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This is our first phone interview! We are happy that our first interviewed band became DIMMU BORGIR. Who doesn't know DIMMU BORGIR? These Norwegian blackers are known worldwide and will release their follow-up to great 2001's "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" entitled "Death Cult Armageddon", which will be released 8 September through Nuclear Blast Records. Recordings were doing almost a whole month and recently were finished and now band is doing promotion. So, Thursday's (a week ago) morning Silenoz, one of the group's founder, called me...

Silenoz.: Hi, Scorpio! It's Silenoz.

Scorpio.: Hi Silenoz! Where are you calling from?

Silenoz.: From Promo Department of Nuclear Blast office.

Scorpio.: So, you aren't at home.

DIMMU BORGIRSilenoz.: Yeah, I am in Germany at our label office.

Scorpio.: And how is the weather today?

Silenoz.: Nice, It's looking good, we're going to walking later on today. Looking promising.

Scorpio.: Cool, and what where you doing last few days?

Silenoz.: We have been doing promotion, since Wednesday (23.07). We went first to London and Paris,Milano. On saturday (26.07) we came here, to Germany, and since that doing intervies every day.

Scorpio.: Am I first today?

Silenoz.: Oh, you are number three today :)

Scorpio.: :) An how many yet today?

Silenoz.: Oh just, I will have only fife or four interviews more today.

Scorpio.: So, I am just in the midle.

Silenoz.: Yep! :)

Scorpio.: Ok, let's talk about your new album. Will you say it's your the best work ever?

Silenoz.: I think so. I mean my feelings are the strongest, we did it not so far. I like everythingwhat it comes to production. I think it's the strongest album we have.

Scorpio.: You've spend a lot of time in the studio, what the hell it was so long?

Silenoz.: E-e-e, we always try to spend much time in the studio because, the more time wehave the more relax to can feel, you know, more time we have to mix.

Scorpio.: You have drunk many liters of bear in the studio?

Silenoz.: Ah, yeah, but only after we have done recording because we take music serious.Only after we've done recording than we can have fun, you know.

Scorpio.: Oh, yeah! Whose idea was to include to album songs with norwegian lyrics?

Silenoz.: Ah, I suggested like have original lyrics. I've wriiten it, showedthe guys, said"Do you like it?" - "Yeah, let's use it!". The recording was good, so that's nothing ridiculous why we used it.

Scorpio.: Will we hear orchestra too?

Silenoz.: Yes, as on "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" in recordings took part symphonic orchestra. (and together we are symphoblack orchestra! - auth.)

Scorpio.: Were there guest musicians?

Silenoz.: Yes, we wanted to have one more vocalist. It was Abbath. He told us, that would like totake part in recordings. We have loved IMMORTAL's music ever since the very beginning, so were very happy.

Scorpio.: By the way, what can you say about IMMORTAL's split up?

Silenoz.: Ah, Its very sad thing. I won't speek about this, because they probably had the resons for splitting up,It's their choice, I respect IMMORTAL, they made much for metal in general, thats realy sad, I think.

Scorpio.: Who else from Norwegian blackers are your friends?

Silenoz.: Oh, we are still friends with the most of the bands. I won't tell names, everybody knows them.

Scorpio.: And tell please, why the names of your albums consist always of three words?

Silenoz.: E-e-e, that's because we feel that in three words we can describe music and lyrics in one.Of corse, three puts has "six six six", so it's just symbolic.

Scorpio.: The exceptions are only the "Devil's Path"(two words) and "Stormblast"(one word).

"Death Cult Armageddon"Silenoz.: Yeah.

Scorpio.: Why did you decide to betray a Black Metal vogue, the is no girl on cover?

Silenoz.: No, because we wanted to have much simple cover, Yeah, less colours and no girls.We all like it, cause it's more dark, cold and more grim.

Scorpio.: Is it a turbine?

Silenoz.: Sorry? I haven't understood you.

Scorpio.: What is it on cover, a turbine?

Silenoz.: It looks like it, the turbine. But for me it's like kind of wheel, the will Abaddon,you know, it's like the vicious circle, that forces mankind soul destruction.

Scorpio.: Hellwheel, yeah?

Silenoz.: Aha.

Scorpio.: Who did make it, Luetke?

Silenoz.: Yeah, the same guy, who did "Word Misantropy" DVD cover.

Scorpio.: When will you make normal videoclip? The only - "Mourning Palace" is er... shit.

Silenoz.: Yep, I totally agree. But I must also say, that we didn't it.It was sourcing by the label, we even didn't know it comes to production.This time we shoot another video with a company from Sweden.And the video will be finished next week. Its gonna be looking really killer, and yeah, it's a very professional video.

Scorpio.: Can you tell what will we see?

Silenoz.: It will be clip for one of new songs - "Progenies of The Great Apocalypse". You will see its connection with the album.It's gonna look extremally good and we gonna use it for promotional first, then it also will be included on the additionsof the album in 5.1 Surround mix.

Scorpio.: Silenoz, I have nothing heared about your childhood, was you an obedient boy?

Silenoz.: Yeah, I think so, I've always been obedient. My parents teach me to not connect with people, whocan break my life. That's what I keep doing now.

Scorpio.: What marks did you get at school?

Silenoz.: I did quite well at scholl. I guess my favourite classes were Englih, Music and Religion.Silenoz

Scorpio.: Religion???

Silenoz.: Yes, you...

Scorpio.: Satanism?

Silenoz.: No, you got to know about enemy, right? :))

Scorpio.: Yeah! :)

Silenoz.: Ha-ha-ha!

Scorpio.: Did you fight often?

