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Two guys from the Russian group Bestial, two hyenas, as they call themselves, obviously will not die of modesty. Indoubtedly they count the group of one of the best on a planet. The style define as Satanic metal and in any way differently. From the Helmet and Memphis the word has been taken, that they will answer both. And it has turned out, places they even argued among themselves. So, read...

Scorpio: Hail Satans! Let's begin.Your debut album was published by S'n'G Prod., I've never heard about such something. Can you tell about yours cooperation?

S.H: Label is Shit!
M.H: S'n'G Production young especially local label in the basis expected on a narrow circle of Izhevsk blacksters. Work above a material together with these people has allowed to get necessary experience both to us at record of an album, and to them - Bestial " Satanic Metal " 2002 became their first release. Shagrat and Garbag in the near future will release a mini album "Bestial Division", and as reprinting of a material of 1994 "Bestial Control".

S: The group hasn't writeen anything since 1994 till 2002. What was the reason?

S.H.:The Group was renamed in Kazbek and was engaged in different music up to full disorder in 1998. Further, I have my solo project.
M.H.:Originally I was engaged in solo project Amduscias which showed certain synthesis Abruptum and Mysticum - affairs moved extremely slowly, and hardly at that time I would finish the plans with a high-grade album. Then in February, 2002, when Shlem proposed to revive Bestial.
S.H.:Hey, the boy, you have offered it to me will join to Amduscias as the guitarist.
M.H.:Well, in a result after several weeks under a signboard of my solo project we have decided will return to the old name, cardinally having changed musical priorities.

S: Therefore, probably, you now began rapidly write writing of new stuff. The second album is almost already, on the approach whereas you have pleased your fans with debut album the last year. By the way, only commercial question, how many copies of the first album were sold?S.H.:First demos: "Bestial Control" (1994) and "Hail To Euronimous" (2002) did not go on sale at all so people had know Bestial after "Satanic Metal" (2002).
M.H.:Hardly it is necessary to speak about huge circulation, but all who wanted to get this release - they have received it.
S.H.:No statistic from S'n'G.

S: What is the name of fresh release and in brief about a material on it.

S.H.:We prepair reprinting of a demo '94 and new demo Bestial "Division" which besides a header composition and a remix, and also 3 new songs. All things are musically various, no less than other from written for the second full-length release. First of all it is connected to absence for group of musical borders, satanic metal any metal-music with propagation of Devil-warship in texts.Of course, new musicians have brought something new in the sound, but it doesn't have cardinalchanges.
M.H.:In the Autumn completely copied album " Satanic Metal " is going to leave on Oupiric Production on MC 1000 copies. The new sound simply shakes by the power is a bomb of a world scale!

S: You are two. Who and what instruments plays?

S.H.:Schlem the Hyena - guitars, back-vocal.
M.H.:Memphis the Hyena - bass, vocal.

S: Certainly two it is enough for record, but during performances... Or session musicians are invited to concerts?

S.H.:Two is enough for performances too. Plus the sound technician, personal security and, in an ideal, director.
M.H.: Any invited musicians - one more of throat, which will shout what it is necessary to do? Fuck 'em. Schlem is enough.
S.H.:All is necessary to them - mineral water for facewashing, whisky "Jack Daniels", girls in number. And what we have in result? The more mouthes - more bugs.

S: A hyena - your arms. What features involve you in this animal? By the way, do you know, how hyenasfeed their puppies? Adult men hyenas go on hunting. Eat, until are full. Come home anderuct a part of food for wives and children.

S.H.:Hyenas - the most severe and successful predators. By the way at Hyenas matriarchy, and men will receive nothing until their wives and girls-hyenas will eat.
M.H.:One of heads of an animal of an apocalypse - a head of a hyena so the world will fail under godvile sounds of Bestial.

S: How the Udmurt guys make sure ,that Satan is their spiritual daddy?

S.H.: I do not believe in existence of tens of gods for every nationality. And further as they say, from two it is malicious gets out smaller.
M.H.: I'm only the slave of the Master. He has chosen me - not I him. Not the Helmet, I hasten to notice, and me - Memphis the Hyena!

S: Arrange satanic rituals in native city? What literature can you advise to young satanists?

