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A true legend is back! EXODUS, the legitimate founders of Bay Area Thrash Metal, have erupted with a new album, "Tempo Of The Damned". Twelve years after the last studio record, "Force Of Habit", and now you get coolest real thrash metal! Phone lines tried to bother us to speak to musicians, but finally it happened and so, Gary Holt is on the other side of the line...

Scorpio: Hello, Gary! Are calling from USA?

Gary: Yes, I am.

Rick's lost guitarScorpio: Oh, what time is it now in USA?

Gary: It's 1 p.m. (11 p.m. was in Chernivtsi - auth.)

Scorpio: How are you Gary, how did you celebrate the Xmas and New Year?

Gary: Oh, New Year, I didn't do anything. Xmas I just was at home with my girlfriend and my two daughters.

Scorpio: Want to ask about the Rick's lost guitar. How did it happen?

Gary: We played a show in Münster, Germany. It was a one of the security people at the club has stole it. He took it from the backstage area after a show and put the guitar into waiting car.

Scorpio: And do you know something now about it?

Gary: No, nothing. We haven't heard anything yet.

Scorpio: You're also guitarist, had something similar ever happened to your guitar?

Gary: No, never. If such happened, I should kill somebody.

Scorpio: Heh, you look for your guitar and don't let anybody touch it.

Gary: Oh, absolutely!

Scorpio: OK, and now about your newest album, "Tempo Of The Damned". You were going to release it a year ago, why did you push the release date back?

Gary: You know, we started to record it later, than expected and it took longer to finalize the album and stuff like that, also to find the label. Also we were thinking if to release it early this year or just on Xmas. But Xmas isn't a good time to release the album, so we pushed the release date back.

Scorpio: And you devote it to Paul, yeah?

Gary: Yes, yes.

Scorpio: And what will we hear on your new effort?

Gary: It's crushing classic EXODUS record in vein of "Bounded By Blood".

Scorpio: So, thrash till death, yeah?

Gary: Absolutely!

Scorpio: And have you shooted any promotional video for one of the new tracks?

Gary: Yeah, we've done two. The first one will be ready soon. We did it for War Is My Sheppard. You will see the aircraft carrior in the videoclip. And the second one we have shooted for Throwing Down, we filmed it in one rehearsal room. The both came out, looking killer!

War Is My Sheppard videoScorpio: OK, Will see. And do you have already the ideas for upcoming to the "Tempo Of The Damned" album?

Gary: Yeah, you are right. I have already some ideas.

Scorpio: And are you going on tour to support the new album?

Gary: We have some shows very soon, then summer festival and some shows between. An we are also searching more places for touring.

Scorpio: And are you going to visit Russia?

Gary: Yeah, it would be great!

Scorpio: Cool!

Gary: Yes, you know, that's not an option, we have to.

Scorpio: How do you think, was the last year, 2003, successful for thrash metal?

Gary: Maybe, but I think that 2004 is gonna be the big year. I mean, our album is coming out, DEATH ANGEL's in the studio right now, finishing up, TESTAMENT will be in the studio soon. 2004 will be really big year!

Scorpio: And what is the best thrash metal album of the previous year?

Gary: I'm not sure, what stuff came out last year, I think THE HAUNTED "One Kill Wonder" is cool.

Scorpio: And do you like the METALLICA "St. Anger"?

Gary: Yeah, actually. I don't like the drums, but I like the record.

Scorpio: Aha, everybody tell, that the drums are shit, like saucepans.

Gary: Yeah, they sound like kitchen pots and pans.

Scorpio: Gary, was it a big lost for you, when Kirk Hammet left EXODUS and joined METALLICA?

Gary: No, we were happy for him, and it put me to a driver seat to take EXODUS where I want.

Scorpio: And have he ever wanted to return?

Gary: No, I don't think so, he-he. I think he's making few dollars in there now.

Scorpio: And when will you present your first DVD?

Gary: Probably around the end of year. We will compose it with the upcoming concert videos and the old, I think.

Scorpio: You've signed a deal with Nuclear Blast last year, do you like your new label?

Gary: Yes, we love it! I mean, that's the best place, we could sign a deal.

Scorpio: And do you like movies?

