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Got to the well Norwegian soil, black metal seed give a rich harvest. Foreigners took these seeds abd grew in their native lands. Everywhere black seed give fruits. It also got to Finland. As result have a so called Finnish black metal. CALVARIUM - trio from Finnish town decided to don't develope a bike, when it's alredy developed. They have just sat down on it and go forward, released recently, if not exellent, than quite professional black metal album "The Skull Of Golgotha", where, clear, is singing not about birds and flowers. As true satanists, they named thenselves with second unofficial names - Lord Sargofagian, Veilroth and our today's guest - Molestor Kadotus.

Scorpio: Introduce please CALVARIUM.

Molestor Kadotus:Yes, to keep it in short: Calvarium was formed by Lord Sargofagian and Veilroth soon after the death of the previousmillenium.. They seeked for a channel to perform dark and sinister Black Metal with professional touch. First rehearsaltapewas recorded with this line-up and soon after that I joined the hordes of Calvarium..With the new line-up and new songs we recorded a second rehearsaltape in torture. We started then planning for the firstdemotape which was to be made with pro touch, not with some low quality taperecorder in a garage. So a time was reservedfrom a studio in Jyvдskylд.During the recordings a local recordlabel (Dynamic Arts) offered us a deal to release a full-lenght instead and we acceptedit of course. But more songs were required and a new studiotime and after a "few" setbacks we headed for studio Perkele inKuopio to finish the album.And here we are now. Next we are planning to release some vinyl attacks which you'll hear of later..

Scorpio: Why did you decide to name band "Calvarium" and what does it mean?

Molestor Kadotus:The name was decided by Lord Sargofagian and Veilroth so I don't really know why they chose it. Anyhow, the name Calvariummeans "skull without the jawbone" and also Golgotha in a distant way. These 2 combine perfectly with the concept of theband, skull of Christ, crushed to dust.

Scorpio: Were there other variants?

Molestor Kadotus:Not that I know of.

Scorpio: When you were going to enter the studio to record your album,equipment was burnt off in fire.As I've heared it happened 6 hours before your entrance. Maybe it wassix hours, six minutes and six seconds? :)

Molestor Kadotus:Approximately 6 hours before, yes. For what reason this happened so close is unknown to me. Most probaly just bad luck.

Scorpio: Do you think this is sign?

Molestor Kadotus:No. One could think possibilities and curses of course but seriously, no.

Scorpio: Do you believe in destiny?

Molestor Kadotus:No, I don't. And I presume none of us believes in such superstitious crap.

'The Skull Of Golgotha'Scorpio: You debut entitled "The Skull Of Golgotha". And what is your attitudeto Jesus Christ?

Molestor Kadotus:Maybe it could be figured out already from the title? Or from the lyrics? Jesus perhaps lived once. Maybe he was an alienfrom outer space and "god" was the mothership, but more likely he was just a normal, charismatic man of his time. Theconcept of Jesus is pathetic and weak, one which I despise as a strong satanist. Values and virtues of Jesus are those ofthe weak and perished, not for those who will survive and conquer with strenght and honour. To quote Vincent Crowley ofAcheron: "Fuck the Ways of Christ".

Scorpio: Why are your lyrics in English and in Finnish? Maybe it will be betterto choose a one language?

Molestor Kadotus:No, I think not. The lyrics are in both languages as I like to create lyrics with both. Today's trend in Finland is tocreate Finnish sung BM or then include on Finnish sung track. I do have a "weak spot" for Finnish sung Black Metal when it'smade with quality and not some teenage shit.I prefer the Finnish language as it's easier to handle with variable words and to create a poetic way. But as the SatanicPropaganda needs a wider channel to be spread, English is good to be included for the foreingers.

Scorpio: You five favourite finnish words... (word - translation in english)

Molestor Kadotus:??? My 5 favourite words? Hmm. Maybe some old words which are lost from the common speak nowadays. They are pretty hard totranslate. Like "Nдkki" (evil waterspirit of old stories), "peikko" (troll), "Vetehinen" (another waterspirit) and such.