S.H.:I do not understand sense put in a combination "satanic rituals". Magic practise with the purpose of extraction of certain own benefit, and to us for itself to ask there is nothing, the Owner himself will give that will consider necessary. And to perusal I can recommend Bestial's lyrics, the blessing of ton of brains for their understanding is not required.
M.H.:Several years ago I took part in similar action during which to me extremely clearly let know, that I'm stranger in this system. So since then I have left any attempts "to penetrate" into other world - all the time.
     Also force,
            To the world
     To madness
            In reason

S: One Slovak hockey player's surname is Satan. Do you envy him?

S.H.:Concerning what he's the hockey player or that that he's the Slovak? Being the fatalist I in general in any cases do not test envy.
M.H.:With such surname could play and it is better., for example Тemmu Selane - a star.
S.H.:And why with such surname to play hockey? Would hammer lavandos. Fuck hockey. Football - whether game for true er … men that.
M.H.:Aha, and kerling - game for the true Norwegians - the same chicken-feed, as well as their black - let too go far away...
S.H.:True Nords play "who will faster dig and will gobble up a rotten liver of a shark". And Mayhem you have fucked vain. I know a group - Bestial (so he say about himself - aut.), so they even have devoted an album to Eronimus.
M.H.:Mayhem has collapsed in 1993, like as after death of Eronimus at them that did not leave, though I, certainly, I can and be mistaken. Yes, Eronimus was cool black-metaller, not as an example to present generation of idiots.
S.H.:And Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child too you will omit? " Kings-posers".
M.H.:It is impact below belts{zones} - about them I have absolutely forgotten that. And Shatan all the same the left hockey player - though have won against Finns.

S: And what mean yours Schlem ('shlem' - is russian for 'helmet') and Memphis?

S.H.:" the Helmet-... 3. The special device protecting a head from an environment " (с) S.I.Ozhegov. That it means and why at me such name - I have no concept as names do not get out.
M.H.:Memphis - ancient capital of Egypt, Memphis armies acted on the party{side} of the Lucifier in fight with heavens.

S: You're, probably, unique group, writing Satanic Black with Russian texts. Suchideology or with English hardly? (I for some reason all over again have thought, that texts in Russian - aut.)

M.H.:No, well certainly at me is present vile english accent, but I did not suspect, that it will lead to such applications - all our lyrics English!
S.H.:All texts of Bestial are written in English, except poetic epigraphs ( in Russian), executed before each song at concerts. By the way, I think, "Satanic Black" is like "oil oil" because anyone black metal is Satanic by definition.The similar state of affairs on a stage has served M.G.just to our decision more precisely to define{determine} our style - Satanic Metal! Let any sort goats are called pagan black, romantic black, nu black there Were all of them - we do not wish to have that the general{common} with similar suckers who try to stick the wretchedness under flag of Black Metal - I do not think, that Chronos is very glad to these innovations of youth, and not only youth to a word speaking. For this reason we not Black Metal - we Satanic Metal!

S: From what kitchen garden dig ground for lyrics?

S.H.:" at my heart there's a brand 666 and through my voice there Satan speaks... " (с) Bestial

S: And what you listen? And what last release a fuse in soul on the kidneys?

S.H.:I - raggey, and Memph - a chanson. Ж6 +\ and of course black, I shall not hide, that from heavy music I listen to the same Bestial " Satanic Metal " (2003) because it is that music which I want to hear and which so a little on an existing stage more often.
M.H.:basically it is old commands{teams} - Sarcofago, Death SS, Typhon, Sabbat, Impaled Nazarene, Beherit, Blasphemy, Venom, King Diamond, Hellhammer and others... Recently have very much pleased Bewitched, Desaster. Last album Root is simply excellent. And, naturally, Bestial!!!
S.H.:Hey, I too want to flash - Vondur, Motorhead, W.A.S.P., Destroyer 666, Sodom, Holy Moses, Destruction, Judas Priest, Unleashed, Azaghal. That there still abrupt at metasheets it happens?

S: And now Satan Message to all mortal.

Bestial:Similarly to whirlwinds storm
On the world dogs of war rush
Enemies are swept away darkness by groups
And ahead of the HYENA of the SATAN!!!

S: Thanks. For today small satanists our Evening fairy tale has approached to the end.

Bestial: Fall asleep under cry of hyenas...


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