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After the interview with USA-based one-man band you get the interview with Ukrainian project AR. Ar is very interesting man and interlocuter. He personally knows Graham Anthony Gosnell from Eglish band MANDRAGORA and Varg Vikernes - know to the band BURZUM and murder of leader of Inner Black Circle Of Norway - Euronymous. Maybe after this interview somebody will find him strange person. No, he's extraordinary person...

Scorpio: Greetings.

Ar: Be healthy! Heil und Sieg! I greet MetalList Portal!

Scorpio: Readers can read a history of creation of the project on our site, therefore we shall not stir now a history of AR founding. But, what does the word "AR" mean?

ArAr: This my real Name which I have found more than ten years ago after the dialogue with one woman, who had survived clinical death. After the revival he got different paranormal abilities, and also skill to play some musical instruments, to draw, utter verses of the prophetical contents. She wanted, that I became one of her pupils. After a while it was found out, that she makes business-forecasts for some firms, using her abilities, then she was found by some blackers of tantric sense, offered to unit efforts. And our ways with her have gone away. What about the meaning of "AR", gothic rune Ar associates with the Sun and Light, in slavic languages this root is connected to Fire and Terrestrial Heat, and also means "bear". By the way, in Kupala Fests I've got the Bear role!

Scorpio: It is surprising, how you manage to transfer in your compositions an atmosphere. Listening 'The Winds That Blow From The Black Sea', I feel like I'm on the on seacoast. And the sea isn't absolutely quiet. 'The Return Of the Horned One (The New Spring Comes)' is my most favourite song. I close my eyes and see spring morning (but for some reason late spring), I stand on the coast of forest lake. There are no ripples on water, above lake rises easy smoke, birds sing... How do you manage to do all these?

Ar: When I hear music, I see also a picture, which illuatrates it. If you have representation about a noosphere, probably, you will not be surprised, that my associations are similar, for example, to yours. The perception of many things is based on archetypes. The certain sounds, their painting, a combination cause the personal experiences connected with any rainy day when unique satellites were loneliness and depression, and everyone who experienced something similar, will feel, as the snow crackles under foots and black waves rage, instead of sand at the sea rustles.

Scorpio: All compositions are instrumental, do you think, that the vocal would spoil the compositions, or would limit a flight of imagination of the hearer?

Ar: "The Eternal Circle Of Life" was reflected as an instrumental album, though I had opportunity to invite the female opera vocalist for record. Means should be used for clearer expression of idea, and not for demonstration of that you possess opportunities of them to use. And limit imagination of the hearer can only hearer.

Scorpio: Ambient and darkwave are electronic styles, rigid guitar riffs are absent, but there are many supporters of these styles in the ranks of metalheads. In heavy mass-media it is possible to see reviews of works of people, who creates in this direction. How do you think, why?

Ar at the vikings cemetary - Stavanger, NorwayAr: Probably, founders of such music are capable to express the ideas so that it would be close to fans of heavy music. It is necessary to notice, that very frequently such projects are collateral at the musicians, who plays metal music. Darkwave and ambient attract the attention of heavy metal fans first by the atmosphere which is interesting also to "normal" people. But in most cases for the "normal" person darkwave is awful because of its "calmness" or "simplicity", as grindcore because of its uncontrollability.

Scorpio: Did you solve the problems with Falcata Galia Recordings? And in what are the problems?

Ar: The contract has been signed for three years in summer 2001, and my CD isn't released till present days. And I do not blame in this Rudi Carrera, label owner. He comes from Europe and his American partners appeared to be irresponsible people. Now he think that his moving to America was the big mistake. Not so long ago he has moved to Macedonia. It would be desirable to trust, that the situation will change in the best for all parties.

Scorpio: Had really nobody in the CIS-countries agreed to release 'The Eternal Circle Of Life'? Have you contacted anybody?

Ar: I do not want to name anybody. What sense in it? I didn't like the conditions of cooperation and quality of released production, or my music was "not a format" for them. Besides for that moment there were no serious labels engaged in such music, and to stamp tapes with copied black/white cover I could myself.

Scorpio: I heard, that recently was founded Russian label Oskorei Music which is oriented on pagan, folk, darkwave. If it is interesting to you, contact the label manager - Shibanov Alexander (oskorei@newmail.ru).

Ar: I contacted Alexander with the offer to license CD for the Russian market. I can simply quote a fragment from his letter: "Music has very much pleased, very long ago did not listen to anything more worth from our Post-USSR... Music is magnificent! I liked it very much!" But he hasn't got money for the realization of "this mad enterprise". So I'm waiting for the offers from domestic labels! It would be desirable, that in the CIS-countries and Baltia "The Eternal Circle Of Life" would accessible to fans with bonus-tracks which will not be on the western version.