Scorpio: And was your first ever said word (I mean when you was a little littleboy)?

Molestor Kadotus:What the fuck? Why? I guess my first words were "Hail Satan" or something like that.. not.

Scorpio: Your pseudonyms - how and where did you get 'em?

Molestor Kadotus:I don't know of the others but I myself have used the name Kadotus for a looong time. After a certain Finnish poserbandstole the name I chose to add "Molestor" to it to avoid connections to those assholes. Actually the name Molestor is alsoclose to my nature if you get to know me, hah. That's what they say at least..

Scorpio: Other bands and projects of CALVARIUM's Participant...

Molestor Kadotus:I have several projects which of most important is my soloproject ANAL BLASPHEMY and as the name suggests it's really dirtyand primitive Black Metal like Blasphemy, old Beherit and such. In addition I have several other bands too which I do notcare to list here. I also run a distribution and I'm starting a new label "Hammer of Hate" to release dedicated, extremeMETAL!Lord Sargofagian has his own band BAPTISM which most certainly is worth checking out! He also participates in Valonsurma,Uncreation's Dawn and some others.Veilroth plays rhythm guitar in BEHEXEN, also a band worth checking out!

Scorpio: Is CALVARIUM main for all of you?

Molestor Kadotus:No, it's main band for Veilroth as he writes all the music and such. Calvarium is also important to me as I create theideological side and lyrics, but don't know which is my "main" band at the moment.

Scorpio:How do you like colaboration with Dynamic Arts Records?

Molestor Kadotus:Dynamic Arts did a good job with the CD and advertising.

Scorpio: You don't use make-up. Do you think corpsepaunt is stupid brand or youhave not money for paint? :)

Molestor Kadotus:We are not poor like russians, hah. I have paint, we just decided not to use it this time. I myself hold warpaint in greatvalue when talking about Black Metal. But it's a good change not to use it once in a while. It's not certain that wewouldn't ever use corpsepaint though.

Scorpio: Who was a man, whoes skull is on your photo? Your victim? :)

Molestor Kadotus: No, I don't know who he was. The skull belongs to a close friend of ours who... "found" it.

Scorpio: Imagine, that you have chance to buy panzer, military airplane orship? What will you select and why?

Molestor Kadotus: I think Batman would win the fight against Superman as he has his utilitybelt and is more cunning.

Scorpio: The cleverest man of all the world?

Molestor Kadotus:??? How the hell would I know?!

Scorpio: And the most stupid?

Molestor Kadotus:I have some ideas for this one..


.Scorpio: Top 5 Suomi Metal:

Molestor Kadotus:NIGHTFISH, CHILDREN OF BOREDOM, STRATOGAYRIUS, HIM-faggots and stuff like that always turns me on. But when talking of goodMETAL bands excluding our own projects I'd choose something like SATANIC WARMASTERS, AZAGHAL (+ the other Hyvinkдд-projects),CLANDESTINE BLAZE, MUSTA SURMA, WARLOGHE, HORNA, URN, INCRIMINATED etc. The list is almost endless.

Scorpio: Top 5 Wold Metal:

Molestor Kadotus:Metal or Black Metal? Either way it's hard to choose only 5 and even harder to put them to "top5-form". Some of myfavourites are GRAND BELAL'S KEY, DEATHSPELL OEGA, ARCKANUM, ING DMOND + MERCYFUL FATE, KREATOR, GWAR, BLACK FUNERAL,BLACK WITCHERY, BURZUM, DESTROYER666, AC/DC, DEICIDE, SS TOTENKOPF, NECROPHAGIA, EVOL, FORGOTTEN WOODS, BEWITCHED, DYINGFETUS, DEAD INFECTION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MZ 412... This list is even more endless. World is full of good metal and thousandtimes more shit.

Scorpio: "Hellwords of Apocalypse" for our readers and your fans...

Molestor Kadotus:Thanks and hails to our fans! Satanic greetings also to your readers.


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