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I think Vader doesn't need to be presented. Created in 1986 Vader became one of the first Eastern European bands, acclaimed in the West. Finally, the polish death-metallists came to Kyiv and we had a chance to talk to them right before their show. Questions by Simon (Terroraiser) and our Agressor.

Simon: My first question: is there a difference between touring in Western Europe, US and touring in former-USSR countries?

VADER: They have more gigs in general. And they have a much more developed field for concerts: better prepared clubs, better sound and better organization. But at the same time here you don't have gigs that often, so the people are "wild". The Eastern European fans are a lot more active than others.

S.: Last year you performed in Lvov. What's your impression about the gig, the organization and about Ukraine as a whole?

V.: We came to Lvov from Austria. It was our first concert in Ukraine and we were treated kindly. We liked everything and the organizers did a great job.

S.: I know your grandma comes from Ukraine. Does it feel special playing in Ukraine or is it the same in Germany, Austria, Denmark etc.

V.: Well, I was always curious to visit my grandma's country of origin. I was especially interested in how people would behave. As for the concerts - we try to do our best anywhere we play, be it Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic or Germany. I'm so interested in organization because in Lvov they just put a line and the security didn't let people come close to the stage.


Аgressor: You're live legends of Eastern European brutal. What do you think, is brutal already exhausted or is it still developing?

V.: We always tried to overstep all limits, be it political or administrative. The same is with music, but undoubtedly there's a verge where music becomes just noise. Of course death metal has it's own canons, but right now we are at a stage, where we don't look back and do what we do.

S.: A question about lyrics ideology. Some time before your lyrics were more secretive. But now your lyrics are open and undisguised in satanic thematic. Why did this change occur?

V.: Earlier Peter wrote the texts with his friend, who unfortunately committed suicide. Right now 4 people are in charge of lyrics. They are friends of Vader too. And you treat things differently when you're 19 and when you're 30. Earlier our lyrics were more rebellious and I think vice versa they were more satanic and aggressive than now.

А.: Did you like your CIS tour? What city did you like most?

V.: We were very surprised. We heard a lot about gigs in the East. We were very surprised because we thought that in cities like Ufa and Samara nobody would come to the show, we thought nobody even ever listened that kind of music there. And we were surprised to find the organization there better than in Kyiv, St. Petersburg or Moscow. Here the organizers "dissembled" with apparatus and in general but we'll do our best. We are glad that eastern stage passed a crucial point in concert organization. We are glad to be here and this is not the last time we come here.

S.: Vader is almost 20. What was the hardest period in band's history?

V.: It was always difficult, difficult to make our way. One needs good support from the label and finances to become more popular. But there are bands, which were more popular than Vader, but they're long gone and Vader's still playing, playing the music they like. I we have any problems with that - we'll just change the label.

S.: VADER often makes covers. E.g. Rainnig Blood - Slayer and Future of the Past. Why do you like covers so much?

V.: Every style has its classics. These days many young people don't know old metal bands, so Vader's trying to remind these bands exist. We play their covers, preserving of course the spirit of that music. Future of the Past is dedicated to that. We are going to continue playing covers, but nevertheless Vader's own creative work is priority. There was a funny event: we received a letter from a young polish fan, who wrote that he went to Black Sabbath's concert and they played a cover on Vader. :)

VADER на сцене

S.: DVD is very popular nowadays. Is Vader going to put out something on DVD?

V.: We had one DVD, a very old one - Vision and The Voice. 2 years ago we recorded some new material, which will come out on DVD again. We wish we hadn't a delay - we had problems looking for a label, but now we settled everything down and the DVD will most likely come out on Metal Mind.

А.: Do you record your concerts during this tour and are you going to publish these records?

V.: No. We have Live in Japan.

S.: Poland has been independent for 14 years. But they say clericalism came to take totalitarianism's place. How does community treat your works? Do you have any problems about it?

V.: There always have been problems about it in Poland. There was no communism in Poland, as distinct from Russia, Romania or Cuba. There had always been Church and it will always be. And nowadays Church undertook a lot. We try to be more cautious when we organize gigs. Some time before we had problems with that: we even used to have cancelled the gigs because somebody called and said that Vader was a satanic band. It's a little easier today, I guess because Poland is a part of the EU now and you can't just cancel the concert. There was an incident with GORGOROTH. They wanted to make a video. Well, they put some crosses, then girls on them. But they were prohibited to make that video as if because of an outrage against Christianity. Later it turned out that those people just wanted to settle scores with the manger of the club. So the problems are likely more political than religious.

S.: Well, the last question: your tour is almost finished, you have 2 shows left. Can we hope to see Vader here again?

V.: Probably. In any way we hope so.


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