Ar at Stonehenge, UK

Scorpio: Tell, please, about your other projects.

Ar: HEATHER WASTELAND - medieval folk with two bass-guitars and drums. Unfortunately, we did not rehearse for a long time, though we aren't going to split up. Work with other projects is postponed till the best times, or in an initial stage. There will be results - pertinent will tell about them.

Scorpio: People, who ended musical schools, conservatories sometimes contemptiously concern to creations of the person which does not compose music, and simply hears and embodies in a sound. (It is completely applicable and in your case.). Maybe, they fear, that they have a technics of playing, but they don't have feelings of the real artist, and you simply is salt on their wounds?

Ar: Their snobbery, conservatism and envy are too strong, therefore I doubt, that they are afraid of that. Nevertheless, among professionals there are also those whom my musical rather admires, than irritates.

Scorpio: Some mass-media (especially printed) cut interview, in result turns out the "castrated" version, that cannot please. What are chief editors of such newspapers or magazine afraid of?

Ar: They would like to be politics-correct respectable X-titans in the eyes of inhabitants and don't have problems with ZOG-censorship, which exists in mass-media in that or other form. I worked in large printed editions and I saw this "kitchen" inside. They prefer to savour any platitudes in shitty articles with titles like "the Party in gay-club it's cool! ", to look "advanced", and at the same time stuff all with their X-titanity to show their "spirituality".

Scorpio: Christian Vikernes from BURZUM is your friend. Quite intelligent person, as I've heard from those who communicated with him. Besides, he writes books about ancient Nordic culture. How you think, what did pushed him on Euronymous murder, church arson?

Ar: First of all, I would say, that he (full name Varg Quisling Bore Larsson Vikernes) had officially changed his name to Varg (in oldnorwegian - "wolf"), because the former name Christian would be simply ridiculous. What about Euronymous and the arson... Varg thirsted the real actions against Judaschristianity and he didn't sit. Euronymous had been killed for some reasons. First, ideological, connected to struggle for leadership in the Inner Black Circle of Norway; second, Euronymous had refused to keep contract obligations for BURZUM; thirdly, Euronymous threatened to kill Varg (so partly happened events can be interpret as the extreme form of self-defense); and in the fourth, there is a reason, about which very few people know: Euronymous had withdrawn Varg's girl. As far as I understand, that which for that moment already had daughter from Varg. By the way, I did not hear never that he had told something bad to her address. In my opinion, it characterizes the person very strongly. What about arson, it had been burnt eight churches, not the one. He was going to blow up one more. I do not know, whether he participated in all eight arsons, but I think, that he could take the responsibility on himself, enough to recollect, that he hasn't give out anybody. Those whom have taken on that affair business, have repented, or they were handed over by former colleagues.

GrahamScorpio: What is for you paganism first of all? A unification with the nature?

Ar: Connection with Ancestors, with the Nature, with our Gods. Primary Tradition and culture which has not touched alluvial.

Scorpio: Do you think, that paganism is "purer", than any religion?

Ar: First of all, it is necessary to remind, that Slavs did not name themselves pagans, they adhered Vedyc Traditions, calling "pagans", for example, Greeks. That now it is accepted to name "paganism" (though nevertheless better to adhere the termin "Nativebelief"), is not religion. It is more like moral-philosophical system, where your Kin is an embodiment of Gods, they are the Parents for you. They don't require your prays. Arias achieved all with their strength, and the Gods glorified for granted Wisdom and Force. In your question you (intentionally or intuitively) have separated Nativebelief from "any religions" and, thus, have already given the affirmative answer.

Scorpio: I look at your photos from England, Norway where you're at the Stonehendge and a cemetery of vikings, and sincerely I envy. What feelings do fill you when you are near such historical places?

