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Oupiric Productions

We think for our readers is interesting to know not only about metal groups. They also want to read interviews with label managers. And today Scorpio interview Oupire - label manager of Russian firm Oupiric Productions.

Scorpio: How did the idea to create own label come?

OupireOupire.: When I formed CRYPTHOWL, I decided, that because nobody from "labels" of Russian underground wanted to release my project's albums, so I decided to release and promote my stuff by myself. Even more, I felt, that I simple couldn't give my stuff to some label, because all wanted to make myself, and didn't trusted anybody something, connected with CRYPTHOWL. I think, that in 90s there were no good labels here (except Metal Agen). Almost nobody did promotion for bands, all was on amateur level. I'm not going to prove, that Oupiric Prods works on professional level, but I think, that I do quite well promotion for groups, whos albums I release… Er, what am I about? Ah, yeah! So, when I founded CRYPTHOWL, I decided to release some albums of bands, which were close to me that time. SO, in such way Oupiric Prods born.

S.: Idea of title?

O.: OUPIRIC - adjective, formed from my pseudonym Oupire. Like "vampiric" and "vampire". Oupire - ancient European word, predecessor of Slavonic "upyr" (vampire - aut.)

S.: Describe the process of cassete, CD publishing.

O.: The most interesting part - hearing out (like a competition selection) and manufacturing of album's design (in most cases I make design myself). It's very interesting to work with beginning bands, to prompt them something, give advances. In such situation I remember myself 10 years ago, when I was vocalist of young group FESTERGUTS, sent demo-tapes, dreaming for any magazine will write something about us, or any label will propose us cooperation. And now I'm proud, that help bands like FESTERGUTS was 10 years ago... If return to the question, will say, that the process of album producing is quite prosaic - you have to run over different factories, printeries, firms, which publish cassetes/CDs. Everyone tries to get more money, do work not in time or something else like that. But after all, when you have product in your arms, it's very pleasant to pack it and send to Ablaze or Brutallica for review, anticipating, how abroad bourgeois unpack promo stuffand approvingly swing their head, er… well done Oupiric Prods, again good release!

S.: Some people think, that man, who is label chief, is, of course, reach. What will you say about financial success of Oupiric Productions?

O.: Financial source for me is my job on local TV company (I also make metal show, but for free, just for me). Label - it's hobby, in which I invest not only money, I earn thanks to releases sales, but also part of my salary. To be rich, I need to release CDs regulary. Now, I only prepare my first CD-release. All is in future. And for people, who think, that label owners are rich people, I will say, that there are different sort of labels. Yes, I'm sure, that Irond chief isn't poor man. But I can't to call millionaire owner of for example URYUPINSK Productions, who spent all his money to make copies of flyers, which help only to get to know about his "firm" existence.

S.: This year Oupiric will release first CD-release and video. Tell more, please.

O.: On CD I decide to publish album "Blood, Desire And Dead Nenuphars" by BLACK COUNTESS. All fans of Cof times "Cruelty And The Beast" will be very happy - so strong is this work (but bot original). And what about video. The idea appeared in 2000, and almost whole work is made, but I haven't much time to finish it. That's like "shoemaker without shoes" - working on TV, I can't finally release it. Hope, that soon it will be finished. Collection OUPIRIC SLAUGHTER VIDEO will consist of videoclips, interviews, concerts cuts, featured bands CRYPTHOWL, SIEGED MIND, DENIAL OF GOD, FESTERGUTS, GOTHIC SKY and DYSANCHELY.

S.: If we'll look at list of your label's releases, can say, that Oupiric Prods - black metal label. Why, is black your favourite music or bands-representatives of other styles don't send promo stuff?

O.: From the very beginning rate was made for black and horror metal, and now, when more demo-materials come, I'm more exacting to stylistic of groups. Yes, Oupiric Prods is specialized label - I don't think I will someday release grind album.

S.: What should band do, to be released on your label?

O.: It should play angry but melodic black metal with horror-textes. Have good record, acceptable image (it's important), corpsepaint, taste feeling and competent English textes. Group should only send demo-record (+ photo, textes, bio) on my address and leave their coordinates. Up is the description of band, which is ideal for conception of my label. Of course also are invited bands, which haven't one or some of these features.

Oupire (left) with Cannibal

S.: Your estimation of metal industry in CIS-states. Your prognosis?

O.: I'm not pessimist in this question and mean, that metal industry in CIS only lag from western one for few years. In five years, believe me, if all will goes as now, we will have such metal scene as in Germany. Nad that's not empty words. Remember, five years ago our labels released only MCs, now they release CDs. Later budget of most successful labels will allow to organize well tours for their bands and also pay magazines for advertisement. So, also mass-media will become "fatter" (in good meaning of this word). In general all will be great here!

S.: When do you think in CIS will appear major label, which will organize tours, interviews, so will do well promotion for bands?

O.: There are already such. And were. Metal Agen for example. I personally contact magazines about advertisement and interviews for my bands. But with tours is hard nowadays. Belarussians are very active in this sphere. But that's not best level, but let's wait, time will show.

S.: Which young talented and interesting bands can you name?

O.: You know, many good stuff came. SAMHAIN (true black - will release in autumn, MC), DRAMA, ETERNAL SIN.

S.: You also are musician. Tell about you project CRYPTHOWL.

O.: I've already told about "ideal group" for Oupiric Prods. So, it's something like that. CRYPTHOWL has now only one album "Tragedies Beheld by the Cemetery" and will mark, that I'm not 100 % pleased. Of course it's quite well, fans and critics liked it. But second CRYPTHOWL's album will be more hard (first is full of melodism and rage suffers). I haven't time now for CRYPTHOW, because of Oupiric Prods businesses. Will see, what will be with CRYPTHOWL.

S.: Are you engaged in other collectives?

O.: Yes, I'm in sympho brutal death group FESTERGUTS from the moment of its foundation. Earlier I played on bass and sang, now I'm only vocalist. Band FESTERGUTS is very interesting. We play fat brutal death/grind, but also use keyboards and female back-vocal. Songs are great! When somebody has heard last FESTERGUTS's album "Bloodsoaked", so last bonus-track are exactly what we play now.


S.: Your dream?

O.: Many wishes, but no one main. I think everybody wants to be happy. But I don't dream about it. Because I'm happy - I have CRYPTHOWL, FESTERGUTS and Oupiric Prods.

S.: Your final words…

O.: What a hell you opened your mouths? Have you never heard about such label as Oupiric Prods? So, run quickly to post office - buy Russian marks for 13 RUR, put 'em into envelope and send to my address - and will send you back killer magazine-catalogue METAL IN MASSES! With huge number of info and pictures. MORE BLOOD! MORE MEAT! MORE METAL!


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