Gary: Oh, absolutely.

Scorpio: And have you heard about the last movie with Russel Crowe - "Master And Commander"?

Gary: No, I haven't.

Scorpio: You know, Tony Dolan from British thrash metal…

Gary: Oh, yeah, yeah, I remember. Actually Jaap at Nuclear Blast. Tony Dolan sent him a poster, it was a picture with him on it, so he circled it like a "This is me, right here!", I saw that poster.

Scorpio: You know, I did the interview with Tony and he told me about the film and I went to the cinema.

Gary: Is it good?

Scorpio: Yeah, great film with the warships, sea-battles, storm.

Gary: Cool!

Scorpio: And maybe you'd like to act in a movie one day?

Gary: Right now I don't have enough time for that, he-he. Maybe some day.

Scorpio: And what film should it be?

Gary: I don't know, maybe a good serial killer movie.

Scorpio: And soundtracks will be by EXODUS, yeah?

Gary: Absolutely!

Scorpio: And what can you say about your free time?

Gary: At my free time I really don't do much, heh. I just stay home with my girlfriend and my daughters. I take care of the reptiles, snakes.

Scorpio: And what pets else do you have? Maybe dog or cat?

Gary: No, no dog, no cat. Two pythons and Australian water dragon.

Scorpio: So, only exotic animals.

Gary: Yeah, yeah.

Scorpio: And what about the other horror things, like spiders?

Gary: No, I'm not a friend of spiders.

Scorpio: Now I will name four American bands and you will say few words about 'em, OK?

Gary: Sure.


Gary: They are the kings. They're fucken biggest band on the planet.


Gary: Another great band, I've heard they're doing a new album, and I've heard it's gonna be really fast and heavy.

Scorpio: ANTHRAX

Gary: Old friends, good band. I'm glad to see them back, doing a good work. And we actually will play on some festival together this summer, so, will have fun.

Scorpio: EXODUS

Gary: Best thrash in the world!

Scorpio: He-he! Now, will leave the bands and go to drinks, my drink questionnaire. First - water, few words about it.

EXODUSGary: He-he. You need it to live.

Scorpio: Milk.

Gary: Good with cookies, heh.

Scorpio: Tea.

Gary: I don't really drink much tea, casually.

Scorpio: Coffee.

Gary: Everyday.

Scorpio: To awake?

Gary: Oh yeah!

Scorpio: Coca-Cola.

Gary: I like it and drink a lot, but actually it's not good for you.

Scorpio: Next, beer.

Gary: Don't really drink it, when I'm home, but on tour I like to take a few beers.

Scorpio: Wine.

Gary: All the time.

Scorpio: And what wine, white or red?

Gary: Red.

Scorpio: Champagne.

Gary: I don't really much it, I have a headache.

Scorpio: Whiskey.

Gary: Never!

Scorpio: Vodka.

Gary: Oh, love it. Ha-ha!

Scorpio: Traditional Russian drink.

Gary: Absolutely, heh!

Scorpio: And what do you know about Russia?

Gary: A little bit, you know. Hermitage and other stuff like that. Actually, I'm looking forward, hopefully to get to St.-Petersburg, so I can visit the Hermitage.

Scorpio: So you like different places of the world with sightseeing's.

Gary: Yeah, absolutely. I've visited Rome and London with my family.

Scorpio: And what about Egypt?

Gary: Oh I like Egypt, but haven't been there. But it's not so safe right now for tourist, especially for Americans, you know.

Scorpio: And what bands are your best friends?

Gary: I'm good friend with DEATH ANGEL, NUCLEAR ASSAULT. We make good friends all the time, new friends like GRAVE, MORTICIAN, MARDUK.

Scorpio: So, we can say, if you do a gig with the band, you become the friends.

Gary: Yeah, we're easy to get to know.

Scorpio: And what about the tour story?

Gary: Tour story? My whole life - one big tour story, he-he.

Scorpio: And what about the jokes?

Gary: Oh, many jokes, kind of humor that you must be there to understand, heh.

Scorpio: Peter from HYPOCRISY… Do you know this band?

Gary: Yeah, one of my favourite band.

Scorpio: Cool. So, he told me that they put honey on stage, so the musicians just stick to the floor.

