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Today we will get to know Max Dubovenko - metalhead from Ukrainian city Nikolaev. SAPONIFICATION, LIFE DENIAL, PALACE OF FROST, NAMTAR - he participates in all these 4 bands/projects. NAMTAR is his soloist black metal project and in other bands Vaal helps him. The main attention we'll pay SAPONIFICATION - the most successeful band of Vaal and Max. Grind On!

Kashey: Hails!

Max: Hi!

Kashey: Conditions, under which the project had been made and a history…

Max: It was about a year ago. I and Vaal decided to make something really crazy that no one had ever done before. So, we gathered and discussed the conception of the group (Forensic with some maniac ideas). After some time we gathered again and Vaal showed me the riffs. I was really surprised and after a while we made a demo "Rotten Infestation", consisting of 6 songs. At once we pushed away all the horror films scenarios (I never liked such stuff). After that we started to make "Paraxysm". On the whole album there were only 2 slow riffs. Everything is so fast, that it is impossible to feel the whole thing at once. The stuff was recorded using not the best instruments, that's why the whole thing sounds a little bit pasty, all Vaal's riffs turn into noise. We had to use electronic drums because we had no good drummer at that time. We decided to record some old songs that were not included in "Paraxysm", that's how "Back to the defective human's being" was born. Very soon we'll start recording the new SAPONIFICATION album.

Kashey: Which bands (musicians) are the "gods of grindcore" for you?

Max: There is not a single band that could be "the gods of grindcore" to me. There are many good bands but each of them has some drawbacks. I mostly listen to DISGORGE (Mex.), HAEMORRHAGE and MERZBOW (noise). I think you've noticed their influence on SAPONIFICATION. But we'll surpass them very soon!

Kashey: Are there quarrels between group members?

Max: There have never been any quarrels in SAPONIFICATION. But we can't say the same about LIFE DENIAL. A lot of former musicians wanted to make our music more pop-like - to add keyboards or to play some heavy metal. To my mind, there is no way for making our sound even more pop-like! Now LIFE DENIAL plays something like Aborted. It is fast, technical, with many solos and blastbeats.

Kashey: How is it going with the labels/publishers? Have you already enlarged your rip-off list?

Max: I enlarge it every day. But there is also some progress: soon I'll have our LIFE DENIAL, SOULLESS (pl.) and EXTREMELY ROTTEN FLESH split. Also the LIFE DENIAL and SAPONIFICATION collection will be published in Peru. And about SAPONIFICATION most labels say that it is too noise-like and don't want to publish the full-time CD. For example, Obliteration Records said so, but offered to distribute CD-R demo. Our materials will also be published in Ukraine on cassettes. We also would like to make a split with French grinders Deny Life.

Kashey: When will Yura Vasyura publish your album? Will it be the tape release?

Max: Yes, it will be the tape release, but I don't exactly know when it will be put out. It will be published by Dmitriy Lyachagin on DAC productions.

Kashey: How is it going with the publishing of the second album?

Max: We still hadn't decided where it will be published, there are enough offers. We would like to publish 2 formats (CD and tape) in CIS (ex-Soviet Union) and it would be good to do so abroad. Time will tell…

Kashey: Whose face is it on the "Paraxysm" cover? Is it drunk Vaal? :)

Max: Vaal's drunken face looks much cooler!

Kashey: Who gurgles so skillfully on your album?

Max: It must be the drowned man…

Kashey: I guess your drowned man keeps sinking on the second album. Will he stop sinking on the third album or we will have to listen to that gurgling again?

Max: He will be drowning for a long time, till the full skin maceration begins and it will fall off in pieces from the body.

"Paraxysm"Kashey: Have you ever thought of using some representative of the animal world instead of your vocalist (for example, a pig)?

Max: At first we wanted to record the whole zoo, but then decided that I'll cope with everything alone.

Kashey: What can you say about your other projects?

Max: There are plenty of them. If counting all the bands in which our musicians play, there will be about 20. Besides LIFE DENIAL and SAPONIFICATION I and Vaal have PALACE OF FROST. Anti-humanistic black metal only in Russian. Now we get ready for recording our first album "Ot Korney K Nebesam" ("From the Roots to the Heavens").