Ar: Admiration and the respect mixed with deja-vu, and also feeling of returning home after long wanderings. Most strongly I feeled it, passing at night through New Forest. Something similar was also in 1989 in Riga. However, when I am in such places, bitterness of irreplaceable loss covers me. It is hurt to understand, that peoples with once famous history lose national consciousness, native culture, Pride and Honour. Perhaps, if I did not see all with my eyes, it would not make such burdensome impression. If in the nearest 50 years the situation will not change radically the White Race will be able to be ranked as a disappearing kind. Look, for example, in London (15 million inhabitants) already now every third or fourth is color. The level of birth rate grows or aspires to a zero threshold, remaining stable only due to growth of birth rate of the color population. The white family with the child becomes a rarity, there for many people is not clear, why they have to have the child if the puppy or a kitten will cost much more cheaply. Besides in England have started to register homosexual marriages (the English mass-media have characterized it as the next victory over struggle for human rights and a celebration of humanism). And in conformity with the British legislation the pair which has registered a marriage, has different privileges which are deprived the families living in a civil marriage, parents, bringing up children separately, etc. But now these rights have received motherfuckers! Ugliness. White have inspired, that it is a shame to be proud of their roots. Any display of national consciousness of the white person calls racism, nationalism, judasphobia and fascism, and color - struggle for civil rights and aspiration to restoration of historical validity. At us all social processes usually occured with the big delay, but now all has changed. The same will take place and at us if we will continue to stay idle!

Scorpio: Where there visions by you and Elfiny befor your meeting in Donetsk?

Ar: We saw each other in prophetic dreams. In that dream which had dreamed me in a train on a way to Donetsk, I had seen Elfiny three hours before our meeting in a reality.

ElfinyScorpio: Do you easy react to criticism of Elfiny? Does itare case, that you oppose to her arrangements?

Ar: Honestly, it is awfully difficult to work with me. Elfiny criticize me basically by that I do not have enough patience to develop those themes which come to me - they change by any others. If I want to express any chaotic condition or want, that it will be lestened "raw", then it's OK, but in other cases it is really unacceptable (especially if the length of a composition is more than minute). Of course, we have disputes concerning arrangements, but they mainly consist in that I am indignant concerning any trifles though in whole, having weighed all, I agree with my wife!

Scorpio: You have a cat at home. Do you like animals?

Ar: Basically we love animals in fried and smoked kind! While Helga had not come to us, I hated cats! But this Norwegian forest beauty just struck me, and because there were wild frosts, we decided to "to adopt" this cat!

Scorpio: A name of four-footed friend is Helga. Has it German roots, hasn't it? What does it mean?

Ar: You are right, this name has German-Scandinavian roots, in Russia it was transformed to a name "Olga". In Aryan languages a component "hel" or "ale" associates with something light, including with a light alcohol drink, and "ga" in most cases specifies movement. Though on sounding this name is similar to the Oldnorwegian name Hell (the countess of the death kingdom (compare to a word "hell" in the English language)), it is absolutely other case.

Scorpio: How did you meet Graham?

Ar: In 1993 my friend/colleague on groups DISCORD OF MELKOR and BELTANE visited with parents and sister Great Britain. His sister was late once for last bus in the evening and had taken a taxi, which driver was listening to something heavy. He, as the normal person, asked, if such music won't bother the passenger. But she even asked him don't turn music quiet. They entered into conversation, she got to know, that he is the musician, they had agreed to meet the familis. So, heavy metal became a pledge of strong Ukrainian-British friendship! After that Grahan came already few times to Sevastopol.

Scorpio: You were going to organize together some project. Tell more in details...

Ar: The question is not about the separate project, it is just about remixes of my things from "The Eternal Circle Of Life". This idea had appeared, when we with Graham were listening " The Eternal Circle Of Life " in his studio. What will he make with my things, time will show, as he is the multiinstrumentalist and the vocalist. Now he is going to add alive drums, the bass, guitars and maybe keyboards.

Scorpio: It is always interesting for me to know, what people from far abroad know about Ukraine...

Ar: Varg, for example, knows much enough about the Slavic states, but it is no wonder in this. In one of his letters/interviews he wrote the following: "I want to concentrate attention on the following: I am proud of that fact, that my relative is Vidkun Quisling, the person, who was former personal assistant of Fritjof Nansen, rendering the help for Ukrainians in 30th years during time of famine!" . If to speak about Graham, even before the first visit to Ukraine, he knew about our country much more, than the average foreigner. At the end of 70-s he tried to learn Russian and, by the way, he had suggested the idea of songs "Babushka" to well-known Kate Bush, who was playing on keyboards in one of his first groups! And in general, the majority of foreigners thinks, that Ukraine is the small state somewhere in Africa... I do not joke! If know, that it is a part of the former USSR, then Ukraine associates with inflation, political/economic instability, corruption, Kuchma, mafia and beautiful girls (from this list, of course, pleases only the last thing). From groups, well-known in abroad I can name only Nokturnal Mortum.

Scorpio: Words of farewell...

Ar: Health and Success! Let the Force wil be with us! Oyra!


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