Silenoz.: No, I didn't. When I was younger, at school I had some fights, but Inever started first, only for my defence. Of corse fought till some teeth fall out, nose broken. :)

Scorpio.: So, words are the best power.

Silenoz.: Best power.

Scorpio.: And when did you met Shagrath?

Silenoz.: Well in 91, I think? 1991. (so, they didn't play together in e в песочнице вместе не игрались авт.)

Scorpio.: I always wanted to ask you. In the beginning of 90-s there was, so called,Black Inner Circle Of Norway in Oslo, there were musicians from MAYHEM,IMMORTAL, DARK THRONE, EMPEROR, BURZUM. And why haven't you were there?

Silenoz.: Because we were more interested in playing Music, becides we have met Euronymusbefore he died, we visited his record shop for buying some records, but we had never been members of BICON.

Scorpio.: What can you say about all these church arsons?

Silenoz.: It was a strong shock effect, when it happend... Religions people were frightened, ithave the opposite effect at the end.

(Here was a little "pincture" by author, but it has explanation. When I looked at promo photosof last album, I thought, that Silenoz has short hair. I haven't seen fresh ones, because their site had problems 3-4days before interview. So I asked...)

Scorpio.: Why did you cut your hair few years ago?

Silenoz.: Cut my hair?

Scorpio.: Aha.

Silenoz.: I've never cut my hair.

Scorpio.: Er... Ar... You was long-haired few yers ago.

Silenoz.: I have long hair still.

Scorpio.: But on promo photos of "Pritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" I saw you shorth-haired.

Silenoz.: No, it's just because I gathered it in pigtail, so...

Scorpio.: A-a-a! OK. :)

Silenoz.: Ha-ha-ha!

Look at Silenoz! It seems his hair is short!

Scorpio.: So, you will never be bald as Galder or Nick.

Silenoz.: Well, every day some hair fill out, so will see, how long I will have long hair. :)

Scorpio.: And what Galder and Nick currently doing?

Silenoz.: Galder is still doing OLD MAN'S CHILD and Nicholas plays drums for local band BRUJERIA.

Scorpio.: And you and Shagrath give interviews, yeah?

Silenoz.: Yes!

Scorpio.: After the releasing of "Death Cult Armageddon" album, your tour begins. What songs willyou include to setlist?

Silenoz.: We haven't decided yet. We gonna to take songs from every album, that we have done.Of course, we gonna concentrate on the new record mostly, but we will also play tracksfrom older albums.

Scorpio.: About 50% - new stuff, and other 50 - old one, yeah?

Silenoz.: Yes, something like that.

Scorpio.: You tour will end with show in Moscow on the 1st of November. That will be your firstgig in CIS, yeah?

Silenoz.: Yep!

Scorpio.: Will you prepare something special?

Silenoz.: Yes, we will of course play long set. As long as we can manage, you know. This is thefirst time we're in Russia, so we try to play a lot of various stuff.You really won't be disappointed.

Scorpio.: Special show with effects, fireworks?

Silenoz.: Will see, if we will have permission, so, I think, it will be possible.

Scorpio.: Do you know some Russian words?

Silenoz.: Spasiba! (Thanks - auth.) :) Nyet! (No - auth.) :))

Scorpio.: :)) Maybe some other, "Hi!"?

Silenoz.: Er... no, I think we'll learn some other words when get to Moscow.

SilenozScorpio.: So, maybe I teach you some words now?

Silenoz.: No, I don't think so. I probably will forgot 'em before we come to Russia. We'll make it there.

Scorpio.: And can you tell me some words in Norwegian.

Silenoz.: Yeah, I can give you some norwegian words, when we'll come to Moscow.

Scorpio.: Maybe two or three now? (Far you can see my variations of what I have heared, so will not say, that it's correct - auth.)

Silenoz.: Sit-ta.

Scorpio.: "Thanks".

Silenoz.: Pok'

Scorpio.: "Death"

Silenoz.: Deth (or like "Doth" - auth.).

Scorpio.: Almost the same as English, yeah?

Silenoz.: Yeah.

Scorpio.: "Satan"?

Silenoz.: This word is the same. (international word :) - aut.) We'll see in Moscow, alright?There I'll give you another words.

Scorpio.: OK.

Silenoz.: OK. :)

Scorpio.: Norway is N1 in the world by "best conditions for life". Do you like your native land?

Silenoz.: E-e-e, yeah, of course I do. Norway is reach country. You should spend money on the rightthings, you know. A well country. But there is also a lot of stuff, that I don't like.

Scorpio.: Many Skandinavians know English well. Does it exist a program "English for babies"?

Silenoz.: Oh, you can to learn English in fisrst or second grade, so...

Scorpio.: A, heh... I must tell you, that one my friend showed me a pirate cassete of your"Enthroned Darkness Triuphant". So, these pirates wrote on cover - "The Kings Of Swedish Black Metal".

Silenoz.: Alright, :) I hope, will see you in Moscow on the first of November, and you'll show me it.

SilenozScorpio.: I've heared Bruce Dickinson from IRON MAIDEN likes your music. And do you like IRON MAIDEN?

Silenoz.: Yeas, of course I do.

Scorpio.: Maybe you will make cover one day?

Silenoz.: Perhaps, will see.

Scorpio.: And what is your favourite album?

Silenoz.: "Powerslave"

Scorpio.: And what is the worst MAIDEN's song, you think?

Silenoz.: Worst song? I think something form the Blaze Bayley's albums. I don't know.

Scorpio.: I think that's all for today. Your final words.

Silenoz.: Hell awaits, when we come to Moscow!

Scorpio.: So, thanks a lot, Silenoz

Silenoz.: Thank you!

Scorpio.: Good bye!

Silenoz.: Good bye!


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