Kashey: You and Vaal play death, grindcore, black. When will there be doom, power?

Max: It is quite possible to play some doom, but later, after finishing work with our main bands. And I can't stand power metal!!! We'll never play it!

Kashey: You always excellently design the releases of SAPONIFICATION and LIFE DENIAL. You must be a designer.

Max: Yes, I'm a designer and animator. I work in the editorial office of the comic magazine "Biker" and at the animation studio.

Kashey: What encouraged you to become an animator?

Max: Cartoons are cool! I have wanted to do this since childhood! By the way, the half of the studio personnel listens to "meat" (death/grind), that's why it's never boring there. One might say that grinders, deathers and blackers make cartoons for kids under 16.

Kashey: What are your achievements in that field?

Max: I and bassist of PALACE OF FROST make the soundtrack to the film that is being made now. Maybe, we will even publish it in future.

Kashey: Fuck, you should make the animated clip! That would be cool!

Max: We'll make it for sure! But it will take several months to make it, not less.

Kashey: If the President of Ukraine wanted to become your vocalist, would you agree?

Max: We would take him, but as a drummer.

Kashey: And if he was able to gurgle like you, arranged concerts in Verhovna Rada (Supreme Council) and let you write the new anthem?

Max: No one can gurgle like me, and the new anthem would be ultra-fast and would last a couple of seconds.

Kashey: What is the maximum quantity of vodka, ever drunk by anyone from you group?

Max: It's a hard question-usually no one remembers.

Kashey: Name 5 main rules that the real grinder should follow?

Max: The main rule is "No rules!"

Kashey: Are you the religious man?

Max: No. It looks funny when a crowd gathers in the hall and starts wasting time. They'd better go and work.

Kashey: And what is your attitude to politics?

Max: I don't care about politics.

Kashey: What would you do if you met a dinosaur in the street?

Max: I would take him home and say: "Mom, this is my bride!"

Kashey: Imagine there's Armageddon coming in 3 days. What would you do?

Max: I would kill all my enemies and make an overdose.


Kashey: Do you know any good method of stopping the hangover?

Max: To pour on the head the bucket of cold water. (I haven't tried it myself but it helps others!)

Kashey: Do you often use public conveyances?

Max: I always use it, because still lack money to buy a Mercedes.

Kashey: What are your memoirs of spending time in public transport?

Max: I and Vaal don't have enough time to rehearse that's why we usually do it on our way. And some idiot always steps on my feet or hooks my cool clothes!

Kashey: Did anyone ever give you a nickname?

Max: I don't remember.

Kashey: When do you usually defecate, in the morning, or in the evening?

Max: It depends on what I eat. If you I some granny's patty, I defecate all day long, decorating city's sightseeing. That's how we recorded intro for the "Paraxysm".

Kashey: And did the granny want some money from you for that?

Max: She did, but we beated her.

Kashey: Did anyone ever give you an enema?

Max: Someone always gives me an enema or puts pitchfork in the ass. You can't rely on anyone.

Kashey: And how does it feel?

Max: Not really pleasant.

Kashey: Does anyone from the group have a higher education?

Max: We will have it in a couple of years if we aren't expelled from our institutes for obscenity.

Kashey: What is your attitude to pop music or rap?

Max: I hate pop! Music, which has no meaning, just a collection of words and sounds, absolutely not connected among each other. And rap… I am a fan of Cypress Hill and Ice-T! The other rap I can't stand. I am the adherent of aggressive music, even if it is rap.

Kashey: Have you ever had problems because of your musical tastes and views?

Max: Only with my parents! They still can't understand what I am doing!

Kashey: And how many rappers' asses have you beated?

Max: The first LIFE DENIAL bassist (then we had a name Satanic Necrobutchery) was a rapper and played Brutal Death-Grind with us. I personally don't care for what person likes or listens to, he only shouldn't thrust himself upon me with this.

Kashey: What are your plans for the future?

Max: To sleep and to muster my strength for the new deeds.

Kashey: A couple of words for the fans.

Max: Listen to grind and don't cross the line between reality. Don't start doing things we sing about. Support us in our ideas and world view. Wait for our releases, they'll soon be out (I hope).

Kashey: Good luck and success! Thanks for interesting answers!

Max: Thank you too! Good luck!


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