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  SCALD: In Memoriam


SCALD: In Memoriam

Not many metallers from CIS remember great group from Yaroslavl (Russia) SCALD, because its "life perod" was short, because of tragic death of lider - vocalist Agyl, very talented man. SCALD did a lot for CIS metal-scene, and today we speak to only participant of collective, who continues musical activity - bassist of band TUMULUS - Velingor.

Scorpio: Let's begin our interview with the very beginning, from the moment of band's foundation. Who and when formed SCALD?

Velingor: The idea of SCALD forming is owned by vocalist Agyl. He tried to release this idea with the musicians of group ROSS, where he was singer at that time, but they used drugs, after became mad on christianity. Guys refused to play "pagan music", and Agyl invited me and Harald, with whom we played in doom band ANAMNESIS VITAE. It was in 1993. Also drummer Ottar from ROSS joined us.

S.: Musical and lyrical side were selected...

V.: Skandinavian themes. Agyl proposed - we all agreed. It was extraordinary at that time (especially in our country), and also we all were fans of BATHORY of viking period. So, SCALD were first in CIS representatives of style, called now viking metal. We determinated our style as ancient doom metal.

S.: Respectively were pseudonims...

V.: Yes. Agyl thought up them.

S.: And what does they mean?

V.: These names are taken from Skandinavian mythology or just "forged by" sounding to Skandinavian mythology.

S.: And band name? Also from myths?

V.: Name SCALD is from oldskandinavian tales. Scalds were singers of war, included to vikings troops, they anthemed campaignes, feats, gods.

S.: First song was written...

V.: Before secand guitarist Karry joined group early 1994. It was, so to say, "trying period". Some songs, composed that time, were then changed more or less or cut into pieces and included to other ones. First song, composed by the original line-up, included later demo and debut album - "Night sky".

S.: Who had written textes, and who - music?

V.: Music - Agyl and Harald (they are cousins). Textes - me and Agul (together).

S.: First performances began…

V.: First concert we played in 1993 on Yaroslavl rock festival in "heavy day", with session second guitarist. Debut was very succesefull.

S.: Had any demo been written?

V.: In 1995 we had recorded our first rehearsal demo "North Winds". Quality was awfully, but mainly thanks to it SCALD reached cult status in Yaroslavl, and a bit later in other cities. A little later we recorded one more song "Sepulchral Bonfire" in studio and added it to demo.

S.: Whare had you sent it?

V.: Oh, many places where. Many fanzines appeared that time (I don't remember their names). We had got good reviews.

AgylS.: Popularity in underground came…

V.: Yes. Such style as by SCALD was new for CIS underground, and such vocal, as Agyl's one nobody had. Viking themes came into vogue. So, interest to band was quite big.

S.: Maybe your success was also a result of good management? Who did it?

V.: I think, that SCALD's success - Agyl's vocal, put on heavy, slow and яdense riffs in BATHORY spirit and early MANOWAR a little. All these made a face of collective. What about promotion, I had sent promo stuff and made contacts.

S.: Gigs in other cities began...

V.: It was. With the first concert in Moscow SCALD got cult status in capital city too. And we became famous not only in native Yaroslavl, in other cities too.

S.: Decided, that it was time to record debut album...

V.: Decided. It had been done in 1996 - Agen Price released "Will of the gods is great power" MC, there were very only few groups' albums, released on CD.

S.: What labels had you contacted else? Why did you choose exact Metal Agen?

V.: So to say, it was no choice that time. Metal Agen was main metal label in CIS. Spinefarm were interested in releasing this album, but a little after they decided not.

S.: And a month before release sad news were heared from SCALD...

V.: Yes, news about tragic Agyl's death. It's nothing special to tell. In the evening - rehearsal, we joke, drink beer, all as always. In the morning it was announced, that he died - under train wheels. Shock certainly. Real comprehension of all this happened came later.

S.: Maybe his death was "Will of the gods"?

V.: It's a pity, but short life - destiny of all talented people.

S.: Why after album's release you decided to split band up? Life of musicians after sad events...

V.: There is one axiom: SCALD=Agyl и Agyl=SCALD. No discussions! That music, that style had its beauty only with his vocal and title was associated only with Agyl. We decided, that if we will continue, only under new banner and other music. At this moment only I run musical activity. All other, it can to say, left this.

S.: What collectives do you take part in?

V.: Currently I play on bass in progressive folk group TUMULUS, which was formed by ex-SCALd musicians, and also sing in black/death band MIND ECLIPSE (also from Yaroslavl). Main for me - TUMULUS, I don't write songs for MIND ECLIPSE, and make nothing for promotion, just sing.

S.: What was the reaction of fans, when Agyl died and decision to end with SCALD?

V.: Shock. It was hard at the beginning to play as TUMULUS (all members of SCALD played there right after splitting up) - all said - "Er… This is not SCALD!!!" Though TUMULUS idea is absolutely other. But gradually SCALD became a legend and people stopped to compare it with TUMULUS. It's became easier.

S.: This year Anton "Docent" rereleased "Will of the gods is great power" on his own label Wroth Emitter in CD format.

V.: Anton "St.Ruck" (Docent - his unofficial pseudonim) is our old friend. He even helped to record the first rehearsal demo by SCALD. Anton was Agyl's friend and is up till now big fan of SCALD. He decided it is his duty to rerelease album in CD version through his label. So, many people will get this legendary for CIS metal scene album..

S.: Memories about SCALD is live now in hearts of fans and close for Agyl people...

V.: I hope so…


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