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T.H.R.O.N. is an old stager band definitely one of the most prominent acts of Russian scene playing black metal in the middle of 90's, fast death metal in the end of 90's and death-n-roll in the early 2000's doesn't really seem to be very active nowadays. We know that T.H.R.O.N. hasn't disbanded but there's nothing really in common with their former vigorous activity - endless touring including support for big bands like SLAYER (!), VADER, DEMENTOR. Read the interview taken for POETIC 'zine in 2001.

Ind: Please start with latest updates!

Yury: Yap, we are making a new album, a sort of death thrash rock-h-roll mixture, such a brute-n-roll. I also promote friendly bands from Zelenograd - NOSFERATOS, ex-UGLY BAND. Our guitar player got engaged into studio activity, raising his own studio which I also have to promote.

Ind: I suppose your story is far from steady, one day you are touring restlessly, the other day you keep silent.

Yury: Life flows accordingly! In fact we got signed to MUSICKNESS RUSSIA and expect being promoted alright. All thanx to Eugene Price.

Ind: For many fans your are a band of no principles easily changing music. How would also comment your T-shirt being ripped by NOKTURANAL MORTUM members 'cause you turned out black metal traitors?

Yury: Oh, it must have been a damn good advertising! Any scandal is a hidden advertising! Well in case they like to rip shirts I don't mind, we can arrange a small business supplied them with our T-shirts! Let the kids rejoice. C.I.S. states are full of bums eager to talk and make shit.


Ind: What kind of music do you prefer now most of all. ENTOMBED, I'm sure!

Yury: We are NAPALM DEATH, SLAYER and METALLICA fans. Yeah, I've been loving NAPALM DEATH since 1988, I am deep in their philosophy. Well… I care a lot for MORTICIAN, THE HUANTED, CATHEDRAL, DELAMORTE, SIX FEET UNDER, DYING FOETUS!!! ATOMIC FIREBALLS, PRESLEY, ARMSTRONG, FITZGERALD, UTESOV, and black metal band No.1- IMMORTAL.

Ind: Were you a success with hot rod ideas?

Yury: Godz! Devilz! I wish I were rich enough to bye a bueik! My father used to have an old "Pobeda" vehicle. Russian hot rod!!! I am overwhelmed with ideas, still we are not in States, our winters are too cold. I wish I could create a hot rod thrashobily band (just imagine!). For than I would need a bass viol player!

Ind: Tell a few words about Zelenograd and metal music in that Moscow related city.

Yury: I damn call it Grindograd. The air is delicate and fresh here blended with good metal traditions. Well, outstanding bands come from here!

Ind: HAVAHOHUT Studios, a new and a promising one. How has the studio started?

Yury: It all started in early 90's when we were living in Karaganda. At that time we had no equipment at all, still our demos were not that bad! Navaho's dream is coming true now. My dream was to become a designer and it has almost come true as well, the core idea is to develop it properly.

Ind: Is that true that you accept no democracy with your band.

Yury: Each enterprise should have a master. Our country has no master and we are facing results! If I were a master of the country I would reign orderly! No morons, well I am not the master.

Ind: Listening to SUBJECT TO DAMAGE I could hardly recognize World In Eyes, Depeche Mode cover.

Yury: Yeah, we worked on it a lot. I love covering pop stuff and dream of making Hit The Road Jack and even BAD BOYS BLUE songs!

Ind: SUBJECT TO DAMAGE looks like a promo CD with no lyrics.

Yury: Official CD is expected pretty soon with booklet and four bonus tracks and will cost 10-15 Euros.

Ind: I can't help asking about your lyrics. You use both English and Russian language. Verses of no rhyme… Sometimes you don't mind dirty tongue.

Yury: Our themes deal with a human being - a selfish animal, world around sketching, sudden thoughts, improvisation, irony or sarcasm. My English is vivid and emotional, I am not Shakespear of course. When a schoolboy I studied Deutch. Afterwards I practiced my English reading books, mags and talking to foreigners.

Ind: Are you experiencing line up problems? Where is you bass player?

Yury: He left the band for Shadow Host but we have the previous bass player back.

Ind: Are your best years left behind?

Yury: Nop! I wish my life never ended. I am solving common life problems but that's Okay.

Ind: Which local bands do you appreciate?

Yury: T.H.R.O.N. and our project band called MANGLER! Our local bands are quite good… yet lack many things.

Ind: Tell us about you i-net projects.

Yury: It is my personal activity. I run HAVHOHUT site, T.H.R.O.N. and MANGLER sites, Russian www-site about Charlie Chaplin and some more.

YuryInd: In 2000 you recorded ep. Introduce it and explain why did you record just 4 tracks?

Yury: We had 7 new tracks, picked 4 and had them recorded. Ep - "Maybe": In The Jaws of Death, Jedem Der Seine, Maybe, March On. It is a test recording before full length material, extreme death-n-roll material to kick the buckets! Full length album will include 12 brute-n-roll songs. "Maybe" might be released as a split or a mini. Some songs has already been changed, Havaho bros made them better.

Ind: Don't you judge C.I.S. scene filled with petty intrigues?

Yury: Absolutely! The only good point is that metal underground keeps on moving. I also don't relate T.H.R.O.N. to underground bands anymore. I adore music and hate sticking labels. Some folks are addicted to sticking labels!

Ind: Any environmental view outs?

Yury: Well, let me think. The essence is in eating up rivals or dying away in someone's belly. SUBJECT TO DAMAGE deals with such matters. A man is created to obliterate and be obliterated.

Ind: T.H.R.O.N. guitar players look quite exotic as if they were DEATH ANGEL bandmembers!

Yury: Ha-ha! Nurken's double is playing in VITAL REMAINS! Yeah, we've got Navaho Bros or Great Sui! I myself like North American Indians, great culture, great warriors!

Ind: Favourite dish and beverages?

Yury: Ohhh! I loan for chicken, shrimps, Pils beer, roast meet, red wine, salads!!!

Ind: Do you insert subsidiary elements into grind?

Yury: Well, we are not into grind now. A kind of death-n-roll or post grind, like latest PUNGENT STENCH, NAPALM DEATH CATHEDRAL (another fantastic band, one of my inspirations). We are more into rock-n-roll, picking girls philosophy. Just living. Life and death intertwined. A human being is an animal of this planet yet ready to joke a little…


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