Gary: Ha-ha-ha! It's nasty.

Scorpio: And they also put soap on the floor, so bands' members can't move.

Gary: He-he! Let we do it!

Scorpio: Yeah! And maybe you know some other jokes.

Gary: Oh, just in our last tour. We had lunch on MORTICIAN snare drum and we had a poker game on stage during the NUCLEAR ASSAULT set.

Scorpio: He-he. How many years are you going to perform?

Gary: Till I can't do anymore.

Scorpio: And will we see EXODUS on stage in 2020?

Gary: Maybe, you know, heh. Will see!

Scorpio: And what can you say about such bands like DEEP PURPLE, you know, they continue to release new albums.

Gary: Yeah, but it's not more DEEP PURPLE without Richie Blackmore and John Lord.

Scorpio: And do you like the new Blackmore's project - BLACKMORE'S NIGHT?

Gary: Yeah, I think it's great.

Scorpio: Such acoustic medieval music.

Gary: Uhu, I love that stuff.

Scorpio: And what do you think about the title of the last DEEP PURPLE album - "Bananas"?

Gary: He-he, I don't know what to say about that, heh.

Scorpio: I also haven't heard it, but maybe oldmen get crazy?

Gary: I don't know, but with the name of the album, I don't want to have it.

Scorpio: Maybe their next album will be, I don't know, "Oranges"?

Gary: Yeah, "Pineapples", he-he!

Scorpio: Aha, yeah! And what is your favourite fruit?

Gary: Er… M-m-m. I don't know, I like all of them. Hm, bananas, he-he!

Scorpio: He-he! And what food do you like?

Gary: Stake. Stake's good.

Scorpio: And all that McDonald's fast food stuff?

EXODUSGary: No, I don't like it so much.

Scorpio: And what do you think about the politicians of USA and about your president?

Gary: He is a dummy. They all are big dummies and assholes.

Scorpio: And do you know such Russian politician Zhyrinovsky?

Gary: I don't know about your politicians, but I guess they're assholes too.

Scorpio: You know, he's like a joker, he also called George Bush "shitty cowboy".

Gary: He is. Ha-ha-ha! He is a big stupid cowboy!

Scorpio: What are your interests, hobbies?

Gary: Just reptiles.

Scorpio: And what about the prehistoric reptiles, dinosaurs?

Gary: Yeah, I loved dinosaurs, when I was a kid and I still have quite interest to them.

Scorpio: You know, me too. I collected the toy gummy dinosaurs.

Gary: Yeah, I also have many dinosaurs-toy and stuff like that.

Scorpio: It's quite interesting to be a paleontologist.

Gary: Yeah, it must be cool.

Scorpio: And have you dreamed to find the dinosaur's bones, when you were the kid?

Gary: Oh yeah, certainly.

Scorpio: And what about sport?

Gary: Football. American Football.

Scorpio: And what is your fave team?

Gary: San Francisco 49ers.

Scorpio: And who is the champion now?

Gary: That will be decided this Sunday. That will be match between New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers.

Scorpio: You know, I only heard the names, American football isn't popular here, in Europe, soccer is the sport god here.

Gary: Yeah, I know it, heh.

Scorpio: And do you like soccer?

Gary: Yeah, I like it. I watch big soccer events like World Cup.

Scorpio: And what about ice hockey?

Gary: I don't watch a lot hockey myself. Some other guys from the band do.

Scorpio: And does music brings you enough money, so you don't have to find the other job?

Gary: Yes, that's all I do.

Scorpio: How do you think, is it cool when musician earns the money with his music?

Gary: Yes, of course.

Scorpio: And what do you think about the people, who say "I do music just for myself and I don't money for it."?

Gary: Of course you should do the music for yourself, I'm doing music for myself, but I also have to pay bills.

Scorpio: All people need money.

Gary: Absolutely, everyone need to eat.

Scorpio: And all try to find the best way to earn the money, and the best is when your hobby becomes your job.

Gary: Absolutely!

Scorpio: Final words…

Gary: I'm tired accidently of becoming away sometimes, 2004 - and we are looking forward to. Get ready, we gonna do it and fuck everything up.


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