why do you play gothic-oriented music and not death-metal for example?

Anton: Well the reasons are trite: we just don’t want to play death-metal, we can’t simply play it. From the beginning our music was melodic, it is better to say melodic with heavy fusion. And at the expense of our style: frankly saying it doesn't matter what genre we are referred to (note that Anton is a drummerJ). The band doesn’t consider itself as goths and doesn’t follow any gothic attributes… We are not burdened with this popular gothic bombast.

Yuriy: I’d better say so: we play that music that expresses our personality. Besides MALINCONIA a take part in another black-metal project and it has a direct effect on my personality and at the same time it gives a powerful insert into the band’s creative work.


Then a question about side-projects of MALINCONIA members followed. And as it appeared that there is none. Though many of the members played in different band in their time, but the aim was to gain more experience.

But the vocalist – Tatyana confessed that she had been a back-vocalist in black-metal band VICIOUS DELIGHT, but it far that band that this woman deserved to sing in. She also confessed to me that many groups offered collaboration with them, but refused all these proposals in favour of MALINCONIA.


And what is your opinion about repetitions, is it a work or passion.

Vitaliy: fortunately repetitions are a good symbiosis of work and passion for music.

Yelena:  In any case, if you are occupied with any business seriously, it could be a great mean for self-actualization; anyway, the attitude to the business must be, one might say, professional. Even if it is a perspective flight of fancy and soul, but your attitude to the work is disparaging, you won’t get any results. Music is not all-sufficient, it the synthesis of ideas of many people, and without coordination and cooperation of high level, won’t be full-fledged.


The process of writing music and texts is rather interesting. Who is the head of this branch of your creative work?

Anton: Texts are written by Anton Eine, the brother of former keyboarder, with whom we are in good relation. But the reality is just a little harder – first of all we have to think through the simple vocal part, like some nonsensical text, that we send it to Anton Eine, who tries to make something sensible. I write music, in general, but in the nearest future it will change and the process of writing will be more balanced. I think that Yelena will be my partner in this case.

Vitaliy: Practically, there in no repetition without Yelena’s words about the simplicity of keyboard part and the way of making it more complicated.

Anton: Yelena is that musician, who is technically developed (she spent more than one year in the musical school not in vain)





So, Anton, do you write musical parts for all instruments?

Anton: Well, not exactly, I write some basis, using software, that’s why my creation is process by every member of the band, of course adding some corrections or making over or adding something.

Vitaliy: Yelena processes the material especially good; her “carrying capacity” is so great, that at the end we have only the best and sensible material. 

Yelena: It is just not a secret that Anton doesn’t play keyboards, and it appears, all keyboard parts are made from guitar parts, but the abilities of keyboards are bigger that abilities of guitar(Yelena thinks soJ).

Anton: Technical mastery of Yelena opens many musical aspects for us. We hadn’t such musical opportunity with our previous membership, that’s why with Yelena’s coming we are now in winning situation, and I can say that keyboards plays the main role in MALINCONIA.


Do you experiment with music during its writing often, and what famous bands had influenced on your music?

Anton: As a matter of fact each member of the band likes different genres. For example, I like gothic/doom genres…

Vladimir: Most likely, music in trash, melodic-death styles influenced on me, this music is characterized as music with fast and technical guitars, and this, in it’s turn, influenced on my contribution to the music of MALINCONIA at present time.

Vitaliy: I listen to gothic for the good of my soul, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t go to a discotheque and chill out there. 

Yelena: Well, my contribution to the creative work of the band is predetermined with the work of LACUNA COIL, in technical aspect of music, I prefer doom, but if it is needed to choose some ideal, I think it will be TRISTANIA, which uses symphonic elements very skillfully.



 It was always interesting to know, how did the band find a girl, vocalist, with such a striking voice?  

Anton: At the end of 2003, when CONSTELLATION was in critical situation – the former vocalist had stopped regular visiting repetitions. During that period many things had changed. At one of the repetitions, of course in absence of vocalist, we thought out a new instrumental composition “Feelings are gone” (it was titled “Ocean’s Despair” at that time), exactly this creation took us to gothic-doom, and we are loyal to this genre (in any case, posters and internet sites say so). And then we decided to dismiss Masha (in was the name of former vocalist) and began looking for a new vocalist. Once, when we were sitting in Alexander Eine’s office, we decided to advertise about our need in new vocalist, we posted it in the Internet. We had received 6 answers during 2 weeks.

Tatyana: I had read the advertisement by pure accident, and as I was interested in singing in some band, I decided to reply. Literally, the next day the former guitarist rang me up and proposed to meet. We had a nice conversation that day and I realized that I it’s a good people, so decided to try to sing in their band. I was given a CD with some recordings then, but during my listening to it, I thought that my vocal is not suitable to this music genre, but Yuriy insisted on trying to sing anyway. 

Anton: this trial repetition was held on January 8, we were astonished with the vocal qualities of Tatyana. She joined our band, and we began working on new material.

And how much compositions did the band manage to create, and are you going to record them for promoting in Ukraine and abroad?

Vitaliy: At first the band was formed not for playing for our satisfaction, but for showing people that what we can do. We have 9 full-length compositions, which we constantly play + 1 cover on NIGHTWISH; also we have much recorded material on PC and in “our heads” – Anton added.

Anton: Basically, we have much material for recording promo-CD, and we began thinking over the recording, we plan to begin in half a year.

Yuriy: after recording of promo-CD, we want to send it to some medium recording companies, well maybe we’ll have a success. It depends on luck and favour circumstances.


Well, do you have many friend or enemies among other Kiev bands?

Anton: Yes, of course we have, we try to support friend relations with everybody, we can mark our colleagues GRIMFAITH


And the last question in our interview: Didn’t you have a wish to leave all this “musical” life, or to abandon playing metal and to play something experimental?

Yuriy:  I think that in everybody’s live there is a period of misfortune, and a thought about abandoning music appear, but for now MALINCONIA is alive.

May 2005

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