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Today we have guests not from metal "lands", but quite close. WAY OF LIFE is young rock group from Canada. Formed in November last year, musicians have recorded already 6-songs demo, and currently play live very active, having 14 compositions to perform. Questions answers frontman, Michael Green (by the way, he's nephew of Tony Dolan - MANTAS/ATOMKRAFT/ex-VENOM)

Scorpio: Hello, Mike! Your group is quite young, please introduce WAY OF LIFE.

Michael Green: Scott Bell on Bass. I've been playing with Scott for almost 10 years now. Shawn Walstedt on Lead Guitar. Scott, Shawn and myself have been in bands together before but this is the first all original group we've put together. Finally, there's the Mousaly brothers, Adam on Rhythm Guitar, and Jamie on Drums. I met them around November of last year when they got a copy of our demo and loved it. Adam called me the next day to start the project.

S.: Do you remember the moment, when you were searching for the band's title?

M.G.: I think most bands probably go through a number of different names before finally settling with one everyone agrees on. You'd probably laugh at some of the titles we've gone through in the past! WAY OF LIFE was just perfect for the direction we were going musically.

S.: What were the other probably names and who did propose WAY OF LIFE?

M.G.: I won't mention the real silly ones, but we had the name ECLIPSE a few years ago. It didn't stick long. I suggested " WAY OF LIFE " to Shawn, and he said it was cool. It's the kind of title that could mean anything. Simple.

S.: ECLIPSE, hm. There is already such band from Sweden. And they play good rock music!

M.G.: No kidding! Good thing we changed the name then, hey?

S.: Oh yeah! What are your lyrics about?

M.G.: The lyrics are about whatever you want them to be. I never write stories, although with something like "Drift" or "Machine", there is a definite theme or "script". It's mostly a sound thing. Keep the lyrics simple and easy to relate to. There's nothing that's too personal going on.


S.: What's more important for you, music or text?

M.G.: That's tough, because when I hear a piece of music that Shawn or Adam or whoever has come up with, it can generally stand on it's own as just a great riff or a great idea. Being the singer though, I believe that the lyric and vocal is the thing that sort of ties it all together. Makes the whole thing complete.

S.: You have already recorded the demo. Have you already composed some new songs?

M.G.: The demo contains about six songs, and we have about thirteen or fourteen that we play live. We're constantly writing new material. We're at a very exciting stage in the band where everyone is pumped and has lots of ideas.

S.: When are you going to record your debut album?

M.G.: We're hoping definitely within the next year or so. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the demo will get people interested. We can't wait to get into a studio though and record the "official" album.

S.: So, you've sent the demo to some labels and are waiting for the answer?

M.G.: A few labels, yes. We are waiting for reviews and answers. We're concentrating a lot right now on playing gigs.

S.: Imagine, that I've never heard WAY OF LIFE music. How can you describe it? What differs you from many other groups?

M.G.: It's straight forward, no frills, hard rock. Lots of guitars, big choruses, solid rhythms. Rock 'n' roll is escapism. It's about pulling down the blinds, putting on a pair of headphones, and losing yourself inside your favorite record. I think a lot of bands today have forgotten what it's all about. Most bands out there today seem too pissed off and introverted. Too busy trying to "find" themselves. We create rock music as a form of escapism. That's how we grew up enjoying it.

S.: So, how good are your gigs?

M.G.: We have just played our first few gigs together and the reaction has been fantastic! We only rehearsed for a few months and just couldn't wait to get out there and show our songs off to people. We all have that common ground when it comes to playing live. That's why we're in a band to begin with. To get out there and entertain people, show them what we can do.

S.: Can you describe your feelings, when you were on stage at first time?

Michael GreenM.G.: It's difficult to compare it to anything, really. It's so surreal. It takes forever for the gig to come, and then it's over so quickly. It's the biggest high on earth. Nothing like it. You get addicted to that feeling. You get to almost become someone else for a while.

S.: Who did learn you to play the guitar?

M.G.: I taught myself how to play. Watching different players and just spending hours locked in my room messing around. Shawn and Adam come from a more schooled area when it comes to theories, and scales and all that. I don't read music. Whatever sounds good, I go with it.

S.: And what about the vocal? When did you understand, that you can sing well?

M.G.: Heh! Heh! I'm still waiting!

S.: Do you practice in singing everyday?

M.G.: I do practice everyday. I took a few lessons once the band started to really get busy. So I do scales and things when I'm in the car or at home.

S.: When did you decide to become a musician? Is your uncle, Tony Dolan, "guilty" somehow in that? :)

M.G.: Ha! Tony is 100% responsible for me becoming a musician! Other than Uncle Tony, there are no musicians in the family. He is definitely the main catalyst! I've wanted to be a musician for as long as I can remember. When Tony lived here in Canada back in the early 80's, I can remember listening to records with him. He taught me how to headbang when I was 3 or 4 years old, listening to "Kill 'Em All"!!

S.: What can you say about your uncle?

M.G.: He's always been more of a father figure to me. If ever I need an encouraging word, some advice, or just someone to talk to, I can always go to him. An incredible musician and songwriter. Definitely the role model for any aspect of my life.

S.: Does he like WAY OF LIFE music?

M.G.: He told me he was blown away when he first heard the demo. I suppose he's a bit biased, being family and all. But, I believe he sincerely likes it. And why not? It's great music! Ha!

S.: Have you told all your friends, that he's acting in "Master And Commander" with Russell Crowe? :)

M.G.: Of course! That was so exciting! He's had quite a few acting gigs in the past, but this was the biggest one! It was very, very cool to see him on the big screen. He's in about 65% of the movie, as well. So, it was fantastic to see him in the film so often!

S.: Would you like to play in a movie like he did?

M.G.: Absolutely! I always loved drama classes in school. I guess it's a form of escapism, too. You get to be someone else. I would definitely love it!

Michael GreenS.: And what movie should it be? What your character and co-stars should be?

M.G.: Maybe my character would be a musician who finally makes it with his band! Ha! It'll be non-fiction of course!

S.: What's your opinion about so called love rock and love metal?

M.G.: I'm not too familiar with the Love Metal scene.

S.: And what music do you like?

M.G.: I grew up on all different kinds of music. But rock music was definitely the genre that stuck. Everything from THE BEATLES to AC/DC. Elvis to METALLICA. QUEEN and DEF LEPPARD. The list goes on.

S.: Your Zodiac sign is Scorpio, same as mine :) So, can you say, you are real Scorpio, as it goes in the astrological books?

M.G.: I never actually gave astrology much thought. I guess I will now!!

S.: And what are your hobbies?

M.G.: Music takes up mostly any spare time I have. It's a hobby, a passion, a release. Whether I'm listening, playing or writing. I love movies as well! A big movie buff!

S.: Thank you for your answers, Michael! All the best to WAY OF LIFE! Your final words!

M.G.: I'm very grateful for the opportunity. Thank you very, very much!


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