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Many power metal fans know well Elisa Martin - ex-vocalist of DARK MOOR, singing now in FAIRYLAND. Also DARK MOOR fans remember, that 2 musicians more left DARK MOOR together with Elisa. As the result we have DREAMAKER group, which has released their debut album "Human Device" on Arise this year.

Scorpio: Why did you decide to leave DARK MOOR and to create DREAMAKER?

Elisa: We wanted to make more powerful music with aggressive voices without orchestral arrangements or majestic choirs. With DARK MOOR this was not possible so we decided to leave the band. Now we are a real band, all together think about the way of DREAMAKER and nobody is more than anyone.

Scorpio: Your name is DREAMAKER, have many dreams of yours come true?

DREAMAKERElisa: Yes, many dreams!!! There are at least two amazing dreams for us: the first dream is to be a band of friends and the second dream is to play in Japan. Now we want to make dreams for our fans with our music...

Scorpio: Why have you signed the deal with Arise Rec., because DARK MOOR was signed on it and you have known the people, working there?

Elisa: We signed deal with Arise because is the best record company in Spain and we know they. For the moment all is good with Arise.

Scorpio: How is it to be the best Spanish rock singer? What did you feel when you got the award?

Elisa: This is the 3rd time when people think that I am the best singer. This is a honour for me and I feel so proud... I know that people love and respect me very much. That is, for a person like me, very emotional and from here I want to say "thank you" to all the fans.

Scorpio: Tell us about the debut album "Human Device". When and where was it recorded, say a few words about its concept and cover idea?

Elisa: "Human Device" was recorded in Helsinki (Sonic Pump Studios) in october 2003. We looked for powerful sound and we thought that it must be in Finland, in country where the bands have a really good sound. We are very satisfied with our debut album.Niklas Sundin, an excellent professional, designed the cover. We know his work with bands like IN FLAMES or ARCH ENEMY and we decided to work with him. The idea of the cover was our and reflects the machine which we have inside of ourselves. Now we are like human devices!!!

Scorpio: Yes, many good power metal groups are in Finland: STRATOVARIUS, SONATA ARCTICA, NIGHTWISH. Do you like all these bands and why? :) What can you say about the problems in STRATOVARIUS?

Elisa: Yes, I like power metal very much and the bands like SONATA ARCTICA or NIGHTWISH. This kind of bands very well can mix heavy metal music with nice vocal melodies. I think that was an important step in the metal scene. Oh! I know this problem, but I prefer not to speak of it. This is horrible that inside the band such things happen... It's a pity!!!

Scorpio: Japanese version of CD contains 2 bonus tracks, do you have so many fans in Japan?

Elisa: Oh yes! Japan is a country who loves our music. We'll go to Japan in May to play two concerts with the Italian band LABIRYNTH. For us this is a real honour because we are the first Spanish metal band who will play in Japan.

"Human Device"Scorpio: And what about other your shows? Do you plan to visit other countries this year?

Elisa: Yes, we want to do European tour after summer and maybe to play in China and South America, but we have to wait for the moment...

Scorpio: What is your favourite song from "Human Device"?

Elisa: I love to be alone in my bed without light and listen "Alone Again", but I like very much to sing "Welcome To My Hell" because I sing with a lot of different voices.

Scorpio: And how did you "recruit" Ark 666 for "Welcome to my hell"?

Elisa: Because we wanted death metal voice for this song and our producer (Nino Laurenne) knew this guy, he called him!!! AMAZING, this guy is amazing and crazy too. Very good person...

Scorpio: It was a big pleasure for me to get promo with signed booklet. Whose idea was to write autographs on the booklet?

Elisa: It was mine because it's a big pleasure for me to know you... I love your country. Maybe someday I will come...

Scorpio: We will wait for you! It is always interesting, what do the people from other countries know about Ukraine. So, what about you? Why is Ukraine interesting for you?

Elisa: Oh, Ukraine is very interesting for me, because you are totally unknown in my country and I don't understand why. I am licensed in geography and history and have studied very much about your country, your culture... Ukraine is wonderful!!! Kyiv is a beautiful city, you have one of the most important river of Europe - Dnipro...You have an amazing people like Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Lesya Ukrainka, Nicolai Gogol, Mykola Lysenko, Dmitri Bortnyanskyy; Sviatoslav Richter, Olexandr Koshytsia, Sergue Lefar, Mykola Hrushevskyy. I could be speaking thousand hours about why I like Ukraine...I really don't know why but I love your country and I hope to visit it soon maybe to play maybe not, is the same for me but I want to go...

Scorpio: How is it to be the only girl in the band? Does the male part of the group protect you? :)

Elisa: I'm the only woman in the band because I love that they protect me!!! Hahahha.... no no no!!! I protect all DREAMAKER's members like mother.

Scorpio: Do the musicians of DREAMAKER take part in other bands?

Elisa: The musicians love the music and we love to make different things inside the metal, but our hearts are with DREAMAKER.

Scorpio: What do you think about the recently awful explosions on Spanish railways?

Elisa: The life is full of bad people and this time my country is full of blood, pain and terror! Maybe someday the peace reigns.

Scorpio: Are you a big fan of Real Madrid FC?

Elisa: NOOOOOO, NOOOOO, never never... I am a big fan of Barcelona F.C and Atletico de Madrid. Never, never. I hate Real Madrid... too much stars for nothing!!! Hahaha...

Scorpio: Yes, and with their stars Real Madrid is no more in this year Champions League :) The same as Milan. And who will win Champions League this time? Maybe Chelsea FC with Abramovich from Russia on head? :)

Elisa: HAHAHAHA.... yes yes, no more Champions League for Real Madrid and Milan...!!!I would like it happen very much, because they think that you are very bad.... Do you imagine??? Hahahha....

Элиза МартинScorpio: What are your hobbies?

Elisa: I love football, martial arts (I practice Kung-Fu), to travel by motorcicle, to write songs, to make love... hahaha... but it's true!!!

Scorpio: And did you always have such unusual hobbies as for girls? Did you play football, when you were a girl?

Elisa: Hahahaha... Are my hobbies unusual for women? Maybe I'm an unusual woman!!! Hahahha...Yes, I was playing football when I was a small girl. I was the "doorman" of a team of my neighborhood. They were all boys and were surprised that I was not afraid of being in the desk ... I'm always so heavy!!!

Scorpio: Traditionally you final words!

Elisa: Your interview has been very entertaining for me, thank you!. I'm sure that when you see DREAMAKER in live you will never forget it. Many kisses of your Spanish friend, Elisa.


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